tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 03

Nudist Resort Feminizing Ch. 03


As Todd and I stood naked and hairless in front of sexy Jill, she was all eyes. She complimented us on how nice and smooth we both looked as she strutted around in her sexy attire knowing what a tease she was being. She then explained that she & Todd were not married, but simply special friends who liked to play in very kinky ways. She asked me if kinkiness bothered me, and I said that I also considered myself "kinky" and that I was open for most anything. By the look on her face, that was exactly the answer she wanted to hear.

"That's good,' she said, "I'm sure we can have some very special fun together today."

She then went on to say that today she would dictate the rules and that Todd & I were to be her special "femme boys", and obey all of her requests. For starters, my new femme name would be "Lana". Todd would now be "Tanya". Also, we were to address her as "Mistress Jill". She then asked if we were ready to slip into our femme obedient roles. We both quickly answered 'yes'.

Jill then escorted us to the bathroom and told us to shower together making sure to rinse off all of Todd / Tanya's hair from her recent shave. She would be waiting in the living room. The cool shower felt great after the way things had heated up in the past hour. Todd and I rinsed each other letting our hands explore each others totally smooth bodies - our hard cocks touching as we did so. He spent a lot of time stroking my ass and I focused primarily on his nice upper body. I could tell that he was as excited as I was, and decided that he was definitely bisexual. We could have extended our play for a long time, but figured we'd better get back to our sexy Mistress.

We spent a longer than needed time admiring each other and finally drying off each others smooth, hairless bodies before returning to our Mistress. She had us stand in the middle of the room for another inspection and obviously liked what she saw. She then produced our pink panties and told us to put them back on. As we stood naked except for our pretty panties, she circled us and applied sweet, femme perfume from a small, expensive looking spray bottle.

Jill then asked me about my big nipples - how did they get so big? I told her about my special suction devices. She responded by saying she had something that would do an even better job - the same device she had used to get her nipples so big. She then produced a rather complex device consisting of a pistol grip hand pump with two transparent plastic tubes connected to it. She approached me and applied some aloe cream to my nipple areas and connected one tube to each of my nipples and started pumping.

My nipples immediately responded and elongated about an inch into the plastic tubes. It felt great. She then locked off the air hose and disconnected the hand pump, leaving my nipples locked in the suction of the plastic tubes.

"You just thought you had big nipples before,' she said. "Wait until you see the results from this!"

She then instructed me to sit on the couch and produced a small vial of nail polish. WOW, I thought. She really does want to feminize me! She then ordered Tanya to spread a towel on the floor and paint my toenails. In a few minutes Todd had my right foot in his hand and was carefully applying the nail polish. It was a soft pretty pink - a good match to my panties. After about ten more minutes, he was finished. I was amazed at what a good job he did. It obviously wasn't the first time he had done it, and he seemed to really enjoy it.

Jill than had me stand up and walk around for her, showing off my new feminine toes. The plastic tubes were still dangling from my nipples and I could see that they were now huge -both in length and girth. No wonder Jill's were so huge. She then approached me with a tube of lipstick and applied a subtle pink glossy coating to my lips.

"There, she said, That's a nice finishing touch."

After a few minutes of having me show off for her, Jill said that she was going to free-up my suctioned nipples. She released the pressure lock and slid the tubes off. My nipples were now bigger that I has ever seen them - almost an inch long and double their normal thickness!

"Aren't those nice and big now." she exclaimed, as she squeezed them and rolled them between he fingers. Since my nipples were always super sensitive, I was in heaven to see them enlarged like this and being manipulated by this sexy lady.

After a few more minutes of her nipple manipulation, she told me to remove my pink panties because she wanted to send me on a little errand. She wanted us all to do some more 'smoke', but didn't have any more matches. I was to walk naked and feminized thru the campground and find some. In particular she wanted me to first stop at space #12. She said they had met the guy from #12 at the pool before I arrived, and wanted me to 'scout him out'. They said he was a very sexy guy, much like me, and would probably like my look. His name was Don. She also said to be sure and tell them that I was visiting Jill in space 36. But then she added, "We can't have you walking around with your clit so big and hard, can we."

With that she grabbed my hard cock in a special way and applied pressure . She said she was a nurse and that they're trained to deal with untimely erections. I could feel myself softening and in a few minutes I was soft. She said the effect was only temporary, so I had better get on my way to find some matches. She also instructed me to come back in about 15 minutes.

As I left the big RV, I couldn't believe it. Here I was walking through the RV park naked, showing off my smooth, tan, femme body, with a sexy bikini tan line, pubic hair totally shaved, ankle bracelet, toe ring, big pumped nipples, pink toe nails and even wearing perfume and light lipstick! I was so excited, but also worried about running into the wrong person, so I proceeded directly to space 12, as instructed. Unfortunately, it was at the other end of the park, so I walked rather quickly in a very self-conscious state. Several people were sitting nude outside their RV's, but luckily I didn't have to face anyone close-up. Just some friendly, nervous hellos.

When I finally arrived at space 12, I was very nervous, but also very excited and enjoying my strong exhibitionist side. I wanted to shock someone with my appearance, and maybe even turn them on, so I hoped this 'Don' guy would be a good experience. Space 12 contained a small older travel trailer in very nice clean condition.

After a few timid knocks on the RV door, I was greeted by a slender, attractive, very fit, muscular guy in his 50's. He introduced himself as Don. He was completely hairless - even his head - with a nice all-over tan except for a small string bikini tan line - much like my own. I noticed right away that he had a nice large cock-and-ball package. Its smoothness glistened with recently applied tanning oil. Even soft his beautiful cock hung 7 or 8 inches, and his ball sack was almost as long. I was immediately attracted to this very sexy man. He seemed very interested in me also, from the way he looked me over. He seemed to like all that he was seeing.

After I told him that I was sent by Jill to borrow some matches, he said 'come on in and I'll see what I have'. He said I didn't look like the type that smoked. I said I didn't smoke cigarettes, and he caught my drift. As we continued to look each other over without being too obvious, he broke the spell and said he said he was just fixing himself a gin & tonic and asked if I'd like one. Realizing I hadn't had any thing to drink for some time, I said OK. He invited me to have a seat on the small dinette area. The table had a collection of several adult girlie magazines. Not the first hint that this guy had a strong sexual side. Just as I was about to open one, Don emerged from the kitchen with my drink. I noticed right away that his cock had grown, although still semi-soft. He was obviously getting turned on! After handing me my drink he continued to stand and walk around in the small RV - and seemed to be showing off for me. After we both sampled our drinks, he asked me if I liked his magazine collection. I admitted that I did.

He then asked me to stand up for him so he could see my full body again. I was only too willing to do a little showing off for this sexy guy as I struck a few sexy poses. He said he liked my lean, smooth, athletic body and my feminine appearance, and that our bodies looked really good together. He said he also had a strong femme side that he liked to experiment with it, much like I was doing today. He even admitted to having a collection of special lingerie. I felt a strong attraction to this sexy guy that was so much like me, and hoped we could see each more of each other.

His eyes devoured me and kept coming back to my big enlarged nipples. "I love you big nipples," he said, "I'd love to touch them." I nodded approval as he approached and took a big nipple in each hand and began kneading them. WOW! I couldn't believe this was happening! It felt wonderfully exciting and

I felt my cock begin to respond, but realized I still had to make the walk back to Jill's, so I backed away and said I had to go or I wouldn't be able to walk back through the RV area. He understood, and as he backed away from me I noticed that his big hairless cock had grown and was now almost hard and sticking out from his body. He was beautiful and so sexy.

He said he'd really like to see me again, that we had a lot in common and that I should come out to his rural home sometime, where we could roam around nude - even get feminized together - and have a really fun, sexy time. He gave me his cell phone number and said to call him real soon. I told him I'd like that and headed for the door.

"Better not forget these." he said, as he handed me a book of matches.

I was getting harder by the minute and knew I had to get back to Jill's, so I said a quick goodbye and headed out with my cock at half mast. Luckily there were no people out as I hurried toward space 36. By the time I got there I had an uncontrollable hardon from thinking about the sexy man I had just met. I knew I would be taking Don up on his offer to get together at his place - and soon. But now I directed my focus to what Jill and 'Tanya' might have in store for me.

(End of Part 3)

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