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Nude Beach Campout


We have a really nice girl friend, named Donna, who lives near us. She is a bit shy, but she likes to do stuff with us, including sex, now and then.

One of the things she really likes, is going to the beach, so we take her with us whenever we go. For being a 40 year old woman, she looks pretty hot in a bathing suit, although she does not think so. She is average height and a bit heavy, but she makes up for it with a beautiful set of boobs, a nice butt and pretty auburn hair.

Not that we are perfect in any way. I'm over 50, average height and a little round in the tummy. My wife, Emily, is also round, shorter than me, with a wonderful smile, long reddish hair, and great boobs.

One hot weekday morning, none of us had to work, so we decided to head to the beach. This time Emily wanted to go to the closest nude beach. We knew that Donna had never been to one, so we decided not to tell her about it before hand. Emily called, and Donna said she would be ready in an hour.

We packed a picnic lunch, as well as our camping gear, including the tent. The beach has a campground there, although that is not clothing optional. We decided that we would stay overnight and really enjoy the freedom of being nude in the open air.

We picked up Donna, and off we headed. As we drove down the coast, she kept asking which beach we were going to, because we kept passing places we had been to before. We told her we were trying a new beach that we'd heard of, but had never been to before. She asked where it was, and we told her it was a little further down the coast, and to keep an eye out for a surprising landmark.

About 30 minutes later, she said, "Look at those buildings." She pointed to the ones in front of us. "Those look like giant boobs. They even have nipples," she said laughingly.

"That is the nuclear reactors at San Onofre," I told her. The domes house the reactors. They do look like boobs, don't they."

I pulled the car off the freeway just before we reached the "boobs," and headed down a road, which went right past them. "Wish mine were that big," said my wife.

"Yeah, me too," replied Donna.

"You both have really nice boobs, dears," I told them, as we pulled up to the gates of the campground.

We paid the fee and headed to the very end of the camping section. We hopped out and set up our tent, chairs, extra food and sleeping bags. Then we piled back into the car and headed further down the road to the last trail head. Donna kept wondering why we were going so far from the tent. We told her to just wait and that she would like where we were headed.

Finally we arrived at Trail #6, the last one. It is just before a huge USMC base, which is fenced off. We parked near the restrooms, which the gals quickly used. Then, off we headed down the trail.

The trail overlooks the ocean, and the sun was very warm that morning. The breeze coming off the sea was cooling a bit, but it was nice that we were early. We followed the signs and walked past huge fields of mustard flowers, and other tall brush. The trail was easy enough, but long and it took about a half hour to reach the beach.

We looked out as we hit the sand and looked up at the tall cliffs that we had just traversed. We walked out to a lifeguard station, and then headed south, towards the Marine base. We knew that there was a point at which folks there would start being nude, instead of wearing bathing suits.

When we hit that point, Donna stopped. She saw two couples walking along the water's edge, nude. "Those people out there are naked," she gasped. "They are going to get in trouble for doing that in public." She glanced further ahead, saying, "all those people are naked, too."

Emily laughed and finally told Donna, "sweetie, this is a nude beach. They are allowed to not wear bathing suits." She slipped off her top, to prove her point, and tossed it towards me.

Donna's eyes got very big, partly because she loves my wife's boobs, but mainly because of what she had just done. "Emily! How can you do that, show your boobs to total strangers?"

I laughed, and slid my shorts off, letting my cock swing free in the warm summer breeze. "It's easy Donna. You should try it."

We walked down the beach until we found the perfect spot. I spread out the blankets while my wife set up the cooler and umbrella. Donna was very quiet, but she was looking all around and the folks on the beach with interest.

There was a rough volleyball net strung up about 100 yards away, and there were six people playing there. Closer to the water, two men walked hand in hand, while another couple splashed nude in the water. Further down the beach, two women were stretched out on towels, one was face up, reading, and the other was face down. All in all, there were about 50 people all nude on the stretch of beach we had stopped on.

"Donna, could you put sun screen on my back," asked Emily. I don't want to burn. She reached out her hand and my wife squirted the white goo into it. She stepped around to Emily's back and applied it, while Emily was massaging the sun screen on to her front, and boobs. "Be sure to get my butt, honey" she reminded. "It is still pretty white there."

I was enjoying seeing Donna's hands rub along my wife's curves, and I could tell that Emily was enjoying it as well. Her nipples were rock hard and they are not usually that hard in the sunlight. Emily tossed me the bottle and told me to be sure to cover myself as well.

Donna asked for more, and I squirted it out. She rubbed my wife's ass cheeks. Emily spread her legs and she worked her way down them. As she worked her way back up, she let her fingers slip and graze my wife's pussy lips, as if by accident.

"You are being naughty, Donna," she purred. "I may have to return the favor."

When they were done, Donna asked if I needed help with my back and I nodded yes. I handed her the cream and she applied it to my back, butt and legs. She did let her hands roam between my legs and tickled my balls, too. "Hmm that felt nice, Donna. Care to do the front of those?"

Donna stepped in front of me, smiling. "Yeah you would like that wouldn't you," she said with eyes gleaming. "Ok let me at it." She reached down and slowly covered my rapidly growing cock with sun screen. "My, my. That thing is getting hard," she giggled.

She stroked it to my full hardness, and then covered my balls with the sun screen. "Ok, you're done," she laughed.

Emily laughed as well, and then said that it was Donna's turn. She was pretty shy, but my wife coaxed her out of her tank top shirt, and shorts. We both applied the sun screen to her body, causing her to purr contentedly as we did it.

"Oh God," she moaned. "I wish one of you would get me off. I am so ready to cum."

Emily smiled at me, but whispered into Donna's ear, "sweetie, we would love to, but we would get kicked off the beach. There is no sex play allowed here, especially since there are kids here." She pointed to a family off about 200 yards away.

"Oh," moaned Donna. "How do you stand it then?"

"Well one way is to know that we will have fun when we get back to the camp ground, but I think I can help you now."

My wife took Donna's hand and walked her to the water's edge. They stuck their toes into it and then both ran out to deeper water.

I stayed behind, knowing what would be happing and I wanted to watch. When the girls were over waist high in the water, Emily's hand disappeared. I could tell it was between Donna's legs, because her head was rolling back with pleasure. Just as a wave hit them, Donna fell forward and rested her head on Emily's shoulder. After a few minutes, they walked back to the blanket, arm in arm

"Oh that was wonderful, Emily," cooed Donna. I was so excited and you brought me off, with your fingers, harder than I have ever cum before. I need to lie down and rest for a while."

"See, I told you there was something I could do for you," smiled my wife. "I'm glad you liked it."

We spent the rest of the afternoon, sunning ourselves. We read books, swam, and walked along the water, arm, in arm, in arm. When we did that, I glanced over and noticed that there were some very jealous men watching us. They knew I had two women with me, and they had none with them.

To be sure we did not get a sun burn, we kept applying the sun screen, which kept each of us in a constant state of hornyness. Later after we watched the sun setting into the water, we packed up our stuff. We had to head back to the trail, because we did not want to walk it in the dark.

As soon as we had packed up, we had at least put our shorts back on, since we would not be in the nude section. The girls just draped their tops over their shoulders, covering their boobs. The walk back took almost an hour, due to being tired and going uphill as well. The air was cooler, too and the girls quickly put their tops back on.

At the top of the trail, we piled back into the car and drove back to our camp site. The girls headed to the tent, and I emptied the car. I could hear some giggling from the tent, but they shooed me away, when I tried to look in.

They changed to crop tops and shorts, and then came back out. They fixed a meal of hot dogs and we all cleaned it up afterwards. I had a nice fire going in the fire pit, so we drug our chairs around it. Since it was during the week, we were pretty isolated, with the closest campers about six pads to either side of us.

We turned on the radio and just watched the stars in the sky. "So, what are we gonna do now?" asked Emily.

"Well, we could play a game," replied Donna. "How does that sound?"

"We're good a playing games," I said with a wink. "What do you have in mind?"

The girls looked at each other and giggled. "How about Truth or Dare?" asked my wife. "We like that game, and so do you."

I agreed, but got up, went to the cooler. I got cokes for each of us and returned. When I got back, I tossed one to each, and sat again. I noticed that they had moved their chairs so that they sat next to each other, but across from me. They indicated that I should start. I picked, Truth. "Who was your first love," asked Donna.

"Besides my mom," I asked? "Well if you mean puppy love, then it was a girl in 5th or 6th grade. Her name was Valerie, and I was so in love with her." I continued, "she liked me, but did not love me. She wanted someone else. In fact, years later, she ended up marrying him."

"Wow, that's amazing. Talk about a childhood sweetheart, huh," said my wife.

I nodded yes, then pointed to Donna and told her to choose. She chose Dare. I thought for a minute, and decided to make it an easy one, to start with. "Give me a kiss," I said.

She got up and came around the fire. She cocked her head and gently placed her lips on mine. As the moments passed, she opened her mouth and her tongue slipped out and darted across mine. I could feel the electricity as she was doing it. "Was that a good one," she asked? I nodded yes with a wide grin.

When she sat down in her chair, she turned to Emily and asked, "Truth or Dare?"

She chose, Dare. "I want to kiss you like that, too."

My wife turned her chair and faced Donna. She pulled her face close and even before their lips touched, both girls mouths were opening, and their tongues were lashing at each other. A sensual moan was coming from each of them, as the kiss continued.

"OK, that is enough, you two," I said. They broke their kiss and laughed. Emily asked me which I wanted. I chose Dare, this time.

Emily looked at Donna, then said, "take you pants off, show each of us your cock, then sit back down and cover up with a towel. That elicited a huge grin from Donna.

I knew I was not going to be facing the street or where anyone might be passing by, so I stood up. I undid the button on my jeans shorts and let them slide to the ground. I stepped out of them and walked to Emily.

She looked and nodded her approval at the very hard cock in front of her. Then she motioned for me to show it to Donna. I walked around the other side of the fire and stood in front of her. I was about as hard as I could be, by then.

"Oh my god," giggled Donna. "It's so thick."

She glanced at Emily, then reached out with two fingers. She slid them along the length of my cock. "He's very hard, too." she said. She stroked it up and down once, and then told me to return to my chair to cover up.

It was Donna's turn and I had a feeling what she would choose. She chose Dare. I dared her to come and lick what was under the towel. She got up and walked over to me, scrunching down onto her knees. She looked over at my wife, who smiled at her.

Donna lifted the towel and without using her hands, to hold it, slowly licked her tongue up and down my shaft. She did it several times, without sucking it in her mouth.

"MMM," she said. "He is leaking, and it really tastes good.

She licked off all the clear fluid oozing from my slit, then returned the towel over my cock.

It was Emily's turn and she chose dare. Donna dared her to eat her pussy. MP is not shy about eating pussy, but not in out in the open like that. Donna got up, slid her shorts off, and covered up with her towel. Emily lowered her head, while Donna spread open her legs, and lifted the towel.

All I could see was Emily's head covered by a towel, between Donna's legs. I could hear the effects of what she was doing however. She was moaning very loudly.

"Ahm, girls? I think we had better take this game into the tent," I said. Donna is getting pretty loud and we do not want to get in trouble out in the open."

We all got up and with two of us bare assed, walked to the tent. The second we got in, clothes went flying off in every direction. Donna laid down on her back and Emily returned to eating her pussy. Donna opened her mouth and I gave her my cock, while I mauled her boobs out of shape. Donna was so excited that she came right away.

The girls changed position, and my wife shoved a towel under her butt. Donna dove between my wife's legs. She lapped at her lips and split them open with her tongue. I moved behind Donna, and used my fingers on her pussy, which opened immediately letting my fingers enter her. I ran my fingers in and out of her pussy, causing her to eat Emily's harder.

With the girls moaning loudly, I moved and slid the head of my cock along Donna's drenched pussy lips. "OH, GOD,"she growled. "Shove that thing into me."

I moved up and with an easy motion, I eased my cock into her warm folds. I began to pump in and out of her slowly, but she implored me to go faster. She was building to another climax and wanted me to fill her up. I moved my hips back and forth and pistoned her hard. My balls bounced off of her and she was moaning into Emily's exploding pussy.

My wife let out a loud groan, followed by gushing. Donna wailed as she came, and I exploded. My balls tightened, my cock pulsated, and out flowed a river of cum, filling her completely. Donna collapsed onto Emily's chest, and I collapsed on to Donna's butt.

We rolled off of each other and after I crawled in between then, the girls cuddled in my arms. We were so exhausted that we fell asleep, within minutes.

Several hours later, I felt two hands on my cock. Both girls had woken up and were trying to get me hard. My wife looked up and noticed that I was awake. "Hi, honey. Did we wake you," she asked. "We saw something we both wanted and just could not pass it up."

I looked down and Donna's head was now going up and down, engulfing my cock. Emily moved to lick my balls, and I almost came right then. I had two tongues licking up and down my rock hardness. I could not hold out any longer and exploded all over their faces.

"Guess we got his attention," giggled Donna. She then crawled over me and snuggled up with Emily. She caressed her boobs lightly, then harder and harder. She lowered her mouth and her tongue ran circles around Emily's nipple. Low purring escaped her lips when Donna, sucked in a hardened nipple, as if trying to induce milk.

Emily was cradling Donna's head as she changed breasts, feasting on her other hard nipple. I watched as the girls began to move in concert with each other. My wife latched onto a breast and mauled the other one with her hand. She tweaked the nipple and sucked hard on the one in her mouth. They would move up and kiss each other passionately, then move to nether regions of each other's bodies.

Hands flew back and forth, searching, probing, finding, exploring the intimate recesses that caused them to groan in pleasure. They twisted into a 69 position and began eating each other pussies and were rewarded with the sweet nectar that comes from each.

Finally they both exploded in a ball of passion, sound, and fire. Emily gushed all over Donna's face, hair and torso. She came with a ferocity that she said she'd never felt before. Totally exhausted, but satisfied, they curled up into each other's arms and once again fell fast asleep.

It was past 10 am when the girls finally woke up, still in each other's embrace. I had been up for almost 3 hrs. I'd decided to let them sleep and get the rest they needed. I'd been down to the water already and jumped in for a while, before returning.

They called me into the tent and had me sit between them. They told me what a wonderful night they had, and that they both enjoyed being with me, as well. After passing kisses all around, I left the tent, while they dressed. They came out and after fixing breakfast, we headed back to the beach.

After about two hours soaking in the sun on our naked bodies, we knew we had to leave before too long. I took Donna into the water for a short swim, then we headed back to the towels. After toweling off, we packed up everything and made the climb back to the campsite.

The girls both wandered back into the tent, while I packed up the chairs and other things. I needed to begin to take down the tent, but when I got closer to it, I could hear moans coming from it. I pulled open the flap and looked in. The girls were naked.

"We could not resist," said Emily. "We started to put on our normal clothes and once our cover ups were off, things began to happen."

Donna giggled loudly, "I could not resist Emily's wonderful boobs."

"We need you to fuck us, dear," said Emily. "We need you to fuck us right now, and do it hard."

I stepped into the tent and they ripped my clothes off of me. As I latched my mouth to Donna's boob, my wife dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock to full hardness. Donna joined her and began licking my balls, sending me into orbit.

I told the girls to lie down and I got onto my knees. I spread their legs and used my fingers on each woman's pussy. In tandem I fingered their openings until they were very wet. I leaned down with my head and began to lick Donna's pussy lips, while still keeping a hand in Emily's orifice.

"Oh God," cried Donna, as I slashed across her clit with my tongue. "Don't stop. I am cumming already."

But, I did stop, and moved to Emily's pussy and tongued the tasty flesh, while fingering Donna, to keep her riding a wave of pleasure. Emily's butt bounced on the sleeping bag, in response to my actions, while Donna was doing so as well.

Back and forth I went between the two dripping pussies. Both girls came numerous times. They were fondling each other boobs and getting off on that as well.

"Who wants some hard cock," I asked?

"Oh God shove it into me," wailed Donna. "I need your hard cock, and I need it now."

Emily smiled and nodded. I moved into position and slid my cockhead up and down Donna's slit. Each time I rubbed it across her clit, she bucked and moaned. Her hips kept trying to rise up to trap my cock, but I wanted to remain in full control. I began to just rub my cock on her clit and she exploded. "Do you like me fucking your clit, baby?"

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