Nude Melissa


Not that she meant to seduce her daughter's boyfriend, not that, but the way he'd looked at her -- not to mention the things they'd said that morning -- had given Julia a kick in the backside. She needed to do something, and soon.

She settled herself on the bed with a glass of wine on the nightstand and the vibrator next to her. Julia let her thoughts wander and she drifted away, thoughts of Ben and what might have been if Eammon hadn't blundered out of the caravan and interrupted.

A picture of the young man sprang to mind and Julia compared him to her husband, the man whose libido seemed to have taken a steep downward curve in the last few months. The thought came to her that Eammon might be embroiled in an affair of his own, but was surprised to find that she didn't give a shit either way.

Naked, Julia spread her legs and stroked her thighs, savouring the sensations of her fingers on the silky flesh at the top of her legs. She squeezed her breasts together and called to mind another image of Ben as she'd seen him after his run.

"Squeeze my tits," Julia sighed, and suddenly, in her fantasy, Ben was handling her boobs, his fingers massaging them, fingers tweaking her nipples. "Suck them," she breathed, one hand snaking down along her body towards her sex. "Oh, Ben, lick me. Lick me there, baby. Lick my pussy."

The urgent desire surged through Julia with a speed that had her gasping and writhing, her fingers moving over her clit, the young, good-looking man fixed in her head. Her first orgasm hit her with such a force that Julia had to pause for a few moments, chest heaving while she sucked in air, her eyes blinking with shock and surprise at the vehemence of her climax.

Breathing heavily, almost sobbing with urgency, Julia hefted herself up onto one elbow and reached for the vibrator. Then, with the faux penis buzzing angrily, the pitch of the vibrations rising and falling depending on whether Julia had just the tip at her opening or the whole length of the thing stuffed inside her body, she fucked herself with the dildo, crying out and moaning at the delight her quiet time brought her.

It was a frenzied attack on her own pussy, with all the frustrations of previous weeks and months boiling inside her. Julia writhed and squirmed and grunted, desperate for another climax as she imagined Ben's cock in place of the vibrator.

"Fuck," Julia snarled, her eyes squeezed tight, teeth bared in a snarl of agonised lust. "Fuck that pussy. Fuck it. Get me there. Fuck me with that big cock."

The sensations rose within her, a rising tide whose wave swelled as Julia took herself closer and closer. Just as the wave began to crest, in the moments before her senses were flooded with the overwhelming power of her orgasm, with a blurt of sheer delight bubbling behind her teeth Julia opened her eyes and saw, with a cold water slap of shock, her husband standing in the doorway to the bedroom.

"Eammon!" Julia sat bolt upright, eyes and mouth wide with surprise at the unexpected presence.

The man stared at his wife for a few seconds, his eyes flicking between her legs to the vibrator, its latex-sheath moulded to resemble a ridged and veiny erection, hanging out of her opening. The dildo mocked him like an obscene tongue, with two-thirds of the thing still buried inside Julia, the remaining portion glistening with her arousal.

The impressions hit him at once: Julia's labia, the neat lips clinging to the sides of the vibrator; her soft, rounded tummy; heavy breasts rolling when she moved; the stunned expression on her face and, of course, the woman's facial resemblance to her daughter.

Eammon winced at the vivid recollection of Melissa's nudity, struggling to push the obscene desire his daughter's nakedness engendered. It was wrong to lust after her, so wrong. The girl was his daughter. For Christ's sake, Melissa was his own flesh and blood! The very thought was morally reprehensible, a sin of the most outrageous kind.

But as he looked at his wife, a mature, fleshier woman of voluptuous curves where Melissa was less rounded, her breasts not as full as her mother's, Eammon saw the strong likeness between the two. His cock thickened and grew; a sudden imperative that he couldn't ignore.

"Eammon?" Julia murmured when, after witnessing the brief internal struggle, the signs of which flickered across the man's face, she recognised a twist of lust in his features. "Oh my God ... Eammon?"

Julia swallowed and shifted her rump on the bed. Could this be? Did he want her? Is that what she read in his expression?

Already aroused by her masturbatory fantasies, Julia leaned back against the headboard and opened her legs. The dildo slid out of her and lay there, nestled between her thighs as she opened her arms in invitation to her husband.

"Julia," Eammon gasped. He took a single awkward step towards the bed while, in his head, he fought against a barrage of images of Melissa.

"Are you coming to bed?" Julia whispered and, with her libido aflame, a furnace burning between her legs, lewd images of Ben still fresh in her head, the woman invited her husband into her. "Come on, Eammon. It's been so long. Come here and make love."

Eammon kicked off his flip-flops and shrugged out of his shorts. He was moving towards the supine woman as he yanked his shirt over his head.

Julia saw Eammon's erection and let out a yelp of glee. He was big and hard, his dick stiff, all thick and angry with desire. The vibrator was consigned to the floor beside the bed and Julia opened her legs wider.

But, when she felt her husband slip inside, it was a picture of Ben's cock that Julia kept in mind.


On the fourth night of the holiday they went to a pub for dinner. The place was just beyond the main entrance to the camp site, convenient since it meant that Eammon didn't have to concern himself with drink driving laws. They walked in and, as usual, Eammon took charge, guiding his wife and daughter towards a table while Ben came along behind.

"What's the matter with you two?" Melissa asked when the four of them had settled at the table and a girl had taken their drinks order.

Julia, whose attention had been focussed entirely on Ben's proximity, the lovely boy sitting next to her with his leg, a lovely lean thigh within touching distance, startled. She flicked a guilty look at her daughter, cheeks reddening.

"Nothing," she replied, her eyes sliding away from Melissa's appraisal before casting a venomous look towards her husband. Following their coupling Eammon had returned to his previous state of apparent indifference towards his wife, and despite her head being filled with Ben while her husband filled her body, Julia was miffed.

Eammon's sneering response snatched his daughter's attention away from her mother.

"Why should there be anything the matter?" he said, teeth clenched.

Eammon threw a pointed look at Ben and then stared at Melissa, his belligerence palpable.

Melissa rolled her eyes. "Sorry," she said, the single word managing to convey her exasperation while she wondered what the hell that look was about.

Her parents would drive her to distraction. She could happily kill them both. Then the frustration at her father's controlling ways spilled over. Just what was wrong with him now? Why was he acting like such an arse around Ben? So far, a far as she could tell, Ben had behaved impeccably around her dad.

"Bloody hell, Dad, I was only asking. You've been a pain since day one. And you," Melissa turned to her mother, "you're just as bad." The girl shrugged. "Not as miserable as him," she tossed her head at her father, "but you've been so fucking long-faced for months. I'm sick of the pair of you."

The silent animosity that mushroomed around the group lingered like a fart, hanging around even when the waitress returned with a tray of drinks.

"Really," Melissa continued when the girl moved away with a promise to come back for the food order in a few minutes. "I'm right pissed off with it all." She rounded on her father, her face flushed with unspent fury. "You ... I'm sick of you trying to control me like I'm a little girl." Like an impatient thoroughbred Melissa tossed her head. "I'm eighteen, Dad. I've got a boyfriend." Melissa's hand moved over the table to clasp Ben's fingers. She flashed a smile at the young man, apologising with her eye and, emboldened by her boyfriend's presence, taking strength from his solidity, continued with, "This is the last time I'm coming away with you two. Next time I go on holiday, I'm going with Ben."

Three pairs of eyes turned towards Julia when, from the flank, attacking her husband while he was still reeling from his daughter's outburst, she snarled, "She's right, Eammon. You've turned into a complete arsehole." Julia slid an opportune glance at Ben. "Sorry, Ben," she added. "You must think we're all complete maniacs." She regarded her husband again, expression baleful. "But I've about had it with you, Eammon. You've ignored me for ... for months." Her mouth opened and closed, tears welling as Julia struggled with her emotions. "Melissa's right. You're a demanding, controlling pig. You've been near me once!" The woman held up a hand with one index finger raised. She waved the finger close to her husband's slack face. "Just once ... In months! And now you're just acting like a twat again. Same old Eammon."

"I think you're both overreacting..." Eammon managed, casting cast an anxious look around the pub.

That response, the gall of the man, enraged Julia and, with a snort of derision and a vehement shake of her head she rose to her feet.

"Fuck you, Eammon," the woman sobbed. She stared at her husband for several long seconds, her chin shivering. Julia's mouth opened and closed a few times before, overcome with feelings so complex and devastating she knocked her chair backwards and fled.

"Isn't anyone going to go after her?" Ben asked when Eammon and Melissa just sat there.

Eammon shrugged and avoided Ben's eye, fiddling with the cutlery laid out in front of him.

"Don't look at me," Melissa snapped. "It's his fault." The girl thrust her chin at her father.

Ben sighed and stood up. "I'll go then, shall I?"

It wasn't his business but he couldn't let Julia just run away like that. She was obviously upset and probably needed someone to unload on. He looked at Eammon, disgust twisting his mouth as he decided he didn't want to be around the man any more.

"You coming?" he offered to Melissa.

The girl shook her head and said, "Nope. I can't be arsed."

Ben hesitated for a fraction of a second before he gave a deep sigh and walked out of the pub.

He found Julia on the dune behind the campsite, smoking as she stared out at the dark wallow of the water.

"Oh, Ben, I'm so sorry," Julia blurted when the young man plonked himself beside her. She cuffed at her eyes. "You must be appalled at all that."

"Don't worry about me Mrs Morgan. I just came to see if you're all right. Families, eh?"

They sat side-by-side for a few minutes, with Julia smoking her mind drifting with the romance of the setting, nicotine and the soft susurration of waves breathing out in the darkness soothing her frayed nerves.

There she was, with her fantasy lover, the tide sighing while a pale sickle of moon hung above. Ben was right next to her, the young man she'd yearned for over the last few days.

Her body reacted to his presence: nipples and clitoris throbbing, breasts aching for his touch. She felt herself warming between her legs, knew she was moistening, her sex oiling in preparation for loving.

Julia sighed at the futility. Ben was Melissa's boyfriend and Julia herself was married to Eammon. The young man in her head was nothing but a fantasy for her, a pleasurable interlude, a distraction and a temporary escape from a marriage gone stale.

She flicked the half-smoked cigarette onto the sand. "Will you walk with me, Ben? Along the beach?"

Ben nodded and, without a word stood up. He looked down, surprised when Julia's hand grasped his as they walked along the strip of deserted sand.

"Am I attractive, Ben?" Julia asked, halting and turning to face the young man. "Honestly, be truthful. Am I?"

Ben felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. His breathing quickened and he experienced a stirring of interest down below. This was dangerous territory. He sensed the woman's desire but also recognised her sadness. He was immediately reminded of the conversation they'd had on the first morning of the holiday. Ben knew he should just mutter some platitude and make an excuse to leave. Julia was obviously distraught, vulnerable after her husband's lack of attention and his callous attitude. Hadn't she accused him of only being near her once in months?

He was surprised to hear the deep rumble of his own voice, a thick, treacly glut of lust in his tone when he replied with, "I think you're very attractive, Mrs Morgan." Ben's cock swelled against the confines of his cargo pants when he chanced to look down into the deep, vertiginous crease of Julia's cleavage. "You're really sexy," he added.

"I think you're sexy, too," Julia breathed, hope and yearning rising in her voice. She moved square on to the good-looking young man, her face tilted as, suddenly reckless with the flare of her body's hunger, she offered herself to him. "I ... I've been thinking about you," the woman stuttered, blinking. "I've been thinking about you a lot. I've been dreaming about..." Julia's tone fell to a whisper, "...kissing you."

"Mrs Morgan," Ben muttered, the last of his restraint slipping away, lost in that seductive crevice between Julia's breasts. Then guilt stabbed at him. "But what about Mel? I ... I'd like to kiss you, too, Mrs Morgan ... But what about Melissa? What about your husband?"

The woman's face twisted at the mention of Eammon, and despite a twinge at the thought of Melissa, Julia's overwhelming emotion was anger. "Don't mention him, Ben." Julia winced and held up a hand, palm outwards. "And can't you just forget about Melissa for a few minutes? Can't we both just forget about both of them? I'm so fucking lonely, Ben. I know I shouldn't feel like this about you, but I do. I'm lonely and longing to be kissed." She pressed her body against Ben's torso. "I'm dying for than a kiss, too, Ben..."

It was too much for the young man. The certainty that Julia, ripe and voluptuous would open her legs for him guided his actions from that point on. As pretty and as lovely as Melissa was, he'd only known her for a couple of weeks. She'd been a great pen-pal, a real emotional crutch during the months away, but she wasn't the love of his life and he wasn't going to turn down the opportunity to ride the arse off a sexy bitch like Julia Morgan.

He took Julia to the secluded spot he'd found with Melissa, part of him already boasting to the boys back at the barracks. A mother and daughter? They'd never believe him, the boys would laugh and accuse him of being full of shit.

They were at each other as soon as Ben dragged Julia into the enclave. Julia found herself encircled by a pair of strong arms, Ben's tongue invading her mouth, his erection pressed against her body. She returned the kiss, panting into Ben's mouth in her eagerness.

They broke apart, both breathless as they eyed each other like combatants in some hand-to-hand duel. Ben moved close and slid the bootlace straps of Julia's dress over her shoulders.

The woman blinked and gathered the bodice at her bosom.

"Let it go," Ben said, his voice rumbling low and dangerous.

Suddenly unsure, the insecurity nothing to do with any thoughts for her husband or daughter, more to do with concern for her body image, Julia held the loose front of her dress against her breasts. "Are you sure you want to see me, Ben?"

The young man's stare burned into Julia's face for a moment. He grinned and nodded, eyes sliding to the tops of Julia's breasts, visible and trembling, pale blancmanges in the moonlight.

"I want to see you, Mrs Morgan," he murmured. "Look!" Ben unzipped his flies and reached in to haul forth his erection. "See how fucking hot you get me?" Ben waggled his cock at Julia. "I want to see your tits, Mrs Morgan. I want to see all of you."

"Good God," Julia sighed. She stared at the brutal length of Ben's cock and imagined it filling her.

"Come on," Ben coaxed, "let it go. Show me your boobs."

And when the young man cranked his fist up and down that gorgeous example of manhood, Julia, with her heart hammering in her chest like the bass drum in a martial band, closed her eyes and let the dress fall to the sand.

She stood there, immobile, holding her breath and with her eyes closed as she waited for a reaction from Ben.

The whisper came to her like the sigh of the ocean in the distance.

"Beautiful, Mrs Morgan. You're fucking lovely."

Julia opened her eyes and experienced a surge of confidence when she saw Ben's slack-jawed longing. He was stroking his cock and looking at her, totally enraptured.

"Do you have to call me Mrs Morgan? My name's Julia, Ben."

Ben's fist paused mid-stroke. He tilted his head and pouted with a quizzical expression. "Do you want me to call you Julia?"

Emboldened by her newly rejuvenated self-assurance, Julia stepped forward. She reached for Ben's hard-on, the feel of it, so bloody stiff yet paradoxically pliant thrilling her.

"You know, Ben," she breathed as she squeezed the living gristle, "having you call me Mrs Morgan is pretty sexy. It makes me feel ... naughty."

Julia closed her eyes and moaned before she then looked down at the thing in her hand. She held Ben's dick like a tennis racquet, her fingers curled around him close to the root with the length of him laid along her forearm.

Her hand moved slowly, a caress that brought forth a low groan from Ben.

"When you call me Mrs Morgan it puts me in mind of me being a teacher, as though I'm doing something very wicked." Julia leaned in and ran her tongue over Ben's lips before she pushed it into his mouth.

They kissed, Ben moaning, his hands coming up to feel Julia's breasts while the woman continued to massage his cock.

"Can I fuck you, Mrs Morgan?" Ben grunted when the kiss broke.

Julia lunged and sucked another kiss from Ben's mouth. She sprang back, eyes glittering. "You can do anything you want, Ben. Anything at all."

When Ben peeled his tee-shirt over his head Julia uttered a tiny cry of delight. God, he was so bloody gorgeous, a clichéd Adonis bathed in the moon's benevolent smile. Melissa and Eammon were forgotten, all that existed for Julia at that second was the supreme example of the male animal in front of her. The life that had preceded that moment, as well as whatever the future had in store, meant nothing, for her. It was all in the now.

"Take off that bra," Ben instructed as he unbuttoned his cargo pants. He nodded at Julia, eyes between her legs. "And the knickers," he added. "Nude, we've both got to be naked. Skin on skin..."

"Oh fuck. Oh, Jesus," Julia groaned. Skin on skin? Didn't that sound divine?

"Mrs Morgan..." Ben grinned, his stare directed at the decorative triangle of Julia's pubic bush. It was on his tongue to compare the daughter to the mother, to make some glib comment about Melissa's complete depilation but, in a moment of wisdom, he thought better of it.

Seeing the line of Ben's hot-eyed appraisal, her face warming with embarrassment regardless of her ardour, Julia fought the urge to cover herself.

"Do you like it?" she murmured, unsure.

"I fucking love it," Ben replied as he moved close to the woman and cupped his palm over her vulva. He gasped when he felt the contrast between the precisely coiffed thatch and the smooth and very slippery folds of Julia's labia. "You're very sexy, Mrs Morgan."

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