Nursing Visit


I was supposed to give antibiotics to a new client assigned to me from the home health agency that I work for. The address was about an hour away so I put on my scrubs and kissed my husband good bye. I had all the equipment in the car that I would need to start an I.V. and administer the medication. It was late in the evening as I drove to the address.

I felt tired from the long day. My morning had been full of taking care of the children and doing the daily tasks of life. I had cooked my man his dinner and cleaned the dishes when he decided I looked good in the old, torn shorts I had thrown on. He grabbed my ass and began to grope me from behind as I stood in front of the sink. I knew what that meant and proceeded up the stairs into the bedroom. He followed, locking the door.

The usual routine of love-making had occurred with general satisfaction. He had tasted me, I tasted him, and then he mounted me in the usual missionary fashion. I was in and out of the shower just in time to hit the road for my appointment.

I couldn't complain after eight years of marriage. My husband was a good man, very handsome, and worked hard. He always treated me well and we had a good home life to show for it. He didn't mind me working part-time as a nurse because it gave us extra money for luxuries. I had never strayed and never thought about it. I figured my womanhood would only know my husband for the rest of my life. I was comfortable with that idea, as I applied my makeup in the rear-view mirror while waiting for the traffic light to change. I pinned my blonde hair into a bun and tried to dig my thong out of my crack before going to the door of my client.

"Hi, my name is Tara. The agency sent me to give you some medicine. Ok if I come in?"

"Oh yes, come right in. I'm Mark Tompkins. Sorry you had to come out so late but, I work during the day. Where would you like me?" he asked. He was wearing sweatpants and a tanktop as he led me into the house.

"Whatever is most comfortable for you. I just need you to lie down while I start this I.V. It usually takes about an hour to administer." I informed him as I noticed what was on the TV screen. He had been watching some porno and a woman was screaming to get fucked harder. I was blushing as he quickly grabbed the remote and turned the volume down but left the movie running.

"Sorry about that. I guess I forgot that was playing," he stammered. I could sense that he wasn't really sorry and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable being alone with him. His eyes roamed over my body, giving me the feeling that he was picturing me naked. I just wanted to finish with this call as quickly as possible and proceeded with the light physical examination as he laid down on the black, leather couch.

I took his blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature to start. I used the stethoscope to listen to his lungs when I noticed him staring at my chest. My scrub top had fallen away giving him a direct line of sight down the V neckline. I regretted not wearing a tee shirt to hide my lacy, white bra that held my 36C's. He could plainly see the tops of my pale breasts pushing out of the cups. I stood up straightening my shirt when I noticed the bulge in his groin.

"Maybe you should take Its blood pressure. I am sure it is high because it feels like I got a hardon from hell." he said with an evil smile and his eyes twinkling.

"Excuse me, Mr. Tompkins... that is a little inappropriate and I am starting to feel uncomfortable. Maybe I should go. Someone else can come out here and give you your medicine."

I began gathering my equipment when I felt his hands around my waist. He pulled me down on the couch, hugging me firmly from behind. He held a handful of my breast with one hand as the other sneaked down my pants. I noticed an orgy taking place on the screen as I began to panic. This was sexual battery which could lead into him raping me. Nothing like this had ever happened to me except for the time my husband's friend had gotten too touchy-feely at a party. He had only felt my tits up and tried to kiss me compared to this man trying to probe my pussy with his fingers. When I told my husband about it, he said I was over-reacting and to let it go. I think this situation was becoming much worse.

"Stop it, please Mr. Tompkins. You can't do this to me. I'm married with children." I yelled while struggling in his arms. He had his hand up my shirt feeling my breasts. I felt him push my bra upwards as my tits fell out of their support. He was pinching my nipples and digging against my closed legs, trying to get access to my vagina.

"I just want feel you a little bit. Open your legs and let me see if your wet. You're so young and pretty. Its all I can do not to cum in my pants." he begged as I felt his hard on pressing against the small of my back. I began thrashing in his arms which only helped him slip his hand into my panties. His rough fingers began probing my pussy.

"Oh, you little sexpot. You shave down there. Yea, I bet your husband likes that. I bet he likes looking at your smooth pussy. I bet he pretends your a young girl who has never had a hair down there. Hum? Does he?"

"No, no he doesn't!" I defended. "And it's none of your business. Now, stop it Mr. Tompkins before you go too far and get yourself into trouble. Stop this shit right now."

"Come on, Darling. You know you like it. Just relax." he whispered in my ear as he pushed me down on the couch. His full weight pressed against my body when he began kissing me, shoving his tongue between my lips. My pleas of release were muffled by his face when I felt him pushing my scrub pants down. He used his feet to push them down to my ankles and I clamped my legs tightly closed. My top was pushed up, leaving my entire torso naked. His hand covered my mouth, silencing my screams as he sucked on my nipples.

"Yes, that's a good girl," he mumbled between licks. He slipped off the couch, still holding a hand over my mouth. I could feel his warm breath on my pussy as he kissed my exposed clit poking from my pouty lips. His tongue was making circles around the hood, causing me to become wet, despite my total terror and revulsion. I closed my eyes, pretending to be somewhere else. Thoughts of my husband, children, and life before this flashed through my mind. How could this be happening? I was just making love to my husband an hour ago.

He lifted my legs, still clamped together, upwards towards my head. I felt my knees hit my chest as he stretched his neck around my thighs to lick my opening. His stubbly cheek rubbed my tender, underside of my leg as he continued his oral assault. His tongue poked into my womanhood and I felt him suck at my labial lips.

"See, I knew you liked it. You're dripping wet, and I must say, you are very tasty," I heard him say dreamily. I didn't think I was aroused and remained frozen, with my eyes shut. My hands gripped the couch cushions when I felt him drape my legs over his left shoulder. He had moved below me, releasing his hand from my mouth but, I was too scared to yell. I just relented to him, holding my body stiff.

He pushed his prick in to hilt and I felt it hit my cervix. The pain of his large member caused me to groan loudly. I think he took this as my pleasure because he immediately started pounding me, shoving his tool in and out of my tight pussy. His balls were slapping at my anus and I could hear the squishy sounds of my wetness plundered by his manhood. His long shaft exceeded the length of my canal and banged against the back of my cunt. My pelvis started cramping, making me nauseated and light-headed. His thrusting continued as his hands mauled and pulled at my breasts.

He fucked me for an hour, stopping only to finger my butthole. "You like it in the ass? I think I want to shove my cock in that little bottom of yours. I bet you let your husband fuck you there... I bet you beg him to hump you like a dog, don't you?"

Without waiting for an answer, he took his slippery cock and pushed against my sphincter. I might have blacked out when his bulbous crown popped through the wrinkled opening. The pain was excruciating and I felt like I had to go to the bathroom. He moved his cock in and out of my ass with long, smooth strokes. I felt my anus tear and begin to bleed. My mind was cloudy but focused on trying to expel the intruder down below. I think he enjoyed the added tightness because I felt his body stiffen... and then warm fluid filled my rectum.

"Ugh, I am cumming, Baby. Yea, your ass is soooo tight. It's milking my cock for all it's worth. You are a fine piece, Darling and I know you want to clean off my prick with your mouth, don't cha?" he grunted, still spurting his spunk into my bowels.

"No, please... just let me go. I don't want to do any of this, anymore. I just need to get home... I need to go home... please," I cried, tears streaming down my face.

"Yea, I know... after you lick me clean... that's it... take it in your mouth." He hissed straddling my chest. His dick was pressing against my locked lips. I could smell my shit on his filthy cock and turned my head in protest. He squeezed my tits together and started rubbing his dong back and forth. The head poking from my cleavage. "Just do it, Baby... We're almost done now. Just suck my dick with that small mouth of yours... come on, be a good girl."

I reluctantly opened my lips and he shoved his dick in. I could taste his cum mixed with my secretions. He choked me, trying to get the entire amount down my throat. My gagging added to his pleasure, as he fucked my face. Spittle dribbled down my chin and the back of my head banged against the armrest with his large cock stretching my mouth to the limit. He complimented me on my sucking and begged me not to stop.

"I didn't have a choice and was just trying to breathe," I would tell my husband later. I couldn't help swallowing the creamy load that erupted from his cock. I had to swallow or die choking.

He pulled out of my mouth as a few drops squirted into my face. "Yea, you did good. I really liked that and I hope you did too. I hope your husband doesn't mind my cum dripping out your ass and splattered on your face..." he laughed. "So, we gonna start this antibiotic therapy, or what?"

"Go to Hell, you bastard!" I screamed as I pulled up my pants and ran for the door.

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