tagNovels and NovellasOasis Pool Club Ep. 01 Pt. 3

Oasis Pool Club Ep. 01 Pt. 3


As Matt steps from inside out to the pool area, he is forced to shield his eyes from the intense sunlight. He stands there blinking while his eyes adjust.

Matt is at the Oasis Pool Club on a job interview for a lifeguard position. He had just gotten a full body massage from the resident masseuse after receiving a thorough tour from the tall, blonde head lifeguard. He is heading to the office of the pool club's boss and owner, Diane Dickson, or Miss Dee as she is fondly referred to by the rest of the staff.

The pool is still mostly empty. His eyes stop at a brunette lifeguard. He recognizes her as one of the girls he ogled while on his initial walk-through. She is fishing something out of the deep end with the pool skimmer. It looks like the top of the blonde head lifeguard, Brittney's bikini.

"This is the strangest interview I've ever been on..." Matt thinks. He is staring at the bikini-clad brunette lifeguard. He watches her fingers grip the wide shaft of the skimmer. Before he can control his thoughts, the image of another wide shaft in her hands pops into his head. Matt feels the tinge of arousal again.

"Ok, I've gotten a blowjob and a handjob by women I've said less than ten words to, all in the last 2 hours. This seems too good to be true. I need to keep my wits about me around these horny, sexy women." These thoughts sink into Matt's brain. The brunette bends at the hip to fish the bikini top out of the water. His cock shifts again as he admires her large, curvy ass split down the middle by the thin fabric of her suit.

He starts toward Diane's office, passing the brunette lifeguard. She sort of giggles and smiles as he passes. The girl is very cute, with a modest nose stud and a small mole above her lip. He smiles back at her. When he is a half-step past her, she turns back to the skimmer. Matt gives her a friendly push, sending her flying into the pool, then darts away.


"Hey!!!" she calls out as he rounds the corner to the hallway.

He passes the open air exit to the bathroom. From inside, he can hear a man moaning loudly. Matt remembers his encounter with Brittney in the shower. "I wonder if I was that loud..." he thinks, turning up the stairs. He reaches the door marked "Office" and pauses. He can hear Diane talking through the door, although not clear enough to make out her words.

Matt smoothes out his hair, then knocks loudly on the door. He tries to look serious, not like he was just sucked and stroked off by two of her employees.

"Just a minute!" she calls. After a brief few moments, "Come in."

He opens the door and steps through. Diane is at her desk, smiling. "Holy fuck," he thinks, "she has to be the hottest piece of ass here..."

"Hi Miss Dee." Matt smiles back at her. He has to make an effort to keep eye contact so he doesn't stare at her bountiful knockers.

"Matt! I see you made it back here ok -- did Britt take care of you?" Diane gestures at the chair in front of her desk.

What does she mean by "take care of"?

Matt's nerves get the best of him as he starts to speak, but it comes out as more of a squawk. After clearing his throat, he begins again. "Yes, Britt is so nice. Lin also took good care of me." He slips onto the chair and tries not to blush.

"Great. Lin is a skilled and knowledgeable masseuse. She is also responsible for the chemicals in the pool water. She is studying chemistry and anatomy in grad school and does a great job keeping our pool balanced.

"All of the girls here are very friendly. If you ever need anything," she pauses, tilting her head like she is telling him a secret, "just ask."

She shuffles her papers, "So, you can see that, as a lifeguard, you will be taking on pretty standard tasks: watching in and around the pool, keeping an eye on..." Diane continues on about the job.

Matt's eyes wander from her shiny red lips, down her neck to her chest. She is still wearing the deep V-neck shirt, but now Matt can no longer see the tops of her lacey bra cups. Diane's massive tits hang in front of her unsupported. He now notices the nickel-sized bumps where her nipples are visible. I wonder when she took off her bra...

"...with Britt and Samantha. Have you met Sam?" Diane has been talking the whole time. She now pauses.

Matt is caught off guard by the silence, but stammers, "Uhhh... maybe -- I don't know." He gives a generic answer because he didn't hear the question.

"Matt, is my shirt distracting?" she asks with a twinkle in her eye.

"Ummm, no... not really," he lies.

"Well, you seem preoccupied. What is it?" Diane absent-mindedly traces her pen across her thick lips.

"Ok, honestly?" Matt looks at her face and she nods. "I can see your nipples through your shirt..." his eyes fall to meet the protrusions.

Diane looks down as if this fact is news to her. Matt starts to panick, figuring he has embarrassed her.

"But, they are great... I... I mean your breasts are..." Now his face flushes red.

"Matt, please -- its OK." She smiles warmly. Diane draws her shoulders together and pulls her shirt at the elbows.

Matt watches, not sure if he has ruined everything. The soft, ample skin of her cleavage is pale and it jiggles with her movements.

"I want you to feel comfortable here," she says, pulling her shirt down slowly. Diane watches Matt's face watching her. The V-neck opening stretches wider until her narrow shoulders pop through. His eyes are locked on her tits.

"I do everything I can to create a desirable environment for my employees," she speaks with an even tone. More of her generous breast skin becomes visible. Her shirt collar is only an inch or so away from the tops of her protruding nipples. She slides her arms out of the neck, carefully holding the fabric in front to cover her chest.

Matt shifts in his chair as his cock springs to life in his shorts.

"Now, does this help?" she pulls the last few inches down at once. Diane's massive rack bounces into full view. The elastic of her shirt collar tucks neatly under them.

"Holy shit..." Matt mumbles. Her tits are monumental. They are at least double Ds. They dangle in front of her, pale and soft. They hang heavily but are full and firm with no sag. Probably more than two handfuls each, they are thick and round and they stick out about 8 inches from her flat stomach. Her perfect, rose-colored nipples are wide and puffy. They are surrounded by half-dollar sized areolas and they point slightly diagonal out from her instead of straight forward on her slight frame.

"Ummmm... Wow, Miss Dee..." Matt is locked in, unable to look away.

She basks in his awe. Diane always loved how men are completely disarmed by her giant hooters, especially when they are bare. She enjoys Matt's reaction.

Diane stands and walks around in front of her desk, stopping as she straddles his legs. His eyes follow at boob level. She leans forward, dangling them near his face. "Can you see my nipples now, Matt?"

"Yee...Yeeeah..." he nods absently. His nostrils fill with her enticing scent. It is airy and floral, but there is a hint of something primal.

Diane looks down into Matt's lap. Smiling, she can see his large bulge straining against his shorts. She can even make out the ridge of his dick head. It looks to be about the size of a Clementine orange. She gasps slightly, but Matt doesn't notice.

He is entranced by the abundant globes hanging in front of him. Unable to resist, he reaches up with open palms, cupping the bottom curve of her heavy mounds. He lifts them gently, feeling their weight, then looks up at her.

She smiles and puts one hand in his hair invitingly. She knows men love to press their faces (among other things) into her cleavage. Diane can see this desire in his eyes. "Go ahead."

His gaze lowers back to her tits. He bounces them gently in turn, then pushes them together, watching her jiggle and ripple. As he leans forward for the motoroboat, she leans into him, placing both hands on his shoulders.

Diane's soft, warm breasts flatten against his face. He slides his hands around her waist and shakes her slightly.

"Arub -- Rub -- Rub - BRRRRRRRRR..." His sounds are muffled by her cleavage.

Diane shakes her shoulders with his motion, softly slapping her tits against his face. She giggles as he motorboats her.

Now that she has humored him, Diane leans back. Matt's expression forces her to crack a smile. His hair is mussed and he looks at the twins on her chest with amazement.

"Miss Dee, has anyone ever told you that you have the greatest set of tits on this earth?" he says with urgency, still unable to pull his gaze from her dangling jugs.

"Actually, yes." She smiles down at him. Now she is ready to get serious. Bending at the waist, she lowers her head even with him, forcing Matt to make eye contact.

"So remember what I said about being comfortable?" A sly smile crosses Diane's face as she places her hands on his thighs.

Matt nods.

She spreads her fingers and with her right hand, she finds the thick barrel of his shaft running down his thigh. Diane grips it through his shorts, feeling it flex at her touch. Matt swallows hard.

"There is no way this is comfortable..." Diane holds her mouth open suggestively. Matt stares at her deep blue eyes through her dark-rimmed glasses, then watches her thick shiny lips hang open. They are bright red. She must have just put lipstick on.

"Um, no -- its actually very uncomfortable." Matt can feel his cock swelling, growing in her grip.

A slight grin spreads across Diane's face as she sinks to her knees between his legs. "Here, Matt -- let me just..." In one quick move, she opens the Velcro fly of his board shorts and reaches inside, finding his cock head. As her hand closes around it, she thinks it feels like a clammy racquetball. She threads his head through the open fly, followed by his veiny, hard shaft.

As Diane pulls Matt's dick out of his shorts, she gasps. At first, the large head and start of his wide shaft come into view.


She slides more cock through the open fly.


She pulls out the final few inches.


His meaty member juts out at her. Matt has to smile at how obscene his massive, stiff erection looks next to her small, cute face.

Diane's jaw drops. Her mouth gapes open, framed by her red lips.

"Matt!" she wraps her hand around it at the spot where his shaft meets his head, staring at the hole in his tip. Diane seems to be aiming it at her mouth. Her other hand slips into his shorts, cupping his ball sack. Her diminutive hands feel warm.

"Holy shit, look at that!" She meets his gaze. "Britt told me it was the biggest cock she'd ever seen, but I didn't expect it would be my biggest..."

Matt struggles to put his thoughts together -- something about what she just said didn't sound right...

"Miss Dee, I-" He watches her open her mouth and abruptly move her juicy lips to meet her hand. Diane takes his engorged head into her mouth.

"... I ... uuuhhhhhhh..." Matt sighs, swelling in her warm, wet mouth. His hands fall to his sides, dangling.

The hand at Diane's mouth slides down his shaft into the pubic hair at Matt's base. Diane continues to caress his nuts with her other hand as she pushes her mouth forward, past his cock head.

Matt moans, watching inch after inch of his meaty shaft sink deeper past Diane's lips. The blue vein on top of his cock disappears slowly into her red lips as they stretch out around him.

A few curls of her dark, thick hair fall forward to brush against his fleshy pole as she strains.

"Ooohhhhhhhhh..." Matt moans gently as he gathers her hair, holding it with both hands on top of her head.

She is deep enough that he now feels the back of her mouth with the tip of his prick. Diane breathes deeply through her nose, then looks up at him. Matt looks past her glasses, into her deep blue eyes. She nods slightly.

Matt grips her hair and thrusts, driving his large head down her throat. Diane's eyes open wider and Matt can feel her throat spasm against his hardness.

She gags around his shaft silently. Diane's mouth and throat are stuffed. She wasn't exactly prepared for how big he would be and she is struggling with the half of his cock she is able to deepthroat. After a suppressing a few reflexive chokes, she can't hold back. "ggcckkk" she gags quietly, still managing to hold back a full sputter. Her spit splatters down his dick, bubbly and clear. Despite gagging, she holds him in her throat.

"oh my god..." Matt exclaims quietly. He feels Diane stick her tongue out along the bottom of his member. At some point, both of her hands moved to his balls, which she is now gently kneading.

"Ahhhh....uuuhh..." He mumbles in ecstasy.

Diane's body shudders with a more powerful choke reflex. "AAAAGGGGCCCCCKKKKKKK" She gags again, this time retreating. Her hands work her spit into his shaft as she slides his length out.

"Oooh, Diane..." Matt murmers. She gasps and swallows, trying to catch her breath.

"That is an impressive cock," she pants.

"Oh god, your mouth feels amazing." Matt says as he smiles at her.

Diane holds his pole out straight, examining it. There is a bright red ring from her lipstick at the point where she took him deepest. "Not bad," she quips. "I just took over 8 inches of cock right down my throat..."

Matt nods. "That's way better than Britt."

"I'm glad you brought her up." Diane says as she sits up, still kneeling. Her big titties rise back into Matt's line of sight. She lets go of Matt's rod and it bobs stiffly between the two of them. Diane's hands move to cup her giant mounds.

"Since this is technically a job interview, Brittney may end up as one of your co-workers." She tilts her head forward and a long, clear string of her saliva drools out. It drips onto her soft, fat breasts. Diane shakes, then squeezes together her massive globes, spreading her spit. Matt is speechless.

"Lin, too" she continues. "You'd have to get along with them a lot." Diane rubs her chest into a wet sheen, then she grabs his long dick with both hands. "...maybe more than once a day," she adds as she spits lewdly onto his cock head. "Could you do that?"

"Uhh, what?" Matt is in a stupor.

"Can you get along with Lin, Britt, myself and the other girls?" Diane cups her tits again, parting them as she leans forward. "You'd be our only male employee." She wraps her generous melons around his shaft and leans back, pulling his stiff pole with her. Matt's cock is engulfed in her cleavage with only his purple, plum-sized head poking out below her chin.

Diane begins moving her torso up and down, tittyfucking him.

"Oh god," he murmers in pleasure. He watches her slick breasts work his wet shaft. Her hands press the sides of her large titties, mashing them together around his manhood. Diane's tiny hands look almost comical against her bulging jugs.

"Uhh, yea," they make eye contact. "I could see myself fitting in well here..." Matt smiles.

Diane smiles back, polishing his long member with her cleavage. She bounces her titties in his lap. "Good, Matt. I've avoided hiring a male lifeguard until now because we always have had all women." She speaks in a conversational tone despite the fact that she is fucking him with her spit-glossed tits.

"But I think the time has finally come to bring someone with a set of balls on board." Diane moves her small hands to the tops of her boob, still pressing them together with her forearms.

She leans slightly forward. More warm tit-flesh surrounds Matt's meaty member. Now, lifting her weighty breasts, she drops them heavily into his lap. With each downthrust, the bottoms of her tits plop loudly on his shorts.


She is now tit-fucking him deeply. His cock head pokes her chin. Looking into Matt's eyes, Diane resumes her business-like tone. "Matt, I'd like to offer you a job here." She continues working him.


She turns her face down, allowing his throbbing head to part her lips with each stroke. Matt can feel it squishing pleasantly against her tongue. Diane holds her mouth open, letting his cock poke into her mouth.

-PLAP- "GAAaahh..."-PLAP-"Gaahhh..." she gapes.

Matt swallows hard. "Sure, Miss Dee -- I'll take the job... Uuuhhhh that feels so good."

Diane sits back. Matt's cock flops out of her cleavage. "That's great. I am really looking forward to working with you..." She takes his shaft by the base with both hands. Gripping tight, she scoots forward. His dick pokes her tits, then parts them. It slides wetly against her chest. She starts to bounce on his rod with her hands holding its base and her titties surrounding it, stroking as she bounces.

"I'll need you to sign an employment contract -- pretty standard, but I'd like you to sign in cum." They make eye contact as she slides up and down. "Or just cum on it."

Matt raises an eyebrow, watching her. "You want me to jizz on the contract?" He is now thrusting into her hands.

"Yes..." down, up... "I know..." down,up... "It's a bit..." down, up... "Unusual..." down, up..."But I need you to cum." Again, she tilts her chin down and takes his head into her mouth on the downstroke, then up.

Matt watches her ruby red lips gaping open, inviting him to thrust into her mouth. He groans as he wraps his hands around the broad curves of her huge tits, pressing them together around him.


Diane takes his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth with each stroke. Suddenly, she rises higher than usual, then comes down with force, impaling her small face on his meaty spike.


She slides deeper. Her face is practically against her own abundant cleavage. Matt watches her stretched lips reach the red ring on his shaft from earlier, then continue past it. Her tongue juts out along the bottom.

Matt's balls tighten. He feels a squirt of precum as he clenches. "Miss Dee?" he says, squeezing her tits with urgency.

Diane feels his jet into her throat and suppresses a gag. She looks up at him with her eyes watering.

Matt looks at her and has to fight the urge to release his load right down her throat. Her cute face is stuffed with cock, stretching her quivering lips. Diane's pretty blue eyes shine back at him from behind her glasses. Her massive tits are mashed in his lap as she strains to throat him. "I'm ready to sign the contract."

She slides back, panting softly as she frees his wet tool.

Matt stands and holds his dick firmly with one hand. Any movement now and he will explode.

Diane hurries over to her side of the desk and leans over it toward him, letting her tits flop onto her desk. She reaches across and grabs his cock from him.

Looking down, Matt sees her start to jerk him. "Uhhhhh..." Matt watches her shiny tits shake and ripple gently as she jerks. He stares down at her juicy red lips and her cute face with the shiny black glasses.

Diane looks down and points to a line on the contract as she pumps his wet shaft.

"Please sign here..." She hears a rushing sound from the tip of his head-


-and looks up just in time to see his cum hole open. Suddenly, she feels a sharp splatter against her glasses as Matt grunts, erupting with force. Cum sprays abundantly against her forehead and runs down her nose, then her chin, and falls wetly on her tits.

"...and here..."

Matt grunts, firing another splatter. It blasts her and she recoils slightly at its force, giggling.

"Ah, hahahaha, ahhh and initial here..." She pumps another strong spray onto her face. Matt sighs.

Turning and looking up, she strokes with both hands. Matt can't help but burst again over her face and tits, letting his cum fly wildly.

Diane giggles, closing her eyes reflexively, despite her glasses. Matt hears his semen splattering her skin and down onto the paper over her giggles.

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