tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNude College Roommates Ch. 02

Nude College Roommates Ch. 02


In my previous story, my roommate's cousin, Tracy, came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. My roommate, Bonnie and I are exhibitionists and convinced Tracy to join us in our nudist adventures. Tracy took to it with enthusiasm and my previous story told of the night that she got my friend Chip to join us nude in the house. It was briefly mentioned in the story that the pizza delivery girl would visit us later in the week with one of her friends. The story now continues.


I had almost forgot that Debbie, the pizza delivery girl, promised to stop by one night, when the doorbell rang. Bonnie, Tracy and I had just finished dinner and were actually just hanging out nude wondering what we were going to do for the rest of the evening. It was Sunday and the three of us were all very tired from being in the sun all day at the nude beach. So we figured it would be just a quiet night for us. We weren't expecting anybody to drop by tonight, but I said that it may be Gina from down the street. Bonnie and I got her hooked on nudism a few weeks ago and she sometimes just drops by.

Bonnie and Tracy started heading into the back room for some clothes, as I said, "I'll get the door. And if it's not Gina, well they'll just get an eyeful then." The girls were used to my blatant nudity.

As I head towards the door, I checked the condition of my dick. I wasn't really concerned if it was hard on not, but just wanted to know where it was to prepare my comments. This time my dick was just about totally deflated from all the sun today. Before I open the door, I give it a quick tug.

I expected Gina behind the door, but I was surprised to see two coeds standing there with eyes wide. We were all speechless for what seemed like forever, when the girl in the front said, "See, I told you he would probably answer the door naked." The other girl chuckled in amazement. It was then that I finally realized it was the pizza delivery girl from the other night.

I said to the girls, "Oh ya, you're the pizza girl. Debbie, right? Oh, and you did bring your friend too. Great, well come on in then." The girls asked if I was alone, which I revealed that Bonnie and Tracy were here, but zipped into the back room because we didn't know who was knocking.

I called into the back, "Bonnie, Tracy, you can come out now... it's the pizza girl and her friend. It looks like they accepted our invitation from the other night."

I turned to the two new girls, who were standing quite still and apprehensive at the scene they've gotten themselves into. I said, "Well, thanks for coming by. I figured we scared you off or something. Who's your friend?"

Debbie stammered, "Oh ya, this is my friend Julie." I reached out for awkward handshakes and helped them drop their bags on a small table by the door. I looked over my shoulder to catch them checking out my naked ass.

I kidded, "Ah ha, caught ya checking out my ass." They both blushed profusely and turned away in embarrassment. I said, "Hey, it's OK to look, and even stare. I like it. Why else do you think I would answer the door naked, or even spend the whole day today at the nude beach? So relax, we're all nude tonight."

They relaxed a little and slowly took in my whole body. I assured them again that they could stare all they wanted, which gave them license to linger their gaze on my crotch. I then began the teasing banter and said, "Sorry though that it's not hard right now. It kinda does that after a day on the beach." They both seemed delighted though with its current state.

The enjoyment of me showing, and the girls seeing my dick was broken when Bonnie and Tracy entered the living room. They were both wearing long t-shirts, which gave a little relief to the new girls. Introductions were made all around as I went into the kitchen to make some drinks. I made the cocktails extra strong for Debbie and Julie. I figured they'd need it.

After a little small talk between us, Bonnie asked if the new girls minded if her and Tracy got nude again. The girls shrugged their shoulders and said they didn't mind. With that, Bonnie and Tracy pulled their t-shirts over their heads, ensuring to catch their big boobs for that spring-loaded effect.

The new girls just seemed so amazed at Bonnie and Tracy's lack of modesty. Debbie said, "Wow, I wish I was as confident as you two."

I piped in, "Well, you two. It's easy, just drop those clothes and join us." Tracy snapped back at me that I shouldn't be so pushy.

Debbie said, "Well, maybe soon. It is the reason I accepted your offer to drop by, but let me ease into it at least. Oh, and Julie only agreed to join me tonight if she was not pressured, or expected, to get naked. Is that OK with you guys?" Bonnie, Tracy and I all agreed.

We exchanged small talk for awhile, and I found out Julie was 22, although she looked as young as her 18-year old friend, Debbie. It was still pleasantly warm that evening, and the new girls were dressed pretty casual. Debbie was quite petite, wearing shorts and a tank top, which didn't need much support keeping her small but shapely boobs in check.

Julie though had a deliciously curvy hourglass shape. She wore a tight pair of jeans that accentuated her heart-shaped ass. On top, she wore a lightweight, collared shirt tied in a knot at her waist, showing plenty of belly. The top few buttons were undone, offering a nice view of a lacy bra straining to hold back a voluptuous pair of at least D-size boobs.

I was getting hard, anxiously wanting to see these girls nude, especially Julie's large rack, so I asked, "So Debbie, I know dropping by tonight must have taken a giant leap of faith. What made up your mind?"

She shyly began to explain, "Well, I was pretty shocked the other night when I delivered the pizza, seeing you all nude. Believe me though, I've made plenty of deliveries to naked people, but they've always been to some person on a dare or creepy guy getting his kicks. But you guys were just hanging out in t he nude, just so casually and all. I was impressed, and although I was raised in a pretty conservative family, I've always had an open mind about nudists. But ya know, there's not many opportunities to try it."

We were all still standing casually in the living room, with me, totally enjoying that I was nude around four hot ladies; knowing that I would soon see Debbie and Julie nude. My dick was coming back to life thinking about the possibilities of the two new girls joining us in some exhibitionist adventures.

Debbie continued, "So, after thinking about it for a couple days, I told Julie about what happened and said that I'd like to try it, at least once. So after she stopped chocking on her lunch, I confessed that I'd always sneak around my family's house without clothes, even when somebody was still home. I'd often be alone in my room and strip down to do homework or secretly sleep in the nude. The chance of getting caught added to the excitement." Julie piped in that she's still shocked at the secret desires of her good friend of ten years.

Debbie explained, "I really thought I was a freak or something growing up. I just had this nagging desire to be naked and felt it was worth the risk of getting caught by my parents or brothers. You'd think that living near the beach in muggy Florida would cause my family to relax the dress code a little for comfort reasons, but no. All the doors were kept tightly closed. But being the baby and rebel of the family, I pushed the envelope. Sometimes late at night, I would sneak out to the kitchen, fully nude, to get a glass of water. Hoping to God that nobody caught me, but also thrilled at the chance of getting caught. I totally thought I was going insane."

We were all totally transfixed at Debbie's confession. I interrupted her for some consoling words and said, "Na, you weren't going insane. You were just a closet exhibitionist. Pure nudism is just doing the same things you always do, but in the nude. The ideology is the separation of nudity from sex. Exhibitionism on the other hand is basically showing various parts or all of yourself to others as a sexual turn on. It sounds like you're a little of both... just like we are."

This had a definite calming effect on Debbie, that there are other people like her. She continued, "So when I saw you guys last week, and sensed how nice you all were, I saw my opportunity. I was convinced, but I needed Julie here for support."

I invited all the girls to sit, while I made a trip to the bathroom. When I returned, all four girls had taken seats around the living room, and although there was room on the couch with Debbie and Julie, I didn't want to make them uncomfortable. So I found a big pillow, and sat on the floor. I was directly across from Bonnie, so she had a good view between my legs, but I also made sure the new girls had a clear view also.

During the conversation, I alternated my position between my legs flat on the floor and legs bent. Each time I stretched my legs out flat, I grabbed my dick and balls to pull them out from between my legs. I was doing this on purpose, of course, and each time I was getting more erect.

It was working, because every time I casually repositioned my package, I caught Debbie and Julie sneaking glances at me with a look of amazement.

Debbie continued with her life story, which seemed to go on and on, but it was probably just her way of dealing with her nerves. She explained how she planned her naked romps around her house and that she had a specific response for each family member if she was caught.

Her story was having an effect on the entire room. I would occasionally notice both Bonnie and Tracy squirming in their chairs. Bonnie sat with her knees about a foot apart, her normal, and since I was sitting directly across from her, I could clearly see a glisten to those lips. Being Scandinavian, her very sparse and blond pubic hair couldn't hide anything. She was very self-conscious of this when I took her to the nude beach for the first time. I had her face her fears though and trust me, as I made her sit on the nude beach, facing the water, with her legs spread very wide. With each person that walked by, she became more comfortable, and now could care less what people see.

Tracy, on the other hand, took the more direct approach. She had a thick patch of pubic hair when I first saw her nude the previous week, even though it was trimmed neatly on the edges for her bikini. I asked her if she ever thought of shaving closer. She replied that she never really thought about it, and all her boyfriends seemed satisfied. I then explained that most nudist women shave clean, or leave a shaped patch on top. It really increases their sexual sensitivity and as long as they're already on display, they might as well have it all on display.

This logic seemed to appeal to Tracy easily, so the next morning she surprised me. Bonnie had already left for work and I was eating breakfast nude in the kitchen when Tracy walked past me and began preparing a bowl of cereal. My morning woody twitched in approval when I glanced up at her awesome ass swish by. I commented, "Nice ass there Tracy, we'll need to get to that nude beach soon, so you can loose those tan lines."

She replied, "Sounds good, just say when. Everything's ready now."

I obviously didn't seem to catch her last comment, so after a few minutes of wandering around the kitchen, she said, "So, do you notice anything different this morning?"

I thought about it and looked around, but admitted that I didn't notice anything. She then swung around from behind the counter and stood right in front of me, which placed her now shaved crotch just inches from my face.

I just about fell out of my chair, and after regaining a few senses, gleamed, "Wow, you did it. Everything huh! I didn't think you'd really do it. At least shave everything off. But I really like it. Have you taken it for a test drive yet?"

Beaming with excitement, she questioned, "Huh?"

I said, "Ya know, is it more sensitive to the touch?" She returned that she hadn't tried it yet. I pushed back from the table and teasingly said, "Well, look what you've done to me now in a matter of seconds. I don't think I've ever become so hard, so quickly. You look so awesome Tracy, and I want so bad to just fuck you hard until we blow the roof off."

She cooed, "Well big boy, what do you think I've been dreaming about since the first time I met you. What does a girl have to do?"

I was just about to have a bloody lip, from biting it so hard, as I cringed, "But we can't fuck just yet, damn it I promised myself to hold off until your last day here. Remember when I explained how I really get off on the long and intense tease. How the long build-up to sex makes it so much better. Well, that's my plan dear. For us to be nude and tease each other for that big explosion at the end, which for us is your last day here in seven days. And as for Bonnie, I'll fuck her when I graduate, before moving away. But please don't tell her that. To get her to agree with our teasing games, I had to convince her that it wouldn't lead to actual sex."

Excited about my plan, she relented to her pressing desires and agreed to continue teasing each other. She then kneeled down between my legs and leaned into within an inch of my raging hard on and said to it, "And what are we going to do with you this morning, big fella."

I then suggested, "No prob Tracy, we'll just watch each other take care of ourselves. If I don't do something, I'll be hard all day, and you still need to take a test drive of your new pussy. After two days of ogling each other's nude bodies, it's time we take the teasing to the next level anyways." She wholeheartedly agreed with a huge smile.

On the way to my bedroom, I was already stroking my dick while she started in with her own fingers. My bed sat in a corner, so we sat across from each other against a wall. This allowed us to face each other with our legs spread wide. It didn't take long before we both had massive orgasms. We just sat and smiled at each other for a long time.

I then declared a new rule for the house. Masturbation in front of others is now allowed and should be encouraged. Tracy smiled in agreement, as I said that Bonnie would just have to get used to it.

Later that night, the three of us were sitting nude on the couch watching a movie. My dick was getting a little twitch, so I just went with it and let it fly. Bonnie noticed and said to me, "So, look what we have. What ya thinking about?"

I confessed that it was just something that happened earlier, but that I really need to take care of this one. I didn't skip a beat and started stroking it with both hands, although a little reluctantly. I expected a protest from Bonnie, but she just stared at the action between my legs, which gave me the approval to continue. I was loving the attention of two hot, naked chicks watching me masturbate.

It didn't take long before I erupted. The ensuing spray covered all three of us and we all broke out in hysterics attempting to gather all the globs.

Back to the immediate moment, I asked Debbie, "And so, did you ever get caught by anybody in your family?"

She was a little reluctant, but went on to tell us, "When I was 14, my older brother caught me naked. It was a really hot night, and I'd been naked in my room since after dinner. I was getting all worked up and really needed to feel the excitement of a naked dash. I was also a little hungry. It was around midnight, and the house had been quiet for at least an hour. So I suspected everybody had gone to bed already. I figured a quick dash to the fridge would be safe enough."

We all listened intently as she continued, "I must have made too much noise. Because when I finally decided what I'd eat, and backed away to close the fridge, my brother was staring right at me and my nakedness. I just about screamed, but I caught myself before I woke up the entire house. I was so embarrassed, but my brother was really cool about it and said it wasn't the first time he'd seen me naked. He then just walked out of the kitchen, as I realized he must have seen me parading naked once before, but didn't ever tell me."

Tracy asked Debbie how it felt being caught by her brother. She replied, "Well, I had mixed emotions of fright and excitement, which I seemed to like. But my family never caught me again. And since then, I really haven't done anything risky or wild like that, although I've wanted to plenty of times."

I said, "And here you are tonight. No doubt wanting to finally get over your fear and get a little wild." She reluctantly nodded, while Julie just looked more scared.

An empathetic Bonnie suggested that us three nudies tell of our first times, and how each of us overcame the fear and embarrassment. So, during another two rounds of drinks, we each told of our first time and how we became more confident people because of it.

The storytelling had its desired effect. The new girls listened intently at Bonnie and Tracy's descriptions of their first time. No doubt able to identify with a fellow woman's perspective, Debbie and Julie had lots of questions about the emotions and especially any repercussions. Every question was answered with kindness and empathy. As Debbie and Julie absorbed every answer, their sitting posture on the couch progressively changed from a rigid nervousness to a relaxed acceptance.

A quiet calm filled the entire room after all the first-time stories were completed and the inquiring minds were satisfied. No doubt everybody was contemplating the next move. Us three nudies were patiently waiting to hear those magic words from the new girls, who themselves were contemplating whether to take the plunge and get naked in front of strangers.

Debbie and Julie were coyly eyeing each other as if to collectively gain approval from each other. They were also squirming and nervously running their hands up and down their clothed bodies. Their growing excitement was also apparent from their clearly engorged nipples, straining the fabric of their tops.

Tracy finally broke the tension, and blurted in exasperation, "You gonna get nekkid or not... geeze it's not that big a deal... Just do it already, and get it over with... No whimpin out now."

Debbie turned to her friend, and said in a tone of surrender, "Well, I'm convinced. It is what we came over here for anyways. I really want to do this. Ya with me Julie?"

Julie replied, "Ya, I'm with ya buddy. Let's do it."

Then after gazing around the room in nervous pause, Julie said, "But, I just don't want to stand up in the middle of the room and strip. Everybody else had a really cool story about their first time, and I want an interesting story too."

Debbie agreed, and posed the question to Bonnie, Tracy and me. We all pondered a cool way for Debbie and Julie to get nude in "relative" public for their first time.

Our options were few that late at night, but Julie decided to go with Bonnie's suggestion and Debbie with mine. Julie's involved being driven somewhere public by Debbie, then jumping out of the car to strip and returning to our place nude. Debbie's unveiling involved a quick trip down the block to our nudist friend Gina's house.

The girls were soon off for Julie's adventure, while we wondered if she'd really go through with it. They were gone for quite a while, which led us to think they either chickened out or got in trouble. We heard their car pull up on the street in front of our house, so we pulled open the front window shades to see. A few passing cars were privy to a naked guy and two naked girls standing in the window. Definitely not the first time we've flashed the neighborhood. Expecting to just see Julie emerge from the car naked, we were surprised when they both emerged fully nude and ran up to our porch.

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