tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie & Roger's 40th Party

NWMD!: Marnie & Roger's 40th Party


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part derives from the initial story where a man named Larcher under the threat of unleashing his son on Marnie's daughter, Brenda, blackmails and humiliates Marnie. This is a part that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that I wrote them, feel free to contact me. Others to follow. Please enjoy.


"Brenda Honey, would you come and help me with this, please?"

"Sure Mom, what's up?"

"Do you think I should go in pigtails or a ponytail?"

"Gee Mom, either way is okay. Boy you sure look great in that old cheerleading outfit of yours. It is amazing you can still fit into it."

"Thanks Sweetie. It has taken a lot of hard work and vigilance to stay the same size as I was in college." Marnie said appreciatively to her daughter.

"Do you know what anyone else is wearing tonight?" Brenda asked.

"No Dear. I'm afraid we are all going to be surprised by how brave or chicken our friends are." Marnie replied. "I sure hope the Brannons get here with the pictures in time, they promised I'd have them today."

Then Marnie's husband, Roger came into the room from his shower with a towel around his waist and another drying his hair. "What are you planning to wear to your party, Dad?" Brenda asked.

"I'm going as the basketball star that sweeps your mom off her feet. How about you Punkin?" He asked back.

"I'm going as the farmer's daughter, Pappy?" She said humorously, as she stroked him under his chin with her index finger. "I'm going to go get ready. See ya." She said, sashaying out of the room.

"Honey, pigtails or ponytail?" Marnie asked the birthday boy.

"Love ya either way Honey-buns." Roger said, right before giving her a kiss on the lips.

"You're no help." She muttered. "I'm going to check on things downstairs." She said, as she put her hair in a ponytail, by default while leaving the room.

As Marnie hit the bottom step, the back doorbell rang. When she got there it was the caterers from Vivian's Delectable Dishes. She held the door for three sturdy young men, with the looks of models, but the innocence and the demeanor of country boys. The somewhat older Vivian followed as she watched over them like a hawk while they hefted in the eats. When everything was unloaded, she went over some instructions with them, and told Marnie she had to leave to set up two more parties, but that she was leaving her with her three most experienced guys.

Marnie only half listened to it all, since she was so distracted by the three young studs in her kitchen. The tight European cut clothes, broad shoulders, thin waists and strong butts were making her slightly lightheaded. "Wow, Vivian's staff is one good looking guy after another. She must be one horny broad who hires based on looks. How am I going to keep my hands off of them and my mind on Roger tonight?" She mused in thought.

Her reverie was broken by Brenda who walked in wearing a red and white gingham sleeveless shirt, shortened by folding the back tail back up under the shirt, and held together in front solely by a slipknot tying of the front tails. With no bra on, only the tied shirttails supported her ample young breasts. She walked around flirtatiously, admiring the finger food that was coming on display. When she came around a counter, Marnie saw that she was wearing modified shorts, which were cut in length up to the crotch and up the sides to show the side of her legs and part of her ass cheeks.

"Brenda, I don't think you can wear this tonight. What would your father think?" Marnie said concerned.

"Gee Mom." She said quietly, grabbing her arm to have their conversation out of the ears of the sexy men. "This covers way more than my swimsuit."

"Barely, Honey. I think you should hide from your father awhile."

"Sure Mom." She said and continued to walk around in a seductive teenage way.

Marnie thought about how much she had learned about herself from her daughter lately. She admired how comfortable Brenda was with herself at this age, advertising her wares. Marnie had only recently given it any serious thought of it for herself.

The doorbell rang, in front this time. "Brenda can you go answer that?" Marnie called out. "I've got to have a few more minutes with my guys." She thought to herself.

"It's some guy I've never seen before asking for you." Brenda announced.

"Okay, thanks. You can help out in here. I'll go see who it is." Marnie said.

"Dr. Powers, so good to see you. Thank you for coming. You're here early." Marnie remarked.

"Yes. You have a nice house here. I came early so I could have some individual time with each of your guests first, that is if you still want me to put on a show for your husband using hypnosis. Will it be okay if I hang out?" He asked.

"Oh sure, make yourself at home. Roger will be coming down shortly. He will be wearing a yellow basketball uniform, and we will be bringing out hors d'oeuvres shortly." Marnie replied.

As Marnie started to head back to the kitchen, the doorbell rang again. When she answered it, it was Barbara, George, and their daughter, Susan. George was dressed as a sheik, Barb was dressed in a revealing harem girl outfit, and Susan was in a sleeveless white shirt and cutoff shorts. Brenda looked out from the kitchen to see who had arrived. When she saw it was Susan, she came bounding out, grabbed her hand, and ran her upstairs. Marnie asked George if he would see if Dr. Powers wanted something to drink, and then took Barbara aside to take in the full effect of her sexy costume.

"Gosh Barb, you look great. I didn't think you had it in you to come to the party looking this sexy."

"Oh Marnie, ever since you dragged me to that SEXY Productions thing, my life has completely turned around. Things have never been better with George, I feel better about myself, and I owe it all to you." She said, as she gave Marnie a 'thank you' hug.

"We've got to live while we still can, Girl." Marnie said, as she pulled away from the sexy feel of Barbara in this costume. "I'm going back into the kitchen for a few more details. Why don't you go in and say 'Hi' to Dr. Powers."

Upstairs, Brenda was fussing over the conservative way Susan had interpreted their pact to dress as farmers' daughters. "We've got to do something about those shorts. Get them off and let me fix them." Brenda trimmed them like her own. Now that bra has got to go, you don't button the front at all, and we have to show more midriff. There are gorgeous hunks working in the kitchen, and we have a lot of teasing to do. It's our job."

"Look, I can't go without a bra. Look, you can kind of see through the material."

"I'll tell you what I'll do. You go braless, and I'll trade you tops." They traded. "Now you tie the front like this. You see, one pull, and they're free. Knowing this will make you even sexier as you parade your stuff around tonight." They did one last check in the mirror and headed down to the kitchen.

"Brenda, I don't know. I'm not as brave about this as you are." Susan worried.

"Just follow my lead, Sue, you'll be great." Brenda said reassuringly.

When they got to the kitchen Marnie was gone. In the interim, the back doorbell had rung, and it was Larcher, her tormentor and blackmailer. When she saw him at the door she immediately led him to the basement. "What the hell are you doing here?" She charged.

"Nice to see you too, Missy." He retorted. "Kenneth gave me the pictures you wanted for your husband's 40th birthday party. He couldn't make it, so he made me promise I'd get them to you tonight. Trouble is, I've got these two packages, this green one and this blue one. One has the pictures from Brannon and the other has copies from my collection, and you know, I've been so backed up lately, I can't seem to remember which one to give to your hubby."

"Don't play games with me, Larcher. I need those pictures and I need you to get out of here right now."

"First let me see my favorite bald pussy. Bend over and take off those panties. Okay, hand them here. You won't be needing them tonight." He said as he started to stroke her nether slit. Marnie supported herself with her hands on her knees waiting, but not wanting, for him to stop. When he started to put a finger in her asshole, he asked, "Here tonight, or in front? Your choice."

Marnie started to feel ill. She turned around and put her mouth on his musky uncut penis and started to suck. She crouched down, feeling the coolness of the floor below her, which was absorbing the radiant heat from her openly stretched pussy inches above it. She wanted to get him through with it as soon as possible, so she reached up with her hands and massaged his balls. Larcher started to moan and became wobbly. She wanted to tell him to be quiet, but he had his hands on her head to keep her there, and for his support. When he came, he jerked forward spilling Marnie to the cold cement floor on her bare bottom, with her hands going back for support. He put his hand on his cock and continued to stroke. Marnie scooted her bare bottom along the cement floor to evade Larcher's after shots, which hit the cement between her legs.

Then she heard Roger's voice calling her name. "You've got to get out of here fast." She said to Larcher. "Coming Dear." She yelled upstairs. "Please leave the pictures and go."

"Oh here you are." Roger said, nearly running into her at the door to the basement. "What is going on with these costumes?"

"What do you mean?" Marnie said, backing the two of them back into the kitchen.

"I mean, I've never seen our friends so daring. Even my brother Ron and Sally are way out of character. They are sharing one pair of pajamas. She has the top and he has the bottom. Then there is Bob as Tarzan, come on, maybe fifty pounds less but . . . Well, Mary makes a foxy Jane. Come out and see." Roger said excited. "Look there, Barb might as well be wearing a thong bikini. You can see everything else. Betty looks like a prostitute and Paul's garage sale leisure suit makes him look like her pimp."

"Gosh you're right Honey." Marnie said with a giggle. "Look at Ginny with the beige full body suit and wings. She has to be Tinkerbell, because Dan looks like Peter Pan." She said to Roger as they stood looking at the guests from the dining room. "Oh there's the door, would you be a dear and see who it is?" Marnie asked, starting to get preoccupied with the fact that she was bare-assed in front of their closest friends under a very short, flared skirt. Before she could retreat, in walked Roger with Will and Dee Dee dressed as a Hawaiian tourist and a hula dancer. Dee Dee was part Hawaiian, so her costume looked good on her darker skin. It consisted of a bra made out of coconut shells held in place by leather thongs and a genuine grass skirt. She was barefoot with flowers in her hair, on a wrist, and on one ankle. Roger led them over to the bar where George was still serving. Then Roger excused himself to talk to Marnie again.

"Honey, what exactly did you put in the invitations about this costume party anyway?"

"Nothing really. It just said, 'Come as sexy as you dare to show Roger and everyone else that life really does begin at Forty'. I had no idea that they would get into it to this extent. You and I look conservative, don't we." Marnie said in response. "If only he knew that I am bottomless under this. I'm going to have to be really careful." She cautioned herself.

Then out walked Brenda and Susan with trays of finger food from the kitchen. Roger looked the two of them over. "Hey where do you think you're going dressed like that, Young Lady?"

"Who me? Dad, have you looked at your friends here tonight? Susan and I are tame compared to them. Give us a break. Here, have some?" Brenda said, stuffing her tray at him.

"But . . . Brenda . . ." He said as she walked away into the living room to serve the guests.

After making the rounds of greeting each of their guests, Marnie ran into Dr. Powers. What do you think? Can you put on an entertaining show with any of these guests as subjects?" Marnie asked.

"So far I think everyone I've interacted with might make a good subject."

"Well, keep at it, you could get some business from some of them, I'm sure. I hope you are also having a good time." She said, hopefully. "Oh here is the birthday boy, Roger. Honey this is Dr. Powers. He will be giving you a surprise later."

"Yes we've met. Welcome to the party. Can I freshen that up for you?" Roger said, as the two of them walked off to the bar.

"Hey Mom, I think you are going to have to help us, we can't keep up with the demand." Brenda said in passing.

Marnie picked up a tray with rabbit food and dip, and started into the room. She found it a chance to be sociable without being stuck in one conversation too long. For those standing, it was no problem, but for those seated on the two couches facing each other, it was a different matter. She realized she had made a mistake, because she had to bend and hold the position while the guests chose the vegetables of their choice and dip them. Bending totally at the waist gave the guests seated on the other couch quite a view. Bending her knees and crouching looked unnatural. It was worse for the couple seated in front of the fireplace on the floor. They could get a view while she was standing or when she crouched down to serve them.

When she was through with hors d'oeuvres, she switched to running drinks out to avoid the problem. At eight, she had planned to have Roger blow out his candles and make the first cut of his cake so the caterers could start planning to wind down their involvement. It was a jovial few minutes, because Roger and the guests were starting to get a little buzzed. Marnie carried the cake back into the kitchen for the caterers to cut and serve on plates. Roger followed to wash his hands of some icing. There at the back door knocking was Larcher. Roger went back to investigate.

"Well, Walter from the office. Come on in. What brings you here?"

"Hi Birthday Boy from the office." Larcher said, bringing a polite chuckle from the two of them. "I'm here to drop off something for your wife. A surprise for you, I suspect."

As Roger walked Larcher into the kitchen, Larcher smiled as Marnie glared at him, sending daggers from her eyes as they passed her.

"Honey, Walter, . . . It's Walter right? Walter here has something for you."

"Okay." She said suspiciously.

"Hey Walter why don't you stay and party a little." Roger invited, ignoring Marnie frantically shaking her head, mouthing "No!", and waving her hands from side to side to get his attention.

"Well Sir, it looks like a costume party, and I really didn't come prepared."

"Nonsense. You are in your security uniform. With how diverse the costumes are here tonight, no one would be the wiser."

"Well, I've got to figure what to do with my son Jeff in the car, and I'd only consider it if I can help out in some way." Larcher replied.

"Why don't you help me at the bar." Roger proposed.

"Why don't I take over the bar duties for you, so you can party, Sir." Larcher said.


Marnie slumped her shoulders and looked totally defeated. Larcher turned and smiled at her as he went out to his car. In he came with a bag and his son Jeff. He took out fifty bucks and handed it to him telling him to take out the two girls for some fun, but to be back by eleven. Jeff went over to Brenda to invite them. Brenda and Susan were holding trays while the caterers were putting plates of cake, saucers of ice cream, and silverware on them. Brenda contorted her body so she could lean in and whisper to Susan, to tell her that it would be okay, that Jeff was empty upstairs, and they would have fun toying with him for a couple of hours.

Jeff eagerly walked out with them into the dining room. They turned to tell him to wait for them there. He said, "What happens if I pull these?" while holding a hand on each of the pull ties.

"Don't you dare, Jeff Larcher." Brenda threatened.

"You'd better hang on to those trays so you don't ruin your mother's oriental carpet." He said, then with simultaneous pulls, he pulled the knots undone.

The two girls let out a shocked "Oh!" in unison and surprise.

He paused and laughed at his handiwork. The shirts were loose and unbuttoned, their breasts were now pretty much exposed. Then he turned them toward the living room and then goosed and pinched them as they danced and hopped away from him into the crowd, bobbling their breasts under their shirts and moving their shirttails aside. Before they could retreat, the guests that were near, started to reach for the cake and ice cream. They had to stand there with their breasts halfway exposed while the guests emptied heir trays.

Brenda caught her dad's eye who was trying to focus on the girls from across the room. "Quick Sue, we've got to get out of here fast." They turned, walked quickly into the dining room, leaned the trays upside the table, and retied their tops as they entered the kitchen. "Jeff you are really going to get it this time." Brenda said, angry and annoyed, trying her best not to laugh.

Marnie went looking for Larcher who was getting an orientation from Roger at the bar. "You know, Sir, before I get started here, I'm going to have to use the rest room. Do you mind?"

"No, of course not. Marnie here, can show you where it is." Roger volunteered.

Marnie took Larcher to the downstairs guest bathroom. It was occupied and Tinkerbell was on deck. Marnie reluctantly took Larcher upstairs at his request. Instead of following her to the bathroom she wanted to lead him to, he detoured into what he thought was the master bedroom. When Marnie turned back to find him, she found him looking around her private space that she shared with Roger every night.

"Please go. This is an important, once in a lifetime, evening for my husband. I've planned it for weeks. I've even hired a hypnotist to provide entertainment. You're not going to fit in. If you ruin his birthday, I'll live to see you suffer some how. Please go away now." Marnie implored him.

"This is your bedroom? This is your bed?"

"Please go! I got you off already. Why are you doing this?"

"You don't know which package to give him yet. And, since you are being so ungrateful, I want you to take your bra off. But, because I am such a nice guy, I'm going to let you do it in the bathroom."

While she was in the bathroom crying, pondering her fate, and removing her bra, Larcher placed a radio-controlled camera on her armoire facing their bed. Then he pulled out some ropes from his bag. Marnie came back into the room, cradling her breasts in her arms, feeling naked, even with the sleeveless jersey on.

"Get over here. I have a birthday present of my own for your husband." He said forcefully. "Stand up beside the bed here and spread'em."

"What are you going to do?"

"I'm getting you ready for my little birthday present for good O'l Roger. Now bend over."

Larcher tied her hands together, ran the two ends under the bed, around the foot and the head of the bed on the side she was standing against, then tied the ends to her ankles. This position held her bent forward over the side of the bed, with her knees locked against the side and her legs spread wide. If she pulled on her hands, it spread her legs. If she pulled her legs together, it pulled her over tighter across the bed.

Larcher pulled her skirt up and commented on the flower petals of her vulva. Then he looked around and found some Vaseline, took a dollop, and placed it in and around her anus.

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