tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie Sees A Professional

NWMD!: Marnie Sees A Professional


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part is premised on the initial story where Marnie is blackmailed by a man named Larcher and his son Jeff under the threat of the man unleashing his son and buddies on Marnie's daughter, Brenda. This is one of the parts that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that they were written, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow, please enjoy.


Marnie endured two situations, which had a compounding affect on her life both physically and mentally. One was a couple of scenes she made in a movie under duress, and another was at her husband's office building in a conference room. Central to these incidences were a man named Larcher, and his kid Jeff. Marnie earlier found herself with these two in a compromising position, to avoid threats they were making toward her daughter.

Since that time, Marnie had gotten herself into deeper water, but managed to keep her family clear of it. It was becoming harder to do though, because her husband, Roger, and her daughter, Brenda, were growing increasingly concerned about the changes they were noticing in her. Specifically, she had an increased sexual appetite; she was shorter with them as if on a diet or trying to quit smoking; she was more emotional and prone to breaking into tears for no apparent reason that they could tell; and, Marnie was occasionally finding excuses to be out of the house in the evenings and week-ends.

It was going to be another stretch of a couple of days where Roger would be traveling to visit his territory for his paper company. Marnie was concerned, because she was using Roger in the mornings and evenings to keep her increased sexual appetite in check. She begged him at the airport not to go this month. She kissed him passionately, put his hand on her pussy through the front of her jacket, and tried to get him to move it all around, but he was conscious of all the other people around at the departure drop off, and pulled it out wondering who might smell her on his hand before he could get a chance to wash it.

With Marnie in a constant state of heat from "pulling the train" at a movie set and a more recent gangbang in a conference room, she found herself becoming something of a flirt. Being married, she felt she had to keep this at the fantasy stage, but she was instinctively practicing for the possibility that she would have to attract someone to help her clip her horns one day, and it might not be Roger.

The sexual frustration and tension throughout her body created a compulsion that Marnie had never known the likes of before. She decided on a course of action that she never would have dreamed of in a million years. Her plan was to interview some professionals to learn as much as she could about faceless sex and how to deal with her increasing urges toward becoming a slut. She went to an area of town that streetwalkers could be seen frequenting. She parked a couple of blocks off of the thoroughfare, and walked to the main avenue. She was not quite dressed like the pros, but then she was not dressed exactly like herself either. She wore a red mid-thigh mini and a white tight sleeveless, knit turtle neck top, and heels. As she approached the Avenue from the side streets, her heart was beating faster and faster. As she turned to walk down the street, she experienced eyes upon her of all kinds.

There were the cars that slowed as they passed; there were the threatening stares by the hookers who had staked out territories, and who would watch her with intimidating looks to make sure that she would continue to pass; there were the kids in cars that laughed and pointed; and, there were the ladies, like herself, who would glance with disgust at the sight of her. "Whom can I talk to?" She agonized. "That one? No, she looks too mean. Her? No, she looks ill. Over there? No, here comes a guy." Marnie searched for that one person she could confide in and pump for information.

"There. That one. I hope she is willing to talk." Marnie thought, as she watched a young woman straightening her clothes and redoing her makeup in a storefront window, after just being let out of a car. Marnie approached. After summoning up all of her courage she asked, "Can I buy you some coffee, lunch or something?"

"Who are you? What do you want? I'm not into women, you know." The hooker said.

"I need to talk to someone about something. I was hoping you could give me a few minutes." Marnie confessed.

"People pay me for my time, Honey." She challenged.

"I'll pay you. Here's fifty bucks. Will you sit with me in that café there, and talk to me for a few minutes?"

The hooker took the money, put it in her clutch bag, looked around to see if anybody was watching her, and went into the cafe with Marnie.

They ordered light meals. "So what's eating you so much that you would want to talk to me? I'm a total stranger to you. I can tell you are uncomfortable in this part of town, and this is the kind of money to that you would pay to a therapist." She asked of Marnie.

"Well, you see, I have this problem. Well wait, let me back up. I'm being blackmailed." The hooker's eyes widened with interest. "This man thinks he can have his way with me whenever he wants it. And he can, you see. He knows where I live, he has threatened to unleash his kid and the kid's friends on my daughter, and he has some embarrassing circumstances on me that could ruin my marriage." The hooker looked on with interest but little sympathy. "He has been gradually making it so that I need sex all of the time. My husband can't satisfy me completely any more, and the man doesn't demand sex of me often enough for that to cure the problem either." The hooker began to look a little more confused. "What I want to do is fix it so I have just a normal sex drive again that I can enjoy with my husband, which will give me time to clear my head so I can concentrate on figuring out a way out of my mess with this blackmailer. Frankly, if he were to call me right now, I'd go without hesitation, even though I know he would find a way to make it humiliating and embarrassing for me. I sort of figured that a professional like you would know how to turn the drive on and off to maintain your balance with what you do."

"Honey, you've come to the wrong place. I've got the hots all the time. That's why I do this. If I were an alcoholic, I'd probably be working in a bar. The only way I know to turn it off, Babe, is to get it on. The beauty of this is that you get paid for it." She said brightly.

"But, do you enjoy it with everyone you do it with?" Marnie asked amazed.

"Honey, you've got to take the good with the bad. Sometimes I've got to go with quantity over quality, but then that's good for business you see." She said advisedly. "I have a few rules, though. I don't kiss on the lips, it's just my thing; I don't allow them to cum in me without rubbers, I bring my own; and, no rough stuff, my man sees to that."

"Your man?" Marnie asked for clarification.

"Yeah. You know, what you'd call a pimp." She responded. "I make sure I get my money's worth from dealing with a pimp. Unlike these other broads around here though, he don't own me. We are business partners, and I keep it that way." She said.

"How does that work, exactly?" Marnie asked.

"You sure do have a lot of questions. I just get this feeling that they will go on and on. Let me ask you something. How old are you, thirty something?"

Marnie felt like she could tell more truth, "39".

"Well, I'm 24, and technically, you are old enough to be my mother, so what do you say we make this a 'take your mother to work day'. You can see for yourself what it is all about." The hooker said.

Marnie was shocked; she didn't actually want to enter this zone; she just wanted to learn from it. "But, but . . ."

"Here, pay the lady and come with me." The hooker said while holding on to her upper arm, impatiently. "We'll hang out at my spot together, and we'll pick up a mark that's into a three-way. I'll show you what it's all about. The longer I stay in here though, the more money is slipping through the cracks."

Before Marnie could protest, the hooker was pulling her out the door and down street to a few feet before a bus stop. "I really don't think I . . ." Marnie started to say before being interrupted.

"Here, I'll hold your arm to advertise us as a package. Just walk a little bit with me. Yes that's it. Now smile for that car. Yes. We'll get one, don't worry. Quick walk this way. I know that creep. We've got to put up the 'Not For Sale' sign. Good. You wouldn't want that bastard for your first trick." The hooker said.

"I don't think I should be doing this, really. It's illegal. I'm a housewife. I don't even know your name." Marnie protested.

"Oh is that it. Most people call me 'Ginger', but my real name is Susan. Call me 'Ginger', though. It will work out better. So now, let's see if we can interest this one. He has a nice car. Fuck! I know what we have to do. Here tuck this in. Better yet, lose the bra too. Yeah, much better. Let me find those safety pins. Damn where are they, oh here they are. I'm just going to hem this up temporarily." Ginger said, as she tucked the tail of Marnie's top up under itself so the bottoms of her breasts were almost visible, and hemmed her mini-skirt to a couple of inches below her crotch. "You look great. Now that's the bait we need. Okay here comes another nice car. Smile. That's it. Okay, now leave the talking to me." Ginger instructed.

Ginger walked up to the half open window, leaned on the door, and talked. Marnie began to notice her young firm ass under the short skirt, and tried to fantasize how a man would react to the sight before her. Marnie took in everything about her. She decided then and there to let this young woman become her mentor and teacher. For the rest of the day, she was going to allow Ginger show her this new world and see what she would see.

Ginger came back to Marnie on the sidewalk, and said, "We're going to ride with him to a nice part of town for a couple of hours. Are you ready for some action to take care of that problem you were talking about?"

Marnie nodded. Ginger pulled out her cell phone, made a call, walked around to the front of the car as she spoke, then punched in a few numbers and said, "Okay, let's go. Here, you can get in back." She said while holding the door open for Marnie.

Once inside, Marnie was taken by the rich black leather interior, with gadgets and features galore. She lowered her tinted glass window to allow some of the man's cologne to escape the car. He said, "Hey Sweetie, I've got the air on," and he sent her window back up from the front. Marnie just sat and watched Ginger work herself over to the man's side. She put her left hand on the man's right shoulder and her right hand probably in the man's groin, Marnie surmised, by the man's reaction.

"How long before we get there?" Ginger asked. "Bonnie and I are ready for this monster to be released."

"So my name is Bonnie now." Marnie thought to herself.

Soon they were parking at the entrance of a large residence in the circular driveway. They entered the house into a two story front hall with a large stylish stairway. As you looked straight ahead you could see an elaborate pool area through some French doors.

"Let's retire to the pool for some fun in the sun." The man directed.

As they entered the back yard, they first went through a covered patio before, being immersed into the sunshine of an elaborate garden and pool area. An eight-foot cement surrounded the space and brick wall with plants and ivy covering the expanse, so the limitation of the wall was somewhat disguised.

"Why don't you help each other out of those clothes, slowly." He said as he sat down in a chaise lounge with the sun to his back.

Ginger began by placing her fingertips on Marnie's top at the folded hem. Marnie balked. She mistakenly assumed that she could remain an observer. Then she relaxed, as she had decided to put her faith in Ginger and leave caution aside. Ginger slowly pulled the top up, but stopped when Marnie's face was covered and her arms were raised. She looked at the man and looked at Marnie's beautiful tits and palmed her nipples in a circular motion to raise them to stiff gumdrops. Marnie pushed her hips back and bent her knees trying to pull away from the exquisite sensations without actually pulling away. When the top was off, Ginger turned Marnie away from the man and unzipped the skirt and let it slowly slide down her strong legs while tracing her fingers down her backside and legs. Marnie was getting wet between her legs now from the excitement of this daring afternoon, the warm sun on her naked body, and Ginger's arousing touch. "Your turn Bonnie." Ginger said.

Ginger stood before the man, staring seductively into his eyes, as Marnie approached. Marnie chose to slowly roll the tight top up Ginger's body, stopping first so that the rolled material rested across her nipples, but leaving the bottoms of her jutting young tits exposed. Following Ginger's lead, Marnie caressed the exposed undersides of Ginger's breasts, eliciting a look of surprise mixed with appreciation from Ginger. When she started rolling again, Ginger lifted her arms in the air, anticipating that Marnie would be pulling the top off her now, but Marnie left it rolled up above her breasts and below her arms. She started to roll Ginger's nipples in her fingertips to increase her arousal as Ginger had done to her. Then, instead of taking the top off, she went to Ginger's spandex tube skirt and started rolling it down her hips. When she got to Ginger's thin strip of trimmed pubic hair, she stroked it as she watched the man's reaction. Ginger's eyes closed and she bent at the waist slightly in response to the unexpected touch. Marnie continued to roll the tube skirt down until it was a band around her knees. So, with Ginger voluntarily holding her arms above her head, and her legs held together at her knees, Marnie guided her to turn around with her back to the man, and glided her palms around Ginger's butt cheeks to demonstrate the smoothness, firmness, and curves. By this point, Ginger was padding on one foot to the next from sexual arousal. Finally, and mercifully, Marnie slipped the top off, then the bottom.

Now, both women, one younger and more nubile and the other more mature, but in very good shape, stood before the man awaiting further instructions. He sat contemplating the sight before him. Ginger took up the lead, grabbed Marnie's hand and started moving them to either side of the man, when he stopped them. "Kiss while you play with each other's cunts." He directed.

"I told you up front, I don't kiss marks and I don't do women." Ginger said in an authoritative tone. "But we'd be happy to do you." She said in a more seductive tone. Then she started moving up toward him again.

"No, wait, I didn't ask you to kiss me, I asked you to kiss each other. I'll double what we agreed on and I won't ask you to do oral on each other. I'd just like to see who can get the other off first. Here's fifty dollars to the winner." He said, as he put the money down between his legs. "All I ask is that you stay kissing and working the other's pussy with a hand. The first one to break the kiss due to orgasm loses, and to the winner goes the spoils. Deal?" He asked.

Ginger and Marnie looked at each other for clues to their thinking. This didn't appeal to Marnie any more than it did to Ginger. Marnie decided to stand behind Ginger's decision to turn down the offer, but then Ginger put her hand on the back of Marnie's head and started kissing her. Then Ginger's other hand went to Marnie's crotch. Ginger's eyes were closed and her actions had intention. Marnie's eyes were wide open in shock and her hands were hanging listlessly at her sides. When Ginger's touch was starting to work on Marnie's arousal, Marnie put her hand on Ginger's pussy to give her back some of the same.

The man watched with delight as the two women positioned themselves trying to maintain good balance to work their opponent to their proper advantage, while struggling with the sensations the other was creating between their own legs. Subtle strategies developed, like if one of them was holding the heads together in a kiss with one hand, the other woman was free to use her second hand on the opponent's nipples. When one would back her cunt away from the other's hand, due to the intensity of the sensation, the other would bring her hips real close and hug around the waist sensing victory. It amounted to a seesaw battle between two hot vixens that both wanted to cum themselves, but wanted to win the game just a little more. The edge went to Marnie, because she wasn't as comfortable with her body in front of this stranger as Ginger was with hers. Besides, the humiliation of being brought to orgasm at the hands of another woman was unappealing enough to keep her from crossing that final line.

Ginger, on the other hand, who would ordinarily be in better control of her body for this, broke from the kiss, put her hands at her side, bowed her legs out, tilted her head back, and let Marnie finish her off in a shuddering orgasm that saw her slowly collapse to the cement panting. Marnie was amazed at watching and having a hand in another woman's orgasm. She stood dumbfounded for a few minutes, momentarily forgetting the sexual tension she had built up in herself and was in need of relieving so desperately.

"Bravo!" The man exclaimed. "Come here and collect your winnings."

Ginger looked on in envy as Marnie picked up the cash between the man's legs. He brushed her left nipple with the back of his hand as she bent down for her prize. Then he hooked his hand around her upper leg just below her left cheek. This kept Marnie momentarily in place at his side. Then he slid a couple of fingers from his left hand in along Marnie's vulva. "Now, what would it take to have you kiss Bonnie's lips here?" He asked hopefully.

"You're playing with me. You know that is out of the question." Ginger said sharply.

"So, Ginger Honey, come here stand next to me on this side here." She got up and stood at his left side. "Great. Now both of you face my feet. That's it. Now bend over and touch your ankles. Good. Now, let's talk about it." He said, as he put his fingers from each hand on each vulva, and began stroking in unison. "There has to be some way, some price that would make a simple request like mine worth it to you. Now what would it be?"

Ginger rose up from her position. "Now see here . . ."

"Back in position while we talk, okay?" She went back down.

"You are paying us to come here and get you off. In fact you are paying us double because we played your little game. Now what do you want us to do to get you off?" Ginger said, while upside-down.

"What really gets me off is watching two really hot women, like you two, get each other off. If you could make an exception, I could make it worth your while. If not, then I'd like to be sucked silly. What will it be?" He posed.

"We'll suck you 'silly'." Ginger said for the two of them.

Marnie just looked at Ginger wondering what this day would bring next.

"Stay right here while I get something, and I'll be right back." He said as he left to go inside the house. When he got back, Ginger and Marnie were standing next to the chair. In one hand he had a large double-ended dildo. "Move over here. Now stand back to back. A little farther apart. Okay, bend over at the waist and I'll help this in. No, you can do it." He said.

When he had them connected by the dildo, back-to-back, hands on their knees, he undid his pants and stepped out of them along with his briefs. He wobbled his cock to an erection watching their faces adjusting to the initial pain the oversized dildo was making, as it stretched their pussies. Admiring Marnie's hanging tits, he approached her first and put his good-sized cock in her mouth. As he fucked her mouth, she moved slightly to his rhythm, moving the dildo in her snatch, as well as Ginger's. "At least she had some hope of getting her horns clipped now that something was stuffed inside of her." Marnie thought.

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