Oasis In The Desert Ch. 02.5


Her kiss started out sweet like a sisterly kiss but it soon turned into a soul wrenching tongue swapping kiss that made my toes curl. At the same time her hands moved over my body till her right hand made contact with my cock. I was already starting to get hard and within seconds it was at full mast.

When Sandra was groping me my hand started to work on her. Her small breasts were quite firm and the nipple was hard and pointy. I also felt something attached to her nipples. It was round like a ring and it was hard. When I fingered it Sandra moaned into my mouth. Her butt was also quite firm though it felt small in my hand.

When Sandra pulled her lips from mine she said, "Mm if you kiss all the women like that you're going to be a very popular guy around here. Let's go in and see what the rest of you looks like."

Sandra took my hand and led me through a door. In side the room there was very little light with the exception of a few candles and three sconces lights on the walls. At first I couldn't make out much but once my eyes adjusted to the low light level I could see a lot more.

There were six sofas two to a wall that sort of surrounded the perimeter of the room. The floor was extremely soft and felt like a wrestling mat. The center of the room was open with the exception of the three bodies sexually engaged in the middle of the room. At first I didn't realize it but one of those bodies belonged to my sweet Julie and the other two were the Dean and his wife.

Lacey was lying on her back with Julie kneeling between her legs and her head was between Lacey's legs. Sean was kneeling behind Julie with his mouth on Julie's ass. I could only imagine that Sean was licking Julie's asshole. I had a feeling that Julie was doing an excellent job at licking Lacey's muff seeing all the squealing Lacey was doing.

I wanted to continue watching what the three were doing but my head was turned till I was looking in Sandra's eyes as she said, "Hey lover remember me?" I didn't answer her but I took her in my arms and kissed her.

Sandra kissed me back as her hands started to remove my jacket. My own hands went to work on the zipper of her dress. Once the zipper was undone the dress Sandra was wearing fell away till it pooled at her feet. Once her dress was out of the way I unsnapped her red lace bra to release her small breasts. While we continued to kiss my finger went to her breasts were they found rings pierced through her nipples. I had hear of this but I never knew anyone that had it done before. We only stopped kissing so Sandra could pull my shirt over my head then our lips found each other once again.

Once my shirt was out of the way and we were kissing once more I pulled Sandra closer and ran my hands down over her back to her panty clad bottom. We stood like that for a few minutes till Sandra pulled her lips from mine and she started to kiss her way down my chest.

Sandra kissed all the way till she hit my belly then she dropped to her knees. She had me raise each foot so she could remove my shoes and socks. Once my feet were bare Sandra reached up and undid my belt. At the same time she kissed my hard on through the pants and my briefs. To undo the zipper, Sandra took the tab between her teeth and pulled down to open it. I was sure this was all for show but she seem to enjoy it and I was excited watching her.

My pants were loose so all Sandra had to do was release them and they fell to my feet. As soon as my satin briefs came into view Sandra said, "Oh nice this must be Julie's doing."

With that said Sandra started to mouth my cock through the briefs. She was obviously enjoying herself as she exaggerated her mouth movement over my hard on. She did this for a few minutes before gripping the waistband in her teeth and she pulled my briefs down till my cock popped out and slapped her on the head. Sandra took my cock into her mouth and started to suck as she lowered my briefs down to my ankles. I pulled each leg up so I could step out of my pants.

Sandra made an elaborate show of sucking my cock for several minutes before she waved her hand to someone sitting to our right. I looked to where she was waving and saw Bill her husband sitting on one of the sofas. He was naked and he was stroking his cock as he watched what his wife had been doing to me. I was shocked at the size of his cock. It had to be about nine inches long and two or more inches thick. The only place I ever seen a cock that big was in a porn movie.

Bill looked at Sandra and then at me before getting up off the couch and coming to knee along side his wife. Sandra took my cock from her mouth and offered it to her husband. Bill flashed me a look before taking the head into his mouth.

I had thought, having another man suck my cock would turn me off, but it didn't turn out that way. His mouth felt as good as his wife's did and once he saw I wasn't going to stop him he gave me a better blow job the his wife had.

Once Sandra saw I was comfortable with her husband sucking my cock she stood up and pulled off her panties. She then watched as her husband took my cock all the way to the root before she asked me, "Is every thing okay so far?"

"It couldn't be better. He's very good," I told her.

Sandra stroked her husband's head before she said. "So I'm told. He's also great at eating pussy. Speaking of which how do you feel about it?"

"I'd love to eat your pussy," I told her as I felt my cock jump in Bill's mouth.

Sandra smiled and said, "That's what I was hoping to hear." To her husband she said, "Bill honey let Ted lie down on the mat so I can get some fun out of this too."

Bill quickly though reluctantly removed my cock from his mouth. As soon as he did I laid down on the floor with my legs spread to give Bill access. He quickly slid between my legs and Sandra moved to my head. As Bill took my cock into his mouth once more Sandra said, "Bill honey don't let him cum. I'll let you lick his cum from my pussy after he fucks me." To me she said, "Bill loves to eat a cum filled pussy, almost as much as a cum filled ass." With that said Sandra straddled my head and lowered her pussy down onto my mouth.

Two things I found out about Sandra very quickly. One was that she was shaved bald with the exception of a small strip of hair down the center. Number two was her clit was pierced with a small ring that aided me in locating it.

Like I said earlier my ex-wife didn't like oral sex, whether it was giving it or receiving it so I was definitely out of practice in the art of cunnilingus. But it didn't take me long, to once more get the hang of licking her sweet tasting slit. Sandra was so wet I could all most drowned in her secretions. And her taste was sweet yet there was a sharp tang to it.

What I lacked in experience I made up for in enthusiasm. I licked her outer lips till I couldn't tasted her any longer, then my tongue moved inside to where the taste was sweeter. But Sandra wanted more attention on her clit and she maneuvered her pelvis enough to bring her clit to my tongue.

Like I said I was inexperienced but I was also a fast learner. I licked at her clit which had Sandra squealing and when I pulled on her clit ring with my tongue Sandra grunted as a fresh flow of rich pussy cream dribbled out of her hole. I lapped that up and went right back to her clit.

Bill was doing a number on my cock, which had me leaking precum like a faucet. All too soon I felt my orgasm start to rise and I felt the head of my cock swell. Just when I thought I was going to blow my load Bill clamped down on the base of my cock with his fingers which instantly caused my orgasm to subside. He did this four or five times and I thought my head was going to explode.

Meanwhile I kept licking Sandra's pussy as she rode my face to several orgasms. All of which drenched my face in sweet creamy girl cum. How long this sweet torture lasted I don't know but I really didn't care. Finally Sandra rolled off my face and Bill released my unspent cock.

When I recovered my breathing I looked to where Julie had been. Now she was fucking Lacey and at the same time Sean was fucking Julie. Julie had a mask of pure lust on her face as if she had no idea where she was or with whom.

My attention was brought back to Sandra and Bill when I felt Sandra starting to finger fuck my ass. Her fingers were slick and they slid smoothly into my rectum. By this time my ass was so accustom to Julie's cock that I was able take four of Julie's fingers with only a few drops of lube. The lube was only used to make everything slid a lot easier.

Sandra giggled and said. "Obviously this isn't your first time getting finger fucked is it." I shook my head no before she said. "You've been getting fucked by Julie haven't you." I nodded my head as Sandra added another finger before she said. "I don't blame you I can't imagine any one not wanting that pretty little thing to fuck them. But what I want is for you to fuck me."

I didn't have to be asked twice as Sandra pulled her fingers from my ass and rolled over on to her back. In a second I was between her legs and my cock was poised at the entrance to her pussy. Sandra took my cock in hand and guided it to her hole and with a push on my ass I slide into her till I bottomed out. God what a wonderful feeling it was to have my cock surrounded by her wet hot pussy. Sandra was literally gushing as I slid my cock home.

Just when I was going to pull out for my next thrust Sandra grabbed my ass cheeks and said, "Would it be all right if Bill comes along for the ride? After all he did suck your cock for well over twenty minutes."

I wasn't sure what she was talking about until I felt Sandra's finger slid into my asshole. Then it became clear. She wanted Bill to fuck my ass as I fucked her pussy. The first thing I thought about was how big Bill's cock was. I wasn't sure if I could take something so big. But how can you tell someone no while she's got her finger in your ass.

I looked over to where Julie had been. She was now lying flat on top of Lacey while Sean continued to pound her boy pussy with his meaty cock. Julie obviously loved every thrust, as I could see the blissful look on her face.

Knowing Julie had just gone through what I was about to go through gave me the courage to at least try getting Bill's cock inside me. I turned to Bill who was sitting to my left and said, "Okay but please be gentle I never had anything in me that big."

The smile on Bill's face told me the he was thrilled at the chance to nail me in the ass. I tried to follow his movements as he stood and went behind me, but Sandra pulled my face back around and started to kiss me. Her tongue went wild in my mouth as she tried to shove her tongue down my throat.

A second or two later I felt the head of Bill's cock at the entrance to my ass. I tried to relax knowing if I tensed up it would be painful. I felt the head of his cock slip into my hole and I could feel my sphincter muscle give way. The relaxation must have worked because I didn't feel any pain only the bliss full feeling of being penetrated.

I felt my inside move out of the way as Bill worked his cock in deeper. The feeling of fullness was like nothing I ever felt before. Once Bill's cock was in as deep as Julie's cock he started to move in an out. At the same time I felt Sandra's pelvis start to move up and down with the same rhythm. Her lips were still locked on to mine, though I was now moaning into her mouth more then I was kissing it.

When Sandra removed her mouth from mine I continued to moan as Bill had gone in deeper. Deeper then anyone had ever been. The feeling was fantastic and I couldn't stop moaning as his thighs slammed in to my ass cheeks.

I really wasn't doing anything. Sandra was sliding her cunt up and down on my cock while Bill was fucking me from behind. Bill caused the only movement I was making, each time his thighs drove into my ass cheeks. Apparently that was enough for Sandra as she was soon shaking violently and her pussy clamped onto my cock like a vise.

Once again I felt my orgasm rise up. My moaning gave way to groaning before I cried, "God I'm going to cum, this too much for one man."

But Sandra had other plans for me. I felt her hand move down between us, she pinched the base of my cock between her thumb and forefinger before she said. "Not yet love Bill isn't ready. I want you both to cum at the same time. Believe me when I say it's something you will never forget."

As soon as she said this I felt Bill's hips pick up speed. This caused me to move faster in and out of Sandra cunt. As she held a death like grip on my base of my cock her own hips picked up speed as she rode my cock.

Through three more orgasms Sandra didn't easy off on her grip. Bill soon started to grunt each time he drove his cock into my ass. I could feel he was close and I swear I felt his cock get bigger inside me. I also felt a strange sensation deep inside my ass. Each time Bill's cock touched a certain spot I was filled with unbelievable warmth.

When Bill cried out that he was going to cum Sandra released he grip on my cock and started fucking me as fast as her tired hips could move. I soon felt Bill cock become even fatter and he seemed to plow into me even deeper. Soon after he bellowed like an injured cow just before I felt hot cum begin to fill my ass. At the same time I felt my orgasm rip through me at lighting speed.

As soon as I felt the first hot splash of Bill's cum flooded my inside I came hard into Sandra's hot pussy. She squealed as my orgasm triggered another one in her. It soon started to feel like Bill was cuming through me. Every time he squirted a load of cum I squirted one into Sandra.

This orgasm took a lot out of me. I felt like I had squirted a gallon of cum inside Sandra. I also felt like Bill had cum a gallon in me. I felt Bill's cock become soft and all too quickly I felt it slide out of my over used ass.

When I felt Bill back away I went to roll off of Sandra but she grabbed my shoulders and said, "Stay there one more minute. Bill is going to clean you up. It's his reward for being an excellent fucker."

As soon as she said this I felt my ass cheeks being spread apart just as a large glob of cum oozed out of my ass. I then left something warm and wet, wipe the glob away. At first I thought Bill had a wash cloth but when I felt his lips on my ass hole I knew it was his tongue that had licked up the glob of cum. I soon felt Bill's tongue digging into my ass to get any cum that had not already oozed out of me. I can't tell you how special it made me feel to have this service done to me. I had to remember to do this to Julie after we had sex from now on.

After a few minutes of this oral cleaning Bill backed away and I was allowed to roll off of Sandra and onto my back. Bill went straight to Sandra's pussy and started licking her mound clean. A few minutes later Sandra and Bill rolled over as one so Sandra could sit on Bill's mouth. She turned to me and said, "This way he gets all of your cum."

I watched as Sandra flexed her stomach muscles to drive any cum that didn't drain out on it own. Then Bill started to lick Sandra's clit to bring her to another orgasm. I was told later that this flushed her out so he got every drop.

But my attention was drawn away when I felt something warm and wet on my spent cock. When I looked down I saw Pam, a tall curvaceous blond from the Art department kneeling along side me as she bent at the waist to take my flaccid cock in her mouth.

When she saw me look at her She pulled my cock from her mouth and said "You don't mind do you?"

What else could I say except, "No, please help yourself."

I watched Pam's mouth work over my cock for a few minutes and in that time she had breathed some life in to my spent member. But my attention was soon taken away as Rich, Pam's husband knelt down next to my head and pointed his cock toward my face. At this point I didn't care whose cock was pointed at me as I quickly took it in my mouth. I figured what the hell his wife was sucking me.

Rich's cock had a taste of pussy on it and for a few short seconds the mix of his flavor and whomever he had fucked last was a pleasant surprise. But soon it was all him as my mouth slobbered all over his seven-inch cock.

We quickly developed a pattern as Rich slowly started to fuck my face. Thanks to Julie's obsession I was already skilled in opening my throat so my mouth could be fucked deep and hard. It was just like it had been with Julie except Rich's cock went deeper in my throat.

When Rich saw I wasn't having any problem. He had me rise up on my elbows and bend my head back. He then got in front of my head and slid his cock back into my mouth. This actually was much better for me and it opened my airway so Rich could fuck my face at his leisure.

Meanwhile Pam had me hard once more and she straddled my waist as she took my cock into her. She started to slowly move up and down on my cock before building up speed. After a few minutes of this she leaned over as she continued to ride my cock. Once her face was next to mine Rich took his cock from my mouth and slid it into Pam's mouth. This gave me a chance to breathe before he pulled his cock out of Pam mouth and slid it back into mine.

Rich alternated between mouths as Pam kept up a steady rhythm on my cock. But Rich wasn't able to stand up to the two of us. In less then ten minutes he started to moan and when he was in his wife's mouth he started to pump his cock while Pam held the head in her mouth. A few seconds later Rich grunted a few times as he filled his wife's mouth with cum.

I had felt cheated, as I wanted at least a taste. But Pam saw to it that I got my just rewards. As soon as Rich was done cuming he pulled his cock from Pam's mouth then Pam turned to me and pressed her lips to mine.

As soon as my lips touched Pam's she slid her tongue into my mouth. I could taste his cum on her tongue. When she saw I didn't mind she open her lips and Rich's cum flowed into my mouth. I quickly pushed it back into her before it flowed back into mine.

Pam and I swapped that cum back and forth only swallowing when we had little choice. When Pam saw my eagerness to snowball with her, her hips picked up speed and she was soon cuming and fucking at high speed. In the end I didn't last much longer as I started cuming deep inside her pussy.

When our orgasm had run it's course I fell back onto the floor and Pam came with me She lay on top of me and kissed me as our breathing returned to normal. Once she could speak she said, "Thank you. Most guys that suck cock don't like to keep it in their mouths for very long. I've always want to snowball with some one while I was riding them. You're my first and I hope this won't be our last time together."

"I hope so too. So far I've had a great time tonight. I hope Julie has been having as much fun," I told Pam.

She smiled and said, "I'm pretty sure she has. Besides you she's been the center of attention. But before I get up I have one question to ask. Do you clean up after you cum in someone? I hate it when the cum drips down my legs."

At first I wasn't sure what she meant then I remembered what Bill had done. So I said, "If you mean lick your pussy clean I've never done that. But I'm willing to give it a try."

Pam smiled at me and when she smiled she looked absolutely gorgeous. She then said, "I'll turn around and we'll sixty nine. This way I can clean you too. If you don't like it just push me away and I'll get up."

Pam eased up and at the same time she pinched her pussy lips together. She turned around and straddled my head. As her pussy came closer to my mouth I raised my head and put my lips to hers. When Pam felt my lips on her mound her pulled her fingers away and my mouth was soon filled with cum.

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