tagHumor & SatireNurse Becky's Latest Adventures

Nurse Becky's Latest Adventures


In which the buttplug owner's identity is revealed, Becky treads the Sapphic path and Terry gets lucky...

My oral encounter with Mr Khalefa's purple-headed bed snake in the sluice room has left me feeling hot and bothered. I had hoped he'd take things further and ravish me but no such luck! Maybe he will have more free time later in the week. For now, I'm horny and in need of satisfaction but fate is determined to prevent me getting any fun, or so it seems. When I arrive at the ambulance bay, I am dismayed to find that Jeff isn't there. It must be one of those incredibly rare occasions where he's out answering a 999 call.

Frustrated, I head back inside the hospital and check my watch. I have twenty minutes of my break left and nothing to do. What a dilemma.

As I wander around like a lost soul, I hear the sound of heavy footsteps pounding the corridor. The squeaking sound of swollen feet in sweaty Crocs hitting polished tiles. It is Sister O'Connor and she's heading in my direction. She looks excited about something and in a hurry. Uh-oh. If she spots me she'll most certainly find some little task for me to do and I'm just not in the mood to go the extra mile today. Quickly I dart inside the linen closet...

"Fancy meeting you in here," a voice whispers.

I spin round quickly. "Tash? What are you doing in here?"

"Skiving," the blonde-haired nurse replied. "The Sis is on the prowl and looking for someone to give Mr Octopus...sorry I mean Mr Norris, a bed bath. I thought you'd jump at the chance to do that, given what you were doing in the elevator with him."

"It wasn't how it looked," I said quickly. "I don't enjoy being groped by that old goat one bit and you know it."

Tash gives me a wry glance. She isn't convinced. I notice she's furtively trying to shove something into her tunic pocket.

"What's that?"

"Oh...just something I left behind in here the other day," she replies. I glimpse something black and shiny.

"I don't believe it! It was yours all the time! I thought it belonged to Ryan."

Tash looks flushed. "Yeah, okay. The buttplug is mine. It was careless of me to leave it here."

I'm intrigued. "Do you...use toys a lot then?"

"Who doesn't? I prefer dildos to vibrators though. Vibes are too hard for my liking. Now give me a nice, jelly cock any time."

The talk of cocks is frustrating me further. God, I wish Jeff had been in the ambulance bay. I nod slowly and notice Tash glaring at me.

"He wasn't there then?"


"Mr Rapid Response Cock - the Seducer of the Wards. Come on, I know you and Jeff have been at it ever since you started here."

I was never good at looking innocent or telling lies. I sigh. "No he wasn't. He must be out on an emergency call."

"All horned up and no-where to go eh? Sucks doesn't it?"

"Yes." Probably best not to mention what I did to Mr Khalefa.

Tash winks at me. "I could help you out there, if you'd like?"

Now that's grabbed my attention. What does she mean by that? It never occurred to me that Tash might be lesbian - or as my grandad calls them, "women in comfortable shoes." I'm such a naive person. What kind of sheltered life have I been leading?

"I didn't know that you..."

"I'm bi," Tash replies. "Ride both buses, swing both ways - whatever you wanna call it."

"Oh," I mumble. "Well that's cool. I am totally cool with that."

"I bet Jeff would be too," Tash whispers, standing behind me and before I have a chance to protest, there's a hand gripping my ass and her other hand running under my blue uniform tunic.

"Does Jeff touch you like this?" Tash murmurs, cupping my left breast and squeezing the nipple. I gasp as it hardens under her touch.


"Mmm...you've got beautiful tits hon," she coos.

As I recall, Dr Sharp said the same thing to me before we fell through the ceiling almost crushing Jeremy Hunt.

"You need to relax Becks...you feel so tense."

Tense isn't the word. My stomach is full of butterflies. I'm suddenly reminded of Tipping the Velvet. Tash has got wandering hands that could give Mr Norris a run for his money. There's no resistance and no permission sought, however. I'm starting to enjoy myself. My body's crying out to be touched, to be pleasured, and I don't care who's doing it. What's good for the goose and all that...

"I know a better way to relax you." Tash whispers.

"Really?" I reply as a sly smile creeps across my lips. "And how do you want to proceed with this?"

She nuzzles my neck. "Just lie down."

I nod as I sink to the floor, shivering slightly as I recline on the cool tiles. I really hope the floor of this linen closet is sanitary. Who knows what bodily fluids might have splattered...oh well. It's a bit cramped in here. No time to think about such things though as Tash has already honed in like a heat-seeking missile and my uniform's been unfastened. She caresses my belly. Her hands are gentle as they move over my bare skin, almost as though tracing every detail. Her touch is light as she pauses at my breasts. I moan as Tash's long fingers caress my sensitive nipples...oh my!

"Oh my God.." I murmur. Tash sighs as she cups my pert fleshy globes and her tongue laps across a hard pink nipple, sending a shiver of pleasure down my spine. She figures out what I might like as she unfastens my scrub trousers, slips her fingers between my panties, fingering my womanhood. "Mmmm..."

A moan of desire escapes my parted lips as again those silky fingers touch my sex. By now my pussy is smoldering! Every time that Tash's tongue sweeps over my flesh, I become that much more excited. Her hands roam across my creamy skin, and she begins a kissing descent along my breasts down to my pussy. Oh God, now she's heading down south! Tash smiles to herself as she parts my legs with gentle movements, and sniffs at my aroused scent. She's obviously done this before and has no intention of holding back on a newbie like me.

Clenching my fists, I cry out as a small kiss is planted on my aroused clit.

My eyes widen as I feel her hot tongue delve inside me, deep and demanding as she tastes my sweet juices, bringing me even closer to release. The longer that she keeps up her tonguing pace, the more intense my orgasm will be.

Whoa! This is...ohh! I can't accurately describe what it feels like. Only that it feels damn good!

"Tash!" I shout out as I'm suddenly overwhelmed by pleasure..."UHHHHHH YES!" For some reason an image of David Jason in A Touch of Frost appears into my mind. My gran loves that show. Isn't it strange what pops into your head when you're orgasmic?

I lie stunned on the floor as Tash gently pulled her hand free and begins to lick my love juice off her fingers. Once done, she slowly moves over and helpfully passes me a wet wipe.

"Feel better now?" she grins.

I mutter something that I think sounded like yes.

"Well hopefully it'll tie you over until your Porno-medic returns," she adds. "I'm always happy to help out one of the sisterhood."

I realize now what Tash meant the other day when she was talking about how women help each other out. Her motto is "sharing is caring." That makes so much sense now. I do feel enriched by this Sapphic encounter. I imagine Jeff would feel the same had he been able to witness us. That's given me an idea - but hey, mustn't get carried away - a woman has to know her limitations.

As I'm fastening my uniform, the door suddenly opens and we gasp. Thankfully it's not Sister O'Connor but Ryan. Hew scans the scene carefully and wrinkles his nose in disgust.

"Like, eww. It totally smells of vagina in here!" he cringes. "What in the name of Ellen de Generes have you two been getting up to?"

I'm not sure what to say but Tash just pushes him aside and saunters out into the corridor. "A woman never tells!"

"Meanie!" Ryan replies. "Actually no thanks, too much information. Don't want to know, hon. By the way have you seen the pharmacist lurking anywhere?"

"No," Tash replies. "Tried the gents?"

"Yes. Would you believe it? Some bastard's gone and blocked up the gloryholes?"

The two of them walk off down the corridor. Tash turns and gives me a thumbs up and a wink. I nod and smile. Well, what an encounter. I never thought I'd enjoy a same-sex experience but I'm pleased to say that girl-on-girl is hot after all. I suppose I'd better get some work done now. Mr Khalefa might be needing me in the operating theatre later. I head down to the ground floor and pop outside for a quick breath of fresh air. It's quiet today and there's only one ambulance parked in the bay and it seems to be rocking from side to side...what the hell?

"It's got to be Jeff," I say to myself. Evidently he's returned back from a call-out and with me unavailable he's lured some other lucky female into his Sprinter. Why do I suddenly feel a pang of jealousy here? I slap my face. For goodness sake woman, you're getting spoilt. A delicious encounter with a surgeon's cock, a lesbian tryst in the linen closet and still I'm not satisfied?

Curiosity is a terrible thing though and I really should have just turned and headed back into the hospital. But I'm dying to know who's in that ambulance with Jeff. I try to furtively peek through the side window but it's all steamed up. Whoever it is, he's giving it to her hammer and tongs in there. The ambulance itself is going to need a trip to A&E if they carry on rocking it like that. Suddenly the rocking stops. Ah, must've blown his load. I wait a few moments, leaning casually against the ambulance as a few people walk past. I can hear muffled voices inside. Just who has Jeff been boning?

Abruptly, the ambulance doors fly open, causing me to leap out of the way faster than a racehorse that's been stung on the arse. My jaw drops as a very red-faced Sister O'Connor staggers out. Her massive bosom is heaving and she's fastening the buttons on her uniform. Oh my giddy aunt...Jeff what you? A chubby chaser now? Wait a minute, it's not Jeff's voice I can hear calling to her. Lurking behind a concrete pillar I see Terry follow her out of the ambulance. He's zipping up his green paramedic jumpsuit and has a Cheshire Cat grin on his face. You will of course remember me mentioning Terry in an earlier chapter. He's Jeff's work partner and not exactly a looker. A bit like if Matt Lucas had an identical twin brother. I'm being mean I know, but I'm just being honest.

It must be the first time I've seen Terry smile and boy does he look happy. Like a teenager who's dream of boning Katy Perry has just come true. Like an ugly middle-aged guy who's finally lost his virginity...hang on that could be the truth...oh crikey.

I suddenly feel rather nauseous. The thought of Sister O'Connor having sex is something imprinted inside my head forever now. Cannot unsee. Cannot un-think! Aggh! What a way to ruin an otherwise erotic day at Little Rogering General! But I must admit I'm chuffed that Terry finally got lucky. Everyone's open to some loving here it seems. As they say on Embarrassing Bodies - 'there's no shame, we're all the same!'

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