tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNurse With A Curse Ch. 5

Nurse With A Curse Ch. 5


Cynthia arrived home after dark. Both physically and emotionally exhausted. The first thing the blonde nurse did was jump in the shower and wash herself off. She had already decided not to call or tell anyone what had happened to her today. Not only would it prove to be humiliating. But with all the witnesses against her she would probably not be believed. Especially once it was learned how many times she climaxed during each encounter. No, Cynthia thought the best thing to do now was to chalk this up to experience. She thought that perhaps one day, once the shock had cleared, she might be able to look back on some of this day fondly. Although she doubted that.

Not satisfied with the cleaning she got in the shower, Cynthia filled the tub with warm water and decided to sit and soak for a while. All she really wanted was to clean out and ease the soreness in her overused pussy and ass.

After a long, relaxing soak in the tub she got out and wrapped herself in a warm flannel robe. Realizing that she was starving for the first time since arriving home she went to the kitchen to see what she had to eat. Not finding anything she picked up the phone and called her favorite pizza delivery place and ordered a veggie-pizza. She cussed aloud when she reached for her purse and remembered that what little money she had was stolen. She sighed and grabbed her checkbook hoping that the driver would take a check without prior approval.

After writing the check Cynthia turned on the TV and sat down. She had only been sitting there a few minutes when the doorbell rang.

"Damn, that was fast." She thought, grabbing the check lying on the table. She had meant to get dressed before the driver came but decided that she had better answer the door quickly. "Hell," she thought. "I'm covered, and as many people saw me naked today what harm could come if he catches a peak inside my robe."

Cynthia unlocked the door then opened it. She cried out when two men dove into her, pushing her back into the house and shoving her onto the couch. She recognized the two of them at once. It was the same two guys who had come into the office and raped her when she was tied up today.

"Let me go!" She cried out as she struggled against their grip. Feeling her robe coming undone in the process. Cynthia froze when she saw six more young men entering her home.

"Quiet down, Cynthia." Sid, the blonde haired punk said to her.

Seeing no alternative, especially sense her struggling was only doing more to disrobe her and expose her body to the others.

"How did you know where I live?" She asked nervously.

Ken, the stocky one held up her Drivers License. Cynthia cussed to herself for not checking the contents of her handbag more thoroughly.

"We got your address from your purse." Ken informed her. "When we told our buddies what happened today they didn't believe us. So we took them there but found the place all locked up. So we guessed that your fun and games at work had ended so we decided to come by here and pay you a visit."

"Oh god, no." Cynthia said, more to herself than anyone else.

"Oh yes." Sid replied as he began pulling her robe farther apart. In seconds all eight of the young men were surrounding her on the couch, holding her in place and groping her body all at once. Cynthia felt hands squeezing her small breast. Fingers pinching and pulling her nipples. And more fingers probing deep inside her pussy. She could not help but feel her juices flowing on those latter fingers as they poked her.

The men lifted Cynthia from the couch and removed her robe. Then dragged her naked body into her own bedroom. Once on the bed Sid was the first to mount her. Ramming his hard cock into her pussy. Cynthia gave up struggling for she knew that she was no match for all these men. She reluctantly accepted her fate and prayed that it would end soon.

Sid slammed his cock into her over and over. Cynthia felt him cumming in her pussy but only lay still. Waiting for him to get off and someone else take his place. When Sid got off of her Cynthia was grabbed and put onto all fours. Then one of the new guys got behind her and shoved his cock into her cunt. Ken came around in front of her and lay on the bed so that she knelt over him. Cynthia did not have to be told what she was expected to do. She lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. While she was getting fucked and sucking she could feel hands all over her body once more.

She heard ken moan just before his cock erupted into her mouth. Like a well-trained slut Cynthia swallowed every drop before pulling away. Another guy was on his knees beside her head. Without being asked Cynthia turned her head and opened her mouth, allowing him to enter so she could begin sucking all over again.

The guy behind her blasted his load into her pussy and pulled out. Then a third man took position and shoved his meaty took into her. Cynthia gasped as he entered her. She guessed that he was definitely over ten inches. Without realizing it Cynthia caught herself fucking back against the rod behind her. Her pussy was on fire. Her body trembling with excitement as she was taken from behind by this man. She wasn't aware of the cock cumming in her mouth until she felt the massive amount of cum spilling out over her lips. She greedily swallowed what she could before he pulled out. Then surprised everyone, including herself, when she began shouting with glee. "Oh yes, fuck me. Fuck me goddamn it!"

The young man behind her became more excited by her words and quickened his pace. Cynthia regretted it when she felt him release in her belly. She wanted his cock to stay in her pussy until she climaxed but he was gone all too quickly.

She was grabbed by a tall, skinny guy who showed a lot of resemblance to Sid. Cynthia was made to straddle him and ride his cock. She did so with mounting pleasure, intent of getting off before he was finished inside her. Then she felt someone climbing behind her. Cynthia groaned as she felt his cock rubbing against her ass. She did not want to be fucked that way again, but had no choice in the matter. The man behind her pressed his cock into her still lose asshole and began fucking her from behind. Then the eighth man stood next to the bed and grabbed Cynthia's head, guiding it to his crotch. The nurse took him into her mouth and began sucking him as she was being drilled by the two cocks. She could feel her body coming closer and closer to the edge. The cock in her mouth gagged her cries of pleasure as her pussy climaxed. Cynthia shivered uncontrollably as she enjoyed the moment of orgasm so much that she failed to notice when the two cocks in her unloaded. She only began settling down when the guy fucking her face spewed his seed into her mouth.

Then the doorbell rang.

"Who the fuck is that?" Ken asked.

"P-Pizza." Cynthia gasped.

"Get the door." Sid instructed Ken.

Cynthia lay still, caught between her desire to have the pizza man discover what was happening and call the cops, and having him leave quietly so she could get fucked more. Then Ken came back and said, "We need to give the guy a tip. And I have a good idea as to what he would like."

The guys laughed and grabbed Cynthia off the bed. She was dragged out into the living room where she saw Timmy, the pizza delivery guy who usually stopped by. She had known Timmy for months. He was a nice kid with a pimply face. She knew that he had just graduated high school last spring and was taking classes at the local community collage. She also was certain that the 18-year old pizza boy was probably still a virgin. She blushed in shame when she saw him looking up and down her nude body. She could feel fresh cum dripping out of her pussy and down her thighs and was certain that he had noticed it.

"Why don't you give this kid a tip he'll never forget." Ken told her. "Go ahead, boy. Let her suck your dick."

Timmy didn't know what to do. He just stood there watching Cynthia looking at him. He could not believe that this woman was such a slut as to be having a gang-bang orgy with these guys. And now he was being asked to join in. Timmy decided that he could not pass up this opportunity and unzipped his pants, pulling out his stiff, 7-inch cock.

Cynthia wanted to cry when she was Timmy's cock pointed up at her. She knew that she would see him many times again and now she was being forced to not only suck him off, but to make him believe that she is a willing participant. She shamefully got down on her knees and began sucking his rock-hard pecker. Wishing that they would at least close the front door so that no one passing by would see her. As she began sucking she heard Ken behind her saying that he needed to fuck her. He got on his knees and thrust his cock into her pussy. Now Cynthia blushed even more as she looked up to see the satisfied eyes of Timmy looked down at her pretty face sucking him and seeing her getting fucked from behind. But her shame quickly diminished as Ken's cock began bringing her closer to another climax. She began sucking Timmy harder and faster, fingering his balls with her hand, feeling them growing tighter. Then she felt the pizza boy's sperm spilling into her mouth. As he was cumming so too was she. Ken's cock was sliding against her G-spot with every thrust, and she began moaning against Timmy's cock as she came on Ken's. Then Ken shot his wad into her and pulled out.

As she was dragged back into the bedroom she heard Ken telling Timmy that he was welcome to bring a few friends by to join the party, as long as they were willing to pay. Cynthia nearly died from the thought that little Timmy would be telling his friends that she was a whore.

Cynthia was tossed on the bed and found someone else now atop her. She was being fucked by guy after guy and finding herself climaxing again and again.

Then Cynthia saw Timmy again. He had four friends from the pizza shop with him. She was shocked to learn that each had paid $25 bucks for the chance to fuck her. Timmy got on her and began pumping her pussy. Cynthia looked at his pimply face with disgust, knowing that her reputation in this neighborhood was probably forever ruined. She was being raped, and for some god-forsaken reason enjoying every minute of it, and now would be considered nothing more than a whore by everyone. Timmy began sucking her nipple as he thrust, and that sent Cynthia over the edge once more. When Timmy felt her cumming beneath him he lost the ability to pace himself and filled his first pussy with his manseed. Then got off to let someone else take his turn.

Cynthia was fucked by the four newcomers before finally finding the largest cock again. The last time he took a turn it was for a blowjob. Now she was going to get to ride him. She straddled his waist and slid down onto his thick shaft. Her body climaxed even before she had the chance to begin. She fucked him hard and fast, having a series of orgasms before becoming so overwhelmed that she passed out.

When she awoke she lay naked and alone on the bed. Her sheets were soaked from both cum and her own juices. She knew that she had been taken repeatedly even after passing out. Cynthia had no way of knowing just how many times she had been fucked before being cast aside. She got off the bed and staggered into the bathroom. She got in the shower and did her best to wash away all that had happened the night before. Cynthia decided that there was only one thing left to do. She was going to get dressed and go to work and leave her letter of resignation on Dr. James' desk. Then she would pack her bags and move back home with her parents and try finding another nursing job there...

To be continued?

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