Obey Me!


His juices slithered stickilly down my thigh as we walked, his strong arm wrapping around me tightly as I staggered at his side, my whole body felt sensitised, even the material of my dress rubbing on my skin as I moved excited me. By the time we finally reached home I felt that I would burst in a pyrotechnic display of passion and as the door closed behind us and Brian removed his arm I sank to the floor in a quivering heap. Through my orgasmic haze I felt myself lifted and carried into the living room, Brian gently placed me on the couch then went to fix us a drink while I shuddered, shook and groaned back to some sort of normality.

"Thank you darling." I breathed as I took the glass he held out to me.

"My pleasure." he grinned, "Drink your drink then get that dress off. We aren't finished yet, I've gone hard again."

I felt stunned as he quickly threw off his clothes to reveal an erection that showed no signs of the three climaxes he had already had, stunned yet elated. Draining my glass quickly I stood up and took off my dress, naked except for my stockings and shoes I waited for Brian to command me, trembling as I wondered what he would have me do.

"God you have a fantastic body" he breathed "and now that our problem is solved I am going to enjoy using it."

"Use me Brian," I sighed happily "use me as you want."

He ordered me to stand still with my legs spread wide, with firm hands he explored my body, his fingers digging into my boobs, tweaking my nipples, probing my pussy and teasing my clit until I screamed with pleasure. Somehow I managed to stay standing as he handled me with a firmness he had never used before, dimly I realised that I enjoyed his hard touch and wished for more or harder. Turning me around Brian ran his hands down my back then stroked my buttocks, in the mirror I saw him frown, his hand raised and I tensed with the knowledge that he was going to spank me. With a crack his hand came down on my buttocks in a burst of pain and ecstasy, shrieking I fell to my knees as a massive orgasm smashed my mind into tiny splinters, I couldn't think, I couldn't breath all I could do was feel.

When I came to my senses again it was to see Brian sitting on the couch looking down at me with a broad smile on his lips, weakly I smiled up at him and struggled to sit up.

"Would you like to rest?" he asked with his hard cock pointing at me.

"I want whatever you want." I gasped out.

"In that case let's go upstairs," he laughed, "I've some ropes that need to be tested."

With an effort I got to my feet, but I needed Brian's support to get upstairs to the bedroom, gently he lay me on the bed and left the room, a few seconds later he was back, in his hands were four lengths of soft cord. Quickly he tied the cords to the feet of the bed tossing the other end onto the bed where I lay, taking one of my wrists he stretched it out, wrapped the cord around it, pulled it tight then tied it off. As he repeated the action with my other wrist and my ankles I felt myself rising to yet another orgasm and when he finally stood back to look down at my spread-eagled body I screamed up at him to fuck me.

He grinned and sat on the side of the bed, his hands wandered over my body as I shook and pleaded with him to take me, helpless I climaxed time and again as he caressed me firmly, at times I fainted with the force of the sensations running through me. Each time I would awake with his hands still playing with my body and when at last he came onto the bed and mounted me I screamed, screeched, and quivered beneath him until I fainted yet again. I came to with him still thrusting in me and it had me climaxing all over again, that night lasted a hundred joyous years and by the time Brian filled me with his hot seed I was more unconscious than awake. I barely noticed him take his cock from my pussy, I was dimly aware of the pressure of the ropes leaving my wrists and ankles, of being placed under the covers. Each touch of his hands as he did these things sent thrills through me, the covers sliding on my skin made me gasp and shudder, exhausted and befuddled I fell into a deep sleep and dreamt of my husband doing wonderful things to me.

When I woke it was with a start, my body tingled and I still felt tired, Brian leaned over and kissed me, his tongue thrusting into my mouth as his hands began to explore my body. As the sun brightened the curtains I climaxed for the first time that day. It was to be but the first of many such mornings as I fell gleefully into my part of his sex slave.

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by Anonymous02/23/18

A great story of a loving caring husband and a loving trusting wife I had a hard cock nearly all the time. Very erotic.

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