tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNWMD!: Marnie Tries Greek Mythology

NWMD!: Marnie Tries Greek Mythology


Prologue: "NWMD!" identifies this as a part of the "Not With My Daughter!" series of adventures befalling Marnie, her friends and family. Each stand-alone part derives from the initial story where a man named Larcher under the threat of unleashing his son on Marnie's daughter, Brenda, blackmails and humiliates Marnie. This is a part that would pass the age submission guideline. If you want to read these in the order that I wrote them, feel free to contact me or visit my site. Others to follow. Please enjoy.


Marnie waited, agitated, embarrassed, and concerned for her first of the day appointment with Dr. Cunningham. The previous morning, she had a rough day, to say the least. The blackmailing Larcher exchanged favors with Marnie, only she got the long, wide end of a stick. In a span of half an hour, Marnie went from the best fuck of her life to the most horrible. She was conned into having sex with a mentally dimmed, inexperienced large sized man with a cock of unusual proportions. She was stretched and bruised to such a degree, that she was here, in Dr. Cunningham's office, to be checked out for any permanent damage or loss of function.

Her condition was serious enough in her mind to risk Dr. Cunningham finding out about her exploits at the hand of Larcher. The possibility haunted her that he would not be professional enough to keep it from his wife, her friend, or from members of a tennis club they all belonged to. She was there early. She didn't want to wait in a busy waiting room. She was waiting for Dr. Cunningham to arrive at this point, sitting with an agitated worried stare, but still managed a friendly smile when the receptionist had eye contact with her. "He just arrived." The receptionist finally said. "It will be just a minute before he is ready for you."

Marnie was getting nervous, like she was the lead in her high school play on opening day before her first scene. "Maybe I should just wait a week and see if it heals on its own." She thought. "I could see him later . . ."

"Doctor can see you now." The nurse said.

She held the door for Marnie with her rear, hugging Marnie's file to her chest. When she saw Marnie's difficulty in walking, she held out her hand in an offer of assistance. "You look sore. Take the first one on the left there." She said.

Marnie went in the room and turned around stiffly. "Can I help you with anything, your clothes, getting on the table?" She asked concerned.

"No, thank you. I've been managing." Marnie said.

"I'll go tell Dr. C. your almost ready then." The nurse said.

Marnie heard a gentle rapping at the door, as she was tying the bottom tie of the gown in back. Naked except for her bra and hospital gown, Marnie looked startled and embarrassed when Dr. Cunningham walked in with the nurse. "She's having trouble ambulating. I think we should help her up to the examining table." The nurse told the doctor.

"Hi Marnie. What seems to be the problem?" The doctor asked, as he helped her step on a step stool the nurse set down by the table for her.

"Hi Dan. How's Ginny?" Marnie asked, as she gingerly sat down on the tabletop.

"She's fine. She didn't know I'd be seeing you today or she would have asked me to say 'hi' for her. Now, what brings you here today?" The doctor probed.

"I wonder if I could speak to you alone first." Marnie posed to the doctor.

"Helen, would you mind? I'll buzz for you when I need you. Thanks." He said to his nurse. "Now what seems to be the matter?"

"Dan, I need you to examine me, and tell me if I'm okay, but please don't ask me how it happened. Can we have a deal?" Marnie asked worried.

"Sure Marnie, I won't ask, unless it is necessary for the diagnosis, fair enough?"

"Okay." Marnie said, as she swung herself around on her back, feet on the end of the table, waiting for the stirrups to be swung into place. When they were set, she moved her legs into them with the Dr.'s assistance.

Dr. Cunningham stared in shock at the condition of this proper and straight friend of his. Not knowing exactly what to say to have a discussion about it, and since direct questions about the circumstances were off limits, he said, "It looks like you've been pretty busy down here."

Marnie blushed all shades of red. It was not the bedside manner she had hoped for. "Dan, how does it look? Am I going to be okay? Am I going to be able to have normal relations with Roger again? What do you think?" She asked, not giving him much chance to answer in between.

"Marnie, you have considerable contusions, stretching and swelling. I really should look inside, but I don't think I'd be able to do so without a local anesthetic. Let me see if you feel this." He touched the bottom crease of her vagina towards the rectum. "Does that hurt?"


Then he touched the labial lips with his thumb and middle finger, working his way up. "How about that?"

"Yes, a-hunh."

Then he touched her clitoris. "Feel that?"

"Yes." She said, staring at the overhead light and biting her upper lip.

"But, does it hurt?"

"No." She said, hypersensitive to any attention her clitoris gets these days.

"Well, does it feel good?" The Dr. asked.

"Yesssss." She said, letting out a long breath she had been involuntarily holding.

"As in arousal?" He clarified.

"Yes. Can we see if I still work okay? Please don't stop yet." Marnie said basked in humiliation, but no longer willing to let people not finish what they start with her.

"Marnie, that's not entirely proper, but if you insist, I'll oblige, but please don't make any noise, if it works for you. Promise me, or I stop." The Dr. ordered.

"Oh god, Dan I think it's working okay. Please don't stop. I'll be quiet. Ohmygod. I'm so happy. It's going to work again. Oh please keep it higher up. That's it, it hurts lower down. Oh yes, Dan, thank you, it's w o r k i n g. Eeeyagh." She finally exclaimed around her forearm, she was using to muffle her reaction to cumming at the Dr.'s touch.

"Well I guess that answers one of your questions. I still think I'm going to need to check inside. With this much trauma outside, I've got to be sure that there isn't tearing or hemorrhaging. Will that be okay with you?" He asked, looking a little dazed at what his friend had just asked him to do.

Marnie nodded, embarrassed at what she had just asked of him, humiliated that it had come to this, that she would beg to have her doctor and friend get her off in the clinical setting of an examining room.

"I know I agreed not to ask, but don't you want to tell me what happened? Roger didn't do this to you did he? That would be reportable you realize."

"Oh no, it had nothing to do with Roger." Marnie quickly said in his defense, but was uncomfortable with even giving that much information.

"It might help me in the examination to know if it was human, animal, or an inanimate object that caused this. I'd want to help you if it happened against your will. Do you see why it might be to your advantage to tell me a little bit about the injury? I'd like to help as your doctor, as well as your friend. As your doctor I'd need to know if I should give you a tetanus shot. As your friend, I'd like to think I could provide you access to resources that can fix your situation." He said in one final attempt to get the necessary information from her.

"Oh Dan, I can't." She said in tears. The doctor went to open the door to call in the nurse, but Marnie said, "No wait. You've got to promise me you won't tell Ginny, not anyone, not even hints. No one must know. Do you understand? No one. You have to give me your word, as my doctor, and as my friend. You will be the only person I know that will know about any of this, and I've got to keep it here, between you and me, it can't leave this room. Do I have your word of honor?" Marnie said, having sat back up.

The doctor put his hand on her foot and assured her that she could speak in total confidence.

"Well you see it started with this man and his son, who are blackmailing me . . . . . ."

". . . . . neither Roger nor Brenda know. I've got to keep it that way. I'm thinking about calling Larcher's bluff, but I haven't put all the pieces in place yet for that. I won't know when he'll contact me again. No wait, damn, I'm going to have to contact him to find out how to get some photo's I had taken of me for Roger's birthday coming up. You and Ginny are coming, she already got back to me." She said, telling her doctor friend the story for the most part.

"How about I write you a letter before you leave today saying that you are instructed not to have intercourse for two weeks due to your condition. If he tries anything, you show him the letter from your doctor, and he'll have to leave you alone for that stretch of time. It will give you a chance to heal, put on Roger's fortieth, and put your plan together for this dilemma. How does that sound?" The doctor proposed.

"That sounds wonderful, especially if it works." Marnie said, somewhat relieved that she had an ally, finally, in her corner.

"Now I'll get Helen, and we'll get you completely checked out, and send you on your way with everything you need."

Marnie had to wait in the reception area for fifteen minutes while the doctor's letter for her was transcribed and signed. The anesthetic helped her sit and walk. She was glad that she was expected to have full function and recovery. The only question medically now was, how stretched out she may remain after she healed completely. There still was the question of how to break it to Roger, that the morning and evening fuckfest he was growing used to, and enjoying, was coming to a screeching halt for a while. Last night was fatigue; tonight can be a headache; but what about tomorrow?

Roger was very disappointed to miss two nights and a morning. He had been taking vitamin E, and everything else he could think of, to stay in form for his sexy wife. With all of the buzz and heightened sexuality around his office, he was looking forward to their lovemaking twice a day.

Marnie felt a little guilty about turning him down that night, because she was the one responsible for changing the pattern in the first place. It was on her mind in her dreams in the early morning, and the thoughts around it woke her up, so she couldn't go back to sleep. She knelt beside her husband who was sound asleep in just his boxers. She slipped his trunks down as far below his crotch as she could get them. Basically, the waistband was tight up below his balls, pushing them out a little. She bent over and put his cock in her mouth and started laving the head with her tongue. He moaned in his sleep, as if she were now in his dream. Roger got harder and harder. Marnie put her right hand on his balls and gently squeezed and kneaded them for his stimulation. Roger was starting to perspire from his twisting and flopping. Whatever his dream was, he was going to be in the major throws of a whopper orgasm shortly, Marnie surmised.

Roger opened his eyes suddenly and discovered his wife working his cock and balls with practiced expertise. He wanted to hug her, but she sent him back down to the pillow with her left hand on his chest. Then he wanted to play with her tits and nipples, but Marnie extended his arms over his head, to minimize her level of arousal from his touch.

When he brought his arms down again unconsciously to touch her, she said, "Now don't be naughty, or I'll have to tie them up."

They both paused, and thought about what she had just said, registering their individual fantasies that resulted from the notion. Roger kept his arms up through his flopping orgasm, as if his arms were tied overhead. This action on his part was not lost on Marnie either.

When she let him rest and luxuriate from her loving touch, he still had his arms over his head, when he pursed his lips to show he wanted to kiss her. She fed the fantasy and bent over and kissed him passionately, until she ended it all by tickling him under the arms and said, "If you want the shower before me, you'd better get up now."

"How about I get up now, and you join me in the shower." Roger said.

Marnie thought about it for a moment. She loved double showering. "I'm sure now that I could take care of any problems after he's gone. Sure, why not." She thought as she decided to hop in with him. They lathered each other up. Marnie's nipples pushed hard against Roger's palm as he glided his hand over her slippery globes. Roger's cock was hard as steel and his balls squishy as she kneaded them with soapy fingers. Roger was on tiptoes, and every time he reached for Marnie's cunt, she stepped up her massage to keep his hand away from her injured twat. Roger finally had to keep his hands on Marnie's shoulders for support as she relentlessly worked his cock and balls to his second climax of the morning. He was fine, at that point with the fact that Marnie didn't ask anything more from him for herself.

As she kissed him goodbye for the day, Marnie decided to run back up stairs and try to clip her own horns the way Dr. Dan had done for her the day before, excited that she could do it, despite her pain in other parts of her sexual apparatus. Just as she was ready to ascend the stairs, Brenda was coming down. She decided to talk to her first as she followed her into the kitchen.

"Good morning Dear. Have you anything special planned for today?" Marnie asked.

"Hey Mom. I was just going cruising with Jeff Larcher and his friends."

"Brenda, Dear, what exactly is your relationship with Jeff?" Marnie asked concerned.

"Well, we are becoming friends, I guess."

"What do you see in him that the rest of us can't see?" Marnie said with a little bite.

"He's kind of different, and my other friends are fascinated with the fact that I would even go out with him."

"What does that tell you, if your decent friends, that are going to make something of their lives, can't fathom you going out with him?" Marnie challenged.

"It's nothing serious. He's hot for me, and I like that, but I'm just using him to have a good time. Don't worry Mom, I wouldn't do the nasty with him." Brenda said candidly.

"What would you say if I asked you not to see him anymore?" Marnie quizzed.

"I'd say you were overbearing, untrusting, and losing your mother card with me." Brenda bit back.

"What if I told you that I knew something about both Jeff and his dad that should be of grave concern to you, but that I was unable to tell you what it was. Would you trust me, and stay away from both of them?" Marnie cautiously ran past her daughter.

"I'd say you'd have to trust me with the information, so I could appreciate the gravity of it like you." Brenda said with raised eyebrows, waiting for her mother to spill her beans.

"Walter is not a nice man, even though he can seem helpful, he has a very mean streak that you should watch out for. Jeff is just an immature version of his dad, who has one thing on his mind, that doesn't involve any concern for you or your feelings. It is best to stay as far away as possible from both of them, believe me." Marnie said.

"Well Mom, you talk a lot about them, and it is always a slam, but you never say 'why'. It looks like you have an unjustified grudge against the both of them, and you are recruiting me for your purposes." Brenda said back.

"Oh Brenda, Dear. What are you planning to do with him today?"

"We, and some of his friends, are going to the quarry." Brenda was saying. "Don't worry, I don't do drugs, booze, or sex, Mom."

"Oh Brenda, please be careful."

"I can take care of myself Mom."

After a pause, where Marnie emoted concern about Brenda's contact with Jeff, she asked, "So, did you hear back at all about your photos?"

"Ya know, we both got out of Walter's car and forgot to ask him how to get in touch with Kenneth. I'll ask Jeff today if he knows." Brenda said.

"You do that, because I've got to get to Kenneth about the boudoir shots for your dad's fortieth." She said. "Brenda, I love you very much. Please be careful." Then Marnie gave her a hug and a kiss.

After Brenda left, Marnie thought that, since Kenneth was one of Larcher's connections that he might have a presence at the agency building Larcher used to work at. She went downtown to the building that started this whole dilemma for her. She went to the directory in the lobby and looked for anyone with the name Kenneth, or any offices, which had a hint of photography in their name. She came up with three possibilities, one on each of the first three floors above ground level. She decided to start with floor two.

When she got to "Ken's Designs", she learned that it was the office of a set designer. On the third floor, she came across the office of "The Model Image", just the kind of operation Kenneth might be associated with, but no Kenneth working there. On the fourth floor, she entered the office of "Blue Sky Photographic Productions".

"You're late! Come on lets get you ready” A lady with glasses down her nose, pen in her hair, short skirt, blouse with sleeves rolled up and an open vest, grabbed her arm and kept on barking instructions, as she dragged Marnie down a hall to a room that opened up to a studio with camera crew, set and two models standing impatiently waiting to get started. "Here, let me help you get this on, you've held up the whole set. Why didn't you call?" She said as she started undressing Marnie.

She waved another lady over to help her. Marnie was trying to explain and re-button things as fast as they were being unbuttoned, but with two hands now, she was losing ground. "Ah Miss, Oh Miss, I think there is some . . . please listen, I think you . . . now stop! You have made a mistake. I'm not who you think I am." Marnie finally said.

"You're the right height, build, hair color, no mistake, you're right for the job." The lady said, now with Marnie down to her underwear. In the first shot, you'll wear these." She said, as a make up artist was painting Marnie's lips and as her bra and panties were being removed.

"Now listen! All of you." Marnie said, stomping her foot to get them all to stop. "I didn't come here for a shoot, I came to see if some pictures I had taken are ready for me to check out."

"When were they shot?" The lady asked.

"Last weekend, by Kenneth and his wife Maggie. Do they work here?"


"Well how do I get in touch with them?" Marnie asked.

"I could probably get you in touch with them, but you see I have this problem. I am losing this company a great deal of money every minute I don't get this shoot under way. I thought you were the third model. You'd be perfect to replace her. Sounds like you've worked with the best. If you'd be willing to stand in, not only will you make some cash for showing up, but I'd also be inclined to help you for you helping me save my job. What do you say?"

Marnie thought a minute. "I've had my picture taken so much lately, I could probably pull this off. If she helps me find Kenneth, then I don't have to go through Larcher. Hey I could even make some cash to help pay for the Roger's shindig."

"Okay. What's the shoot about?" Marnie asked.

"Story illustrations. There will be several costume changes and it will last about three to four hours, agreed?” The lady asked, making sure Marnie would commit to it, and not walk out in the middle. Marnie nodded. "Okay, lets get this on and get started."

The lady put a sheer full-length gown on Marnie, which cinched around the middle, and was trimmed along the low neckline with sequins. A garland of fake flowers was placed in Marnie's hair like a tiara. She was given a small bouquet of fake flowers to hold.

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