Nude Beach Surprise


Catherine whimpered softly as the men approached and looked down over Roger's shoulder. She had pulled her t-shirt down but Roger kept her legs spread wide and the younger of the two men quickly gained an erection, while the older man, a tall thin guy with long gray hair, started massaging his cockhead.

Roger was edging back. I met his eyes. He was questioning me – asking if it was ok for the other men to fuck my wife. I nodded and felt Catherine squeeze my fingers. I looked down at her and found her staring at the guy getting into position between her legs. His cock was short and thick. The head was huge. He only crouched down. He didn't lay over her, I guess because I was sitting there at her shoulder. She clung to my hand and also to the bottom of her t-shirt, keeping it pulled down to her belly.

The guy groaned as he sunk his cock into her. He was in balls deep and he started slowly rolling his hips, grinding his cock as deep into her as he could reach. "Fuck she's hot!" he cried out and as he withdrew his cock popped out and sprung upright. He crouched again and tried to spear it back into her but it slipped up over her clit. He pulled back again and poked at her a few times, and when he got the head in he thrust and jammed himself hard against her. "Man, she is so fucking wet," he gasped and he started pounding her. He was jolting her body. He was sweating and his face was grimacing with each thrust. He had his hands beneath Catherine's knees and he lifted them and spread her legs wider. "Fuck – here it is!" he yelled and he jammed himself hard against her again, and Catherine crushed my hand as his head shot back. "Fuck yeah!" he cried out and he grabbed Catherine's thighs and clamped her against his body. He'd lifted her hips off the bed and he held her there and pumped his load into her.

Catherine's body was limp. Her fingers had loosened their grip within mine and I softly stroked her hand with my thumb. That guy had pulled out and backed away and the other one was getting into position between her legs. I smoothed her forehead and kissed her lips. "Are you ok?"

"I'm ok..." she uttered. She was clinging to me and trying to bury her head into my neck. Her body started rocking back and forth and I stayed there with her, kissing and stroking her face. Her body was soon being jolted again and I lifted from her and moved back a little.

The guy laid down on top of her. Her legs fell away and he started humping her. "That's better," he grinned, looking up at me.

"Pull her shirt up," Roger said. He was working his full erection.

The guy stretched Catherine's t-shirt up over her tits and he held himself up and watched them bounce while he fucked her with his hips. He was getting close though. His eyes were bulging and they were suddenly glazed. He started grunting and his thrusts were then slow and deep. His body tensed and he let out a loud groan and buried his cock into her as far as he could.

I held my wife's blank, submissive gaze as her body was being injected with more semen. Her hand was still lightly touching mine and her other hand was above her head with her fingers twirling absently in her hair. The guy finished unloading and spent a moment enjoying the feel of her. He was slowly rolling his hips and he'd started groping her tits and sucking on them.

The younger guy was playing with Liz. He had her against the wall with his hand under the front of her skirt and I think he was fingering her. They left together and the older guy got up off my wife and went after them.

Catherine had closed her legs but only loosely. She was peering up at Roger. He got on the bed and guided her onto her side as he got behind her. He rubbed the swollen head of his cock into her creamy little gash, then he sunk his length into her and gave her a few quick pumps. He then pulled out and pressed the head of his cock against her ass hole. Her fingers dug into my arm and she whimpered softly as it opened and penetrated her. He waited. His cock was flexing and the veins roped around it were pulsing. He rocked forward and sunk a few inches into her then he withdrew and rocked forward firmer still.

I smoothed Catherine's hair from her face and her soft little fingers closed around my cock. "Do you want me to suck you while he does it to me?" she asked shakily. I was fully erect.

Roger guided her to her knees and I got on my knees in front of her. Her mouth closed over my cock as Roger bumped against her. He was completely up her ass and he held her hips and started fucking her. I remained still and let him rock her body back and forth. He reached beneath and groped her tits. He started humping her deep and hard and I could feel his thrusts jolting through her body.

When Roger shot his load into her I flooded her mouth. She looked up at me with her eyes wide and I smoothed her hair from her forehead again. She released my cock and laid her head against my hip. I stroked her hair while Roger massaged the back of her neck and slowly ground against her butt.

"Come over for breakfast?" he asked me.

"I guess..."

He withdrew and felt into her with his hand. Catherine moaned softly and ground herself back against him. He cupped her crotch and started working her with his arm. I don't know if he had fingers in her or if he was just rubbing her clit but she soon convulsed in orgasm.

"Not too early... maybe around ten?" he said to me. He then lifted Catherine and his big hands were up her t-shirt. "Are you going to indulge tomorrow?" he asked, mauling her neck.

She shook her head. "Never..."

Roger laughed, and he left us to 'go and rescue Liz'.

I laid next to my wife and she tugged her t-shirt down and cuddled up to my chest. I was stroking her hair and enjoying the feel of her warm wet pussy pressed open against my thigh. "Is this what you wanted?" she asked softly.

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