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NYC Tryst


Beth and I had been chatting online for weeks, sharing pictures and stories. Even getting a little nasty on our webcams on occasion. Over that time we'd come to know each other very well, and that we were both missing something from our long-married routines. Not that there wasn't love in our households, there was just no passion, adventure nor excitement. And we decided that we could provide that for each other. What follows is the story of our first meeting.

My name is Jack. I'm a business consultant with a very successful practice. I work hard, take care of my family and on occasion play hard. And on this trip to New York, I was going to play very hard. Because I came to meet Beth, my internet lover. We had made plans to meet in the lobby of the Royalton hotel. At 6' 3" and 215 pounds, dressed in a black suit and a sky blue silk t –shirt that matched my eyes, I was hard to miss. As was Beth…

She walked into the bar wearing a slinky dress that accentuated the curves on your 5-foot frame. She had long auburn hair that flowed down past her shoulders to the tops of her perfectly shaped 36D breasts. All eyes turn to her as her 4 inch heels clicked across the floor. Time seemed to stand still as I rose from the table, drinking in her beauty in person for the first time.

I had her favorite cocktail waiting, Patron silver chilled with a lime in a martini glass. We drank. We talked. We laughed. We touched. Her hand found its way to my thigh and I could feel myself harden to her touch. The passion we'd been dreaming and talking about for so long was now overwhelming us. So we finished our drinks and headed for the elevators. As the doors closed, we fell into each other's arms, locked in a mad, passionate kiss our hands roaming all over each other's bodies. The electricity between us was so powerful it was almost frightening. The doors opened and we walked into the darkened hallway, our hands never leaving each other as we made our way to our room. I pulled the key from my pocket and opened the door, pulling you into the room and pushing you against the closed door. We kissed so hard, so deeply, so passionately, our tongues diving and darting. My hands quickly found your breasts and began massaging them through your dress, your nipples hardening to my touch. I backed away and looked into your eyes. Without saying anything you knew what I needed, and fell to your knees your hands stroking my cock through the thin layer of gabardine. I took off my jacket and let it fall to the floor while you undid my belt and opened my pants, pulling my seven and a half inch shaft out through the fly in my silk boxer shorts. You stroked it slowly and gently while you hungrily stared up into my eyes. I ran my fingers through your hair and gently moved your head forward. Your mouth opened and you took the fat, swollen head in just a bit, swirling your tongue around the tip, licking the glistening precum up as you did.

You moaned almost imperceptibly, and I could feel the vibrations on my sensitive cock. With your right hand firmly around the base of my shaft, I started to rock my hips back and forth as you took me deeper and deeper. Your left hand massaged my balls. I could barely hold back, but I wanted the first time I came with you to be inside of you, so I lifted you up and carried you to the bed. Standing there next to the bed, I removed my shirt and shorts, and you did a sexy striptease for me until your dress and panties lay in a pool around your ankles. I asked you to keep your shoes on. I stood there in awe of your fabulous body, the curve of your perfect breasts, your silky auburn hair glowing in the soft light. My cock throbbed up and down and you couldn't take your eyes off it as you massaged your breasts and pulled on your nipples. I stepped toward you and took your naked body in my strong arms. We kissed again and I slid my rigid cock between your legs. You let out a loud gasp when you felt the ridge of my head drag across your moist pussy lips. I placed my hands under your perfect ass, lifted you off the ground and lowered you onto my shaft. You slid on so easily and you couldn't help but let out a low moan while you whispered my name. We stood there for what felt like an hour just basking in the glory of our interlocked bodies, two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle finally connected. Our eyes were moist with pleasure and the realization that this moment of which we both had dreamed was finally coming true.

Still deep inside you, I lay you on the bed and began gliding back and forth inside you. I was standing, watching your breasts sway with our rhythm, the pure bliss on your face. Your head started to roll from side to side and you asked me for more, so I drove in faster, deeper, harder.

The room disappeared as we both reached a peak that was driven by our needs that had gone for so long unfulfilled. I could feel your breath shorten. I could hear your moans growing louder. I could feel you getting wetter, your muscles tightening around my cock.

I whispered to you, to cum for me and that's all it takes to push you over the edge. I grabbed your breasts and squeezed them hard as I exploded inside you,stream after stream of cum, filling you. The sweat was building on my chest and you reached up and dug your nails into me as wave after wave of pleasure crashed through your body.

We collapsed in each other's arms for a moment to catch our breath. Your hand resting on my heaving chest. My finger tracing a line from your stomach to your magnificent cleavage. I rolled over and poured two glasses of champagne that I'd had on ice next to the bed. After I took a big sip of bubbly, I roll over on my back and swung your leg over my face. You sipped your champagne while I luxuriated in the flavors of you, me and the champagne all blending in my mouth. You ground your hips into me, feeling my tongue reach your stiff clit. It didn't take long for you to cum again and after you did I sat up and shared the taste with you through a long, sweet, tender kiss…

And that was just the prelude to the weekend that changed everything for the two of us… If you'd like to hear more, send me some feedback. This is my first post and I want to know what you think.

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