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Obsessed with Peggy


This is my first try writing erotic fiction. All comments are welcome.

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction and the characters are not based on actual people.

Part 1

Peggy woke up late on a Friday morning. She had fucked her husband, Greg, to two orgasms the night before and he was still out cold beside her. She heard her son, Jack; downstairs watching cartoons like most kids his age. She went into the bathroom to pee, when she stood up, she looked into the mirror, noticed she was naked and remembered the fucking from the night before. She loved fucking and couldn’t ever get enough, which is one reason she married someone almost half her age.

She thought, "I still look damn good for 40." Peggy had been a NFL cheerleader in her younger days and still had the petite, perky body of a cheerleader. Still looking at herself in the mirror, she glanced down and ran her hands up her body. Her eyes followed her hands around her lovely hips over her tight stomach up to her perfect breasts. She cupped her 34c breast, which looked large on her petite 5' 3" frame; her long nipples stood out on her firm round breasts.

She closed her eyes, remembered how she had first blown Greg to one orgasm then let him fuck her from behind to another. She herself had not cummed because Greg hadn't lasted long enough; claiming that she was too tight for him to last any longer. When she opened her eyes, she noticed that her fingers had naturally found her pussy lips and smiled. "God, I'm horny," she said aloud.

She got into the shower, turned on the water, grabbed the soap and started massaging her tits. Her nipples were already rock hard as she ran her soapy hands over her firm tits and trapped her nipples between her fingers. She gently pulled on her nipples sending shivers down to her crotch. For some reason, an image of her oldest daughter, Tammy, flashed in her mind. Tammy was getting married in a month so she was on her mind a lot but this was a weird time. She ran her hands down her smooth belly to her pussy. While using one hand to hold her pussy lips open, she slowly inserted a finger. It felt so silky smooth when she fingered herself. She rubbed her clit nice and easy. While she was inserting her finger in and out of her pussy, she kept thinking of Tammy.

Tammy was her oldest daughter by her first husband. Last weekend, Peggy had taken Tammy to try on wedding dresses and for this special occasion, she had given her daughter a honeymoon outfit consisting of all white garter, push-up bra and panties with lots of lace. Tammy had insisted on trying it on. Peggy was a little embarrassed when her daughter came out of the dressing room looking very sexy in her outfit. Tammy looked like Peggy had when she was 20: bright green eyes and a great smile, but Tammy had a much more voluptuous body. She had at least 36D breasts with a small waist and very curvy hips. Tammy turned around and Peggy blushed at the sight of her tight, white ass. She had forgotten that she bought her thong panties.

All of a sudden, Tammy was standing naked before her. Peggy looked down and saw Tammy rubbing her wet, naked pussy. "Cum for me mom," Tammy said.

Peggy opened her eyes in the shower and noticed that she was not rubbing easy anymore. Her fingers moved like a jackrabbit against her clit. With her other hand, she squeezed her tits and pulled hard on her nipples. She gripped the wall with that hand as her orgasm broke and her knees weakened. As the orgasm crested, she moaned a little loud. There was a knock at the bathroom door and her husband came into the room.

"What are you doing in here honey? Are you all right?" he asked.

Gaining her composure, she said, "just taking a shower."

He said, "well Jack wants some breakfast."

After the shower, Peggy went downstairs, made breakfast and for the time being forgot all about Tammy.

Part 2

After Breakfast, Peggy got ready for work. She put on her corporate "uniform" of a tight mini skirt with matching tight sweater that she always wore to work. She loved showing off her body to the young lawyer's at the firm where she worked as a legal secretary. When she arrived at work, she made her usual stroll around the office, saying hi and showing some leg to all the guys. She stayed and talked awhile to one of her favorites, Joe, a young lawyer at the firm. Sitting on his desk with her legs crossed, she noticed that Joe was awkwardly peeking at her legs.

Joe thought Peggy was the best thing going. He could not believe that a woman could look that good when she was over forty and had three kids. She always wore tight, short skirts that showed off her legs, a little on the thin side but very shapely. He could envision her pulling that skirt over her gorgeous round ass, covering up a garter belt and thong panties or maybe no panties at all. She had told him that she did not like wearing panties. She usually wore a tight sweater that showed off her breasts: perfectly round and firm. He could tell that she wore push-up bras, the kind with a lot of lace. This morning he was trying to see if she in fact was wearing panties under her red mini shirt. It was agonizing being this close to her because she exuded sex and teased Joe by regularly and casually talking about sex. She had told him how much she loved sex and on one occasion had mentioned that her husband loved fucking her from behind while they watched TV.

Joe was completely obsessed with Peggy and had fantasies of fucking her in all sorts of way. In fact, he had created a plan for forcing Peggy to fuck him but of course, in his mind, she gives in and begs him to fuck her. He neared the breaking point; his obsession effected his work and private life but he put it off because he was scared it would not work or it would not be as great as he had envisioned. If he only knew how it turned out, he would have done it months ago.

Part 3

Peggy looked forward to the weekend; everyone would be home and she hoped they would get some nice, quality family time together. Sally, her youngest daughter, was home from college where she was a freshman. She was trying out for the cheerleading squad at the university and had practice tonight. Sally looked almost exactly like her mom when she was 20: petite, firm body with perky breast and a tight ass. Tammy was staying with them until her wedding next month.

Sally had a date after practice with her boyfriend, Tab. After pizza and beers at a local joint, they went home where they said hello to mom and dad then excused themselves so that they could be alone in the basement playroom. The only thing Sally wanted to play with was Tab's cock. She had not seen him in a month and was extremely horny. The playroom was a huge finished room that contained a full sized bed, which they used for guest, a pool table and a blue sofa. They also had some exercise equipment which everyone used.

Sally and Tab had barely settled into the sofa before she was all over him, covering his face with kisses and running her hands over his hard chest. Her hand found his crotch and massaged his cock through his pants. She unzipped his pants and reach in to grab his cock. She had easy access to his flesh since he doesn't wear underwear. It felt hot and hard as she moved her hand up and down the length of his cock. Hurriedly, she took off his shirt and pants so that she would have access to his lovely body. He was a swimmer at school and had a perfect body: firm and muscular but not gross like a body builder. His body was hard and soft in all the right places, he kept his body hair trimmed because of the swimming and she loved to run her hands over his smooth skin. His 7-inch cock stood out against his trimmed pubic hair. She kissed her way down his body, stopping to suck on his nipples, scraping them with her teeth. She loved his perfect cock: straight as an arrow, not too fat and just the right length. She enveloped his cock with her hot mouth, bobbing her head up and down as fast as possible.

Her stepfather, Greg, was watching this scene from the only window in the basement. It was a small window set high in the basement and faced the backyard. He had to lie almost flat to see into the room. He thought his stepdaughter was incredible looking, just like pictures of her mom when she had been in college. Peggy went to bed after Sally came home but Greg told her he was going to watch TV. Instead, he decided to check out his favorite spot. Sally used the basement a lot to "entertain" her guest and he had innocently stumbled across this spot a few months ago. He watched as the couple switched positions. She had on her cheerleading outfit: short flair skirt and tight sweater. Tab took off her cheerleader panties and underwear, leaving on her skirt; then the couple got into a 69 position. She was on top of him with her head and his cock facing toward Greg; her ass was facing the other direction but luckily, for Greg, they had a large wall mirror in the basement for the exercise equipment. Her ass rotated tantalizing back and forth, as she continued to suck his cock ever faster. From his location, Greg could just make out her pussy lips, which were just peeking out below her skirt.

Tab knew he had it good. Anytime he wanted Sally would fuck him. She was a great lay and would do many things that other girls would not, like let him cum in her mouth. He was close to that point now; her mouth was like a hungry animal tonight. She bobbed her head at a fantastic speed. He had neglected to return the favor so he moved his mouth up to her pussy and started licking. She was so wet that he had to swallow to keep from choking on her juices. She let out a loud moan and increased her sucking pressure on his cock. That was all it took and he arched his back as his cock erupted. His cum shot into her mouth and she licked up every dropped. After she milked his cock dry, she turned over so that he could concentrate on her.

Tab positioned himself between her legs; her thighs were slick with her juices, as his mouth covered her pussy. His tongue moved up the length of her pussy and stop on her clit. He sucked her clit into his mouth, making her body shiver with pleasure. She was on fire, her juices flowed out of her and she humped her hips against his mouth. He pushed his hands up underneath her sweater and massaged her tits. She pulled her sweater up, exposing her tits and twisted her nipples between her fingers. She used one hand to grasp his head and pulled his mouth tight against her pussy. She was ready to explode and started panting and moaning loudly.

Greg pounded his cock vigorously as he watched Sally buck and grind her pussy against Tab's face. He loved it when she started moaning. It drove him over the top and he pretended that they were cumming together. As her moaning got louder and louder, his hand moved faster and faster on his cock and when Sally scream "oh god, I'm cumming," Greg shot his load all over the basement wall.

Tammy, the oldest daughter, thought she heard something while she was brushing her hair out. She went to her bedroom window, which was on the top floor of the house. She noticed her stepfather walking into the house from the backyard. "I wonder what he was doing out back," Tammy thought. She went back to brushing her hair in front of a mirror. Her large breasts were straining the front of her nightgown. Her nipples were hard and visible through the shear material as she thought about her wedding night. She was a virgin and constantly thought about her honeymoon. Her friends couldn't believe that she was still a virgin but she was saving herself for her husband. She had seen a cock before and given a couple of handjobs but nothing more. She had also withheld from masturbating for 6 months so she was greatly anticipating her wedding night.

Joe had a very bad night. His sex life was in the dump. It had always been below average. He tried but his wife would only lie there without moving. He got his rocks off sometimes but it just wasn't satisfying. His wife complained that he was too big. He was big, just over 9 inches, which should make a man feel great but when it doesn't help you in the bedroom it seemed like a curse. Lately, she was very frigid toward him and tonight he found out why. He overheard her on the phone as she talked with his best friend, Ron, saying how much she loved to fuck Ron, how his cock fit her perfectly. It made Joe sick to this stomach. "How could she fuck his best friend. Am I a bad lover? I guess so," he thought to himself. He went out for a drink and after about 2 hours, he decided that he would try his plan on Peggy. "Why the fuck not," he said to himself as he slammed back another shot of tequila.

Part 4

Peggy's family was enjoying a peaceful night; everyone stayed in and after a very relaxing dinner they settled into the playroom for some monopoly. She was happy that everyone was together and enjoying each other's company. They talked about all kinds of family stuff: Tammy's wedding, Jack's school, Sally's cheerleading, Greg's work. She should have been completely contented but there was something missing in her life, pizzazz or maybe passion. She just could not put her finger on it.

Joe had planned to get Peggy alone after he tied up her husband but while he staked out her house on Saturday night, he noticed that her two daughters were home and decided a different approach would be fun. He had attended a couple of office parties at Peggy’s so he knew the house well. The house was great for what he had in mind; the driveway was a good ½ mile long and the house was a mile from any other home in the area. After midnight, he hiked back to his car and drove halfway up the driveway. He kept his lights off so that no one would see him from the house and parked the car in the woods beside the driveway. He got his equipment out of his trunk: a mask like the Lone Ranger wore, an unloaded gun, a taser gun and a bag full of leather straps and other gear. He didn't want to hurt anyone and he would never kill anyone but he would have to scare them so that they would do what he wanted.

He broke into the basement through the window and setup the playroom with chairs that he found in storage. He climbed up to the top level of the house where all the kids slept. First, he barricaded Jack’s room so that Jack could not get out then he found Sally’s room. Sally was sound asleep. She wore only a tee shirt that had slipped up her body, showing off her white cotton panties. She looked so sweet and young that way. He quietly tiptoed over to her bed and placed a rag soaked with chloroform over her mouth. She passed right out so he picked her up and took her downstairs. He tied her to a chair with three of the leather straps. The straps had a lock that could only be opened with two hands so he left one hand free. He gagged her incase she woke up before he was finished. He climbed back up to Tammy’s room and was pleased with what he saw; she wore a long nightgown that hugged her body like a glove. Her tits were magnificent as they rose and fell with each breath. He repeated the same steps with her as he had with her sister. After he finished with her, he quietly walked to the master bedroom and found the couple of the house sound asleep. He thought that sleeping sound must be a family trait. He had to use two rags this time and as he placed the rags over their mouths, Greg woke up and struggled for a few seconds. He took Greg down first and then Peggy and strapped them to chairs.

He took a few seconds to appreciate his handy work: they were asleep and strapped tightly to the chairs. The girls looked beautiful with their angelic faces. Peggy was as sexy as he had hoped. She wore a white baby-doll teddy that beautifully hugged the top of her hips; showcasing white French-cut, lace panties. The top of the teddy barely encased her bulging breasts. His cock twitched with anticipation. He woke everyone up and gave them a few minutes to adjust to their surroundings. The girls looked around with fear in their eyes. Peggy and Greg looked worried. Greg was scared but he couldn't stop himself from looking at his stepdaughters in their skimpy outfits. He had never noticed how gorgeous and well developed Tammy was.

Joe had a speech prepared and needed to delivery it perfectly so that it would have the correct impact. He begun, “First, Jack is fine. He is locked in his room and will not be harmed if you do as I ask.” He showed them the gun and taser and then said, “I do not want to use these. I do not want to hurt anyone but I will if you don’t obey everything I say. I will be giving you orders tonight that you will not want to obey but I expect you to obey them without hesitation. If you do not, I will remind you with this.” He walked over to Greg and used the taser on him. Greg shook and grimaced against the gag. Joe continued, “that was on the lowest setting. Each time you disobey, I will increase the setting. If things get out of hand, I will use the gun to take control. Remember that.” He paused. “To summarize, do as I say and no one gets hurt and come Monday morning no one outside of this room has to know what happen. Disobey me and I will hurt you or maybe Jack. Do you all understand?” They nodded. “Lastly, since you have no choice but to obey, you should take this occasion to do those things which you only fantasize about. Tell yourself that you have no choice in the matter and let you inhibitions down. I will not make you do anything extreme or painful so enjoy yourself and come Monday you will be safe and sound,” Joe finished.

Tammy seemed the most upset at the news and started pulling at her straps. Joe went over to her and told her to calm down that he was going to undo her but she had to promise to be calm. He untied her straps and took the gag out of her mouth. She slapped Joe hard against the face. He brought the taser up to her body and she screamed in panic. He said, "don't do that again unless you want me to use this." She started to sob but did not cause anymore problems as he untied her sister and mother. He told Peggy to undress the girls. She did as told and actually didn't mind since she had seen her girls naked before. For some reason, it was different this time. Maybe the circumstance made her look at her daughters in a sexual way for the first time but for whatever reason, she felt her body responding as she removed their clothes. Sally's body was so firm. Peggy could tell she worked out a lot as her hands brushed against her firm abs. Tammy had a beautiful body and seeing her up close and naked only reinforced this. She could feel Tammy's body trembling with fear as she lowered her panties and gently removed them.

Joe told Sally to undress her mom and for Tammy to undress their dad. "When you are done, give them a little kiss," Joe said. Tammy didn't want to do it but ever so slowly walked over to Greg. Joe gave her a pair of scissors because he didn't want to untie Greg. "You will need to use this," he said, "and make sure he is totally naked." She took the scissors and cut down the front of his tee shirt. She had to cut open the sleeve on his tied arm. She looked at her stepfather's face and was shocked that he didn't seem fearful instead he lustfully stared at her tits. She tried to cover herself; she had never felt so exposed in her life. Joe spoke up, "Tammy don't forgot, totally naked."

"Oh god, I can't do this," Tammy thought but somehow she found the strength to remove her stepfather's boxers, keeping her eyes off his cock. She gave her father a quick peck on the cheek.

Sally enjoyed removing her mom's clothes. She was scared but wanted to see what mom looked like naked. She still had a great, firm body. She marveled at mom's tits as they sagged only slightly. She hoped her body looked this good in twenty years. She bent down and removed her mom's panties, her hands brushing over her lovely round hips. She looked at mom's crotch and noticed that she kept her pussy nice and trimmed just like she did. She stood back up, moved her head toward her mom to kiss her on the cheek. As she looked into her mom's face, she felt a strange stirring and instinctively her mouth slid over and she kissed her mom on the mouth. Her mom kissed back. The kiss didn't last long but the electricity between them was palpable. Tammy and Greg looked on in astonishment when Joe broke the silence by saying, "well, I'm glad that some of you are enjoying the moment." Sally and Peggy blushed with embarrassment.

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