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Nude Model Gets Lucky


I knew a lot of cute girls in college, and Sheryl was one of the top ten. Although short, she had the face of a model and a body good enough to represent her sorority in the annual campus bikini contest (she was third runner-up). She was smart and fun to be around, and I'm sure I wasn't the only guy who was frustrated by the fact that she as a "good" girl who was also smoking hot.

Grateful for her help in a calculus class during an earlier semester, I promised her all the help I could give her if she ever needed it to pass one of her courses. The current semester was almost over when Sheryl surprised me with a phone call.

She reminded me of my offer to help with her classes and I agreed to visit her on Sunday morning. She hung up before I remembered to ask her what course she was taking, and I wasn't able to get in touch with her before the weekend. I assumed she knew what I was majoring in and wanted help in that subject, so I collected some books I thought I might need and drove over to her apartment, arriving promptly at eleven AM. Sheryl had mentioned that her roommate was away for the weekend and I hoped that I could take advantage of the privacy.

"How nice to see you, Mark," Sheryl said politely as she let me in.

She was well dressed, having evidently just come home from church. The dress didn't conceal her dynamite figure, however, and I felt my cock surge. My heart fluttered and my cock stiffened in anticipation when Sheryl announced that she wanted to change into something "more comfortable." She returned wearing jeans and a thigh-length smock, however, leaving me somewhat disappointed.

"I left my books out in the car," I told her. "Tell me what class you're taking and I'll get whatever I need."

"You won't need any of them," Sheryl replied. "I'm taking an art class and I need you to pose for me."

"Okay," I said. "That sounds easy enough."

Sheryl was silent for a moment and I could tell something was bothering her.

"I need a nude model," she added softly.


"Will you still do it?"

I hesitated, unsure of what to make of this new development. I figured I could go through with it but Sheryl was obviously embarrassed by the idea. Deciding to prolong her apprehension, I chose to act as if I was reluctant so she would have to persuade me to take off my clothes.

"Doesn't your art department have a model you could use?"

"There are only two of them," Sheryl said, "and they aren't available this weekend."

"What about later?" I asked.

"I've been putting this off as long as I could," Sheryl explained. "And it's due tomorrow. You're my last chance to get an A."

"You really shouldn't have waited," I lectured. "Besides, I'm not really model material..."

"Yes, you are," she insisted. "You have a nice body. You play sports, and you're in great shape. You'll make a perfect model."

"I appreciate the flattery, but I don't know if I can go through with this."

"Oh, please, Mark," Sheryl begged. "You've got to help me."

"I'm not sure I want a nude painting of me to be seen all over campus."

"But I only have to show it to the professor and her grad assistant."

"You're sure?"

"Yes. We don't display nudes anywhere around the department."

"What about other art students? What if they see it? What if they know me?"

"I'm not going to show it around. Besides, they're all used to nudes. It won't matter if they see it."

She was on the verge of crying, but I decided to push her just a little bit further.

"This isn't what I expected," I said. "I thought you needed help for a test or a term paper."

A tear rolled down Sheryl's cheek just then. She had a four-point G.P.A. and I was sure she saw it slipping away.

"Okay, okay. I'll do it," I said. "But you owe me one."

"Oh, thank you, Mark," Sheryl said as she hugged me. "I'll fix dinner for you when we're through."

That's a good start, I thought to myself. Who knows what might happen after that?

Once Sheryl calmed down, I helped her turn the apartment into an art studio. I moved some furniture around and spread a sheet over the dining table while Sheryl got her paints and set up her easel. When everything was ready, I waited and made her announce the next step.

"How about if you take your clothes off in the bathroom?" she finally said, still obviously embarrassed by what she had asked me to do. "I'll start mixing some paint and you can come out when you're ready."

I tried to fake a look of apprehension, before asking, "Have you ever done a nude before?"

"We've had to do them in class every semester," Sheryl replied. "And I had to paint a mid-term project for this class."

"So then you're more used to this than I am," I said as I started down the hall. "I'll try to act natural."

Sheryl didn't say anything before I shut the bathroom door behind me. I stripped out of my clothes quickly, took a piss, and then used the mirror to make myself as presentable as possible. I decided to wait until Sheryl called for me so I would be sure of having her pay attention to my entrance. I only had to wait about two minutes, giving me just enough time to fondle my cock until it was semi-erect.

"Come on out, Mark," Sheryl called. "The sooner we get this over with, the better."

I flushed the toilet to make her think that was why I hadn't come out yet, then opened the door and peeked out.

"Ready or not," I hollered, "here I come."

I walked toward Sheryl, not making eye contact so she could look at my body. I stopped well short of where she was standing so she could see all of me in one glance, and I was pleased when her gaze lingered on my full cock. I detected a look of lust on her face, but she was doing her best to remain outwardly calm. I gave her a few seconds to look at me some more and compose herself.

"Since I'm new at this," I said, "why don't you show me some of your other work? So I can get an idea of how to pose?"

"Okay," she agreed. "But let's make this quick, okay? I want to get on with this."

Sheryl handed me a large binder and stood beside me while I flipped through the pages. I skipped over the still-life and abstract sections and then took my time going through the nudes. I looked at a lot of pencil and charcoal sketches of nude bodies and parts of bodies before I got to the colored pencil and painted stuff. Sheryl's work was quite good and almost lifelike, especially the fully nude woman at the back of the binder. I looked at it for several long seconds before I realized that I was looking at a painting of Sheryl's absent roommate.

Janet and I already knew each other, having met when we were freshmen. She was a pretty blonde with a great body. In fact, since a pool party one spring break, Janet's body was something of a legend. When a geeky guy saw her in her bikini at the party he had commented, quite loudly, "God, what a bod!" Frequently after that someone would say the same thing whenever Janet entered a room, and I think she loved the attention. And now, thanks to Sheryl's portfolio, I had seen her naked -- sort of.

"Hey!" Sheryl said when she realized what I was looking at. "You don't need to see that one."

"Don't worry," I replied, handing the binder back to her. "I won't tell Janet that you showed it to me. So, how should I pose?"

I climbed onto the dining table and Sheryl gave me directions, but I proved (quite deliberately) to be a difficult subject. My balkiness had the effect I wanted as Sheryl had to come over and use her hands to put me in the desired pose. I was on my hands and knees, with my head down and my right side toward the easel. She positioned my right leg forward just enough to conceal my cock from her point of view.

"You have good arm muscles," she commented. "They show nicely like that."

"This hurts my knees," I complained, even though I felt fine. My only real problem with the pose was that I didn't think it was revealing enough. I wanted to be completely exposed to Sheryl so she would become more comfortable with nudity; and, after that, with the idea of having sex with me. "And I'm going to get dizzy with my head down like this."

"What do you suggest?"

"I definitely need to sit up," I replied. "And there's a baseball game I can watch if I face the TV."

"Oh, all right," she said. "I guess that'll be okay, as long as you leave the sound all the way down."

I hopped off the table and strutted across the room in front of her to reach the TV. I gave her a good view of my bare backside as I bent over to set the channel and volume, and then I made sure she got another good look when I went back to the table.

"Maybe thinking about the game will keep me from getting an erection," I said as I got back on the table.

"Yeah, well..." Sheryl blushed. "Don't worry... I've seen plenty of them."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Of course I've seen them. Our male models get erections almost every time. We try to be professional about it, but I think I'd worry about you if you didn't get hard."

"Okay... then I guess you really are used to this..."

"Actually I hope I never get used to seeing naked men," she replied. "That just wouldn't be right."

Finally, with me facing her in a pose that showed all, Sheryl began her painting. She made a quick sketch of my outline and then started to apply paint. I paid very little attention to the baseball game (Yankees vs. Orioles), preferring instead to think about sex with Sheryl. Try as I might, I just couldn't work up an erection. Her clothes were so shapeless and unflattering that I just couldn't picture her wearing (or not wearing) anything else. I had been in the front row at the bikini contest, but I couldn't conjure up a mental image of what Sheryl had looked like.

After an hour or so she took a break to use the bathroom and I hopped off the table to examine the painting. Sheryl had finished enough of my face for me to see that I was clearly recognizable, and for a moment I really did worry about my naked likeness being seen all over campus. I knew that wasn't likely to happen, but I did think it was possible that someone who knew me would eventually see the painting. If it was a girl I could only hope she liked what she saw, and if it was one of my male friends I'd just let him think whatever he wanted about me and Sheryl.

When Sheryl returned and resumed painting she was more talkative than she had been. She told me she wanted to be a commercial artist, and since she needed to be as versatile as possible she was going to keep my painting for her portfolio in case a prospective employer wanted to see an example of her work with nudes.

"So that means someone could see it twenty or thirty years from now?" I said. "I guess I'd better not go into politics, huh?"

"The press would have a field day with that one, wouldn't they?" she laughed. "So you'd better be nice to me from now on. Or else..."

"I'm nice to everyone. Don't you know that about me by now?"

"Yes, Mark, you are. In fact, I can't think of another guy I'd rather have posing for me. I knew you were the right one."

Her words told me I was scoring points with her, and I figured my chances of getting her into bed were getting better. So, rather than come on too strong, I just relaxed and talked with Sheryl about whatever she wanted. About three P.M. she remarked that her painting was taking a lot longer than she had thought, so we might have to continue well into the evening. That suited me, since the longer I was here the more chance I would have to eventually seduce her. I feigned annoyance, however.

"I'm not used to being naked like this," I said.

"But you're not naked," Sheryl replied. "You're nude."

"What's the difference?"

"Nude is for art. Naked is for taking a bath."

"Or skinny-dipping," I added. "And making love.

Sheryl blushed and didn't say anything to that.

Just then the door opened and Janet started to walk in. She stopped in the open doorway, with her hands on her hips, and just stared at me. I think the fact that I had held my pose for a few hours was the only reason I made no attempt to cover myself. I just sat still and let her see everything.

"Janet!" Sheryl shrieked. "I didn't expect you this early."

"Obviously," Janet said. She left the door open and came closer to the two of us. I was pleased to see that she was showing a lot more skin than her roommate, thanks to a pair of very short shorts and a halter-style blouse. I watched her eyes as she studied first my body, then Sheryl's painting and then my body again.

"God, what a bod!" she said, in a slow, deliberately sarcastic tone. "I should have studied art!"

"But you're going to be a stewardess," said Sheryl.

"Flight attendant," Janet corrected.

"Would you mind closing the door?" I said. "Or maybe you'd like to invite all the neighbors in."

"Perhaps later," Janet laughed as she retrieved her luggage and shut the door. When she had disappeared into the bedroom, I turned my attention back to Sheryl. She was busy with her paints and brushes but I wanted her to squirm a little.

"Thanks a lot," I said. "Now I'll never live this down."

"I'm sorry, Mark," replied Sheryl, once more on the verge of tears. "I really didn't think she would come home until midnight like she usually does."

"I probably ought to leave," I threatened. "You can get Janet to pose for you now."

"But, but..." stammered Sheryl, "I painted her for my mid-term project and the model for the final can't be the same sex."

"But I wasn't expecting an audience," I went on.

"I'll ask her to leave," Sheryl said.

"But I won't go," Janet said, picking that exact moment to return. "Go on with your painting, I'll just sit here and watch."

Sheryl glared at her roommate for a few seconds and I decided to speak up and prevent an argument.

"Let her stay, Sheryl," I said. "She's already seen all there is to see."

Sheryl blushed again but nodded and continued to paint. Janet sat on the sofa and pretended to read a book, but I felt her eyes on me the whole time. After a few minutes she put the book down and looked at me openly and unashamedly. My cock was growing and there was no way she could have missed it. She waited until I was fully hard before she got up and went into the kitchen.

She had a banana when she returned. I rolled my eyes, knowing what she had planned. Sure enough, behind her roommate's back, Janet used the banana as a prop to keep my full attention. She fondled it and rubbed it all over her face before she slowly peeled it. Then she licked it and kissed it and sucked on it. She tipped her head back and showed me that she could take its whole length into her mouth. She pulled it slowly out of her mouth and bit off a tiny portion, which she chewed and swallowed. The rest of the banana went back into her mouth for several repeat performances, until it was all gone.

Janet then picked up her book and winked at me, letting me know her little show was over. A long glance at my erection and a wicked smile told me she knew my show was still going on and she was planning to enjoy every minute of it. I looked at Sheryl to see if she was aware of what had gone on behind her back, but she appeared to be engrossed in her painting.

Things stayed like that for almost an hour until my stomach grumbled, reminding me that I hadn't had lunch and it was closer to suppertime.

"How about that dinner you promised me?" I said.

"Can't it wait?" Sheryl asked. "I'll be done in an hour or so."

"How about if I get something?" Janet offered. "I'll get some burgers and that way you two can keep working."

"If it's fast food," I said, "then I want a pizza."

"Pizza it is," Janet responded. "What kind?"

Sheryl and I told her what we wanted and she headed for the bedroom. I figured that she was going to get her purse, but when she returned she sat down on the sofa again.

"Aren't you going out?" Sheryl asked.

"No," Janet replied casually. "They'll deliver it."

Sheryl just rolled her eyes and continued to paint, while I contemplated the view the deliveryman would have from the front door. The door would block his view and he wouldn't see me naked unless he came inside the apartment, so I just tried to relax and let the time pass. The doorbell rang thirty minutes later and Janet went to answer it. She deliberately opened the door as far as it could go, just to make me nervous. Sheryl moved to block the driver's view but thankfully he stayed out of sight behind the door.

After what seemed an eternity, Janet closed the door and took the pizza to the kitchen. I got off the table, in a manner calculated to give the girls a good view, and followed Janet.

"I need something to drink," I said. "What have you got?"

As I stood in front of the refrigerator, Sheryl spoke up. "Aren't you going to put something on first?"

"What for?" I replied. "I'll just have to take it off again."

"But you can't eat dinner naked!" Sheryl protested.

"Not naked, nude," I told her as I got a Coke. I moved a chair next to the table and sat down with my plate. "Are you two going to join me or do I have to eat alone?"

Sheryl was still in shock but Janet didn't mind the situation at all. Beer in hand, she got a chair and settled down next to me. Janet and I then proceeded to carry on a perfectly normal conversation while we ate, toying with Sheryl's embarrassment. Sheryl finally resolved herself to the situation and joined us. Despite having me nude in front of her for four or five hours, she hadn't really overcome her embarrassment. I told her I thought she would have to tone down her modesty or she would have to forget being an artist.

Janet agreed with me and eventually Sheryl seemed a little more at ease. When dinner was over, Janet volunteered to clean the plates so Sheryl and I could get on with the painting. I climbed back onto the table and resumed my pose, making sure Sheryl had to "help" me get back into the exact same position. Eventually satisfied, Sheryl picked up her brush and went back to work.

My back was to the kitchen and I couldn't see Janet, but I knew she had a good view of me over the bar. My first clue that she wasn't in the kitchen anymore was when a flash went off. I was startled but Sheryl was protesting vocally.

"What are you doing?" Sheryl shouted. "I promised Mark no one would see this."

"This is for my scrapbook," said Janet as she took aim for another picture. "I don't want to let this chance go to waste."

Sheryl tried to get in Janet's way but Janet was tall enough to hold her camera over Sheryl's outstretched arms and get another shot.

"Would you please stop that?" Sheryl cried. "You'll make Mark run away!"

"But he can't run away," Janet laughed. "I took his clothes from the bathroom and hid them."

"Janet!" Sheryl yelled. "Give them back and leave us alone!"

Sheryl tried to grab Janet and wrestle her out of the living room but her small size was too much of a disadvantage. Janet dragged Sheryl to the floor and sat on top of her. Then, holding both of Sheryl's wrists with one hand, she proceeded to unbutton her smock with the other. With the smock now bunched up around her arms and neck, Sheryl's struggles were in vain as Janet started tickling her.

I just stayed on the table and enjoyed the show, my cock growing harder by the moment.

"Show me her tits!" I called to Janet. "Off with her bra!"

"No, please," cried Sheryl. "Quit it!"

"Will you let me stay?" Janet asked.


"And take some more pictures?"

"Okay," Sheryl said. "But you have to give Mark back his clothes."

"I'll think about it," Janet replied as she got off Sheryl's stomach.

I decided to be a peacemaker and perhaps get something going with Janet.

"I'll make a deal with you, Janet," I said. "I'll pose for you later if you'll go away and let Sheryl finish her painting in peace."

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