tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie & the Company Picnic

NWMD!: Marnie & the Company Picnic


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part is premised on the initial story where Marnie is blackmailed by a man named Larcher and his son Jeff under the threat of the man unleashing his son and buddies on Marnie's daughter, Brenda. This is one of the parts that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that they were written, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow, please enjoy.


It was that time of year again for the company picnic. Roger worked for a large company and their picnics were huge. They were usually at an out of town State Park that allowed the company to reserve the space needed on a particular day for the occasion. These were annual camaraderie-building events and the employee's entire family was invited. This year Marnie felt uneasy about going. It had been rough so far after running into the Larchers. Now that Larcher was working at her husband's building, Marnie really wasn't as enthusiastic about Roger working there as she once was.

"Come on, you and Brenda will have a great time. Business is up and I think they are planning this to be a bigger bash than last year. I get to make you one of those 'Roger Burgers' you like so much." He pressured playfully, giving Marnie a hug and a kiss.

"Well, all right. But, if I say 'we should go', will you honor that and leave immediately? I need you to promise. I just don't feel as up to it this year like I have in the past. I'll go with you to it, but only if we go when I say to go."

"That's my gal." Roger said happily, and he gave her another hug and kiss.

On the day of the event, they packed up the usual things for the company picnic, suits and towels for the lake, baseball mitts and Frisbee for the games, and plenty of sunscreen. Roger was like a kid, anticipating all the adventure the day would bring. Marnie couldn't shake the anxiety and foreboding she was feeling about going to this particular company event, and Brenda was acting bored, until they rolled into the parking lot and she saw some boys without shirts playing catch with a hardball.

"Please stay where we can see you, dear. This is a big place and I wouldn't want any crazy stuff happening to you like we hear about in the news." Marnie said to Brenda, before letting her off on her own.

"Oh Mom. I can take care of myself. Bye." Brenda said as she ran to a knoll where she could see the boys again.

"Do you think she'll be okay honey?" Marnie asked Roger concerned.

"What's gotten in to you? You haven't been this protective of Brenda since she was a toddler. Relax, she'll be fine. One day soon, she'll be out on her own, and there'll just be you and me. Let's start today by having our fun and let her have her fun. Okay?" Roger said to cheer her up.

Marnie leaned to her side, hugged Roger's arm and stared off into space.

At the picnic site, Marnie started to relax a bit. She talked with Roger's secretary and some of the wives of the other salesmen. She pitched in and lost herself in the preparing and setting out of the food for the lunch. Roger was joking with some of the guys by the barbecue wearing his apron and chef's hat for the effect. People of all ages were buzzing about, going to or coming from swimming, playing volleyball and checking into the food area for a snack or something to drink, recruiting players for a softball game that wasn't scheduled until later, and just mingling.

There was a lot of flirting among people who didn't see each other, except for this event and the one at Christmas. With Roger so close, Marnie retreated from the advances and the temptations to flirt back. By all appearances, she had become an introverted busybody, with her lack of eye contact and her fussing with the food.

Marnie was in a bad state at this party. Due to recent events in her life, she had become horny all of the time, and her crotch ruled her thinking sometimes. Here, at the picnic, there were men and women in their summer finest, which meant skimpiest in many cases. Many people were there with the intention of showing off their efforts throughout the year at the gym, the fat clinics, and sunbathing. If she looked around too much, it intensified her urges. For her, it was a tightrope walk between being appropriately sociable and keeping her sexual tiger caged.

A couple of hours into the party, the greatest numbers of people were hungry from all of the physical activities. Marnie stood behind a long table and offered to help anybody with the food they wanted on their plates, when they had both hands full. Marnie looked at plates and the food on the table as much as possible. She didn't want to field passes, compliments, or involved questions. When Brenda came through the line, she had to put her face down by the food to get a "Hello" from her mother.

"Could you give me a little of that Jell-O, please? There's always room they say." She asked of her mother, and then looked at the lad next to her in line.

"I'll have what she's having." The voice next in line said.

Marnie froze in a trance and had a flashback at the sound of the voice.

"Mom. Hey Mom! Are you all right?" Brenda said, trying to snap her out of it.

When she snapped to, she answered Brenda, "Oh fine. Yes fine, Dear."

She looked up at the person in line next to Brenda, then she became pale as if she'd seen a ghost. There was the Larcher kid, Jeff, as snively as ever, smiling with a shit-eating grin.

"You remember Jeff, Mom. He and his dad were the ones that helped us with the car a while back."

"Yes of course. Nice to see you again, and thank you so much for your help." Marnie said pleasantly for appearances.

"Nice to see you too miss." Larcher replied.

Marnie watched intently as the two sat down under a tree and ate their lunch together. She resolved to trust her intuition better in the future. She knew this picnic would lead to no good. Now, her daughter was getting familiar with Larcher's kid. If Roger only knew what this company event could be doing to their family, he probably would have been the first to decline the invitation. "Oh god!" Marnie was thinking, "Where there is smoke, there is fire. The dad must be here too." She feared. She continued to survey the grounds until she grew tired of the vigilance and let her guard down somewhat, and was brought into a conversation next to her.

When she looked back at the tree where Brenda and Jeff were sitting, they were gone. Leaning up against the tree with arms and legs folded was Larcher staring back at her. She grew a little faint and her legs weren't a hundred percent for a moment. She started to look back at Roger, but thought better than to ID her husband to Larcher.

Larcher beckoned her to him with his index finger. Marnie put some random food on a plate and walked it out to him. "What are you doing here? This is a company picnic." Marnie challenged.

"Nice to see you too, Missy." Larcher said with false hurt feelings. "You forget Missy, I work for the building that your husband's company occupies. I'm moonlighting to provide security to keep each and everyone of you safe here." He said in a cutesy way, ending with a pat of his index finger on her nose. He looked down at the plate. "You sure aren't concerned about my health, though. There is nothing but greasy, sugary and salty foods on this plate."

"Larcher, I mean Mr. Larcher, please don't play with me or my daughter here. Not today, please. This is an important event for my husband. It's the annual company picnic for god's sake. Please." Marnie begged.

"What ever do you mean? I don't play with you; I give you what you need. I bet you need me right now, don't you?" He said, looking at her knowingly.

"Can't we just have a truce for today, please." She pleaded

"You haven't answered me. You need me right now, don't you? I've been watching the way you have been avoiding getting involved at this picnic. My guess is you are fighting the temptation to take on every man here. Am I right?"

Marnie looked down at her fingertips, red with embarrassment, "Mr. Larcher, please."

"Just as I thought. So are you shaved for me today?" There was a pause with no answer. "Are you going to tell me the answer or show me the answer right here."

"Yes, I've kept myself shaved." She confessed.

"Good. I'd like to see that bald pussy of yours right now, but I'm going to try to honor your request and let it pass. I'd like you to do something for me, though."

"What would that be?" Marnie asked with trepidation.

"What kind of swim suit did you bring? One piece or two piece?"

"Ah, one piece."

"With your figure, it should always be a two piece. Well then, I'd like you to go into that bathroom there and take off your bra and panties, stuff them in your sneakers and walk your sneakers back out to me here." Larcher instructed.

"I can't do that here. Look, you can see the outline of my bra and panties through this blouse and shorts as it is." Marnie protested.

"You ask a big thing of me, which is against my nature, and in return you refuse a small little thing that is probably more in your nature now than when we first met. Now, don't you think you should reconsider?" He said, giving her another chance to follow his directions.

"Damn you!" Marnie said under her breath as she turned toward the bathroom facilities.

It was a busy place, with all of the people in attendance and so few stalls. Marnie waited in line for a stall to open up. She took off the underthings and put the sleeveless white blouse and the pale yellow shorts back on. She tried to look at herself in the stall before exciting, but couldn't get the whole picture. With the women and girls standing in line for the stalls and mirrors, she thought better than to check herself out in the mirror before leaving. There were looks enough just walking out of the restroom barefoot with her shoes in her hand.

As she walked across the grass to where Larcher was waiting, she immediately realized how vulnerable she was being barefoot. Any twig, pebble or rough piece of litter caused her to flail her arms around for balance, as her tender feet rejected her full weight on them. This caused her large breasts, now unencumbered, to flail about under the blouse as well. About twenty feet from Larcher, she stepped on something painful and she dropped the shoe with the bra tucked most of the way into it. She had to scramble to stuff it back in before anyone was the wiser.

As she approached Larcher, he looked pleased with his choice. "See, it's a good thing you stay shaved for me, the only dark things that show through your clothes this way, are your nipples."

Marnie looked down and wanted to drop her shoes and cover her breasts with her arms, but that would draw more attention to her. She did realize, though, in looking at herself, that with the sun moving from directly overhead to down in the west a bit, which meant she would have to stay in the shade and in front of dark backgrounds. Anything else and she would not be able to avoid having her large breasts, fairly firm for her age, on full display for everyone candlelit through her blouse.

"Can I go now?" Marnie asked defeated and annoyed.

"That's all for now, except I'd like you to bring me some real food, like something your husband is cooking up."

Marnie stared back at him with scorn, breathed out deeply, and went back to the covered food area to fetch Larcher a 'Roger Burger.' Since mere walking was hazardous to her modesty, she took it slowly and carefully back to the food table. She walked over to Roger, and tried to stay behind him to his side, as she asked him, "I have a special request for one of your burgers. Do you have one ready for me?"

"Sure, Snookums. Here ya go_oooo_what happened to your bra?" He asked as he realized the change in her dress immediately.

"Is it that noticeable?" Marnie asked innocently. "I was getting this itchy rash, and I couldn't just go around scratching my breasts here in front of everyone. It seems to have been the bra that caused it, because they were fine shortly after I took it off." She lied, which she was getting expert at to cover the tracks Larcher always left on her.

"You poor thing." He said sympathetically. "But, I don't see how you are going to mange to keep my horny friends, much less me, off of you like this." He said concerned. "What else did you bring to wear?"

"I've got a bathing suit, but somehow serving food in a swimsuit seems worse, don't you think?" She asked hopefully.

"I suppose. Please be careful Hun, there seems to have been a lot of horniness around the office this last month. Everybody is talking sex, underground videos, afternoon delights, orgy's in the office, it's a wonder we do as well as we do with the business, considering. I'm just lucky to have such a sexy wife with a healthy libido like you."

"I'll be as careful as I can Dear. I've got to run this over to the gentleman who requested it." She said, then tiptoed up to plant a kiss on his lips. "Can you keep your eyes out for Brenda, Honey? I didn't like the looks of the crowd she was with a little while ago.

"Sure thing." He said, as he patted and goosed his wife on her beautiful butt, nearly making her lose the burger for Larcher as she turned to leave.

Marnie carefully returned to Larcher with his order.

"He is a good cook, you luck out again with this guy."

"Mr. Larcher, please let me put my bra back on. Some of these people can make or break my husband's career with this company. I can't afford to louse it up for him. Look at me. Sure it's amusing to you, maybe stimulating to the other guys here, but to the wives, it is foul play and me and my husband will become pariahs when they see me this way." Marnie pleaded.

"You know Walter always looks out for you. I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to introduce you to the man who can make your husband's career skyrocket. Come on." He insisted, holding out his hand.

"No, I can't, not here, not now, not like this." She protested, as she tried to pull away from his grasp.

The struggle would only draw attention to her, and the last thing she wanted was any attention drawn to her at all. So she reluctantly followed in Larcher's in tow. Along the way, she got away with pretending to scratch her side with her free arm as a way of unobtrusively placing her arm under her breasts for support. Larcher was walking just a little too fast, however, for her to maintain the level of decency that she would be comfortable with. Plus the physical exertion was raising the perspiration on her skin a bit. From the looks of it, Larcher was taking her to one of the volleyball courts. This one had a crowd of men around it because the wives were playing off to see which team would challenge the husbands' team.

When they reached the game, Larcher had Marnie stand between him and a late forty or early fifty something balding man, who really seemed to be into the game. At a pause in the action, Larcher cleared his throat and said, "Afternoon Mr. Chester. This is a great party this year."

"Oh, thanks, yes it is. Walter, isn't it?" He replied.

"Yes Sir, Walter Larcher, Sir. Have you met Marnie here, she's the wife of Roger in sales."

"Yes, I know him, good man. Southeast area, I believe. Glad to meet you. My, he has good taste. Where has he been hiding you? Have you been to one of these picnics before?"

"Oh yes Sir. I've always enjoyed them." Marnie said politely.

"I guess they're too big these days for me to get to know everyone's families. But I sure am glad to meet you. Oh, Good shot there! Have you ever played volleyball before?" He asked between cheering.

"Not so that I developed any skill at it." She replied.

"Well, you know these two teams are uneven. Why don't you walk onto the team on the left there." Before she could answer, Mr. Chester had stopped play to allow Marnie to join in the game.

"No really, I'm not very good. I don't think I even know all of the rules." Marnie tried to decline the invitation.

"Nonsense, everybody can learn and play it before the end of one game. Here you go on the left front. Just rotate positions when you are prompted, hit the ball only once in a row, and have fun." Mr. Chester said.

With a push in the low back from Larcher, Marnie was on her way to shocking the volleyball world in this park. When it was clear she wasn't going to be much help on the playing field, the others tried to cover for her. Marnie would put her hands up to her face as if to protect herself from a falling rock each time the ball came near her. When she was rotated to the middle front, her team called a time-out. They were serious about winning so they could get their chance at the men's team. During the time out they instructed Marnie to stand with her hands over her head about four inches apart. Then, just get directly under the ball and push it back up in the air. All they wanted from her was to keep it in play so it wouldn't hit the ground.

So every time the ball was served, until a side was given the point, Marnie stood under the falling ball and jumped up, pushing it back up into the air. Pleased with the success she was having with this simple technique, she didn't notice that one by one, most of the spectators who were on the one side with the sun to their backs had gradually moved to the side facing the sun on the other. Between the light outlining the shape and size of her breasts and her perspiration making her shorts and blouse more and more translucent, she had the crowd cheering for her team, and her successful shots in particular.

Her team pulled a come from behind victory. They were jumping, screaming and hugging. The other side congratulated them and wished them good luck against the champion husband team. Marnie was now fully aware of the display she was presenting. She tried to beg out of the championship match, but the crowd wouldn't have it. She was part of getting them there and she needed to finish with them, or so they all argued.

The excitement of the game, the humiliation of being on display, and the perspiration running down her body started to make her butt crack and bald pussy visible. The blouse was starting to get a little clingy too. So, Marnie thought it would be best to untuck her shirttails to counteract whatever she could with the tails lying loose on top of her shorts. She couldn't keep her legs together nor could she play with her arms across her chest and be any help to her team, so she had to bite the bullet and just do her best to do as instructed to help her team win.

The women won the first game, before the husbands woke up from their overconfidence to realize they actually had a battle on their hands. The sight of the sweaty bodies of the husbands' across the net with tank tops and shirts off was getting Marnie wet between the legs, as her pussy juices mixed with the sweat. The pale yellow shorts were now showing all of her cracks and folds when she bent to pick up the ball. The wives were just as fascinated with her body and her bald pussy as the men, it seemed, but in their own way.

Both sides fought hard for the second game and the husbands won, but just barely. Marnie couldn't hide a thing from the crowd, so she started trying to use her assets to her team's advantage in the rubber match. She unbuttoned a couple of buttons at the top of her blouse, so when she was in the front with her hands on her knees in a ready position, the front row could look down her blouse to view some cleavage. When she bent to pick up the ball, she did so a little slower than necessary, pointing her rear at the men. When the game came down to the wire and the score was 13 – 14 husband's side out, the wives went for broke on the husbands' service. Marnie was at the middle front with her hands ready over her head, when the wife immediately behind her grabbed her shirttails and pulled her top up, exposing her full breasts in all their glory to the server just as he was about to serve. He ended up sideswiping it out of bounds on his side. On the side out for the women, Marnie held her blouse up herself, as the ball lobbed down to the ground between two awestruck opponents.

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