Obsession Versus Morality


He obeyed and felt a little relieved by the way she'd spoken when she saw his cock, somehow it helped ease the tension and for a split second he even forgot his raging sexual thoughts - only for a split second - by the time she'd started on his back, he was remembering the comment the way he would remember it when he was alone with his cock; "you have a nice member, you should be proud, lets fuck".

Meanwhile, Curiosity was listening intently to Obsession. That sure was a fantastic cock wasn't it, it was worth the wait, you wouldn't have known what to do with one of them when you were dreaming of them as a girl, its amazing he's not passing out from lack of oxygen to the brain, all the blood in his body must be in that cock right now, it looked soooo stiff, I thought the weight of it would make it hang out but it just goes straight up he's that hard, I wonder how heavy it feels, would my fingers even meet if I gripped it?

He felt the soapy pad roam briefly over his butt. Why didn't I think of doing that to her. He felt her soapy hands come around his front, over his stomach and then up over his chest. She hugged herself close as she did this - I can feel her pubic hairs touching my butt - and she said "so, how was that, best back rub you ever had"?

"Oooh yeah, it was great, thanks". Not wanting it to ever ever stop but not knowing it takes courage to make fantasies a reality.

"Then I'll leave it to you to wash this part and then we'll dry off and I'll make us that breakfast". As she was saying that, she was moving one hand down his body, when she said the words "this part" she cupped a hand round - well not quite all the way round - the base of his cock. She measured off every inch as the hand slip up to the tip and off the head of his cock.

"Ok, that's it, turn around and rinse the soap off your back, finish washing yourself, c'mon don't dilly dally, I'm getting hungry."

He hadn't turned quickly because he didn't want her to see him stroking his cock with the bar of soap. However, at her orders he turned. She was soaping herself, hands over her nipples then between her legs. "It's rude to stare, c'mon, get out, you're done, let me under the tap so I can rinse off."

He was watching her while he dried. He started padding his cock dry, afraid that if he gripped at it and towelled vigorously, it would explode with the cum he felt so desperately building inside him. She was out while he was finishing off his legs.

She joked, "my goodness, that thing never went down did it, it must be stuck in that position"

He'd finished and was reaching for her body with his towel "do you want me to dry your back mom?"

She saw through the ruse and knew his hands would quickly be drying some front bits as well; she'd got her hands on what she'd set out to do in the shower, "no, its ok honey, I'm done now, c'mon lets go eat" and she wrapped the towel around herself and headed out the door. He wrapped up too and followed.

Walking down the hall together they reached the door of her bedroom first. She was about to open her door when Morality struggled to push the pillow off her face and gloated "Ahhh, my Curiosity is satisfied now, I've seen and touched and felt a huge cock and there is no harm done."

Obsession was furious. "You sanctimonious bitch, how dare you get all high and mighty, wasn't it you only a couple of days ago saying that he was just curious too and that it would be good for his development if he got to touch nipples, and now you go and touch him up all over the place and say no to him at the end when you know he wanted to be the one doing the touching. Get what you want but don't worry about others, that's Morality for you."

She dropped her hand from the door knob and followed in behind him as he was about to close his own door behind him.

"Honey I just wanted to say I'm sorry for doing that in there."

"Umm it's ok", confused by what she meant.

"I mean for teasing you. I touched your penis with my hands and I shouldn't have done that. You're a grown man and I should have respected that and not touched you like a little boy; a man should consent to that sort of touching. To be honest with you, I touched you on purpose, because I was curious. You have a very large cock, err penis, it is the very biggest I have ever seen. You really are very well endowed; when you learn how to use it you will make a lot of girls very very happy indeed. I'm a bit embarrassed to say it was a dream of mine when I was your age to have a lover with a cock so big, and I guess when I saw yours in the shower. I was a bit too curious. I'm sorry."

"Um its ok mom, really, I didn't mind, I would have consented, I've never been with a woman before so I was kinda curious too, you know, to know what it felt like being touched. So, um, thanks.'

Morality was shuffling out of bed, buoyed by a miracle cure, sneering at Obsession "ha ha, take that, I told him the truth and everything is cleared up, you were wrong, it wasn't just me, we've both satisfied a curiosity, now we can go back to normal and no real harm done".

Obsession couldn't take it any more and kicked Morality to the ground, really sinking the boot in this time, stomping stiletto heels into the face of Morality; and taking the boy gently by the hand, "You are so sweet to say that; I knew you hadn't been with a woman and when I touched you I wondered if you were curious too, I thought maybe you were curious to touch me too because I saw you peek at my breasts once, but when you didn't try to touch me, well, that's why I only touched you quickly with one hand, when I was a girl I really wanted to hold such a big one in both hands, but when you never tried to touch me I knew it wasn't fair if I was the only one being curious to touch. But I'm so glad you said you didn't mind, you are so sweet."

He was screaming at his impenetrable shyness wanting to break free and say something, but the ideas spinning in his head were just too many and all he could do was look at her two hands warmly holding his at his chest.

"You know, if you were curious to know what breasts feel like, you can if you want, it would only be fair after what I did to you, really, I don't mind, it would make us even," and she pulled his hand toward where the towel was tucked in her cleavage "do you want to try?"

He still couldn't get the words out but his hand was not resisting her movements to use it to loosen the towel.

She let the towel drop to the floor. Naked. She put the right hand on her left breast, encouraging the hand to move and massage and feel, helping the fingers to sense the touch of nipple. She could see his other hand wanting to join, she picked it up and raised it to her other breast and left him alone for a few seconds to play.

"You know, when a woman gets excited" and here she put her hands over his right hand again and guided the fingers, "her nipples become bigger and more erect", encouraging him to squeeze them, feel them, see if they would grow any more at his touch. "It's like when a man is sexually aroused, his cock stands up stiff" and here she unashamedly looked down at the ever present bulge in his towel, "and for a woman it is her tits that stand up stiff."

He was trying to work out if hers were any bigger or stiffer than when he'd first seen them down her dress, "and another way you can tell if a woman is getting aroused, is when she is feeling quite moist down here", and she moved the hand down and guided a finger into her wet pussy. He instantly looked up into her eyes for confirmation that what he was feeling was something that was "quite moist".

She said nothing and rubbed the finger back and forth over her clitoris, "this is the clitoris, it is like a woman's cock, and mmmmm it feels so good when you rub it with your finger like that. Keep learning like that and you'll be a very good lover. mmm not so rough all the time, imagine your finger is a tongue sometimes, or better still if you get the chance with a girl, use your tongue for real sometimes. Mmmmm that's better, you really can get a woman wet. You know, would it be ok, I mean you said before you didn't mind, I mean can I, you know, hold your cock with both hands?"

Said quickly, almost robotically, mind trapped in the middle of other passions "Yes".

Girl-in-a-lolly-shop became girl-with-a-christmas-present and the wrapping around him was off in a flash.

She could feel the fingers inside her (he'd got brave enough to try two) give an extra jerk at the feel of her hands gripping his member. She was looking down, admiring the view of cock above, below and between her hands; the way she held it, she couldn't help but think it looked like she was operating an oversize joystick.

She leant the joystick to the left, to the right, up till her hands touched the belly and down till she could feel the resistance of a stiff erection. "You know, men like the feel of their cock being stroked up and down", he offered as advice.

"Oh do they?" half mocking and amused that he was saying it like she might not know. She watched herself feel its firmness as she squeezed low on the base and pulled both hands up to the head; he'd got so close to cumming a few times earlier that a bead of precum was eased up the shaft. She'd never been overly fond of the taste of cum, but precum was a different matter; she'd sucked quite a few cocks in her time until they exploded cum into her mouth or on her face as she backed away - she just didn't want to let them go if she thought there was another drop of precum. She wasn't sure if it was the sweetness or just that there was always such a limited amount; it was like an exotic luxury, always served in excruciatingly small doses leaving you wanting more. "Well, you know what I think; I think this has been up long enough now and that you need some help to make it go down. Lie on the bed."

He lay down like an obedient child, knowing it would only take a few strokes to make him cum but hoping that somehow he could hold on and make it last. He couldn't believe it was true, she's going to stroke me till I cum.

It wasn't true; she had no intention of stroking him till he came.

Morality, near death, had looked up through her one good dying eye and seen the precum and the look on Obsessions face; and made a faint dying wish "Please, don't do that to him".

Obsession kicked hard, a stiletto heel piercing an instant death through the heart of Morality, "don't worry bitch, I want a bigger prize than that this time".

She straddled him, guiding the fantasy of her life into her hole until the full nine inches buried deep inside her. That first intercourse lasted two or three long deep fast strokes before they both climaxed in a lust she couldn't remember in the past and that he would never forget in the future.

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