tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNudist Resort Wife's First Visit

Nudist Resort Wife's First Visit


My wife and I have frequented nudist (naturalist) parks on several occasions and have had our share of rather interesting, and let's say erotic experiences. This is a story of our first visit together.

First to set the stage, Sandy is 5' 7" approximately 130 lbs 38- 26-38 with a very large C to D cup. She has very long, to the back of her knees, brunette hair that shines in the light. Deep blue eyes are framed by her oval face with a smile that is infectious. Her skin has an olive cast from her gypsy heritage and she tans to a golden brown. In a word, she is beautiful; I don't know how I was lucky enough to have her love me.

I must admit that I had to talk my wife into the first visit together. She wasn't exactly overly shy when it came to exposing her body, it was just the idea of her being completely naked in front of numerous strangers that had her hesitant to go the first time. I had always enjoyed being nude, especially outdoors, and the presence of others just made it that much more pleasurable. The idea of my beautiful wife naked in front of others was more than exciting to me. We had played around with quick flashes and on occasion her wearing quite revealing clothes when we went out, but total nudity for an extended time was something I wanted her to try.

I guess it would have made more sense to go to a more family oriented park for the first time, but I picked a more adult, anything goes park for her to fully expose her body. The park was about 3 hours from home, so the likelihood of our seeing (or being seen by) someone we knew was less likely. Just having her strip in front of others was going to be fantastic; I didn't want to push the issue by having people we knew there too for the first time.

The park we went to was known for having adult's only functions that went well past just the enjoyment of being naked. Some of the events they held were just openly erotic exhibitions put on under the guise of naturist activities. The clientele was pretty much unrestricted, which brought many single men who were there just to see naked women. That was my motivation for going there, I wanted to see my Sandy naked in front of as many men as I could, and this was the best situation.

We arrived there at around 10 am, before the Friday crowd really began to show, paid our money, and drove to an area more secluded towards the back of the park. We set out our lounge chairs and a blanket to lie on and proceeded to get an area set up to comfortably spend the day.

The moment of truth arrived and it was time to strip ourselves of our clothing. I tried to make it less of an issue by just stripping all my clothes off and putting them in the trunk of the car. I turned to Sandy and she was slowly unbuttoning her blouse and jeans. This was not supposed to be a slow strip for my pleasure, but instead was just to postpone the inevitable. Unfortunately, my take on her removing her clothing was an erotic pleasure to my eyes. I responded by sporting a very full and noticeable erection.

Sandy noticed my state of arousal and remarked that she thought that wasn't supposed to happen at a place like this. I assured her that when I saw her naked, she always had that effect on me. That brought a smile from her.

The morning went uneventful, a few younger couples came in the area and set up their areas, some for the day and some appeared to be staying for the weekend. A few tents were set up and a few small pop-up campers came in. We greeted the people as they walked past us and even a few stopped to exchange pleasantries. At first Sandy seemed a bit unsure just how to respond, but after a while, she relaxed and took our nudity as the norm.

After noon and a picnic lunch, I convinced her to take a walk over the grounds, to see the clubhouse, the pool and just to look over who was there. I also wanted to have her seen.

The parking lot was oversized and could accommodate large semi trucks easily; this and the relaxed entry criteria brought a large number of truckers that who there just for the show. This was who I was looking for.

We first went by the pool where there were quite a few men, naked drinking beers, who very evidently were not regular nudist. Other than their faces and arms, it looked like their bodies were never exposed to the sun. (I would like to know how they explained their sun burnt cocks and asses later.) When Sandy walked around the pool, the conversations stopped and every eye was on her naked body. She was the best sight there, breasts high and firm, nipples erect, her pubic hair trimmed to a neat triangle, her ass firm and tight. Every step sent little bounces on her tits, and they swayed as she shifted her weight from bare foot to bare foot. A number of cocks woke up from their flaccid stat to full attention as she walked before them in all her naked beauty.

We decided to swim later after touring the park further.

Next was the clubhouse. When we entered there must have been 30 or so single men there, maybe 2/3 dressed and 1/3 nude. Some were eating a meal at the tables scattered around the room, some were drinking beer or mixed drinks at the bar, and a few were watching an XXX rated movie on a large projection screen in a darkened corner of the room. In front of the screen was a small elevated stage. Additionally there were maybe 10 nude couples, mostly older, late 40's to late 50's, sitting around socializing together.

Most of the single men turned to see who had just come in and when they saw Sandy, they continued to stare. She was by far the youngest and best-looking naked woman in the building.

We walked around the place, exchanging greetings to those who spoke to us and Sandy even gave out sweet smiles to the ogling truckers that nodded their heads and smiled to her. I was pretty sure she was beginning to enjoy the attention; I know that I enjoyed the attention directed towards her.

We were about to leave when the lights were darkened in the room and spotlights came on the stage. A rather young looking naked girl walked up on the stage and when music started proceeded to dance much to the enjoyment of the crowd. I wouldn't want to say that she was underage, but she had A, maybe B cup breasts that had little to no jiggle. She had shaved her pubes bare so that added to her youthful look. She was all of maybe 5' 4" small hips, no ass to speak of. Put that with the tired used up stripper attitude pretty well summed up her performance, you couldn't exactly call it a strip dance, because she was naked from the time she came out. Maybe because there was no suspense of her slowly taking off her clothes, somehow it seemed less erotic. That and the fact that she couldn't hold a candle to the sexiness of my Sandy, I quickly lost interest, so did more than a few of the other men who seemed to rather look at my naked wife. Nevertheless we sat at one of the tables and drank a cold beer, watching the dancer and talking.

Sandy remarked that she could probably do a better job dancing than that girl and I readily agreed. I asked if she wanted to try and she quickly declined, but left the idea open for a later date saying that she had always wondered how it felt to dance in front of a group of people. (That would come later on another visit.)

One beer led to two then three and before long we were sitting there with a pleasant buzz. We decided to leave there and go for a swim.

Walking back to the pool, Sandy remarked that even though she felt that she was on display and it was a little weird being stared at by so many strangers, she was actually enjoying the exposure, and it was turning her on. She could see by my near full erection that I was enjoying it too.

By the time we returned to the pool, there were maybe 50 people around and in it. Most were either naked truckers, (bodies untouched by the sun), or truckers who decided to keep their clothes on and just enjoy the scenery without pretending to be nudist. There were also maybe 8 to 10 couples varying from our age, late 20's to older, late 50's. There were even a couple of "trucker mama's with their men. They were pretty pale and for some reason kept their panties on, which made them stand out because they were neither dressed nor undressed.

Sandy walked to the diving board like she owned the place, head high, shoulders back accentuating her full breasts. She walked to the end and bounced up and down testing the springiness of the board, which only made her breasts bounce more. There were a few of the men who looked like they would need immediate medical attention. She took a few steps back and made a bouncy fast walk to the end and knifed into the water with the grace of an Olympic diver. I know most of the men watching would have given her the gold metal on the spot.

She surfaced with a smile and swam to the ladder and proceeded to erotically climb out of the water. Her hair was back in a long braid so her glistening tanned body seemed even more naked. The water droplets dripped from her erect nipples and the water made her pubic triangle seem sparse. You could see her slit as she walked towards you.

She walked over to a solitary trucker who seemed to be paying especially close attention and asked if she could borrow his towel for a moment. He was caught nearly speechless and mumbled his approval. She stepped nearly over his body and leaned over swinging her breasts almost in his face as she picked up the towel. If he had leaned forward only inches, he could have had a nipple in his mouth. The men behind her got a show of her ass and pussy lips as she spread her feet apart as she leaned forward. She took a lot longer than necessary to reach, just letting those lucky ones get a good look.

She made a quick dab at her face and then a more showy production of wiping her breasts, lifting one at a time and drying under each.

She then walked over to me and asked me to unbraid her hair as she sat down on one of the beach chairs in front of me. She sat with a foot on each side of the chair which opened her pussy completely to all those who were in front of us.

It took a few minutes to unbraid her hair so she gave the men ample opportunity to see her lips open and an open view of her now swelling clit. She even leaned back against me to open herself more. Suddenly there seemed to be a number of men who had to walk in front of Sandy's open legs, some even stopped and openly stared at her pussy. She just gave them a better look and a sweet smile.

After her hair was free, she went back to the board and repeated the dive. She then swam to the edge and beckoned me to join her. Being less graceful, I jumped in from the side. We swam touching and holding together kissing. She would grab my erection and pull me to her and then wrap her legs around my waist, rubbing herself against me.

Sandy whispered in my ear that there were a lot of people watching and what would happen if she fucked me right in front of everyone. I was game for anything at that point, but it was not to be, she laughed and pushed me away and dived under the water.

I felt her grab my erection and then I felt her warm mouth surround my hardness. There she was in front of those people sucking my cock. The water was clear enough that there was no doubt as to what was happening. Luckily (or unluckily) she couldn't hold her breath long enough to finish the job, I'm not sure if someone could swallow underwater?? When she came back to the surface, she kissed me and gave the people watching a big smile, which most returned.

She whispered to me that we had better go or she would be fucking me right there on the pool deck in front of everybody. I told her that I couldn't find anything wrong with that idea, but she just rolled her eyes and shook her head as she pushed off me and swam to the steps.

She made one of her show stopping exits from the water, knowing that every eye was on her naked body. She was playing the attention angle for all it was worth.

She walked over to the man who had earlier loaned her the towel, and sweetly asked if she could use it again, he gladly passed her the towel and watched the show she was putting on. She again dabbed her face and them dried each breast, taking care to lift each and dry the underside then the nipple. Then she placed one foot on the side of the chair he was sitting in; which gave the man an open view of her neatly trimmed pubic area. She then proceeded to dry each inner thigh and worked her way up to her pussy. She dabbed her hair dry then gently opened her pussy lips and wiped her slit and clit gently.

The towel owner never took his eyes off her for even the briefest moment. With her foot still on the chair, Sandy leaned forward and handed him the towel, saying that she was sorry that she had used it to dry herself in such private places. He took the towel and looking straight at her pussy said that it was no problem and that it was his pleasure. He then moved the area of the towel that Sandy had used to his nose and inhaled deeply. The smile on his face was priceless. Sandy winked at him as if they were sharing a secret and then turned and walked back to me.

We walked back to the car and started to get ready to make the 3 hour drive back home. I packed up our junk and begrudgingly put my clothes back on. I looked over at Sandy and she was packing the last of her things in the trunk, but she was still completely naked. I asked her if she was going to get dressed, and she said only if I insisted. (me tell her to put clothes on, what a ridicules statement!) Sandy left all her clothes locked in the trunk and took only a beach towel to sit on and to cover herself should the need arise.

So off we went down the freeway with Sandy naked and uncovered to the world, much to the pleasure of quite a few truckers and a couple of busses. A few miles from the park, there is a rest area with facilities; I felt the need to relieve the pressure building in my bladder. Sandy declined the offer, partly because she had peed before we left the park and the fact that she had absolutely no clothing to wear.

I parked on the end of the lot, pretty much away from everyone, so hopefully her nakedness would not cause a scene. As I got out of the car, I told her to stay uncovered unless she absolutely had to cover up. She gave me a fuck you look and told me to hurry up and not to play with myself while I was taking care of business. I leaned into the window, gave her a quick kiss on the lips and grabbed a handful of tit. She slapped my hand and called me a pig.

On my way back to the car, I noticed a man with a small dog on a leash standing on Sandy's side of the car, talking to her. I assumed that she had covered up. When I got to the car, I discovered that she had in fact not covered her nakedness, but was sitting there in all her glory talking away. I stepped to my side and greeted him. Sandy quickly explained that he was walking his dog and she had called him over to ask about its breed. He then quickly added that Sandy had informed him that we had just left the naturalist park and she had not had time to get dressed yet, hoped that I wasn't upset that he was seeing my wife like this. He seemed a bit nervous. I reassured him that it was perfectly OK to look at her. I then told him that I always had a hard time keeping her clothes on. He was actually beginning to sweat as he tried not to be too obvious staring at her nakedness.

We continued talking for another 10 minutes or so and he indicated that he had better get back to his wife who was waiting for him at their car. He said it might not be such a good idea if his wife found him talking to a naked woman. He added that he sure wished that his wife would ride around nude like Sandy was doing. We agreed that we still had a long trip ahead of us and we had better hit the road too.

Back on the road, Sandy was cracking up saying that the guy had nearly let go of his dog when he realized that she was naked. She also said that she was spreading her legs to give him a clear view of her open pussy. She laughed that it was hard to make it look like she was not aware of what she was doing.

The rest of the trip home was rather uneventful, compared to what we had done so far that day. Sandy actually went to sleep, the beer and the sun shine finally getting the best of her. I let her sleep completely uncovered the whole trip home, I saw no need to wake her to get the towel from under her butt. I enjoyed the view too. She was kind of scrunched against the door with her legs open towards me.

It was nearly dark when we arrived home and rather than cover up at this time, Sandy just got out of the car and walked to the house as if she was completely dressed. Sometimes her casualness amazed me. Luckily none of the neighbors were out or driving by at that time. I'm not sure that she really cared.

That night as we made love, our sex talk was about what turned us on the most that day. Sandy was most excited about the idea that she wanted to dance in front of a group of strangers. She said the idea of being the center of attention while being totally naked excited her and made her hot and wet. I told her that the idea of fucking her in front of a group would be my fantasy. She agreed that we should work on that too.

As we drifted off to sleep, holding her close to me, I knew that the future would never be dull with my Sandy.

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What a dfference

Great read and pretty much all of it could be true. I know you include a bit of fantasy into your stories as well it but at least the reader doesn't have to include the fantasy component of it if theymore...

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