tagMatureO Canada! Ch. 01

O Canada! Ch. 01


This story is longer than my usual stroke stories. There's a bit more character development in this one. I guarantee there is a payoff. Start on page 2 if you want to get to the juicy stuff!

Special thanks to WhiteWave48 for mentoring and editing.

And a special thanks to the person who inspired the story. She knows who she is.

If you've been a reader of my travelogues and adventures, then you know that my name is Brad and I am an engineer, an entrepreneur and a businessman. I work on starting, selling and buying businesses and I'm always engaged in the art of the deal. It's exciting to be an entrepreneur when the economy is going well; it's even more so when it's not going so well.

I work out every day, and even though I'm in my early 50s, I don't look like a paunchy middle-aged man. I can outlast most thirty-year-olds when I ride my bike, also when I'm swimming and lifting weights or in the board room of big and small business. I have never had any complaints in the bedroom either. I work on stamina and endurance and pleasing my partner.

Lately, I've found myself in between work gigs and have been involved in an on-line relationship with a beautiful young Canadian woman, Anna. She's a nurse in her mid-twenties and is in great shape with a dancer's body, long brown hair and the face of an angel. Well, the 'face-of-the-angel' part I just imagine because I haven't actually seen her face.

Let me explain. I frequent an on-line forum that encourages free and open sharing of everything sexual, including pictures. I'm not shy with my personal relationships and enjoy nudity, but haven't yet brought myself to sharing on the board my most personal pictures. My contribution to the forum is the writing of erotica.

Anna, on the other hand, loves to share dazzling erotic photos of herself. The pictures are so spectacular that she has developed a fan club of sorts, and I imagine that she gets all kinds of propositions of fantasy fulfillment. I've come to look forward to her posting one or two pictures of herself every other day or so, then I alter them using photoshop to enhance them even more.

We've also become friends in mentor/protégé way. She's come to me for advice on more than one occasion and I believe I've helped steer her in the right direction. She is so vibrant and full of life. I think it reminds me of how I was when I was younger and she makes me feel pretty good about myself.

Anna's a little inexperienced when it comes to sex. She's recently broken off a relationship with the one man she'd ever been with and I believe she was ready to start to become more open sexually. How did I know this? She read my stories and told me how hot they were and I could tell by her questions that she'd be interested in trying the new things presented to her.

We also had a few on-line cyber sessions. Cybering is hot with the right person, and believe me, we'd gotten each other off through our almost too brief sessions.

I wanted to meet her.

As luck would have it, I was invited to Canada to engage a few companies to work with me on selling their product to US firms that either didn't know about the companies or didn't know anything about import/export. At the same time, I set up a series of talks at the local university to speak with nursing students about going into business for themselves. The nursing school where I was to speak just happened to be the same school that Anna attended. Coincidence? I think not.

I was thrilled. I thought that this was a good opportunity to meet her and get to know her better. At the very least, I wanted to take sexy erotic pictures of her in an elegant setting, with a good - not great - camera and work on modifying and selecting the pictures together. But what I really wanted was to meet my little protégé and take our relationship to the next level.

Anna was reluctant.

I understood her reluctance; after all, I'm just some guy on the internet, talking to and hoping to meet a beautiful young woman. Why would she want to meet with me? Well, we had already established a relationship. She came to me for advice. Therefore, I was dismayed and confused.

I was dismayed because who wouldn't want to meet me? LOL - I'm a good guy. I'm not bad looking. I'm in pretty good shape. I'm hip for an old guy. Besides I'm really trustworthy and have many friends in real life who know me and know my moral fiber and would be able to tell me a secret that would go with me to my death.

I was confused because I started to think all kinds of things about Anna. What if she wasn't the person she appeared to be to me? What if she was posting pictures of someone else? What if she wasn't really a she?

I didn't care. I still wanted to meet with her. I'm an open guy and could handle anything that turned out to be true. And I didn't want to pressure her at all. If we were to meet it would be totally up to her and on her terms.

I IM'd Anna back with a proposition. Here's how the conversation went:

Brad: Hey! R U there?

Anna: Hey, clown.

Brad: I wanted to chat you up about meeting with me. Anna: OK, but my mind's made up.

Brad: Just hear me out, OK?

Anna: OK. It's your time, fool.

Brad: LOL.

Brad: OK, I understand. I just wanted to give you something to think about. You don't have to meet me.

Anna: OK.

Brad: All you have to do is attend the lectures I'm giving. It's free for students and alumni, so it won't cost you anything.

Anna: Yawn. LOL.

Brad: Awww... c'mon. U might just learn something.

Anna: Doubt it, clown.

Brad: OK. Here's what you do. Go to the lecture. Hear me talk about starting your own business. You'll be able to blend in with all the other students. Watch me. If you like what you see...

Anna: Have sex with you right in front of everyone?

Brad: Well, that would be a good idea, but I may not ever be invited back.

Anna: LOL. I can just see us on the floor together writhing about naked in front of the assembly...

Brad: Oh my... me, too...

I didn't continue our cyber session, but she agreed to come to the lecture and give me a chance and afterward maybe even start her own nursing services consulting business. I took the plunge and gave her my business cell phone number and told her which hotel I was staying in. I asked her to call me if she wanted to meet. And it would be up to her to call me or not. If she didn't, then no worries; it would happen when it was supposed to happen.

My lecture was a week away and there were butterflies fluttering away in my stomach. I hadn't been this nervous since I started lecturing. At least I had plenty to keep me busy.

I had business plans and proposals to write and I needed to work on my lecture. I especially needed to do research into different kinds of nursing services and there were a lot. The week went by pretty quickly. It always does when you're busy and I really had my hands full trying to keep all the balls in the air. Anna and I chatted a bit during the week, but not much more than just to say hi and goodbye. She wasn't around much due to her work schedule, but she told me she had time off on the days that I was going to be lecturing.

That was hopeful.

In order to make sure I was ready, I arrived in Canada a few days early. I got through customs pretty quickly which is usual because of the private jet, and I took a limo to my hotel. I've grown accustomed to getting hotel suites when I travel because I usually need to work and want to keep my traveling office away from my bedroom. And I especially wanted a suite if I was going to be doing any entertaining.

Another reason I got there early was that I also needed to make sure my clothes were well taken care of. There's nothing worse than lecturing in wrinkled, just-got-out-of-the-suitcase clothes. Well, scratch that. There are many things worse - like being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan - but that's another story. Another worse thing is meeting a beautiful woman when you look like you just crawled out of a suitcase.

The fateful day was upon me and I walked the short distance between the hotel and the campus and arrived at the assembly hall. I was met by the Dean of the Business School, Dr. Garry Campbell. Garry and I had a long history. He was definitely one who was a doer who decided to impart his knowledge on the youth of his country. He was a self-made man who didn't look the part of a college professor. He looked like the rich business man he is.

Garry introduced me to the Dean of the nursing school, Dr. Marie-Andrea Troussant. Marie-Andrea was a stunning French-Canadian woman who had look of French Aristocracy mixed in with the healthy great white north. She also had the hint of a French accent. Her crystal blue eyes peered into my eyes as she grasped my hand firmly, shook it and held on. It was an intimate moment with a total stranger.

"I'm so happy to meet you, Brad. Gary has told me all about you," she said to me.

"And I am so pleased to meet you, Madame," I said as I kissed her hand.

"It's Mademoiselle, thank you very much," she corrected me.

"So it is," I said.

This week was going to be extremely interesting.

The lecture went well. Or so I was told by Marie-Andrea and Garry. They invited me out for dinner, but I was pretty tired from the lecture and I wanted to see what Anna was up to. I could see that Garry was quietly delighted I couldn't make it and Marie-Andrea was quietly disappointed. The reactions were telling.

As far as the lecture went, I couldn't really give myself a critique because I was too busy scanning the audience for Anna. Most of the audience was similar - the young college woman look, complete with baggy sweats or scrubs. Some had baseball caps on, some wore glasses. As I had only seen her body, it was going to be difficult task to discern who Anna was. Nevertheless, I was looking at every audience member trying to figure it out. And I had a few good candidates.

I had also purposely designed my lecture so that it was a progressive type of lecture. Day one covered the basics. If you were interested in proceeding, you'd come back for the lecture on day two and so on. This way the lecture on the third and final day would consist of students interested in starting their own business - and Anna. The group would ask pertinent probing questions about the business. Anna wouldn't.

I walked back to my hotel room, took a shower, changed into shorts and a t-shirt and then logged onto the computer. Almost as soon as I did, a bell went off telling me that I had an IM from Anna:

Anna: Hey, clown! R U there?

Brad: I'm here. I was hoping for a phone call! Anna: In your dreams.

Brad: Ayep! In my dreams!

Anna: You looked right at me today.

Brad: I know.

Anna: How do you know?!!?!??!

Brad: I saw you out there and knew it was you.

Anna: You did? Really?

Brad: No. It's a lecturer's technique. I try and focus on a few individuals in the crowd to make a connection.

Anna: Oh. I thought for sure you knew it was me.

Brad: Oh sure. Let me guess, you were either wearing scrubs or baggy sweats.

Anna: That's right...how'd you guess? LOL.

Brad: So...what did you think?

Anna: I'm intrigued.

Brad: Oh my goodness, there's hope for me yet?

Anna: Like I said, in your dreams, fool. Gotta go. TTYL.

And just like that she logged off. I had told her the truth about my lecturing technique, but now I had her picked out from three or four similar looking candidates. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.

Just as she logged off my cell phone rang. It was Marie-Andrea.

I looked down at the phone. Should I answer it or ignore her? I knew what would happen if I answered it, but I didn't. I was here for a purpose. I still had more preparation work to do for tomorrow's lecture and if I went out I'd have to rush tomorrow. Besides, I really was more interested in Anna and I didn't want to jeopardize that by going out with the Dean, no matter what the result of that dalliance would be. On the other hand, there were no promises that I would even meet my little protégé, so why not go with the beautiful Marie-Andrea.

I decided to ignore her call.

The next morning, I woke up early, went for a run and then hit the pool for a swim. I ordered a light breakfast from room service with plenty of coffee, and then fired up the computer to finish work on today's lecture and see if I had any other pressing business issues. When I logged on, there were some IM's waiting for me, which were sent late last night by Anna.


Anna: I guess not. Oh well.

Anna: I just got in from going out with my friends.

Anna: Just wanted to say...I noticed today u talking 2 Ms. Troussant. My jealousy is peaked. You old dog.

Anna: Be careful.

Anna: Are you losing interest in me? :(

Anna: I hope not. I shoulda calld u.

Wow. Now I am glad I didn't take Marie-Andrea's call. My life would have been like that scene in the movie Lost in Translation when the Scarlett Johansson character sort of catches the Bill Murray character with the slutty bar singer after a one night stand.

I IM'd her back.

Brad: Little too much fun last night?! LOL.

Brad: Hope you're doing well. Don't worry, I'll be careful with MA. And you're right, you should have called. :smooch:

Brad: C-ya later? I hope. I'll be looking for you.

The rest of the day Anna didn't write or call, so I worked in my hotel suite up until it was time to lecture. I arrived early to take some questions and to scope out the audience. I saw three of the four Anna candidates. She promised me she would be at all the lectures, so I assumed that she was one of the three.

Marie-Andrea and Garry were both there. She was a little frosty to me and was hanging on Garry's every word and laughing at all his jokes. I assumed they hooked up the night before, but from the way she was acting, she would have rather have been with me. I still didn't know her game or her angle. I have a word for people like that - Starfucker. They only want to be with and talk to the people on top. That suited her to a tee. And since I was the star of this little show she had her hat tilted toward me. The lecture went better than the day before, mainly because I had narrowed my focus to two things - the three young ladies and of course, the lecture. I got more to the point and received more pointed questions this time and I could tell that there were at least a dozen people there who were going to at least consider going into business.

To my surprise all three young ladies approached me after the lecture to ask me direct questions about going into business. All were very attractive and fit Anna's physical build and hair color. Only one of them shook my hand and I made a note of it to further narrow down the field.

I went to dinner with colleagues that evening and then returned to the hotel. Still there was no phone call from Anna. I logged onto the computer and there were a bunch of emails and some IM's from her.

Anna: BUZZ. R U THERE???

Anna: Still not home. You better not be with MA. HAHAHA!

Anna: You're right, I shoulda called, but I'm still nervous.

Anna: I liked the lecture today. It was really interesting. I may just do this.

Anna: BTW - I like your smile and your eyes. And you have nice warm hands.

Anna: TTYL, I hope.

I now knew which of the three young women she was. And now I was really looking forward to the next day's lecture. I could barely sleep; my mind was whirling. I forced myself to meditate and clear my mind of her, but it was barely possible. I did sleep a little then I woke up at two. I sent her a couple of messages.

Brad: Can't sleep. Thinking about you.

Brad: I hope you had fun last night.

Brad: C U tomorrow!

Brad: BTW - you have nice eyes and a pretty smile. And you're hands are soft.

I wanted to let her know that I knew who she was. I hoped I didn't scare her away by doing that. I looked down and my cock was hard. Damn thing has a life of its own sometimes. I wondered if just thinking about her was doing that for me, what it would be like when we finally got together.

I took a cool shower and went back to sleep.

I didn't set the alarm. I wanted to be fully rested and I had nowhere to go and not much to do until the lecture in the middle of the afternoon. The next day I puttered about the hotel straightening up in case I had a visitor. I called down to the concierge and made sure I had a few fresh cut flower arrangements delivered to my room later that afternoon.

When I logged onto the computer, there were a few actions waiting in my email queue, but nothing too pressing. I waited as long as I could before launching IM. I don't know why. I was hoping that there was something there from Anna, but was also worried she got cold feet.

Her messages were there.


Anna: Hope you're getting your beauty rest, you're gonna need it.

Anna: I'll be out most of the day. I'll see you later.

I went out for a light jog to clear the fog from my head and to think things through. I came back, stopped at the hotel salon for a haircut, and then up to my room to shower and shave. I trimmed around my penis and shaved "down there". I looked at it in the mirror; it didn't look like a porn star - all shaved - but it was neat and trim.

I walked briskly to the campus. Garry met me there. He kept on talking to me about Marie-Andrea and how hot she was and how much fun they were having. If I didn't know better... no I did know better... Garry was all but coming out and asking if I'd be interested in a three-way with him and her. I decided to act distracted and not catch his drift. I had other things on my mind, so the distracted part was easy.

I looked around the audience. It had thinned out a little bit. Anna was there in the same spot as the previous days and the other two candidates were gone. When I got to the podium, I looked over at her and I smiled. Her hair was different and so was her make up. She was radiant and beautiful. I could hardly keep my eyes off her. But I forced myself to look away. Then I kept coming back to her. She was stunning.

Afterward, there were a lot of questions to answer and I passed out about 25 business cards to the future entrepreneurs. I agreed to keep in touch with them and mentor them. I also told them that it would cost them!

Anna lagged behind the crowd and approached me after everyone had gone.

"Do I still have to call you?" she asked.

"No you don't," I told her and took her into my arms and hugged her.

Anna hugged me back. I could feel through her dress that she wasn't wearing a bra. I was hoping that she wasn't wearing any panties either. I could feel the familiar surge down there and I pulled back from her.

"No-one's here, let me look at you," I told her.

She did a little pirouette and said, "Do you like?"

I laughed and said, "What's not to like? You are stunningly beautiful."

She was wearing a simple black strapless dress with one single gold chain with a small locket. She smiled at me and I smiled back at her, warmly, as only recently reunited lovers often do.

"I arranged it with Marie-Andrea to escort you out and make sure everything was locked up," she informed me.

"Oh you did, did you?"

"Yes, I did. And I am taking it upon myself to make sure you make it back to the hotel safe and sound. Let me grab my things and we can go, OK?" she asked.

Her things turned out to be a small overnight bag.

"What do you have there?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing. Just my girlie things," she replied.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"As sure as I've ever been," she responded.

I took her bag in one hand and took her hand in my other hand and we walked out together; the door locking behind us. We walked hand in hand to the hotel together, talking and giggling like teenagers.

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