tagNon-EroticNumchucks: The Legend Ch. 02

Numchucks: The Legend Ch. 02

byMy Erotic Tail©

Trinity River, Texas~

Generally, you never seem to forget the first time you seen your pet. Most of the time its choosing from a litter. Or just recall the cuteness of holding them for the first time and the adjustment of breaking them into their new home.

The first time I saw Numchucks I was at, "Super Dave's." A character to say the least. This guy had done so much in his life that he was known as Super Dave. The local gossip quartet would ask, "Hey, you seen Super Dave around lately?"

"Why...No, I haven't, heard he was doing some secret government work over there in Iraq." Another would answer.

"Oh, I don't doubt it. After single handily putting out those Well fires in Kuwait." The old men tend to gather at the local corner store and rattle yarns about everything.

Super Dave was a stout and muscular middle aged man. Slightly wild and like to party and raise hell on that firewater. I had met a pair of young ladies at the local tavern/beer joint. One of the ladies took a fancy to me and the other took a fancy to Super Dave and his wild exotic tales. So when the last call rang out the four of us rallied a plan to go over to Super Dave's and continue this evenings delightful camaraderie.

When we got to Dave's, a lake house on the rivers edge, we all went inside and started clearing off the dining room table from the previous camaraderie gathering of the round and filthy table.

"I've got to feed my dogs, you two ladies make yourself at home. Bathrooms over there and kitchens well...you can see where the kitchen is." Dave was motioning for me to follow so I went with him.

The pier lights were on and guided our path like a beacon as Dave headed out towards the shoreline. The dock planks began to thud as his heavy frame stepped across them. Heading towards the lake, I looked around for some kennels on the bank but saw no sign of any dogs. Dave reached the end of the pier and pulled a cast net out of the boat that hung in a boat sling centered under a tin roof cover.

"You ready?" Dave asked as he rolled the line to the cast net up into a spool in one hand and pulled the slip ring up till the weights dragged letting him know he reached the full draw. Reaching down and spread the cast net out and held it up a moment swinging.

"I guess. You said you had to feed the dogs?" I asked curiously.

The white cast net spiraled out over the water in a circle with Dave's arms outreached from letting go. The weights spread outwards and splashed in the water and sank. Dave began whistling, "Here boys," then whistled again. Pulling the cast net line slowly and tugging to ensure its fixed capture. Allowing the line to fall freely onto the pier as he pulled the cast net up and out of the water. Dripping wet with water running over the dry pier boards. Seeping through the slats and returning with multiple splashes under the deck.

The dropping of the cast net onto the deck was more a calling than shaking out of the net. The bounty of silver shad wiggled and shined in the light of the pier. Three hard distinct drops of the net to pound loudly onto the deck before Dave finally released dozens of two inch long shad onto the pier. Then he shook it out and set it up to cast again. Lifting it slightly then allowing the weights to pound the deck again before swinging it into another cast.

I heard them coming, I turned but I could see nothing but darkness. The only light around was the piers light and I was on the pier. Thundering and panting across the yard I saw several shadows skip across a few patches of open areas. They got louder but I could see nothing. It was like ghosts coming, I could hear them very well, but I couldn't see them. Just then a black entity went shooting past me. I couldn't say rather it was dog, ghost, big cat or what till it came into the piers full light and even then all I saw was a black object, a shadow.

Two Nine month old Black Lab puppies went straight to the shad that were flapping all over the deck. Dave pulled up and released another full cast net load and the dogs began their feast. I got a little closer so I could try and see these energetic canines.

Of course my first response was, "How much you want for one," Being a Duck Hunter I had always thought of getting a dog that could retrieve but most of the time I lived in apartments but now I was living at the lake, hunting frequently, with the Texas wilderness as my back yard.

"You can't afford these dogs," Dave replied.

"Oh, what makes you say that?" I asked. I was squatted down beside the two hungry puppies getting a better look. They were not Identical at all, one was smaller than the other. One was full bodied and showed to be a healthy and handsome Black Labrador pup. The other was lanky, slim and clumsy. And as always one dog dominates the feeding area and the big dog was letting it know it didn't want to give up any shad to its little brother, Numchucks.

"These dogs come from championship stock." Dave said proudly as he shook the cast net out of all its bait fish. Then put the net back into the boat. His large frame seem to move everything he leaned against.

"How did you get them?" I asked curiously.

"I'm doing some remodeling for a guy over in Bedias that breeds these dogs. Their Mother just won a trial not to long ago. I intend to train them and sell them already hunt ready for $1,500.00." Dave said with a serious look on his face.

"Okay...your right, I can't afford those dogs." I smiled and looked down at the two pups still searching for shad along the pier boards. Finding the bait fishes that had gotten stuck between the planks. Lapping feverishly trying to suck them up out of their entrapment.

Their eyes shined blue in the reflective light off the pier. Energetic and on a feeding frenzy. Tails wagging and noses working overtime, both dogs hunting for more. Dave fed them dog food, his dilemma was going grocery shopping once a week, Saturday. It was Friday night. He said he bought a large bag every week and those two dogs would run out about Thursday or Friday, then it was shad delight till he could restock. Not exactly the Institute for Retriever training and boarding but then dogs seem to be happy where ever they are.

Shoreline Drive~ My Brother and my Mother worked out a reasonable price for Chucks when Super Dave suddenly had to relocate out of town. I was unaware of the transaction and Alan, my brother brought Numchucks home a few weeks before my Birthday.

"We got you a Birthday present," Alan said as Numchucks shot past him and into my room. Exploring every corner of the room and then trying to jump on the bed when I let out a pleased reply. He was all legs. Already knee high and the biggest paws of any dog I had ever seen. He needed a bath, that was a given, but his basic health seem to be fine.

It wasn't long and he was wearing a Bright new blue collar proudly displaying his vet tag with Identification Number and shot records. Pouncing around the one and half lots in a subdivision on the Trinity River, his new home. The yellow house sat on a very gradual slope that tapered into the water. A fair sized cove just off the river. A pier ascended out in the water before almost every house along the spaced out shore.

His sleeping quarters was an enclosed section under a work bench in the garage that was shared with the cats. With a lamp for light and warmth, of course he had the luxury of coming into the house and yes I let him sleep on the floor in my room some nights. But it didn't take him long to want to explore more than his yard. Especially when we had gone out hunting in the boat and Chucks didn't understand the game limit. I would come in from a hunt and he would turn around and swim back out to the hunting grounds.

I would clean the fowl and eat breakfast, go to work come home and sit on the back porch and relax and watch the river roll by. Numchucks would swim up from the river with a rabbit, Coot or squirrel, no telling what and walk up the steps to the back porch and drop his catch at my feet, sit down and wag his tail. You gotta love a dog like that. I can only assume his blood line was instilled from the Clampets, (Beverly Hillbillies), for some of his personal prize catches were more like road kill than fresh game. Which usually meant another bath.

It wasn't long and we had a routine down. He adjusted to his new home with no problems. Everybody loved him and of course his puppy charm brightened up the homestead. He acquired a butterball belly for a while with all the new attention but it just helped fill him out to a handsome Lab. I didn't feed him shad from a cast net, but I did have a hard time keeping him out of the bait when we went fishing.

"Hey, you seen Super Dave lately?" The old man asked as I walked into the local corner store. His legs crossed and hot coffee in hand. Pushed back his cowboy hat with a large toothless smile.

"No sir I haven't," I replied and gave the tables occupants a hardy 'how-do' Nod.

"Where'd you get that fine looking dog young man?" Another asked while gazing out the window at the Black Lab puppy in the back of my Truck.

"Well, that there's one of Super Dave's Super Duck Dogs." I said snickering. The rumble of soft muttered chatter went around the table as I paid for my coffee and donut. Then went to leave.

"That their's one of Super Dave's Labs?" An elderly man asked in reassurance.

"Yes sir he is." I said proudly as I waved and left. Walked up to the truck where Chucks was wagging his tail wildly. I gave him half of the donut and he ate it whole. Licking his lips wanting more.

"Bet you'll be the topic of the day." I said to Chucks while rubbing his neck and ears. I could only imagine the corner store quartets gossiping sermon for the day.

"Did you know Super Dave has Super Duck Dogs?"

"I don't doubt it after his search and rescue episode in those California fires."

"Fires...California? What the hell's that got to do with Duck Dogs?"

"Who else is gonna go in and save those poor ducks from the fire?"

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