Nude Holly Day


I was also trying not to think about Holly, but the image of her was burned into my mind's eye. Between work and the attached status of most of the women I knew at camp, it had been a while for me. Getting my business off the ground on top of handling my rental properties hadn't left much time for romance since graduating college. No matter how disconcerting it was, there was no doubt she had stirred up neglected physical needs.


The sip of beer I'd just taken went down the wrong pipe when Holly surprised me. I had been absorbed in my own thoughts — and I must admit fantasies — so I hadn't heard her approach.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. Okay," I answered between coughs.

"I... I just wondered. Is it okay with you that I'm here?"

I sat my nearly empty beer down, doing my best not to look at her and hoping that she didn't notice I was about half hard. "Of course. I'm not your boss here. You can do whatever you like."

"But is it really okay with you?"

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised, and that it didn't make me think about how we're going to handle it at work."

She didn't respond for a few seconds, and then suddenly asked, "Am I ugly?"

That took me aback, and I looked up at her, making sure to maintain strict eye contact. "Of course not."

"Then why do you try not to look at me?"

"I just don't know how to handle it, Holly."

She stepped closer, right next to my chair. "Just look at me. Please."

I let my eyes roam over her body briefly, fighting the surge of blood it caused into my nether regions, and said, "You're a beautiful young woman, Holly."

"Are my breasts too small?"

"They're perfect." As soon as I said it, I thought better of it, but it was too late.

Her lips turned up into a smile. "So, you think I'm pretty? You like my body?"

I did my best to channel a thousand previous conversations with women at the camp, complimenting them without implying anything sexual. "You're trim, with just the right amount of curve, and you have a stunning smile, Holly."

"I like your body too." She glanced between my legs for a moment, and her cheeks reddened a little. "It's bigger than I imagined."

Imagined? That? The thought flashed through my head as I responded, "Thank you."

"Would you..." She paused and bit her lower lip. "Would you like to touch me?"

I swear my eyes had to be the size of saucers when she said that. They certainly felt that way. Then, when she leaned over my chair, my mouth dropped open, though not a word came out. Closer and closer she came, until finally she whispered, "Please," and kissed me.

I was too stunned to respond — at least consciously. She pulled back, a pout that was both heart-breaking and somehow incredibly sexy on her face. I finally found my voice.

"Holly, I'm twice your age."

"Why does that matter?" she asked, still hovering over me. By this point, I was stone hard and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

"I don't want you to do something you'll regret."

"I won't. I've... I've thought about it a lot. I can't stop thinking about it. I've been trying everything to get your attention. You've been so nice to me, and you're so handsome, and... Please, I need it. I want you to touch me."

"Holly, you could have any man you want. Someone your own age."

"I want you." Before I could react, she reached back and laid a hand on my cock. Her eyes widened and she gasped.

I couldn't stop the groan that escaped me.

"It's so hard," she whispered, wrapping her fingers around me.

"Holly... Oh god."

"Does that feel good?"

I can't even begin to describe how difficult it was to grab her wrist. Difficult enough that I didn't tug very hard in trying to encourage her to let go.

"Am I doing it wrong?"

"No, you're not doing it wrong, but we shouldn't do this."

"You're hard. That means you want to, doesn't it?"

My mind raced, trying to figure out some way out of the situation that wasn't going to hurt her, but my head was a muddle.

Before I could think of anything, she said, "You've always told me the truth. You want to be with me, don't you?"

The trap tightened around me even though her hand uncurled from around my cock. I don't know what else I could have said. "Yes."

"Then please touch me. I want to know what it's like."

I blinked in surprise at what those words and the tone of her voice implied, my mouth once again well ahead of my brain. "Are you a virgin?"

"No," she answered with a nervous timbre in her voice. "There were two boys, but they... I didn't..." Her hand slipped from my hardness as she stood up with a look of shame on her face.

Conscious that we had already far exceeded the spirit of the no public sex rule of the camp, if not the letter, and that she was delving into elements of her past that were very personal, I said, "Maybe we should go inside."

The tone of her voice and her body language when she'd mentioned those two previous encounters also suggested something that was making me very angry.

She hesitated for a moment, and then nodded. I could see that her eyes were misty with unshed tears. As soon as she stood back up, I swung my legs out of the chair and stood as well. She looked on the verge of bolting, so I instinctively clasped her hand.

"You're trembling," I said as soon as I felt it. She cast her eyes downward and I added, "It's okay, Holly. Let's just go inside."

I took a step, and she followed, her hand tightening in mine. I led her up the stairs into the R.V. and then to a couch. When I let go of her hand and sat down, she did as well.

"Holly, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to, but did those boys force themselves on you?"

She finally looked at me again and shook her head.

"You're sure?"

She nodded and said, "Mmm hmm."

I breathed a sigh of relief. I was almost certain until that moment that in addition to everything else she'd endured in her life, that she'd been raped as well. "Okay. Good. You had me worried."

"It just wasn't..." She stopped and shook her head.

Despite both of us being nude, my protective instincts had finally overruled the arousal she'd inspired. My erection drooped, and I found that I could look at her without feeling guilty. "It's okay, Holly. You don't have to say any more, unless you need to talk about it."

Apparently, she did.

The words emerged in a rush. "The first time, it really hurt and I made him stop. He got mad and left and wouldn't talk to me any more. And the other... It was after Mom told me to leave. It was cold, and I was hungry, and he bought me something to eat. He talked to me for a while, and then he said I could stay with him."

I knew where this was going.

"I didn't really want to at first because I was scared, but it was cold, and he was nice. Then when he started touching me that night, it sort of felt good. We... You know. But, I never..."

"He just got what he wanted and didn't care about whether you did," I speculated.

She nodded. "I stayed for two more days and we did it a couple of times, but I never... Then a girl came over while I was there and I ran away while she was yelling at us."

"I'm sorry, Holly. That's not how it's supposed to be."

Her eyes focused in on mine and she fidgeted for a moment before saying in a small voice, "Could you show me how it should be?"

Oh boy.

"You said you wanted to," she added when I hesitated.

"Yes, there's a part of me that does. But, Holly, you should have more than that."

"I haven't had anything," she argued — a little frustration creeping into her voice. She snapped her gaze away from me, her shoulders slumping as she stared down at the arm of the couch.


She shook her head and curled up more, leaning away from me.

I was being pulled a dozen different ways at once. It was obvious that she'd come here with sex as her goal, and nothing I'd said had swayed her. I was afraid for both of us if I gave in to the desire I couldn't deny, yet there was little doubt of the hurt that refusing her would cause.

"Holly, I don't want to hurt you." I reached out and touched her shoulder.

She sucked in a hard, deep breath that emerged as a moan when she turned back toward me and laid her hand atop mine. "Then don't hurt me," she whispered, fixing me with her doe-like gaze. Her fingers moved from the back of my hand to curl around my wrist, and in the space of a heartbeat, she turned her shoulder back toward the couch and pulled at the same time.

With my fingers resting atop the swell of her breast, I watched her gasp and tilt her head back. She held on tight to my wrist and breathed, "Please. Please."

I knew better, but my fingers still stroked over her smooth skin, drawing out another gasp. Her other hand slid behind my neck, tugging even as she leaned closer.

I squeezed her breast as our lips met. There was no turning back for me after that. All thoughts of our professional relationship and potential consequences vanished, and I gave in to the inevitable. I wanted her just as desperately as she wanted me.

She moaned into the kiss and released my wrist, letting her hand rest on my leg instead. I cupped her cheek with my other hand, tasting her sweet lips, and swelling rapidly to hardness.

Releasing her breast, I pulled one knee up on the couch and slid my arm behind her. I caressed her back and cheek, softly kissing her and feeling her shiver from my touch. She whimpered when I moved from her lips to her neck, tracing kisses up and down the soft skin.

Her head tilted back, giving me access to her throat, and my lips brushed that sensitive skin as well. The temptation overwhelmed me, and I kissed the upper swell of her right breast.

"Yes. Yes, Alan," she pleaded, her hand pulling me closer.

My next kiss was directly over her nipple, wetting the stiff point. Her fingers twined into my hair and she thrust her chest out toward me, silently begging for more. I took her nipple between my lips, suckling it and teasing it with the tip of my tongue. At the same time, I leaned in and used the hand behind her back to guide her to lie down, shifting position to allow her to pull her legs up on the couch.

Once her head rested on the cushion, she looked between our bodies to see my cock bobbing at full erection, and her eyes widened.

"You have such beautiful breasts," I said as I lowered myself to her left nipple and closed my lips around it.

"Oh, Alan. Oh yes," she whimpered as I caressed the small bud with my lips.

Back and forth I went, worshiping her firm young breasts with kisses and sucks. Her sounds of pleasure had me throbbing, but now that I was committed, I was determined to make sure she knew every ounce of pleasure that a lover who cared about her needs could deliver.

When I planted a soft kiss on each of her perfect breasts in turn, and then a third just below them, she sucked in a sharp breath. The next kiss was lower, just above her tummy, and I felt her stiffen beneath me. I looked up to see a touch of something in her eyes.

"Is this okay?" I asked before kissing her again, just above the naval.

"No one has ever done that before," she nervously answered.

"They were fools, then. I'll stop if you ask."

In a breathless whisper, she said, "Don't stop."

I let my tongue swirl in her belly button after my next kiss, causing her to writhe beneath me. The next kiss just above her mound drew out a broken, high-pitched gasp. The scent of her arousal tickled my nose, making me feel somewhat light-headed for a moment. To have such a beautiful young woman responding so strongly to me was incredible.

The final kiss of the trail was just above her hood, and her hips lifted up to press her folds against my chin as soon as my lips touched her. I could feel the wetness on my chin, and knew she must be soaked.

She shivered as I bent her knees, parting her legs and revealing her treasure. Her pale pink lips glistened in the light, confirming what I'd already felt.

"So beautiful," I said close enough for my breath to wash over her sex. Then, I lapped the full length of her nether lips, and she let out a squeaky little cry. "And so sweet," I added as the taste and scent of her intoxicated me.

"Oh! Ah! That feels so good," she cried out as I traced every crease and fold with the tip of my tongue.

"I want you to come for me, Holly."

"Oh yes. Please, Alan."

I stiffened my tongue, pressing it into her folds, and started lapping in earnest. It may have been a while, but I hadn't forgotten anything. I was only sporting average equipment — at best — so I'd learned early on to work with what I had, and do it well.

Holly serenaded me with a constant stream of sweet little moans as I drank up her nectar. I varied the speed and strength of my tongue strokes, added wiggles, and a few sucks of her nether lips. I was lost in her, marveling at the way she writhed beneath me. Damn tomorrow — I was in heaven between her soft thighs.

At first, I'd only given her clit a few touches of my tongue, but as the pace of her breathing increased, I homed in more often on the center of her pleasure. Her whimpers and moans grew louder, and her fingers that had previously rested on the back of my head twined into my hair. I'd held off as long as I could, wanting to prolong her pleasure, but I also wanted to feel her come on my tongue. Knowing that it would be the first time she'd ever had an orgasm with anyone else only added to that desire.

I turned all my attention to the swollen bud, ready to take her there.

"Oh! Oh, right there. Oh yes. Oh yes," she cried out as she pulled me tighter against her sweet pussy.

As if I needed any additional encouragement.

It only took a few seconds to figure out that she reacted more strongly to indirect attention than an assault on her naked clit. I lapped her hood, rolling her clit beneath it, and sometimes drew swirls with my tongue over the protective sheath. On a whim, I tried something that I had stumbled upon with a previous lover. I pressed my thumb tight against her skin at the top of her hood, stroking the shaft of her clit with a rocking motion.

Holly let out a quavering cry, her back arching up from the cushions. Her body remained bowstring-tight and she trembled as I kept up the pressure. A creaky-sounding groan emerged from her throat, the pitch bouncing from high to low for a few seconds, then she lurched and squealed as climax claimed her.

I growled as I kept lapping, adding a few strong strokes that exposed her throbbing bud to direct stimulation. Her thighs clamped down around my head as the second wave of orgasmic energy took over her body.

On and on it went, her cries of release muffled by her thighs pressed tight against my ears. Her fingers had curled into claws on the back of my head, pulling at the roots of my hair, but I didn't care in the slightest. I just kept licking, drinking up her juices, until she went limp with a groan.

I wanted nothing more than to dive straight back in and return her to the heights before her first orgasm had even played out. As that thought crossed my mind, though, I saw how hard and fast she was panting for breath. Her face was flushed, beaded with sweat, and every aftershock of her orgasm caused her to suck in a tight-throated gasp.

"Are you okay?"

Her eyes fluttered open and she whimpered. Then she focused on me, and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. She gave the briefest of nods, and then threw her head back as another ripple of pleasure rolled through her.

I slipped off the couch and headed to the fridge for a bottle of water. She'd recovered a little by the time I turned back, and she was staring at me with an expression that was difficult to describe, other than to say she looked happy — very happy.

"N-never like that. Never so good," she said between deep breaths as I approached. "W-wonderful."

"I loved it," I admitted.

"Is that for me?" she asked hopefully.

"Mmm hmm," I said as I opened the bottle.

When her first attempt to sit up left her balanced on trembling arms, I moved in beside her and helped her up. She coughed on the first sip of water, but then managed to drink. I ran my fingers through her hair and smiled down at her as she lowered the bottle and sighed.

"Mmm. I love the way you touch me." She shivered and asked, "Hold me?"

I held out a hand and said, "Why don't we go to the bed?"

She nodded, and I helped her stand. Her knees were weak, and she leaned against me as we walked to the bed. I lay down beside her, and she snuggled up against me with a deeply contented sigh. I wrapped my arm around her and grinned.

"Thank you," she said after a few seconds.

It felt a little ridiculous, but I still said, "You're welcome."

She giggled and nuzzled her nose against my chest. "It was so much different than my fingers. It was like it was everywhere, and so slippery. Then when I got there, I... Mmm... It was amazing."

"I'm glad. I know we shouldn't..."

She reached up and pressed a finger to my lips. "Shh."

As soon as I heeded that request, she looked down at my cock, and giggled when a contraction of my muscles caused it to bob up from my body. Her fingers moved from my lips to the hard organ, and she giggled again when the touch caused an even stronger jump from it, and a grunt from me.

"That feels good?" she asked while stroking over the shaft with two fingertips.


She curled her hand around the shaft. "It's so hard," she said as she started to stroke.

"My god, Holly, that feels so good."

"Should I do it faster?"

"If you want, and squeeze a little more."

Her grip tightened and she asked, "That doesn't hurt?"

"Oh, no." I groaned and closed my eyes for a moment.

She let out a gasp, and when I opened my eyes, she was staring at a large drop of pre-cum that had welled up from the tip. "Are you..?"

"No, that's just pre-cum."

Holly kept stroking, and I couldn't hold back the grunts and groans it caused. I felt her other hand move, and when I looked down, it was between her legs, teasing her folds. It wasn't long after that when she asked, "Do you want to put it inside me?"

As if there was any other answer at that point.

"Let me grab a condom," I said as I sat up.

"I'm on the pill. The doctor put me on it for cramps."

"Should still use a condom until you know you can completely trust someone, and the pill isn't one hundred percent."

She grabbed my elbow as I reached for a cabinet door over the bed. "I trust you. Please?"

As soon as I lowered my arm, she lay down, letting her legs drift apart, and looked up at me with those irresistible eyes.

"Please?" she said one more time, having obviously learned just how effective it was on me when coming from her.

I planted both hands on the mattress behind me and scooted toward the foot of the bed. She sucked in an excited gasp when I swung a leg over hers and rose up onto my knees above her — her eyes locked on my bobbing erection. A groan escaped me as I cupped my hands behind her knees, lifting them up and out to part her legs as I knee-walked forward.

I reached down and grabbed my cock just behind the head to press it against her folds, which drew out another gasp. She was soaking wet, and only a few wiggles of the head between her lips coated it in her slippery juices. I pressed down with my thumb until the tip was poised to enter her.

"Please, Alan," she said in a breathless voice as she lifted her hips and pushed tighter against me.

The resistance as I pushed surprised me for a moment, but just before the shaft bent under the pressure, the head of my cock popped into her nearly virgin canal. Holly let out a yelp and her fingers fisted into the covers.

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