Nurse Nailed

byRumple Foreskin©

“I love a lady who’s goal-oriented,” I said and propped my head on a pillow and watched her return to action. With that sort of encouragement, it wasn’t long before old Roscoe started coming to attention.

Apparently, she felt the same thing; because I heard this sexy little moan and noticed her cute little ass start wiggling. Moments later, she was on her knees, leaning over and sucking even harder. It was such a rush to watch that blonde head bobbing up and down while more and more of my long, black Johnson disappeared inside her mouth.

By now we were both getting into the scene. Like I said, oral sex isn’t really my thing. But Donna’s super blowjob was beginning to give me a new appreciation for the oral arts. Just as I’d about hit 100% on the peter meter, she nearly blew my mind by giggling.

After pulling old Roscoe out of her mouth, she gave me a slightly embarrassed, apologetic grin. “I’m sorry,” she said, “but it just suddenly struck me that chocolate has always been my favorite flavor.”

She slowly licked the dark brown shaft while gazing into my eyes. “I hope you’re not offended. I wouldn’t want to do anything that would upset our inter-personal, inter-racial relations.”

“Absolutely no offense taken,” I said with complete honesty.

“Oh, good. Now let’s see, where was I?” She ran her tongue up the length of the shaft. After circling her tongue around the flared head, she gently slid it past her lips and teeth until her warm, soft mouth was filled with my rock-hard chocolate bar.

This had to be the finest blowjob in the history of sex. But as great as her mouth felt, I wanted to shoot my wad into her snug little snatch. It took a little coaxing before she gave up feeding on old Roscoe and let me put him to work at his natural occupation, fucking.

And that’s what it was; a no-holds-barred, straight man-on-woman fuck that, I’m proud to say, lasted for ages and left both of us sweaty, tired, and for the moment at least, totally sated. The only downer was it lasted so long we didn’t have time for thirds. Neither of us minded, though. There’d be time for more love when the shift ended. Later, as I watched her getting dressed, I wondered if there might even be a little time during work.

It was a typical, slow Saturday on the unit. Shortly after the patients were given their last medications and bedded down for the night, the relief aide was called to another ward. That meant Donna and I would be alone the rest of the evening.

The aide had barely left before I began coaxing her to join me inside the supply room at the back of the nurse’s station. Although she acted reluctant, Donna finally agreed. After all, we both knew almost no one ever came around that late on weekends, which meant we were probably safe. So she put on an indulgent little smile, like this was just for me, and let me pull her into the room.

I don’t know what she’d been expecting, but I wanted a lot more than just a quick make-out session. Once we were inside the supply room, I got her to sit down on an armless, straight-back chair with her back turned to the open door to the nurse's station. Next I unzipped my fly, fished out old Roscoe, and aimed his big, swollen cockhead directly toward her lips.

With a big, shit-eating grin on my face, I looked down at her. "Lady, the only thing I've been able to think about this entire shift is how great it felt when you were going down on me this morning. That's why, as you may have noticed, My Johnson is now suffering from extreme stiffness and swelling, a most uncomfortable condition.

"So since you're the cause of this problem," I said, half teasing, half coaxing, "won't you please give me another serving of your righteous lip-loving and relieve my strain?"

At first I thought I’d overplayed my hand. It was obvious she had a problem with my idea. And after all, she was in charge and there was always that slim-to-none chance we’d get caught. But I was certain she wanted this almost as much as I did.

For just a second, she glanced down at old Roscoe. Then she looked back up into my eyes, and I could tell she was about to say, no. That’s when I gave her my super-soulful look. I’d used the same one when I hit on her, and damn if it didn’t work again. “Okay,” she said, “but keep an eye out in case someone comes."

"Don't worry, Lady, I'm the only one who's gonna be coming around here," I said, while nearly doing just that at the thought of what was about to happen.

She shook her head in mock despair, then wrapped her fingers around the thick, straining shaft. After a few, tentative pumps along it’s length, she leaned forward until the flared cockhead was nestled inside her mouth, then began giving me a distracted blowjob. I mean, you could actually feel her nervousness and read how reluctant she was in her body language.

I thought about telling her to forget about it, but wasn’t sure how she’d react. Besides, I was learning that even Donna’s bad blowjobs are great. As her tongue began to swirl around my cockhead, I sighed and my entire body shivered with pleasure. While she was nibbling along the shaft, I caught her taking a quick peek up at me. Fortunately, I had my eyes open and really was watching for any flashing call-lights, unexpected visitors, or wandering patients.

After that she seemed to relax a little and started getting into some serious snacking. And I gotta admit, it felt so good I was tempted to let her finish what she’d started. I had a hunch coming in her mouth would be a total blast. But that’s not what I wanted most. Once I’d extracted my Johnson from her mouth, I pulled Donna out of the chair. After turning both it and her around, I began talking some line of shit while trying to get her to lean over the chair-back.

When she realized what I had in mind, she started protesting and tried to turn back around. But I was almost certain that blowjob had kick-started her wild side and that if I kept insisting, she’d agree. Finally she did, although it took a lot more shoving and sweet-talking than I’d expected.

Once she was leaning over the back of the chair, I quickly pulled up the short skirt of her white nurse's uniform. When I yanked down her panty hose, that round perfect ass of hers came into view. All I could say was, "God, that's just the way I like it.”

Moments later, I’d ripped off her shoes and tossed them aside along with her panty hose. After spreading her legs out to the max, I moved in behind, grabbed onto the cheeks of her ass, and pulled them apart. All this time, Donna never moved or said a thing, although I may have heard her gasp when I took possession of her ass.

The moment I had the tip of my dick in position, I let out a low, guttural growl, lunged forward, and scored a direct hit deep into her sweet pussy. As the entire length of old Roscoe burrowed into the innermost reaches of her body, I most definitely heard her gasp.

I began pumping in and out using fast, hard, very deep strokes. With her in that position, it was up to me to do all the work. Before long, the only thing on my mind was the exquisite feel of my Johnson sinking up to the hilt each time I plunged it back down into her slick snatch. Well, I was also hoping the damn chair didn’t tip over. But any worries about getting caught had ceased to exist.

That’s why it’s probably just as well I came so quickly. Not that I could have done anything about it. Donna’s blowjob had gotten me started. Now the sight of her leaning over that chair, helpless and exposed while my big black Johnson pumped in and out of her cute white body, and the feel of her pussy clutching at my hammer and her body jiggling each time I pounded into her-well, between all that, it’s amazing I lasted more than ten seconds.

But when that orgasm ambushed me, it seemed to last forever. I’d gotten laid twice already that day, but this climax rolled over me like the slow thunder you hear before a summer storm. And all the while, my body somehow kept pumping out load after load of cum. Meanwhile, Donna and I were shaking so hard I wasn’t sure if I could stay in the saddle. Hell, I wasn’t sure I could stay on my feet.

When it finally ended, I sighed and slumped back, letting my weary Johnson slid halfway out. Donna was motionless, pparently stunned as much as me. And while I knew she’d need help to stand up, right then I couldn’t move--much less help her.

In the midst of our after-loving lethargy and haze, the phone in the nurses station began to ring. Talk about breaking a mood; that really got us moving. After a frantic struggle, we were disentangled and I’d helped her up. While still yanking down her skirt, she stumbled bare footed out of the supply room heading for the phone which was, of course, over on the far side of the nurse's station.

When she answered, the expression on her face told me it wasn’t an official call. Then I heard her say, “Clay.” It was her old man and judging from the look on her face, it was a serious call. It wasn’t a mad look however; so I figured he must be apologizing which, in my opinion, the dumb-ass redneck should have done weeks ago, no matter what the fight was about.

I’d just pulled up my pants and had started stuffing old Roscoe away when she looked over at me. I smiled and wondered how the timing of his call would affect what we had going. If her husband did apologize, would Donna still want to “work late” on another man's cock in a motel room on the other side of town?

I picked up her shoes and panty hose, then joined her in the nurses station. This had to be just about the absolute perfect set-up for a guilt-trip. After all, when her husband had called, Donna’s well-fucked pussy was still half-filled with old Roscoe.

That’s when I noticed what had to be a mixture of my semen and her pussy juice slowly oozing down one of her bare, trembling legs. With my luck, her guilt-trip would end with a tearfully confession of everything, followed by her outraged, honky husband coming after the guy, in this case the nigger, who’d defiled his little white wife. Not only was I probably going to lose the best piece of ass I’d ever known, I might lose my damn life.

Donna shifted and the ooze slid farther down her leg. I grabbed a couple of tissues, knelt at her feet, and while she kept talking to Clay, did a very professional job of wiping most of it away.

And no, it wasn’t gross. I’m an orderly, messes like that don’t bother me. Besides, most of it had come from me. But there would be more where that came from and I didn’t want to risk doing anything about that myself with her on the phone. So I tossed the tissues away, went over to the sink and wet down a handful of paper towels, then went back over to Donna.

She mouthed “Thank you,” and took the towels, but just held them while she finished her conversation. “And I love you too, Clay. But there’s a lot of things we need to talk about, and I can’t do it here on the phone.”

There was another pause, then my spirits did a 180 when she said, “I know it’s a drag, and I’m sorry about having to work late, but sometimes things are what they’re meant to be. So go on to bed. When I get home, I’ll need to shower and take a nap. But then we’ll go out to eat and start sorting things out. Okay? Great. And I love you, too. Goodnight, honey. I’ll see you in the morning.”

She hung up and looked at me with a half-smile. It changed into a grin when she noticed the wet paper towels in her hand. “Leroy, you’re a gentleman and an orderly. Now, why don’t you put on a pot of coffee while I go get cleaned up. After all, we’ve got a long night ahead of us.

She started to leave, then stopped and looked at me. “You do still want to go back to the motel, don’t you?”

“Not only yes, but hell yes.”

My crack brought a pleased smile to her face. “I had a hunch that’s what you’d say and I’m glad because, the truth is, I do too. But after that call, I can’t plan beyond this night. What Clay just said reminded me how much I really do love him, even when he’s been such a jerk. And that means my life, maybe yours, but definitely our relationship, has just gotten very, very complicated.”

As she padded away barefooted and tousled haired toward the staff bathroom, I watched her hips swaying rhythmically. Foxy little lady, you have no idea how complicated things really have gotten. Just wait until I tell you about Brenda.


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