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Nude Beach Show


I was lying on a remote section of a popular nudist beach. It was a beautiful summer day. The beach was quite crowded with naked sun worshipers of all ages. Each body was beautiful in its own way. My lover was with me. We had walked down the beach to a spot that was less crowded. It almost isolated but still within view of the more popular area of the beach. We were both completely naked on our blanket. Our bodies were glistening with the suntan oil we had massaged into each other. I felt the warm summer sun nourishing my body. It was a bright, clear day. On the horizon across the bay I could see the skyline of New York City. Somehow this made the feeling of being naked all the more erotic. The idea of being in a totally primitive setting so close to hectic civilization was very stimulating.

The sound of the waves crashing on the shore lulled me into a dreamy state. A gentle breeze brushed my body sensuously, misting it with a soft ocean spray. I could taste the saltiness on my lips. It reminded me of my own saltiness. Offshore in the distance I could see a graceful sailboat gliding by. Its bow was rising and falling as it plunged into and separated the waves. I saw images of a virile lover plowing his manhood into the depths of his mate. Seagulls squawked overhead as they dove into the surf, like a lover seeking treasure from the secret places of his mate. My senses reminded me of the evening of sensual love waiting for us. It was a perfect scene and my whole body drunk it in.

My long, thick cock was lying heavy between my legs. I felt it responding to the warmth of the sun as it continued to grow. I was totally relaxed and enjoying a long awaited day at the beach. I loved the feel of being naked. It was so sensual. I was pleased with myself and proud of what my subconscious mind has achieved. My cock was just what I wanted. It was the perfect length and thickness for my athletic body. I love looking at it in the mirror as I stretch it to its full flaccid length. It was a work of beauty. My lover is so happy with me and with my cock. It has given us both many hours of pleasure.

As I relaxed quietly in the sun I could feel the blood and hormones being drawn into my cock by the nourishing sun. There was a pleasing warmth and tingle growing in my whole groin area. I could feel the pulsing surge with every beat of my heart. I knew that my subconscious mind was continuing to make my cock grow. It was getting longer and thicker every day. It was truly amazing. My cock seemed to have a mind of its own. It wanted to continue to grow. I accepted this. I wanted this. I was so happy and pleased with my body.

Gradually in the distance two figures appeared. They were strolling toward our area of the beach. They drew closer. I was annoyed at first and then curious. I could see after a while that they were two young men. They were totally naked. Their athletic hard bodies were gleaming with sweat and suntan oil. I noticed their long full cocks swaying between their legs as they approached. My attention focused on them without my thinking much about it. It seemed so natural to appreciate the beauty of their cocks. The young men paused as they started to pass by. They smiled as they glanced at me and my lover. Then they stopped right in front of us. They followed my eyes as they fixed on their cocks. My own cock gave a distinct twitch as if in response to a secret signal from their cocks. The young men smiled knowingly as they watched my long thick cock twitching in response to theirs. They stared at my cock in obvious admiration.

As they stared I felt the familiar warmth and fullness of arousal growing in my groin. I couldn't believe my body was responding in this way. They continued to stare at me with big grins on their faces. My cock began to fill with blood but it remained flaccid. My admirers stood there in front of me and my lover. They spread their legs boldly to let their cocks fall free. Their hips began a slow gentle bucking, making their full cocks sway with each thrust. Their hands dropped to their cocks. Slowly they began to stroke their cocks. They wrapped their thumb and forefinger around the base of their shafts. They stroked from the base to the head. They drew fresh blood to engorge their swelling cocks. They continued stroking first with one hand and then the other. I watched fascinated as their cocks continued to enlarge. Soon the heads of their cocks were the size of small plums. Drops of lubrication began to fill the eyes of their cocks and then drip in long streams from the tips. By now my heart was racing with excitement. My breathing was shallow and fast. My eyes began to cloud as the sexual tension built.

Slowly my hands reached for my own cock. I glanced at my lover and received a nod of approval. I could see my lover was aroused too. I followed the young men's example and began to stroke my cock. I felt how hot and heavy it was in my hand. The circle of my thumb and forefinger urged the blood into my gorgeous cock. My breathing was still fast and shallow. My heart was racing as my excitement continued to grow. My cock was throbbing and beginning to ooze lubrication. I caught the lubrication in my hand and spread it over the bulging head of my cock. I enjoyed its silky feel. Then the young men urged me to stand and join them. They continued to stroke their massive cocks.

I glanced again at my lover and received another nod of approval. I could tell my lover was very aroused and enjoying this virile masculine show. I was so excited my knees almost buckled as I stood. My cock was fully erect. It twitched proudly from my groin. I had never felt it so large. It was the biggest cock in the group. I began to stroke it with renewed vigor as I joined the young men in a small circle. We were all moaning softly as our cocks throbbed in our loving hands.

I noticed that a crowd had gathered to watch this sensual spectacle. Many of them had hands stroking their own genitals as well. It was a scene from an erotic fantasy. Tanned and sweating athletic bodies were everywhere. Beautiful breasts and cocks moved closer to our circle. My amazing cock was the center of their attention. Erotic words of encouragement filled the air as I continued to stroke my cock to even greater size. It was unbelievable. I couldn't believe this was happening. My whole being was caught up in the excitement. Time seemed to stand still. I focused all my attention on the pleasure my body was feeling. This felt so right and wonderful.

I could see orgasms building in the young men as they stroked their engorged cocks faster and faster. They caught the lubrication dripping from their cocks and rubbed it over their plum heads. Helping hands reached out and began to massage their buttocks as the inevitable drew closer and closer. I had never watched another man masturbate before. It was so exciting that I could hardly contain myself. Suddenly orgasm stuck one young man and then the other. Their hips bucked as thick streams of semen ejaculated from the bulging heads of their cocks. Burst after burst arched through the air and fell at my feet like a fertility offering to an ancient god. The crowd cheered and drew closer to see what I would do.

My lover grasped my buttocks and urged me to return their gift. I felt my orgasm building to the boiling point. Soon the sweet sensation of the point of no return would take me beyond caring. I tried to hold onto the sensation as long as I could. I felt the deep pressure building in the base of my steel rod. I knew I couldn't stop it then. I didn't want to stop it then. I loved the feeling. I wanted it to last forever. Suddenly I felt my lover's lubricated finger probing my ass. It found my prostate and my whole body went into convulsions of pleasure. My hard belly tightened. My groin bucked and thrust my cock toward the crowd. I surrendered to the feeling as the waves of my orgasm washed over me. My cock erupted in slow motion. Geyser after geyser rocketed into the air to the applause of my audience. My lover continued to massage my swollen and sensitive prostate. My orgasm seemed to go on forever as contraction after contraction wracked my body. I was so proud of my cock and the strength of my ejaculation.

My lover moved around in front of me and knelt in the pools of semen at my feet. My lover's tongue caught the last ejaculate dripping from my still rigid cock. Then my lover engulfed my cock in a warm soft mouth. My lover sucked the last of my gift from my cock. I felt it being drawn from my body as one last spasm jolted my cock. My lover stood to present it to me in a deep kiss. The crowd erupted in approval of this totally erotic bonding. We stood for what seemed like an eternity exchanging my sweet salty gift on our tongues. Then the two of us sank down to our blanket in a shuddering embrace.

Slowly the young men and the crowd moved on. We were left alone on the beach to enjoy the rest of our day. I had put on quite a show with my impressive cock. This would be an erotic memory I would relive for years to come. Was it real or only a dream? I could still taste the sweet saltiness in my mouth. I felt my cock and found it was still wet and sticky with my gift. I was so happy with myself and proud of my cock. It was the perfect cock for a nude beach. And it was growing more perfect every day.

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