Obsessions Ch. 1

byMaxine MACD©

"Ooo....." I sighed with pleasure. "Look how you've aroused me. Look how big you've made my nipples."

"Wait till I get to your cunt and work on your clit, darling, you've not felt anything yet." Helen said softly in my ear. "Ohhh... My God! You make me so hot." I moaned, Excited by her dirty talk. "Mnn... You like the dirty talk. Don't you sugar?" She said, rubbing her palms over my breasts more vigorously. "I'm going to eat and fuck your beautiful cunt and make you cum like never before."

"Oh! Shit Yesssss.." I cried with lust. Helen removed her robe and pulled me down on the bed with her. She began to massage my shoulders and upper arms, rubbing them softly. Then her hands began to move down my front, massaging the tops of my breasts, then further down, squeezing them, pinching my nipples. As she did this, she began to kiss, nibble, and suck on my neck and my earlobes. Groaning, I turned in her arms, searching for her mouth with mine, moaning her name. Helen eluded my kiss, teasing me with her caresses, her hands moving down my stomach to my mound, where she began to trace my wet slit with her fingers. Feeling my body tense, my skin prickle with pleasure, my nipples harden, I moaned louder.

"Please Helen...please...do whatever you want to me...I can't stand this any longer! I want you...please....fuck me!". I needed her to fill me....to lick and suck every last inch of my body, and even then, I wasn't sure she could satisfy my lust. Helen responded to my words, pushing me back on the bed and straddling me. She began to kiss me passionately, her hands moving over my body in a frenzy. Her lips moved down my body, and as she took my hard nipple in her mouth, I felt her begin to grind herself against my thigh, her warm juices spreading over my skin. She sucked my nipples hard and long, pressing her tongue against them, and then teasing them by running her tongue around them. All the while, I felt her juices flow against me and over me, dripping down my thighs. I felt her begin to tense, knowing an orgasm was imminent, but then, Helen rolled off me. Surprised and disappointed, I cried out for her, begging her to cum on me, to drown me in her juices.

She climbed on top of me, and began to rub her pussy against my own, making me moan. My hands immediately went to her breasts, squeezing them and massaging them. She slid a hand back and began to massage my clit, which was still sore. I groaned, but the pain soon turned to pleasure. She then began to move up my body, dripping her juices over me, until she reached my breasts. She began to rock her hips, using my large breasts to pleasure herself with. I watched her beautiful pussy intently as it rubbed against me, and I felt myself begin to lose control. My hands began to squeeze her breasts more roughly, and I reached around and began to knead her buttocks, slapping them every once in a while. This abuse of her breasts and buttocks made Helen moan even louder, and she began to thrust her hips even harder. Finally, I could not take it any more, and I pushed her off me and onto her back. I spread her legs wide and began to lap at her pussy, running my tongue from her asshole to her clit, over and over. I massaged the insides of her thighs as I began to suck her clit into my mouth.

I heard Helen suck in air sharply, and her hips lifted off the bed. I stopped for a moment to calm her down, and then I slid my tongue into her pussy and began to pump my tongue in and out while my fingers rubbed her clit furiously. Helen began to groan and pant more loudly, her hips began to thrust more violently, and suddenly, she screamed my name and grabbed my hair as I felt her massive orgasm begin to take over her body. Her pussy clenched my tongue, and I felt this sudden burst of juices, as she squirted all over my face and tits. I drank in as much of her juices as I could, but I was still coated in it. Finally, Helen released me and collapsed on the bed. I reached up and began to kiss her. When she tasted her juices on me, she rolled me over and began to lick and suck every bit of juice from my mouth, cheeks, and breasts. Finally, when she was done, she got up. I begged her not to leave me.

She simply smiled and walked over to her dresser, opening a drawer. I saw her rummage around a bit, and then she smiled and showed me what she had been searching for: a long, thick vibrator. I groaned, knowing Helen would find endless ways to pleasure me with this toy, and knowing I would be able to do the same to her. Helen approached me, still with a completely sensuous smile on her face, and settled herself between my legs. She spread my legs wide, taking in my young, moist pussy, and I saw her lick her lips and then bite them, trying to restrain herself. She pressed the vibrator against my aching clit and turned the toy on. Immediately, I jumped and cried out, the vibration on my sensitive clit sending a mixture of exquisite pain and intense pleasure throughout my body. While my body was still adjusting to these sensations, Helen filled my pussy with two fingers and began to pump them in and out. My hips began to pump right along with her efforts.

All I could do during Helen's assault on my pussy was to groan and thrash, my hands flailing about. I grabbed at the covers on the bed, and then I grabbed at Helen and then whimpered when I found her just out of my reach. I began to pinch and pull at my nipples as I thrust my hips, and then I reached down to massage the insides of my thighs, trying to open up my pussy for Helen even more. This continued for some time, Helen bringing me close to orgasm several times, only to switch the vibrator off and to remove her fingers from my aching pussy. Finally, Helen had me position myself on my hands and knees, and I felt her settle behind me. She began to rub the tip of the vibrator around my asshole, making me moan from the pleasure. Then, the vibrator was replaced with her tongue, and she gently invaded my rear with her moist tongue. Just as I was becoming delirious with pleasure, Helen removed her tongue, and I felt the vibrator being thrust into my pussy. I cried out, groaning her name, loving being filled with the throbbing 'cock'. Her fingers quickly found my clit and pressed hard, sending me into orbit.

My orgasm came quickly, my body tensing, my head flying up. I screamed her name as I came over and over and over, and finally, I collapsed on the bed, exhausted from Helen's assault on my body. Helen rolled me over and began to gently caress me, rubbing my thighs, my breasts, and my arms. She kissed me lovingly, nuzzling my neck. Then, whispering in my ear, she said, "You are magnificent my darling. But we need to rest for a while. You must spend the night with me. I can't bear to be without you tonight. Tomorrow we will fuck all day. I have many more surprises for you." She snuggled up to me, and we fell into a deep sleep. Intertwined with one another, we rested our bodies for the intense sexual delights we would indulge in the next day.

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