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Obey Me!


For years I had felt there was something missing from my marriage, I loved my husband, but I had not orgasmed once since we had met, I had never climaxed before and it was something in me that was the problem. Brian tried everything he knew, but to no avail and it began to put such a strain on our marriage that I thought Brian would leave me for a more normal woman, I was desperate for a solution to my problem, but there seemed to be nothing. Then Brian began to come home late, he spent hours shut away in his den and I knew that our marriage was ending, as our anniversary drew closer I became morose and tearful which made Brian avoid me even more.

The day of our anniversary arrived and it seemed as though Brian had forgotten it, as soon as he left the house I burst into tears and retreated to the kitchen. For ten minutes I sobbed my heart out before I noticed the package on the table, pulling it over to me I saw my name written on the top, sniffing I opened it and stared at the letter I found inside, nothing else, just a letter. Opening it I read the contents, it was from Brian and what he had written made me laugh with relief.

'Darling' he had started the letter 'I know how low you have been feeling, but I have been doing some reading and I think I have the answer to our problem with sex. I love you and hope you love and trust me, if you trust me you will do as I ask. Upstairs in the hall closet you will find a couple of boxes which contain your present, put on what's in the boxes and meet me at the Rialto Restaurant at five this evening. All my love Brian.'

With a wildly beating heart I raced upstairs to the closet, sure enough there were two boxes there, taking the boxes I almost ran to the bedroom where I opened the largest of them. Inside the package I found a dress and a pair of shoes, the dress was knee length, it buttoned down the front and I could see that when the buttons were done up there would be a gap of about an inch from the base of the plunging neckline to the waistband of the dress. The skirt that flared out from the waistband was a wrap-over that barely overlapped; I didn't have to put the dress on to know that the flap would open with every move that I would make. Laying the dress aside I looked at the shoes, they were black high heels; the heels were so high that I would have to move slowly to keep my balance in them.

Turning my attention to the second box I opened it with shaking hands, inside was a transparent bra and an equally transparent pair of panties, there was also a pair of sheer black silk stockings. Sitting on the edge of the bed I stared at the ensemble, it made me feel tingly all over to know that Brian still cared for me enough to go to the trouble of buying a complete outfit that would make me look so sexy. Though I was puzzled that he thought that a sexy outfit would solve our problems, we had tried them before with no result, but I got off the bed and headed for the bathroom to prepare to meet my husband later that day as he had asked.

At four thirty I left the house, under my coat I wore the outfit that Brian had bought me, I felt sexy, but I had felt sexy so many times before and it had come to nothing, yet I would try whatever it was Brian wanted. Just before five I arrived at the restaurant, Brian was already waiting for me and beamed at me as I crossed the room to the table, my legs being shown off with every step that I took.

"You look fantastic." Brian grinned as I sat at the table with him.

The skirt of my dress refused to stay closed as I sat facing my husband and I felt very conscious of my stockinged legs under the table, no matter how hard I tried the material kept sliding off my legs. What was worse was that the slit in the skirt ran all the way up to the waistband and I just knew that my transparent panties were showing, Brian must have known this to for he grinned knowingly at me.

"Having problems?" he asked.

"It's the skirt," I whispered "it keeps flapping open."

"It's supposed to." he smiled.

Brian ordered us a cocktail and asked for the menu, when it came he put it to one side and looked at me.

"Happy anniversary Anthea." he said raising his glass.

I smiled happily and took a sip of my drink, then Brian became serious and I wondered what was coming.

"Before we order darling," he began "we need to talk about us."

My heart sank, all this had been to soften the blow when he asked for a divorce, and I felt tears brimming in my eyes and blinked them back.

"I love you Anthea," Brian smiled "but we have not been happy sexually since we met..."

"Brian I know its my fault, but..." I tried to interrupt.

"Let me finish love." he said softly as my heart sank even further "We both know that the problem is with you and we have tried almost everything in an effort to change it. So far we have had no success, no let me finish. Anthea, I saw a film a few weeks ago on the satellite, it gave me an idea and I've been doing a little reading up on the subject, I'm sorry if I seemed to be neglecting you, but I will do anything to make you happy..."

"Then you don't want to divorce me?" I blurted with growing hope.

"What on earth gave you the idea that I'd want a divorce," he gaped "no never mind, I have no intention of divorcing you, even if we can't solve our problem I do not want to lose you. Do you want a divorce Anthea?"

"God no," I cried quietly "I was terrified that you were going to leave me."

"Well, that's settled, no divorce." Brian smiled, as I felt relieved and happy "Now stay quiet or I'll never get to tell you what I think may help us. After having seen the film and read up a little I want us to try dominance. Because you are shy I think that you should be the submissive one, it would mean that you would have to do everything I tell you without question. If that doesn't work we can swap roles and try again. What do you think?"

"I'll try anything you want." I sighed happily "Anything."

He smiled at my reply, reached across the table and took my hand, I was so happy knowing that he was not going to leave me that I gave no thought to the implications of his suggestion until that moment. Nervousness welled up inside me as it dawned on me that what Brian was referring to would make me a sex-slave, I wasn't sure that I could do what he wanted, but I was determined to try for the sake of our happiness. After a few moments I realised that my pussy was wetter than it had ever been, I was surprised that the idea of being a slave could make me so wet yet pleased that it was happening.

"Are you wearing everything I bought for you?" Brian asked suddenly.

A thrill ran through me at the thought that Brian was going to start working his idea immediately.

"Yes." I replied.

"Show me." he grinned.

I felt stunned, nervously I looked around the restaurant, all the tables were occupied although no-one seemed to be paying us any attention. Looking back at Brian I saw him sitting back in his chair smiling encouragingly at me, licking my lips I pulled the gap between two of the buttons a little wider and leant forward.

"I can't see that." he grinned, "Show me properly."

Looking around again I opened a couple of buttons with trembling fingers, leaning forward I pulled the material aside so that he could clearly see one of my breasts encased in the transparent bra. His eyes sparkled as he looked at my breast, I felt my nipple push against the tight material and gasped as for the first time in my life I felt a tremor of bliss run through me. My eyes went wide as I had a minor climax, minor it may have been, but it was the most delightful experience I had ever had, Brian had hit on the answer to my problem and knew that I would do anything to feel that surge of joy again, anything! As I sat back and closed my buttons Brian laughed.

"You climaxed Anthea," he said with quiet glee "I saw it in your eyes. Anyway, what about the panties? Show me."

His voice became commanding and I felt a ripple of excitement as I looked nervously around the room, how was I going to show him the panties without displaying myself to everyone present. Sliding my chair around the table I brought my legs out from under the table, I didn't need to move the material of my dress for it had slid apart with my first motion. Glancing around quickly I opened my legs and let my pussy show through the material of the panties and again I felt the sudden surge of a minor orgasm wash over me. From across the room there came a crash that brought me back to my senses, like a frightened deer I closed my knees and thrust my legs back under the table as I looked towards the source of the noise to see one of the waiters staring open mouthed in my direction. Blushing I went to move my chair back around the table, but Brian told me to stay where I was.

"Anthea," he breathed, "how do you feel?"

"I don't know," I sighed, "I feel excited and randy and happy, but at the same time I feel nervous and embarrassed and helpless. God Brian I climaxed twice in the space of a few minutes, I've never felt so wild before. Whatever it is you are doing, don't stop."

"Don't worry," he laughed, "I won't. Darling I know you climaxed, your eyes and your body told me and everyone that was watching. It seems I was right about what you needed."

"What do I need?" I murmured excitedly.

"To be dominated, to be told what to do," he grinned, "you also seem to need to feel humiliated and risk seems to add to your pleasure. We'll find out exactly what gets you going as we go on, I've a few more things to try yet."

"Like what?" I breathed.

Inside me I felt the excitement rising again as my husband leant towards me, kissed me lightly on the lips and smiled broadly.

"Like bondage." he replied at last "How would you like me to tie you to the bed so that you are helpless, open to whatever I wanted to do?"

This time I shuddered as a climax hit me, gasping I looked at Brian wide eyed, if just his words could do this to me what would the event be like.

"Christ Brian," I gasped, "I must be sick to get so turned on by what we are doing."

"Not sick darling," he said softly "just different. In my reading I discovered that there are a hell of a lot of people like you, they, like you, need to be totally submissive to get pleasure. Others need to dominate and I have to admit that the prospect of dominating you has sent my cock hard. Sit back in your chair and slide forward a little."

I did as he asked and Brian dropped a hand under the table, I gasped when his hand touched my thigh and again when it slid up to my pussy. With slow gentle movements my husband stroked my pussy through the thin material of my panties, even when the waiter came over to take our order he kept stroking me and I had to hold back a cry as the waiter walked away with our order and my pussy exploded. With each climax the effect on me seemed to grow more powerful, it was shocking and exciting at the same time.

"Take off your panties." Brian whispered to me.

Hesitating I reached under the table and after a few squirms managed to slide my panties from under me, down my legs and off, crumpling them tightly in my hand I brought my hands back to the table top. Holding out my hand I gave Brian the crumpled wisp of material, grinning he took it and to my shock and elation shook them out and put them on the table.

"I'll put them in my pocket when we leave." he grinned.

Looking up I saw the man at the next table watching me wide eyed, my pussy gushed with juices as I realised that he had seen me hand my panties to Brian, perhaps he had even watched me squirming to remove them. Horrified and aroused in equal measure I looked around the room, all the people at the tables around us were looking our way, some looked disgusted, others excited and I felt a climax building up in me again. Brian was smiling at me when I turned my attention back to him, once again he reached under the table to stroke my pussy, I knew that some of the other patrons could see that his hand was under the tablecloth and would guess what he was doing.

Then I felt Brian's finger slide into my pussy and my climax erupted, whimpering with ecstasy I bit my lip to hold back a scream of sheer bliss and watched wide eyed as the waiter came over to our table with our meal. The man's hand shook as he served us; Brian's hand remained busy at my pussy and didn't move until the waiter moved reluctantly away, by which time I had climaxed again. Trembling with excitement I ate my meal, every second I expected Brian to stroke my pussy or order me to do something and the sheer suspense was filling me with lust, even the food seemed to excite me as I ate. Soon our meal was over and we were sipping an after dinner drink, I could barely control the shaking of my hand as I raised my glass to my lips.

"So my darling," Brian said quietly "will you obey me from now on?"

"Yes, oh yes." I breathed with a shiver.

"Then bring yourself to a climax while we finish our drinks then we can go home."

Without hesitating I dropped my hand under the table and plunged a finger into my pussy, that was all it took, with a groan that I could not suppress I leant forward and shook into another climax. Sitting up a few minutes later I tossed back my drink with shaking hands and looked at Brian, he grinned, picked up my panties from the table and put them in his pocket. He called for the bill and settled it, then we were off, it was only as we stood that I realised that I would have to walk all the way across the room to claim my coat, with every step the skirt of my dress would flap open to reveal my legs and my pussy. How I made it across the room I will never know, I felt and saw the eyes of the customers and staff watching my every move, my knees shook as I felt myself rising to a climax and when at last I had my coat and we were outside I collapsed against Brian and shook. He laughed and took my coat from my shaking hands, tossing it over his shoulder he put an arm around my waist and supported me as we walked along the street. The night was warm and pleasant, my skirt flapped with every step and my excitement just seemed to grow, I thought we would head straight home; instead Brian guided me to the park.

"Will you obey me?" he asked in a husky tone.

"Christ yes." I gasped, "I'll do anything you want."

I saw his teeth flash in the darkness as he pushed me back against the gate post outside the park, he ran his hands over my body then kissed me, a few moment s later he parted out lips. It felt as though I was burning up with desire, I could still feel the hot touch of his lips on mine as he released me.

"Open your buttons." he commanded.

With trembling fingers I did as he ordered, his eyes gleamed in the faint light from the setting moon as he looked me up and down.

"Slide the top off and take off your bra you sexy baggage." He laughed.

As I slid the material down my arms I felt goose-bumps of excitement prickle on my skin, the top fell to my waist and only the clip at the waistband stopped my dress sliding off completely. Removing my bra I handed it to my husband and shivered as he put it in his pocket with my panties then reached out to tease my nipples.

"Raise your leg." He instructed.

As I lifted one leg from the ground I heard the sound of a zip, Brian moved close to me, flapped open the skirt and a moment later I felt his cock press against my skin. With a deft motion he slid his cock into my pussy, I felt his hands pulling my hips forward as he began to thrust in and out of me, putting my hands on his shoulders I shuddered into a climax. Despite myself I couldn't hold back the cry of pleasure that erupted from my throat, Brian began to move faster and I felt myself rising to a new peak, my cries drifting out onto the night air as I came and came and came. Then he was thrusting up into me, his body tensed and I felt the surge of heat that told me he was climaxing deep in my pussy. A scream rose in me as his surging seed made me explode with ecstasy, I felt as though I would faint from the sensations running through me and even when Brian eventually pulled his cock from me I could not control the shaking of my body.

"Lick my cock clean." He commanded breathlessly.

Crouching in front of him, my boobs exposed, my pussy likewise, I licked his cock clean of our mixed juices, and I could feel his seed trickling from my pussy as I licked his still hard flesh.

"Suck it." He ordered.

His cock filled my mouth as I slid my lips around and down on him, Brian sighed as I began to bob my head, the feel of his flesh sliding in my mouth sending thrills running through me. When at last I felt his cock twitch in my mouth I pushed down on him as far as I could and sucked, his hot juices jetted out to fill my mouth with their salty stickiness, with a groan I felt myself start to shake yet again. Sucking my husbands cock as it shrank in my mouth I revelled in the waves of bliss that filled me and when he ordered me to stand up and do up my top I complied with reluctance.

"Jesus Brian," I gasped as he guided our steps towards home "I feel shattered yet I want more."

"And you will get more." Brian laughed "This is going to be the first night in your new sexual life my darling and I want you to remember it with joy."

"Oh Brian," I sighed, "how could I do anything else? I've had more climaxes in the space of the last few hours than I thought possible. I feel wild, the thrill it gave me at the thought that we could be discovered while you took me was indescribable."

Laughing Brian squeezed my waist, his touch making my skin tingle. We walked along in an intimate silence, in my mind I tried to picture what Brian had planned for when we got home, but he had no intention of waiting for us to get home. As we entered the bright lights of the shopping centre Brian guided me over to an electrical shop, in the window a video camera was operating and I saw us on the small TV to which it was connected. Moving behind me Brian enfolded me in his strong arms.

"Watch the TV." He commanded.

Filled with a sudden glee I watched the screen, Brian's hands moved over my body as he opened the buttons of my dress, pulled the material aside to expose my breasts then began to play with them. The titillation I felt as I saw his hands moving on the screen and felt them on my skin was too much to be described and when he ordered me to pull the skirt open I nearly climaxed as I stared at my own pussy on the TV. When Brian slid a hand down to toy with my wet pussy I did climax, on the screen I could see his finger buried deep inside me as I shook and thrust down on his hand. After a few more minutes Brian turned me to face him, kissed me and stepped back to arms length to look at me still holding my skirt open while my breasts swung free of my top.

"I bet you wish that it was being recorded." he grinned.

With a cry I had another climax, falling into his arms as my knees gave way under me, he held me tight and kissed my forehead until at last I could support myself again. Straightening weakly I smiled at my husband and waited for whatever he had planned next, he laughed and told me to close my buttons again then guided me on our way once more.

"You know," he laughed as we strolled along "I'm enjoying this as much as you are. My cock has already gone hard again, perhaps I ought to take you over that garden wall before I get so stiff that I can't walk."

Gasping with pleasure at the thought I hoped that he would do it, he stopped, turned me to face the low wall and pushed me forward, I leant on the wall and felt him lift my dress onto my back. With a sigh of contentment I felt his cock glide into my pussy, laughing Brian began to take me, I no longer cared if we were seen or not as I moved in time to his thrusts. Explosions of bliss ran through me as I climaxed yet again, it was a climax that continued all the while my husband fucked me, his hard cock sliding in my pussy sending bigger and bigger waves of sensation crashing through me with each stroke. Then his hot juices jetted into my depths and my cries became louder, vaguely I heard some-one shout at us to 'cut the racket' before Brian finally pulled his cock from me, laughing he adjusted my dress and helped me to stand, his arms supporting me as we walked away.

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