Hear my laughter in your head
It’s a pity it’s a shame nothing’s been said
- Hawkwind -

As the sun’s rays were absorbed into the night Jeric arose, a thousand years of dreams slipping into the darkening sky. The scents of a new evening exploded through his mind, fresh and exciting, pregnant with possibility. Through the wall of his shoddy cramped bedsit wafted the musky smell of the couple next doors recent fucking, cum juices fresh and sweet sent Jeric’s pulse racing with hunger and desire. Closing his eyes he dispelled the images from his mind, concentrating he sent himself outwards in to the night, searching as he had every night for an eternity, searching in vain for that one elusive presence. Out on the wings of the night he went causing hairs to rise on people’s necks when he passed.

The city was alive with people, lights and sounds. Down a dark alley two people were in the last sweaty stages of a quick fuck. Further on a pool of blood lay cooling by a crack ridden corpse. His awareness passed through a club of black clad people writhing to an un-heard rhythm, silver chains glinting in the strobes; bodies twisting in ecstasy as the whips caressed them. Jeric, intrigued made a mental note; a place to feed.

For an eternal moment Jeric scoured the city, looking for the one person he sought, the one person he’d followed from incarnation to incarnation, down the dance of the years. Caught on a wave of nostalgia he thought of the first time he had hunted her.

It seemed to him that it was at the very beginning of time it’s self he had come across her. Under a full moon he had been out amongst the newly dug barrows, moonlight creating an alien world of monochrome, the smells of dead kings scenting the air, making him drunk with lust. Colours from planes unseen made his head spin a dream world of darkness and longing. Moving like a shadow in the underworld, Jeric saw her. Kneeling down her back towards him, her long blond hair silver under the light of the moon; instinct urged Jeric to leap on her and tear her throat out, to drink deep of her. Jeric needed something else though, something much sweeter…blood on an orgasmic rush.

Silently he was before her, exercising his iron will he sent forth a slow smoky thought, compelling her to look up. Raising her face, she saw her death smiling serenely down at her. Pushing harder Jeric stroked pleasure centres buried deep in her mind, his body trembling with desire.

“Come to me my love” Jeric’s words were soft as brushed velvet. Trembling she stood and slipped her dress off her shoulders, with scarcely a whisper it pooled at her feet. Naked she stood tall and proud, moon silver, perfect, and a dream. Silently Jeric slipped out of his clothes, light radiated from his naked body blinding the girl, as she fell backward dazed Jeric reached out and caught her, his mind pushing further into hers and for a second they were as one person.

Setting her down on the soft grass Jeric pulled her face toward his hard jutting cock, with a small moan she opened her mouth and took his cock to the hilt. Jeric closed his eyes and smiled, reaching down he grabbed a handful of her hair, pulled her off his cock and took a breast in his hand, he could feel the nipple harden against his palm. Moving his hand down to her crotch he cupped her vagina, letting the slick wetness seep through his fingers. With a gentle caress he moved his hand up her body and over her breasts, his nails leaving behind five trails of wetly shining crimson. With a quick darting motion Jeric was lapping up the slowly oozing blood, his senses on fire. Again he moved his hand down to her vagina, this time taking his time, one, two then three fingers were pumping in and out of her wet cunt, making her moan with need. Gently he bit her neck just hard enough to draw blood, the combination of her fisting and Jeric biting on her neck was too much for the girl and the first waves of orgasm started to wash through her body, quickly Jeric withdrew his finger form her cunt, moans of frustration escaped the girls semi parted lips. Pushing her back onto the ground Jeric climbed on top of her and pushed his cock into her in one motion. Slowly at first then with greater speed he started to fuck her. Faster and harder he went; the girl caught in the rhythm started to come again. Her muscles gripped his hard cock as if it were an iron bar. All the while Jeric maintained eye contact, fucking her mind as he was fucking her body. Dancing together on the waves of orgasm, they came together in a screaming climax. At that peak of ecstasy Jeric’s teeth plunged through the soft, silky skin of her neck and tapped into her life force.

As her blood sprayed the inside of his mouth his spunk sprayed the tight insides of her cunt. In her final second of awareness the girl pushed back, using her own orgasm’s power; searing were her thoghts burning Jeric’s mind with images of a future yet to come, a future of an un-holy lust/love.

It was over. Sated Jeric pulled out of her and vowed they would meet again, frowning he wondered where that thought had come from, with a shake of his head he gathered his clothing and wandered into the night.

And back to his room, the seductive voice of the dark calling to him growing more insistent, a call that could not be denied. With a scream Jeric jumped through his window, shards of glass cutting his face and hands. Darkness had his soul this night, a chaotic urge to experience, to destroy. With a soft thud Jeric landed in a crouch, lithe as a cat, his face nearly healed in the time it had taken to fall the 30 feet from his window. A couple finding him suddenly in front of them screamed and fled, shards of glass cutting them as they ran, a sharp silver rain, Jeric’s laughter mocking them.

Only one thought was in his mind, as he prowled the streets, invisible in the shadows. Feeding, a force so strong its presence was a dull ache throughout his being. On the periphery of Jeric’s vision strange shapes moved, smoky and indistinct, ghosts crowding his mind. For a brief instance he was elsewhere, on his knees naked before a queen, collared and submissive a willing slave. As fast as the vision had come it had gone replaced with the city’s own demons, crowding in on him, laughing. With a shout so loud that it broke several windows Jeric ran from the encroaching army of the past.

Moving at full speed he was invisible to the hoards of people that surrounded him, as a dark mist Jeric wove through them, driven by fear and need he homed in the club he’d first visited in his vision. Traversing London in time strobe it by neon he approached the club as a destroying angel, using his mind he pushed by the door and entered a world inhabited by those who wished themselves different, immortal.

Music blared from massive speakers that took up an entire wall of the dimly lit club; it’s hypnotic beats holding all present in a trance. The room dim to the point of blackness was mainly empty, a couple be-decked in leather and silver moved as one on the dance floor, drugs joining their minds in an existence of entwined desire. Against the far wall shadowy figurers cavorted around another couple. The man was tied spread eagled whilst his mistress whipped him, over and over. Each blow driving his cock deeper and deeper into the girl bent over before him. The whole club pulsed with a warped desire, a need to be, to push the boundaries of experience to the limit. Lost in his reverie Jeric didn’t notice the figure crawl up to him head down.

“Master, my Lord of the Night” a deep voice intoned “I am your slave master. How can I serve?” Jeric looked down at the man kneeling before him, with a laugh he kicked him hard in the face cutting his lips and loosening several teeth. Looming above him Jeric hissed

“You could serve me only in your death you piece of shit; give me your drugs and fuck off” With trembling hands the man handed over his drugs, eyes a wash with fear and desire, after all these years he’d found what he’d sought. Jeric snatched a small white package out of the mans hand, turned away and sniffed a large quantity of white powder. The effect was instant; a cool buzzing wrapped around his brain, bringing every thing into a clear new focus, free he stalked the club.

For a heart stopping moment time stood still, she was there, the one, chained arms above her head, the chains stretching up into the smoky dark. Then the moment was gone, however the seed having been planted Jeric decided to stay and watch the entertainment unfold.

The girl suspended by her wrists was naked bar a pair of thigh high leather boots. Before her stood another woman dressed entirely in a black PVC catsuit, one hand was wedged up between the girls thighs making her squirm, in the other a riding crop which was beating the tied girls arse. Jeric could feel himself becoming aroused, stepping forward he cupped the tied girl’s breasts in his hands, fingers pinching her nipples hard, making her squirm. Bending forward Jeric kissed her full on the lips his tongue darting into her warm wet mouth, her spit was like nectar to Jeric, withdrawing his tongue she bit down on his bottom lip, blood weld in his mouth, with his lust mounting, Jeric smeared his blood all oven the girls face and pinched her nipples harder. Releasing her breasts Jeric put one hand between her thighs and one between her red spread arse cheeks. Both holes were filled with his probing fingers, thrusting into her with in time with the tempo of the whip now beating a cruel rhythm on his back. Jeric could feel himself getting harder and harder almost to the point of pain, he slipped sideways through time.

I can picture our next meeting… You will stand blindfolded in a room, candlelight illuminates you body, naked apart from clothing sacred to the art of sex. So softly will I caress you, touching you here licking you there stocking the fires of desire. I can feel your tits in my mouth, the nipples swelling, hardening as I bite them. I run my tongue down your body, past your navel tasting each part of you, working my way down to your moistening sex. Taking one of your hands I place it on my cock and tell you to start wanking it. I love the feeling as you start to slowly rub my cock. My hands continue to caress you, parting your thighs I slip two fingers into your tight hole, your already very wet, I keep well away from your clit, I want your desire and need to build slowly, my tongue entwined with yours. You’re starting to pant now, to beg me to rub your clit just a bit. Letting you go I lead you to the bed in the corner of the room, gently I lay you down and spread your legs, your sex is glistening with moisture as I lean forward my tongue darting into your wet cunt, licking and probing sucking your clit. Round and round I lick occasionally dipping into your hot pulsing sex, your hips are moving in time with my tongue. I want to hear you beg for me to put my cock into you and fuck you hard. By now I am ready and with one hard push I shove my cock into you up to its hilt; your warmth envelops me. It feels so good fucking you, I build the pace slowly then faster and faster as we climb the curve to orgasm, you come with a scream, my spunk floods you as I bite down hard upon your neck in rapture.

Flashing strobes pulled Jeric back into his body, he was fucking the girl from behind as her companion whipped him to a bloody climax. He could feel himself coming, as he spurted in to her cunt Jeric leant forward grabbed a hand full of her hair and pulled her head right back. Lunging forwards he ripped out her throat and drank her soul.

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