tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudeKelly: Elevator Ride

NudeKelly: Elevator Ride


Anything can be erotic. Any situation, any outfit, any object. It all depends on how you look at it. You just have to be creative, or open, as it were. You have to be willing to give yourself totally to the moment, and the passion.

Once you loose that school girl tingle you felt during your first Truth or Dare game, the passion becomes routine. Too many people forget that wild, experimental stage when we're starting to feel lust, and hunger. When we first notice our bodies, and learn how to make them feel good.

I still look at sex with the wide-eyed playful virgin's mind. When you were younger, in your first hot and heavy relationship, you could be turned on anywhere. Making out in the cramped backseat of a car, or copping a feel behind the handball courts seemed normal. Most of us couldn't go home and experiment with our partner in our own bedrooms, which forced us to fumble and be creative.

I strive never to lose that innocence. I look for the erotic in everything, the bus ride, the gas station, an elevator ride. I believe this world would be a much happier place if we all took time to screw in the sandbox.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think of sex twenty-four hours a day, but if I have the choice of watching re-runs of Gilligan or being tied to the railing of a stairwell and driven to climax.... well, you get the idea. For example, when I was 20 I worked in a dress shop at a local mall. It's your average two story indoor mall, and caters to a more expensive crowd. The shop I worked in was located on the ground floor, at the base of the escalators.

I was the assistant manager, and usually handled the closing shift. As a result I would always be there after the mall closed, cleaning up and cashing out. I felt perfectly safe as the mall had plenty of security. In fact, one of the security guards was named Patrick, and he had been a good friend of mine for years. He would get on duty each night about two hours before the mall closed, so I would have a chance to chat with him, and flirt.

On this night I was particularly wound up, and decided Patrick would be the perfect release for my raging libido. I told him I had to stay late and fix a problem with the books. Patrick used his radio to have one of the other guards take his shift outside in the truck. The other guard, Ben would spend his time on the top story. Patrick would hang out and keep me company just as I planned.

I busied myself, talking and flirting, watching for when the mall seemed empty of customers and employees. This took forever and I finally asked Patrick to take a peek and see if everybody was gone. At my shop the employees were required to wear one of the expensive dresses as we worked, and I told Patrick I wanted to get out of mine.

He stepped outside the glass doors, looked around, and radioed to his partner to see if everyone was gone. Hearing they were I reached behind me, and unzipped the dress, letting it fall to the floor. I quickly slipped out of my heels, and was standing there in only my lace thong panties.

Patrick's eyes widened a moment as he looked me over. Suddenly he caught himself, and turned away. I continued to count the receipts while he paced the shop nervously, watching to see if anybody headed our way. With a coy glance I looked at him and asked where he would most like to have sex in the mall.

It was the first time he turned to look at me since he'd started pacing. He was careful to look me in my eyes, and I could see a mixture of confusion, and lust in his. After a long pause his first suggestion was right on my counter.

I have noticed over the years that most guys are actually shy when confronted by a sexually dominant woman, and it takes a little coaxing to get them to try something wild. I shut the drawer, and walked right up to the glass front doors. I asked him if he could think of anyplace more exciting, and this time he suggested on the Subway counter in the food court.

I giggled at this, and then opened the door to the shop, and boldly walked out to the base of the escalator. Patrick was a little tense, and quickly looked around to make sure we were alone. As he did, he saw what I was looking at, and began to laugh. I smiled and asked him if he had ever made love to a woman in the elevator? Without missing a beat he called his partner, and asked if he would power up the elevator.

This was the first time it dawned on me that Ben would be able to watch as we went up and down in the elevator, and this excited me even more. I slowly walked up the escalator, and he followed. When I reached the top of the stairs I saw Ben standing across the way by the elevator. He smiled and called out "All right!" He watched as Patrick and I entered the elevator, and pushed the button.

As it started to move I kissed Patrick, sliding my tongue between his lips. He gently pressed me against the glass wall and slowly began to slide down my panties. I let out a gasp as I felt myself exposed as the lace dropped onto my feet. He kissed me harder and our passion started to build.

That's when a loud ding distracted us. The elevator came to a stop on the bottom floor. The doors opened for a moment, then closed again, and we remained still. This was only a two-story elevator and the trip was over too fast. We would have had to press the damn button over and over again, which would certainly ruin our lovemaking.

I had an idea. I turned and called out for Ben, who was standing near the railing, watching. I asked him if he would get into the elevator with us and press the button while we went at it. He was silent, shocked by the question. I told him he was going to watch anyway and this way he could hear me cum. That did it, he agreed.

As the elevator started to move again I slid down to my knees, opening up Patrick's fly. I pulled his already hard cock out and started to suck on it slowly. I looked up at Ben and winked. He was standing across from us, one hand on the button, the other on his crotch. He smiled back at me.

I knew I had to keep Patrick dressed just in case something happened that needed his attention, so I was careful to navigate around his large belt which held the radio, baton, and cuffs. I felt my bare feet press against the cold glass of the elevator as I ran my tongue along his shaft, teasing the tip of his throbbing cock. His grunt was loud in the elevator. I slowly slid the cock back into my mouth, and sucked hard. Faster and deeper I pumped it.

He gripped the railing hard to steady himself, as I slid his entire cock into my mouth and throat. His moans were louder now, and as I started to gag I slid him out, my spit dripping off his cock and onto the floor.

The elevator was not designed for comfort, so we had to get creative. When I stopped sucking him, he motioned for me to lie on the floor, but I had other ideas. I told him to pick me up, and I put one leg over each shoulder, and leaned back against the window.

He pressed his lips against my pussy, and I could feel my wetness running down my ass. I instantly began to moan. He slid his hot tongue deep into me and I felt my entire body shiver with pleasure.

I noticed a few times that Ben would forget to press the button, and just stare. I stretched one foot out, and nudged him with it. He blinked, and quickly pressed the button.

I had my first orgasm up in the air, with his tongue bringing me wave after wave of pleasure. I remember feeling my feet pressing hard against the light panel above the door as I started to scream. Just as that climax passed, he let me down. I turned around and leaned against the railing of the elevator, looking right out on the entire mall. I pushed my butt out to allow him better access, and felt his fingers teasing me.

Suddenly I felt him cuff one of my hands to the railing, then the other. I cannot tell you how helpless and excited this made me feel. Again I could feel my wetness running down my legs.

I teased Patrick about using his tools, and Ben told him to use the baton. He hesitated, but when I moaned with pleasure at the thought, I saw him pull it out. I felt the coldness of the baton against my pussy as he slid it across my clit. I let out another moan, and I felt like I was going to pass out. He teased me for what felt like ages, sliding the tip in and out, driving me crazy.

I gasped when I felt him slid into me. I was close to another orgasm as I felt him start to pound me from behind. I tried to keep my eyes open, but was so overcome that I couldn't. I felt the motion of the elevator as it went up and down. This was so incredible! He kept me right on the edge, and every time I felt myself start to cum, he would slow down, forcing me to beg him to go faster and harder.

He tightened his grip on my ass, and I felt him swell inside me. He let out a loud moan as he burst inside. As he did, I was finally able to let my second orgasm flow. I don't know if he made any sounds because my screams filled the elevator. I could hear the echoes of my moans fill the mall.

When he was done, and zipped up he released my hands. I turned, and gave Ben a big kiss on the cheek. I thanked him, and handed him my panties. He laughed, and tucked them into his pocket, and when he did I noticed the large bulge in his pants. As I walked out of the elevator I ran my hand across it, and gave him a little, playful squeeze.

I walked totally naked along the second story, reveling in how exposed I was, and how fulfilled I felt. We all jumped when we heard the food court doors open. Two cleaning guys entered about twenty feet from where I stood. They didn't speak English, but I had no problem understanding their meaning as they expressed their pleasure at seeing a naked woman. I winked, waved, and went back to my store.

That night was so much fun, and to this day, whenever I go to that mall, and ride that elevator, I giggle knowing I came right on the spot.

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