Nude Day Bets


It was possibly the dumbest thing I had ever said. I opened my mouth and stuck my foot completely in it. Quite simply I had said that my wife and her friends were far too conservative to ever go naked outside their own bedrooms, let alone spend the whole day naked outside their own houses, national nude day or not.

The challenge Linda made was that they would all four go naked the whole day, if I would act as their naked servant wherever they went. I would have to do whatever they asked, within reason, as long as all four stayed completely naked, and I would go wherever they chose to go.

I laughed and told them that they were on, knowing full well that there was no way they would ever go through with it. The city had finally relaxed the indecency laws for the one day a year, realizing that there was a lot of money to be had by attracting people looking for a place to celebrate. The last few days I had very much enjoyed watching all the naked women walking around town, but I had never expected that I would be joining them.

It was decided that my wife and I, both completely naked, would drive over to her friend's houses and pick them up. I was the only one allowed to bring any clothes, in case they reneged, with the exception of shoes and purses. So here it was National Nude day and I was driving across town with my wife, headed toward Linda's house, my first pickup. Our destination was a large park downtown that had been set aside for the celebration of the day. Fountain Park was named because the two by three city block park had a number of fountains, including the centerpiece fountain. This particular fountain was a granite mosaic the size of half a football field, dotted with water jets that shot water up to ten feet in the air in random or changing patterns. In the dead of summer it was a great place to get wet. The ladies decided that this would be a great place to hang out and, as my wife put it, show me off!

I drove into Linda's driveway and parked in front of her house. I simply had no choice, I was the servant, and I had to get out and go get her. Really stupid. About the only bright side was I was finally going to get to see all three of my wife's sexy friends naked.

I climbed out of the truck and walked to the door to collect Linda. I rang the bell, feeling a bit out of place as the neighbor lady watering her flowers stared at my naked body.

"Well, right on time!" Linda said as she came out the front door with nothing but a purse and a bag with a small towel hanging out of it. "Shall we?"

"Yes maam." I said in my best servitude style, following her nude form to the truck. I opened the door and she climbed in, cheerfully greeting my wife. I climbed in, the lady next door still staring at my swinging, now hard dick, although now she had one hand pressed between her legs. She was going to be frigging herself pretty quickly. I thought to myself as I backed out of the drive.

My next stop was Adrian's house. Not far away, but then when you're driving naked, everywhere is far away. I pulled in a few minutes after getting Linda and walked to her door.

"Well good morning Mike. Nice to see so much of you." She said as she stood in the door. Where Linda was a bit petite with small perky breasts, Adrian was a bit larger. I would never go so far as to call her fat, but she had a bit heavier frame than either my wife or Linda. She was certainly attractive, and her big tits and shoulder length blond hair added to her general good looks.

"Would you pick up my bags please?" She asked sweetly, setting two small cloth bags on the floor in front of her. I bent down and immediately smelled the scent of fresh pussy juice. I looked up at her crotch as I picked up the bags and could see little trails of wetness across her thighs. She had either just gotten off or was horny as hell. "Thank you!" She said as she walked past me, leading the way to the car, her surprisingly firm ass wiggling back and forth all the way.

I opened the door for her and she stepped past me, grabbing my hard dick and giving it a quick stroke as she moved past. She looked at me and winked as she climbed in.

I closed the door and walked around the truck, my now rock hard dick swinging in the breeze.

Jenny lived in an apartment about a mile from Adrian. I easily found the complex and parked to go get her. As I walked to her building I felt like there were a hundred pair of eyes on my hard dick, and I was thankful as I made it into the building. I walked up the three flights of stairs to Jenny's apartment and knocked.

She quickly answered the door, making the trip well worth it. She stood maybe five feet tall, but her b cup tits were round and firm with rock hard nipples and she had shaved her pussy bare. I had no idea if it was for this occasion, or just in general. Either way she was smoking hot.

"All set Mike?" She said with a smile as she stepped out of the door. She moved up against me until her tits were pressing into my chest. "You know... I've wanted to see you naked for a long time. I wonder, how long it will be before I make you squirt all over my sexy little body? Does that thought make you hot? Do you want to fuck my tight little pussy? Oh I hope so because I would love to get that big hard dick buried in my pussy." She said quietly as she squeezed my hard dick.

I really didn't know if she was serious or just teasing until she pulled my hand to her pussy. "Can you feel how wet I am? Would you like me to fuck you right here? Come on. Stick it in me, I won't tell your wife!"

"I'm not so sure I should." I answered honestly.

"Oh silly boy... You're our servant. You have to do what I say. Now why don't you give me... say... five strokes with that dick of yours?" She said as she stepped to the stairs and bent over to hold the railing.

"Yes maam." I said as I stepped behind her and rubbed the head of my dick around her pussy. I had fantasized about fucking her for years, and I was not about to pass up on this opportunity. Slowly I fed my cock into her tight pussy, pushing it deeper into her as she expanded to accommodate me.

"Ohhh yes... You like how tight my little pussy is? Would you like to cum and fill me full of your fuck juice?" She asked as I slowly stroked my five strokes, reluctantly pulling out after just five.

"Ohhh good boy! You follow directions so well. Maybe later you'll get to finish that job!" She said as she walked naked down the stairs in front of me.

We were most of the way down when we met a young lady coming up the stairs with a basket.

"Jenny?" The cute young lady asked, stopping on the stairs.

"Hi Fran. National Nude Day. You should join us down at the park!" Jenny said as she walked by. As I went by the young lady stared at my hard dick, still glistening with Jenny's pussy juice. I looked over my shoulder as we stepped out the front door and saw her still on the stairs, her hand down inside her shorts as she watched my dick swinging free.

"Hi Nancy!" She called as we got close to the truck. I opened the door and she climbed in as Adrian scooted to the middle.

I walked around and climbed in, my wife looking at my hard glistening dick. I just shrugged and pointed over my shoulder.

"Hey Jenny. Were you fucking my hubby?" She asked over her shoulder.

"Not really. I just got him warmed up."

"Remember we said no sex unless we were all there! No private stuff. Ok!"

"Got it!" she said with a grin and a wink.

Apparently I had been the topic of discussion as far as sex and some arrangement was made, since my wife was the only one married in the group.

We arrived at the park and had to wait to get into the lot. There was an attendant checking and a sign that said the park was closed to minors unless accompanied by a parent. That at least was a comforting thought, although I was sure there would be a variety of the younger crowd there anyway. It was almost a relief to get out and realize that there were other guys for them to oogle. As I unloaded the girl's bags and a few lounge chairs from the back Adrian came around and pressed her big tits into my back and slipped a hand around to squeeze my hard dick.

"Jenny told me she got you inside her already. Wanna hear a secret? The three of us have a bet on who can make you cum first. I'll make well worth your while anytime you want to collect if you make it me."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Anything you want any time you want it!" She said with a grin while she stroked my dick. "And that doesn't mean just today!"

"What about my wife?" I asked.

"She won't ever know." She answered with a giggle.

I just nodded as she released my dick and I followed them across the grassy park toward the fountain. We set the chairs up near some trees, the fountain only about thirty yards away. The breeze was drawing the mist from the fountain our direction, making it a cool zone.

I helped all four with their chairs and then went about doing as I was asked, getting drinks and such.

"OH Mike..Would you please put some lotion on me?" Jenny asked as she held out a bottle of sunblock.

"Yes maam." I said, moving over near her. I squeezed a large amount out and began massaging it into her chest, rubbing it around her tits and making sure to squeeze her nipples with each stroke. I knew I was getting to her and kept one hand working on her tits while I let the other work her stomach and mound. I Moved to her legs, and began working the lotion up her legs toward her thighs and pussy, always stopping just short of her pussy. My wife stared at what I was doing as I did her second leg, again stopping short of her pussy.

"Roll over please." I asked her nicely, which she did. I started on her back and worked my way all the way down to her firm ass, rubbing the lotion into her cheeks and making sure my fingers stroked up her ass crack and across her bud. I moved quickly to her legs, which she spread for me and I worked the lotion up her legs, to her thighs. As I stroked her thighs with the lotion I allowed my fingers to slip between her pussy lips, stroking up her lips and across her increasingly sensitive clit as I worked the lotion into her legs and ass. With one hand gently stroking her pussy and the other squeezing her ass, her friends watched her body twitch and finally jerk in climax.

"Ohhhhhh fffffuuuuuuckkkkk" she moaned as I flicked her clit with my finger, making her whole body shake. After almost a minute of attention, I eased my stroking and allowed her to come down from her temporary high.

"Ohhhh that was nice of you. I could do with a bit of tanning oil." Linda said a she dug a bottle out of her bag.

"Yes maam." I said with a grin as I moved over and squirted some of the oil on her body. I worked and massaged the oil with both hands, one working up her legs, stroking her pussy lips each chance I got, and the other working her firm little tits. I allowed my fingers to roam all up and down her body, squeezing her nipples and stroking her clit.

"Oh fuck." She moaned as I worked her squirming body toward climax. "AHHH" she squeaked as I finally pushed her over the top, my fingers still squeezing and twisting her hard nipple while I pushed a finger deep into her pussy.

My wife glared at me while I simply smiled back.

I wiped my hands off and then walked over to Adrian. "Would you like some help with that?" I asked, crouching down next to where she was putting some sunblock on her arms.

"Sure, that would be sweet!" She answered, clearly turned on. I knelt down and started at her legs, which she quickly spread wide to allow me to get access anywhere I wanted. I worked my way slowly up her thighs, just tickling her pussy lips as I moved from leg to leg. She rocked her hips up to try to get more contact as I just grazed my fingertips across her wet pussy lips. Continuing to stroke her legs and mound gently, I leaned up and whispered in her ear.

"Would you like me to stick my big hard dick into your hot wet pussy?" I whispered.

"Oh yeah." She said, letting one arm down over the side of the chair to find my hard dick and stroke it.

"You want me to fuck you right here in front of everyone with my big hard dick? Make you cum in a huge screaming orgasm as I slide my hard dick deep inside your waiting pussy?" I whispered as I slipped a finger deep into her as she rocked her hips up to meet my stroke.

"Ohhhhh yeah. Fuck me." She whispered back as I moved my head to her chest and sucked one of her hard nipples into my mouth. I stroked the top of her tunnel with my finger while I sucked and licked her hard nipple. "UH GOD!' she grunted as I stroked her clit with my thumb, sending her over the brink in a crashing orgasm that had her jerking and twitching for nearly two minutes while I gently stroked her pussy.

Finally after she had eased back down I pulled my hand from her pussy and stood up, looking confidently at my wife.

"Damn!" She swore as she sat and looked at her friends disgustedly.

"I win." I said with a grin. "Now put up or shut up!"

Linda looked over at my wife quizzically. "What's he talking about?"

"He knew about your little bet on who would make him cum first, so he made a little side bet with me. He bet that he could get all three of you to cum before you made him cum." My wife said angrily. "Never in a hundred years would I have thought any of you would have allowed him to fingerfuck you in public, let alone all three of you!"

"Well, he did, so what's the payoff?" Jenny asked, shading her eyes from the sun as my wife climbed out of her chair.

"I have to fuck him in the fountain... and I have to let him fuck you three as many times today as he wants! Seems we just became his sex toys for the day!"

I held my hand out to my wife. "Come on sweetie, I feel like a good fuck in the fountain."

"Hey Nancy!" Jenny called. "You might as well enjoy it. I know I would!"

"Don't worry, I have a feeling you might be next!" My wife called as I led her toward the fountain for the first of what I hoped would be many good fucks today.

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