tagMatureNude Photography Ch. 02

Nude Photography Ch. 02


When I woke up next morning, Lisa was not in bed. I called out and soon she appeared with tea and biscuits. She was wearing nothing and similar was my state. The night was almost like a dream for me. After ages I had someone as beautiful as Lisa in my own bed and our lovemaking was slow and extended to make us remember every element of each other's body. I told Lisa that today I will capture her in my photographs in total nudity. However these would primarily be in open. This brought a grin from her but immediately she added, "I would not be comfortable if I am being watched in nude by others." I assured her that the session would be entirely in our farm and pond where no one can get access.

The session started with a few photographs inside on carpet, in bed, in the kitchen and in shower. The last was particularly stimulating. In bed she was a sleeping beauty. On the carpet it was come hither look and pin-up type of poses. In the kitchen the stress was on looking busy and giving glances towards the camera.

The shower poses through the curtain were such that one felt cheated and wanted to part the curtains to see her in all her glory. So the next lots were sort of stolen pictures when she was not supposed to be aware that she was being photographed. This was followed by full back, full frontal, in the tub, getting out of the tub, with and without soapsuds and finally posing to dry her with a large terry towel.

At this point I stopped photographing her and started to wipe water from her magnificent body. I particularly lingered on her breasts, the public hair, pussy and the ass. The towel was replaced by hand and subsequently by mouth as I kissed her longingly. Kisses moved down to her nipples, stomach and of course to the clit. I was in shorts and they soon slipped around my ankles and were jerked away. Our nude bodies became one mass, face-to-face, chest to breasts, cock to pussy and hands around pressing each other. A few kisses later I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I examined her every limb fresh from shower and kissed her from face to toe. Suddenly she pulled me down and showered kisses all over my body and finally holding the tip of my cock in her mouth. Her sucking of the cock was exhilarating but I wanted it not in her mouth but in her cunt. So I turned the table on her, extended her legs and thrust my cock almost to the hilt in one go resulting in her missing a breath and a mixture of moan and shriek escaping her mouth. The movement in and out was slow in pace but fierce in reaching her depth. She pulled my ass towards her during every inward movement. As I reached my climax she also convulsed and the moan this time was from both of us.

In the afternoon I photographed her in the pool. I made her float flat and took photographs just of her boobs, face and boobs, boobs and pussy, ass and full body. The first three were artistic creations that brought out the beauty of a woman's assets. I followed this with dives from a not very high diving board. She looked a trained athlete as I instructed her to try various combinations. Straight dive was photographed from front and back. In one dive I asked her to fling her legs to display her pussy in the air as well as when it just entered the water surface. I made her fold her hands around her legs bent from hip while diving. The photographs highlighted her round buttocks from below showing the asshole as well as the pussy. With each photograph her body was artistically displayed. Even her entering the pool was photographed in such a way that her breasts and public hair showed prominently. While coming out the stress was on the pose when she put one foot on the upper step thus displaying her cunt in full view.

With the last photograph taken I peeled off my short and jumped in the pool along with Lisa. We swam together playing with each other's body. We embraced and the cock and cunt had there own unassisted unison. I parted her legs around me and pulled her towards me. This provided my cock a close view of both her ass hole and her cunt. I entered her cunt pressing her ass on my stomach. I did not fuck her but played a game of entering her mouth, cunt and ass hole depending upon the closeness of our limbs in water. We kissed many times and decided to come out of the pool. As she stood in shallow water facing me I found my face at the same level as her pussy. I could not stop myself and started to mouth fuck her. She extended her legs by holding on to the railing and I tongued her cunt and sucked her clit until she cried out in a massive climax. I now turned her around and spread her ass to expand her ass hole, which I could easily enter due to lubrication already present. She did not show any discomfort instead encouraged me to ass fuck her. I commenced the in out motion at a slow pace and increased the tempo gradually to explode in her ass hole simultaneously hand rubbing her clit to make her cum. It was a new experience for both of us, as we both had never gone all the way in ass fuck.

The evening and night were more loving than fucking experiences. We returned to our town next morning. We decided to publish carefully chosen photographs displaying her beauty for surfers to see on the Internet. We separated with a promise to repeat our fantastic experience as many times as we liked to bring out and capture her beauty by camera as well as by the mutual consent of our cock and cunt!!

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