Nude Beach Bride Ch. 02


Espy was the one Peter had selected as rear guard, and she was still too busty swapping cum with Mary to respond. He looked at Gaby. But my bride was still starry-eyed. Finally, he turned to Penny, but her attention was on loud rutting noises coming out of the bush. From the sound of it, someone was getting fucked after all. Either that or a warthog was stuck in a bog.

Penny giggled again. "That sure sounds like my sister. That girl always has been a screamer."

Not shy at all after this adventure, I followed Penny towards the commotion. Peter trailed, but was the first to react to the sight of Jazzy mounting Peggy from the rear; the young brunette's head bent low amongst the debris on the ground, her hips thrusting back against Jazzy's fake cock, which was impaling her ass, pounding into her tiny hole with deliberate abandon. Both women were grunting like tennis pros. Instead of a serve and volley, we spectators enjoyed a scene of Jazzy's bright fleshy fake cock pushing into Peggy, and then coming back out, glistening brightly of natural lubrication.

"Oh, geez, fuck my asshole," Peggy grunted. "Ohmigawd, no man fucks as well as you do."

Jazzy pulled on Peggy's hips, tugging her asshole even wider, ramming the rubbery shaft deeper. The strap on was also apparently equipped with a little knob which massaged Jazzy's clit with each stoke.

Peter opened his mouth, once, twice, three times as if to say something, but no sound came out. Mary quickly dropped to her knees and licked the dry bits of cum off of Lars' prick, thus stimulating it back to fighting, or more properly, fucking, form. She acrobatically hoisted herself up, hands on his shoulders, feet linking behind his knees and impaled herself on his shaft, twisting around so they could both watch the other couple as well. Before long, both pairs had adopted similar rhythms, all seemingly rushing towards climax.

As I watched, I felt a soft touch grip my pulsing cock, easing it free of my shorts. I glanced and confirmed that it was Gaby, prepared to forego the thrill if it was Espy or Penny, rather than horrify my bride. Still, the idea that my shy wife was openly fondling my cock in front of strangers was startling. My instincts were unleashed by this point, and there was no way my load could be held back.

Peter meanwhile was sputtering and flapping his arms uselessly, like some great awkward ostrich trying to take flight. Despite his agitation, all of the sex had the inevitable effect of arousing the fat meat dangling in front of him. It bobbed up and down as if with a mind of its own, each undulation more extreme than the prior one as he stiffened even more. Espy giggled, turned to Gaby and said, "Since you have Seth well in hand, I think I best help Peter."

She stepped over and took his shaft firmly in her hand, pumping in rhythm with Jazzy's plunges into Peggy. Peter silently bent forward and nuzzled her nipple, and then suckled her breast. All the while, he never took his eyes off of the strap on sex. Before long, a crystal clear drop of precum was dangling from the slit on his cock, like a drip from a tap, suspended in time, defying gravity.

"I hope Espy catches that in her mouth," Gaby whispered. The young blonde however seemed intent on watching her roommate schooling Penny, and stroked Peter almost neglectfully.

"Maybe you should do it in case she forgets," I replied, shocking both of us. Gaby turned crimson, but her fist tightened and quickened around my meat. I saw her tongue flit across her lips as she contemplated Peter's peter.

I'm not sure what shocked me more, the accidental suggestion that my bride suck another man's cock, even before consummating our union, or the fact that she seemed to seriously consider it.

Gaby chuckled and sighed. "No, then to be fair, I'd have to let one of these gals take your load, and then what about our Nude Day bet?"

The bet as to whether Gaby would strip for National Nude Day seemed like a triviality with her burgeoning sexuality, but I turned my attention back to watching the others, licking behind Gaby's ear as she stroked me.

The final push of my own orgasm occurred not because of Gaby's actions, or my desires, but the unexpected perverse thrill of seeing Penny slide in front of Peggy and offer her wet pussy lips to her sister's tongue. It took only a few quick thrusts for Peggy to tongue fuck her sibling to climax, and I shot off at about the same time, followed closely by the others.

My sperm shot forward arcing out onto Peggy's back. Espy aimed Peter's seed in the same direction, anointing the previously shy brunette even as she flooded Jazzy's fake cock with her own cream.

Mary screamed with joy as Lars filled her with his fresh load, pumping enough that we could see the overflow seeping out from around his shaft and dribbling down her thighs. She maintained her composure and bent forward to begin the treat of licking Peggy clean. Espy joined in as I relaxed against a tree stump, watching two beautiful women teasing each other's tongues as they laved their friend.

Gaby snuggled in next to me, allowing me to boldly cup her breast, feeling her nipple swell while we watched Jazzy finally climax, without anyone ever directly touching her clit. She unleashed a roar which brought new meaning to the term 'screamer', and then collapsed across Peggy's back. This forced the other gals to pull away.

Lars and Peter both revived with startling quickness, grabbed Espy and Mary, respectively and pulled them off into the grass, beginning a vigourous contest of rapid paced doggy style speedfucking. They plunged their shafts into the sodden cunts with increasing fervour, glancing sideways, silently daring the other to fuck faster. The tempo increased with each plunge, Peter and Lars both grabbing their girl's hips to better draw their bodies together with noisy rhythm.

Penny had come all over her sister's face and was dozing happily. Gaby busily fucked herself with her fingers, coming loudest of all. I reached over to try and help, but she calmly swatted my hand away, though she seemed to enjoy the twisting I was applying to her nipple with my fingers.

As we lay there under the hot sun, it was perhaps inevitable that we dozed off, my head resting comfortably on Gaby's belly. Hours passed before I awoke, the soft purring of my bride's breath beneath my cheek suggesting that she was still asleep.

Jazzy sat nearby on a rock, Espy resting on the ground between her knees, head tossed back so that Jazzy could run her fingers through Espy's hair. I stayed silent, watching for a moment , enjoying the tenderness. Then Jazzy noticed that I was awake.

"Peter left us to guide you safely back to the resort. Though I guess we better wake up Gaby, or wait for her too."

"How should we pass the time?" Espy asked, staring at my groin. I realized belatedly that my cock was rigid.

"Looks like Seth has morning wood in the afternoon too," Jazzy joked.

"Should we take care of that for you?" Espy asked. I noticed that Jazzy's fingers had slid out of Espy's hair and were now stroking her nipples.

"I think that's my job, girls," Gaby replied, her hand grabbing my shaft before I fully realized that she was awake. "Unless, Seth, you prefer to not be married, to play the field and fuck one of these two. Or both. I bet they would take turns. They look like great fucks. Maybe that's what you want."

Each sentence was accompanied by a slow pump of Gaby's hand up and down my rod. She slowly teased the tip with her fingertips, making my slit gasp like a drowning man.

"Would you like Espy to suck you?" Gaby asked. "Of course you would. I can feel how much you are turned on."

"I bet you suck better," I managed to groan out. Only after I heard my words did the reptilian corner of my brain acknowledge that I had virtually challenged my new bride to join in a cock sucking contest with this bisexual blonde beach bunny.

"Show us how well you suck, Gaby," Jazzy challenged. "Maybe you can let Espy have a turn some other time. I doubt Seth has two more loads left in him."

Jazzy slid off her perch and lay on the ground beside me, her eyes locked on my groin. Espy followed, slipping between Jazzy's thighs, kissing the tender flesh where Jazzy's petals bloomed.

"I can watch and eat at the same time." Espy assured us, flicking her tongue across Jazzy's labia.

Jazzy moaned, putting her fingers back into Espy's hair, urging her to play out well practiced movements, first keeping her lips and tongue on the outside of Jazzy's pussy, toying with the edges, adding fingers slowly, gently unfolding Jazzy to our view, revealing the pearl within.

All the while, Gaby and I just watched, though my wife's fingers grasped my fatness tightly and began instinctively copying some of Espy's moves, circling my flesh, brushing my tenderest spots.

After several silent minutes of Espy sending little shivers through Jazzy, she finally ran her tongue up the length of her slit, and engulfed Jazzy's hard clit, drawing it deep into her mouth, apparently using her teeth to nibble it gently.

"Show us how you do it, Gaby," Jazzy whispered, reaching over and pushing Gaby's head forward towards my cock.

Gaby's response was a shock, more in keeping with her previous behaviour than with the openness she had displayed during this honeymoon. Suddenly, she dropped my cock and bolted upright, causing my head to slap the ground with a thud. "I don't think I can do this," Gaby cried, and then ran off down the trail.

"I best go after her," I told the blondes, though my aching cock argued that we should stay and at least watch. With one last lingering glance back towards the clearing, where Jazzy's hips bucked up off the ground to meet Espy's thrusting tongue, I set off to try to rescue my honeymoon.

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