tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNumber 86 Ch. 07 (Final)

Number 86 Ch. 07 (Final)


This is the final chapter of Mark's experiences with the two old sisters at number 86. This story is fictitious and all characters depicted are 18 or over. Any resemblance to anyone real is purely a fortunate coincidence on their part if this is what they enjoy.


Mark watched himself in the mirror as he bent over the stool. His face was covered by dried cum - both male and female and the pink lipstick that he had applied himself was smudged beyond redemption. Looking up above his head behind him, he watched as Edith moved forward and slowly slid the realistic, veined dildo into his arse.

Mark grunted again.

"I really loved it when you did that to yourself for us earlier", said Margaret, out of sight behind him, "and how you enjoyed lubricating yourself and putting your finger right inside. Now Edith is going to go just that little bit further. I hope you both enjoy fucking one another?"

Edith pulled the dildo out a little and pressed a small button on the belt that she wore to support it - a vibrating noise was immediately audible in the room and Edith could feel it inside her. Mark too could feel the vibrations in the toy inside him as he waited for Edith to continue.

Edith loves doing this to gentleman visitors. In fact, although she was quite capable as guessing the length of a man's erection more accurately, she enjoyed not doing so in order to have this... very special... sexual thrill.

She pushed herself in and out slowly at first and not too deep, looking into the mirror at Mark's sex covered face and watching his reactions as she fucked him. The pleasure grew inside her slowly and she was experienced enough to change the tempo as needed to satisfy her wanton needs without climaxing too quickly. Mark grunted in response and from behind, Margaret could see by how hard his cock was, hanging in the air out of contact with the stool, which he was very turned on by what was going on.

Edith thrust harder and faster and Mark felt the veins of the toy rubbing against him deep within now. The steady rhythm was steadily bringing Edith to the point where she gasped and moaned with pleasure at each thrust.

Mark had never been in such a situation before - or even close to it. The girlfriends he had been with over the years would have said that this was kinky in the extreme and he couldn't have argued any differently but it sure felt good!

Edith put on a final series of deep, long thrusts and watched Mark's face intently as she came hard, wave after wave of lustful pleasure overwhelming. Finally, her thrusts got less and less; shallower and shallower until she withdrew the toy from Mark's arsehole and stood up to catch her breath.

"Thank-you Mark - you have such a wonderful arse and I loved watching your dirty face as I fucked you hard. I hope you will always value that experience and choose to do it more in the future.

Now - it is finally time for you to cum for us.

I know you have waited a long time and we have both been very - entertained - by the show you have been able to put on and how hard your cock has been for most of the time. I expect your bollocks must be really full now and we are going to enjoy watching you empty them for us in the Study."

"When Edith says 'The Study', it isn't a room for reading or education", said Margaret, "well not in the traditional sense. It is more a place where we can watch our male visitors show us everything and we can 'study' them doing so! Let's show you shall we?"

Mark got up slowly and stretched. Edith hadn't been enjoying his body for too long but it took a moment for him to stretch to get back into shape.

"The Study is just down the corridor - come - let us show you"

The Sisters, neither of them fully clothed led the way out of the room into the hallway and turned to the left - Mark followed them submissively.

"So which naughty sissy boy have you been playing with today" said a voice from half-way down the stairs.

"Hello Rachel - this is Mark and he is just going to show us how much spunk he can produce for us - would you like to watch him as well?"

"Rachel comes over twice a week to help keep our house in order", explained Edith, "and brings our shopping from the supermarket. She is quite used to how we spend time with our 'guests'."

"Yes - give me a moment and I will come and watch too", replied Rachael, "I need to tell my friend Alison that I won't be long - she was at a loose end because she didn't have to work today."

"No problem - and if Alison would like to see Mark performing as well, just bring her too."

Mark was rather taken aback at all of this. All the time he had been on display for the two sisters in their reception room, no one else had seen what they had persuaded him to get up too. Kevin had been a surprise addition but he had been blindfolded all the time. Edith gave his arse a playful slap and pushed him forward

"Come on Mark - let us show you what is in the Study shall we?"

They continued to walk down the corridor in a crocodile until Margaret opened a door on the right hand side. Inside was a much smaller room than before with bookshelves around the walls.

However, what caught Mark's eye first of all was a small semi-circle of six chairs and a large clear, inflatable object on the floor in front of them.

"This is where we bring all of our visitors at sometime or other. We had to get that item specially made for us but it is worth its weight in gold.

It is designed for men to fuck using one of the fuck-holes that you can see on top. There are three of slightly different sizes so you can try each one out in turn to see which suits you the best. The reason for it being clear is to allow your audience to see everything as your 'perform for them'. We will be able to see every thrust you make, every time your foreskin rubs back and forward and every drop of spunk that you produce for us. Have a go and see which hole suits you the best"

Mark moved forward and leant over the unusual... sex toy... he didn't know what else to call it and as instructed pushed his erect penis into each hole in turn. One was far too tight, one he could wriggle his cock around in but the third was the best fit of all.

"Excellent - let me lubricate it ready for you shall I?"

Margaret reached for some baby lotion from the shelf to the left and dribbled it around the hole and then drizzled a fraction more onto Mark's penis itself. There was a soft tap at the door.

"Come in"

Rachel entered the room followed by a slightly younger brunette woman with a large bust.

"This is Alison"

"Welcome - Mark is just about ready to begin - please choose a seat"

All four women sat down and looked at Mark who felt the ultimate slut dressed as he was, covered in dried cum and about to let all of them watch how he like to fuck"

"Please continue Mark and as you do, remember all of those horny things that you have done today. Not everyone does all of their things on their first visit to see us but picture whichever of them you like and look at us occasionally as you thrust, especially when you cum!

If anyone feels the need to go over to Mark to... encourage him, please feel free to do so."

Mark moved forward and pushed his cock inside the hole that Margaret had got ready for him.

"Wow - you can see absolutely everything", whispered Alison.

Mark started to hump himself for his audience, finding the inflatable sex-toy a perfect fit for where he needed to be. Each time he moved his cock in and out his bollocks bounced up and down beneath him and clearly visible all four the women.

Gradually he got more and more aroused by the situation. Four women watching him pushing his cock in and out - as he might do in one of their cunts - so that had a sight that was rare indeed. As he got more desperate to shoot all of his spunk, he started to groan and move himself faster. He thought about Kevin spraying his seed over his face, licking pussy, peeing in the garden and getting dressed in sissy clothes for the two sisters.

Although he couldn't see her, Rachel stood up and walked behind him.

"Now Mark, it is so nice to see you being such a dirty willing slut and allowing us to watch how desperately you would like to cum for us. I'm going to play with your bottom as you continue to fuck yourself silly. I will enjoy that and hopefully the women will like to watch it too. I don't know if you will but perhaps it will turn you on?"

Rachel ran her hands lightly over both of Mark's arse cheeks, feeling the smoothness of his skin. Then to Mark's surprise she smacked him hard.

"Keep thrusting you naughty boy. Feel your hard cock rubbing inside that cunt and how it makes all of your spunk well up inside of you"

Rachel stroked Mark's arse again and alternated this with several more short smart smacks. Each time Mark grunted and pushed forward and the speed that he was fucking seemed to increase as did his desperate need to ejaculate. Rachel return to her seat sensing how close Mark was to cumming.

Images swirled around Mark's head as he felt his cock head getting more and more sensitive. In his minds eye he could see himself shooting his fresh cum into the toy where everyone would be able to see every spurt clearly.

That image took him over the edge and he felt the warm spunk rise up from his aching bollocks, along his shaft until he ejaculated forcefully for them all to see. Globs of cum spread around inside the clear plastic pussy that he was fucking and he continued humping and moaning loudly until he was completely drained and his balls were finally emptied.

"Thank-you Mark, that was wonderful to watch. I particularly like to see the lustful need in a man's eyes as he cums. You produced loads of man juice so we will have to clean the toy out again now but it was more than worth it!"

Mark sat back on the single chair behind him happily exhausted as the women discussed his performance. He glowed with both sated pleasure and pride and the effect that his visit here had had.

Edith spoke first.

"Now I hope you two young ladies enjoyed Mark's performance. I found it most exhilarating.

If it has made you horny and you would like to relieve yourselves separately - or together - you are welcome to do so. I suggest using the room two doors on the left. If you would like to be disturbed and to share what you choose to do with Margaret and I, we would love to watch you both together. Just put a note on the door so we know we can come in and enjoy whatever sexual behaviour you choose to do with you."

Rachel and Alison made their excuses and left together and Edith went to fetch Mark's clothes from where he had left them hours ago. While she was there she also untied Kevin but left him blindfolded ready for later.

"Now get yourself dressed, Mark, I think you need a little time to recover after today but you are welcome to visit us again any time."

Margaret brought out a box with 'Mark' written on it in marker pen and as he took each item of his sissy clothes off they were placed into it. Eventually he was fully dressed again and almost looked as he had done when he had called at the door.

All that was left was the dried spunk and pussy juices on his face and the smeared pink lipstick.

"Here are some baby wipes for you. We ask all of our visitors to wait until after they have left the house before wiping their faces. That way we can watch from the window and see each one clean himself carefully while walking down the driveway. It sort of... encourages them.

We do go away occasionally to stay with some of our gentlemen friends who don't live in the town now but if we are away, you can always visit Dawn and Basil who live across the road at number 83 and say that we sent you. They have been known to do some REALLY naughty things."

Thank-you for the kind feedback from those who have sent it in. That was the final chapter of our story featuring Edith, Margaret, Mark, Kevin, Rachel and Alison. I hope you found the story entertaining and that is provided with you with a little bit of relief from day to day life.

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