tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersOasis In The Desert Ch. 02.5

Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02.5


To all those who read all three parts of this story before I submitted this part I am sincerely sorry. I had mistakenly left this part out. Thanks to a few readers I was made aware of this mistake and I happy to add the missing section. I hope this will never happen again. Thank you.

Our first invitation arrived at the end of September. Julie spotted it first and tossed it into the trash with out looking at it. She didn't tell me what it was and I didn't bother asking. The next invitation arrived two weeks later. This one Julie opened and after reading it she passed it to me.

It was a formal invitation addressed to the both of us from one of the female teachers at the school. The teacher was a fellow math department teacher that I had talked to on several occasions. She was very sweet, small with small breast and a very cute face. She was a little older then I was but still quite attractive. The invitation said nothing about it being a sex party in fact it only said there would be games and food. How Julie knew it was from one of Dean's circle of friends was beyond me. We didn't discuss the invitation it just stayed on the counter till the day before the party before Julie tossed it out.

The invitations would arrive every other week like clockwork. They would arrive on the Monday or Tuesday for a party on the following Friday or Saturday. Nothing was said about the party other then Julie saying we got another one. But by the third invitation I noticed a change in Julie.

When the third invitation arrived, Julie was as loving and submissive as she always was. Every couple of days she would take the dominant role and I would be on the receiving end that night. But the day after the third invitation arrived, Julie took the dominant role and every night there after till the night of the party. The day of the party Julie was insatiable. She couldn't get enough. She fucked me six or seven times though out the day and had me sucking her cock almost constantly the rest of the time. By Sunday she was her old self and I even felt a hint of remorse from her for being so randy.

When the fourth invitation arrived, I regretted showing it to her as our sex life changed again as Julie took the reins once more. The day after the party Julie was once more remorseful as she did everything she could to make up for her treatment of me. That was when I decided to confront her.

Julie and I were siting out by the pool, both of us were striped bear when I said, "Julie I think we need to talk about these invitations and your obsession with sex when they arrive."

Julie looked like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar but she recovered quickly and said, "What do you mean? I haven't been obsessed. I thought you like what I was doing."

"I do like it, but eight times in one day is a bit much when we normally only do it once or twice three times when one of us is really horny. And you become very domineering as well. Now don't get me wrong I like that too, but you're never like that normally and only become that way when the invitations arrive."

Julie picked up her towel wrapped it around herself and said, "If you didn't like it you should have said something. How do I know you don't like it if you don't tell me." Before I could answer Julie marched into the house and slammed the door.

I knew she was going to take it wrong but I also knew there was no other way to bring up the subject. I knew I had to find out why she seemed obsessed with sex each time these invitations came in the mail.

I followed Julie into the house but she had gone into the bedroom and locked the door. I asked her to open the door but either she didn't hear me, or she ignored me, as the door didn't open. With no other recourse I went into the living room to watch TV 'til she cooled off.

I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up Julie was gone. I called her several times on her cell phone but again she didn't answer. I was beside my self with worry thinking that she had left me but when I saw she only took her jeep and nothing else I felt relief that she would come back before work in the morning.

It wasn't until late Sunday night that Julie finally came home. I had just though about going to bed when I heard a knock on my back door. When I open it I found Julie standing on the other side her face looked like she had been crying all night. She wore no make up and this was very unusual. She also looked extremely cold as the temperature had dropped considerably and she was only wearing a tank top and a pair of jeans.

Julie looked up at me with very sad eyes as if to ask if she could come in. With out saying a word I took her in my arms and pulled into the house. Her arms felt like ice cubes so I rubbed her arms to warm them up. A few minutes later I had her in a hot shower and when she was done I dried her off before dressing her in a nightgown. I took her to bed and she laid in my arms and her head on my chest.

I made a firm commitment to myself that I would never bring up the invitations again. I didn't want to take the chance in losing her. I didn't care what her reasons were as long and she stayed by my side. But the subject wouldn't die as I found out a few days later.

Wednesdays was my day to sit in my office and help any student that wanted it. The Dean wanted to give every student in the school every chance to pass his or her courses. So he decided that one day of the week teachers would be free to sit and help any student that came to their door. I thought that this was a great idea and I willingly did my best to help each student.

In the beginning of the term I got very few students at my door. But when the midterm came I was inundated with students requesting help. Now that we were once more at the beginning of the second half of the first term my office was empty. I was scanning the stock market deciding if I should move some of my stocks when I heard a knock on my door. Before I could get up to answer it the door open a gorgeous women walked in.

She came in placed her purse and her sunglasses on my desk before extending her hand and said, "Doctor Fenten my name is Lacey Mitchell, Dean Mitchell's wife."

I cringed whenever anyone called me doctor. True I was one but I hated using the title. I preferred being called professor now that I was teaching and my students knew it.

When I took Lacey's hand she enclosed mine with both of her hands and held on for longer then I thought was appropriate. Her hands were cool and soft and her well manicured nail scratched my hand slightly. Her smile was quite warm and her deep blue eyes seem to engulf me. Her golden blond hair reminded me of a halo. For a woman she was quite tall, five nine if I had to guess and her high heels only added to her height. Her short skirt hugged her legs like they were incased in shrink-wrap. Her small waist accentuated her large bosom, which threatened to burst the buttons on her silk blouse.

Lacey was quite beautiful and I could see that at one time this beautiful creature could have graced the magazine racks all over the country. Julie had told me Lacey was a model but I would have guessed as much without being told.

She was so beautiful I was almost rendered speechless. When I could find my tongue I said, "Please Mrs. Mitchell have a seat can I get you anything. I have soda and water in the fridge plus I could make a pot of coffee."

Lacy Mitchell sat in the only chair available beside my own. She crossed her legs and smiled when she noticed that I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Finally she said. "A diet soda would be nice if you have it but water would do."

I had diet soda seeing that was all Julie would drink at school. So I poured her a glass handed it to her before sitting back down. Once I was seated Lacy said, "Doctor Fenton I thought I would come and introduce myself seeing we haven't gotten to know each other as yet."

"Please call me Ted I'm not a Medical doctor so I don't go by that title. I'm sorry that we haven't gotten to know each other, but also I haven't met all of the teachers here either." I told her and right away I knew I said the wrong thing.

Lace leaned forward giving me a clear view down the front of her blouse before she said, "Well Ted that's one of the reasons I'm here. You see I've given you ample opportunity to get to know me and on each occasion you refused to accept my invitation. Not only did you refuse my invitation but you also showed bad manners by not calling to tell us you wouldn't be coming."

She was right of cause we should at the very lease called to explain that we would not be attending. So I said "You're right that was disrespectful of us. I assure you it won't happen again."

Lacy reached into her purse pulled out an envelope handed it to me and said. "Here is a chance to redeem yourself. I having a party on Saturday seeing the following week would be Thanksgiving. I would consider it an insult if you and Julie do not attend."

I took the envelope as I tried to come up with a reason why we couldn't attend. The only thing I could think of was the truth, "I'm sorry Mrs. Mitchell but you see Julie and I aren't into that sort of thing."

Before I could finish Lacey cut in with. "What sort of thing are you referring to. The two of you aren't into having cocktails and socializing. For the first two hours there will be cocktails and socializing then dinner will be served. After that you two may leave and nothing will be said. If you wish to stay I can assure you you'll both have a wonderful time. As far as Julie is concerned just buy her a sexy little outfit and tell her she is coming along. The way she looks at you I doubt she'll refuse you."

Lacey stood to leave so I stood too. When she held out her hand I took it in mine, and before I knew it Lacey leaned over the desk and kissed me on the lips. When she straight up she said. "Mm that was nice. Now please don't disappoint Julie or me. She was all set to come to our parties before you blew into town and sweep her off her feet." Before I could say a word Lacey blew me a kiss and walked out of the office.

Once she was gone I sat down and stared at the invitation on the desktop. I knew there was no way I could not go this time, my only question was whether to tell Julie or not. Seeing it was already Wednesday I decided not to tell her. I would do just what Lacey had said and buy her an outfit, have her get dressed and take her.

While I waited for Julie to get off work I wondered if what Lacey had told me was true. Did Julie want to be part of a swinging club? Was she really ready to have sex with multiple partners? At first I didn't think she was but then I remembered how aggressive her lovemaking became each time the invitation arrived. I had to admit that she had to think about it and she was turned on by the thought of it. I had to admit that I too was intrigued by the notion of having sex with Lacey and Sandra from the math department. Thought I wasn't too hot on the idea of being with another man. Men still didn't do anything for me.

By the time Julie came to my office to tell me she was done for the day I decided to keep the invitation to myself. We went home that night and had dinner. After dinner Julie and I sat in one of the recliners and watched a movie. After some very heavy petting we went to bed and made wonderful love with me as the one in control. From what I could see Julie knew nothing of the invitation.

Thursday's were my easy day as I only had two classes, both of which were in the morning. On Thursday I could leave after noon if I chose but I always waited for Julie to get off work. Some times she could get off early and we would have a free afternoon to do as we pleased but other times she had to work and today was one of those days. In fact Julie was so busy she couldn't even have lunch with me. She was lining up interviews with applicants to replace Professor Williams when he retired at the end of the year. I was sorry to hear he was leaving, as we became close friends during the summer. Every one in the math department was in line to take his place, but they were also looking outside the college as well.

Since Julie was busy I figured this would be the only day I could go out and find her an outfit to wear. Buying clothes for Julie was not unusual for me as I did it from time to time. If I saw something I thought she would look good in I'd buy it. Julie loved that I did this, as she felt guilty for spending the money. I knew her size and she said I had excellent taste.

I went to several dress stores before I found a short sleeveless black dress I though Julie would love and she would look fantastic in it. The top of the dress looked like a strapless bustier that was covered in lace. It even had lacing on the back instead of a zipper. The skirt was make of black leather that would be tight on her legs.

The only problem with the dress was Julie's neck. She continually worried about her Adams apple. Even though I told her constantly that it wasn't noticeable she still had to hide it. To solve this problem I went to the jewelry store and purchased a four strain pearl choker along with a pearl tennis bracelet and pearl drop earrings. I knew I was going to get hell from her for spending too much, but I didn't care. I loved Julie and I wanted to show it.

After a stop at the shoe store I went back to the campus to see if Julie was done. She was already waiting outside when I drove up to the admin building and she got into the truck before I could stop the engine.

Once she was in and we were diving off the campus Julie said, "I can't wait for this week to be over. I'm so looking forward to this trip."

The trip Julie was talking about was a trip to Mexico to get some ironwork for the house. She thought the house needed some Mexican decorations to give it flavor.

We discussed the trip for a few minutes till Julie asked, "So where did you go this afternoon?"

"I had a few errands to run," I told her.

"Did any of those errands have my name on it," She asked coyly.

I had expected this as Julie knew I always brought her a present whenever I was out shopping. Some times it was only flowers, other times like today it was expensive gifts. So when I put the rest of my purchase behind the seat of the truck I put the earrings in the glove box to give to her today. The rest I'll wait till Saturday to give her. "Look in the glove box you may find something in there you'll like," I told her.

Julie was half way to glove box before I finished talking. When she open the glove box she saw the jewelry box immediately. Before she even opened it she said, "Ted you spend too much money on me but I love that you do." Julie took the box and opened it before she said, "Oh Ted they're beautiful. Now you're going to have to take me out so I can show them off."

I was hoping she was going to say that so I said, "Great how about Saturday night I have something special planned?"

I could see Julie's excitement in her eyes when she said, "Really like what?"

"Oh you'll have to wait till Saturday," I told her.

Julie pouted a little before she said, "How would I know what to wear if I don't know where we're going."

I chuckled and said, "Don't worry love I already took care of that too." This told Julie I had bought her a new dress.

She turned around looked behind the seat of the truck and saw the white box the dress was in. As soon as she saw it she said, "You're not going to let me look at it are you."

"No and I better not catch you peeking either or I'll spank your bottom," I told her. I knew Julie would never peek and she knew I would never spank her, as she feared any sort of punishment even the playful type.

After dinner Julie and I showered before climbing into bed to watch a movie. She picked one of her T-girl movies and she played the part of the T-girl while we watched. By the end of the movie she was riding my cock like a broncobuster rode a horse. In the end I came deeply inside of her while she sprayed cum all over me. After another quick shower we went to sleep. Not once during the night did Julie ask me about the dress.

Fridays were busy for me as I had four classes. This Friday it was even worse as most of the students had already left for their Thanksgiving break. All I really did was go over any of the material that the students that were there weren't sure about. After my last class I met up with Julie and we went to Mama's for dinner. After dinner we went home were we made love till well past midnight.

Saturday started normally with Julie cleaning the house. Each Saturday that we were home on the weekend Julie always cleaned the house from top to bottom. I tried to help at first but Julie said it was woman's work and if I wanted something to do I should find a man's job. Saturday was the day I washed the truck and cleaned up outside the house.

Saturday afternoons usually found us out by the pool soaking up some sun. This Saturday the air was too cool and we spent the afternoon in the house going over our plans for the trip. At two in the afternoon Julie decided that she need to wax her legs. This also meant it was time for me to remove any pubic hair that might have grown since my last denuding.

I had grown to like being hairless around my crotch, as it felt cleaner. Now that I had all the hair removed on a regular basis. Julie decided I should wax the fuzz as well. The first time Julie pulled the wax strip off my balls I thought she had castrated me. Now that I had it done several times it wasn't as bad. Julie not only did her legs and her crotch but she also did her tummy her chest and her arms. When she was done it was my job to rub her down with body oil to sooth the skin. I loved my job.

At five o'clock I told Julie it was time to get in the shower. Julie rushed into the bathroom as if her ass was on fire. By the time I got into the bathroom Julie was filling the enema bags. She douched, as she called it, any chance she could get so she would always be ready for anything I might want. I did much the same as I love when Julie made love to me on the spur of the moment.

After a proper cleaning and a shower I shaved while Julie dried her long brown hair. When I finished shaving I left Julie in the bathroom and went into the bedroom where I took the dress-box from my closet and placed it on the bed. I also took out the shoes but left the pearl choker and the tennis bracelet in my dresser draw.

When Julie came out of the bathroom she immediately saw the dress-box on the bed. This was the sign she was waiting for, because she knew that she could now look at the dress she would be wearing. But she stopped short from opening it and asked, "Is it okay if I look? I need to see it so I know how to do my make up and my hair."

"Of course my love you can look," I told her, then I watched for her reaction.

Julie picked up the box and popped the tape the held the box closed. She then placed the box back on the bed and pulled off the top. There was a layer of tissue paper that covered the dress that Julie had to remove before she could see it. As Julie peeled back the tissue paper her mouth dropped open and I saw her boy clit started to harden. I knew at that point that she loved the dress.

Julie picked the dress out of the box and said excitedly, "Ted it's beautiful. It's absolutely beautiful."

Julie took the dress walked over to the full-length mirror and draped the dress around her to see what she would look like. I knew from the look in her eyes she was deciding on how she was going to do her make up and how she was going to wear her hair.

Once the decision was made Julie laid the dress back on the bed before turning to her dresser and started to go through her lingerie. She pulled out a pair of black lace thong panties, midnight black stockings and a black lace garter belt.

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