Obsessions Ch. 2

byMaxine MACD©

She began to kiss me passionately, her hands moving over my body in a frenzy. I responded to her kiss and slid my eager tongue between her sweet lips. We kissed for a long time, taking turns to be dominant. Tongues entwined and plunged down each other's throats, till finally we broke apart. She rolled over on top of me. Her lips moved down my body, and as she took my hard nipple in her mouth, I felt her begin to grind herself against my thigh, her warm juices spreading over my skin. She sucked my nipples hard and long, pressing her tongue against them, and then teasing them by running her tongue around them. All the while, I felt her juices flow against me and over me, dripping down my thighs. I felt her begin to tense, knowing an orgasm was imminent, but then, Bridgette rolled off me. Surprised and disappointed, I cried out for her, begging her to cum on me, to drown me in her juices. She smiled at me and reversed position. We got into a sixty-nine position. She dived between my spread thighs and attacked my aching pussy with her mouth.

I spread her pussy wide with my fingers. Her cream was so thick that it didn't run out but clung to the walls of her vagina. I was intoxicated by the sexy aroma emanating from her gaping cunt. I flicked her engorged clit, which was protruding downwards prominently, with the tip of my tongue and licked all around her love hole. I sucked each bloated lip into my mouth in turn and then returned to her pulsating clit. I licked and sucked the sensitive bud as Helen had taught me. Bridgette was going wild, thrashing and gyrating on top of me. I had to grip her thighs tightly so as not to loose possession of her convulsing pussy. I reveled in the feeling of satisfaction at being able to bring a woman to such heights of passion. Bridgette reciprocated and ate my pussy as though she had been doing it for years, and not for the first time. She had three fingers deep in my fussy and was finger fucking me hard and fast. My hips rose and fell in rhythm with her ministrations. Our passion built rapidly and we exploded in unison, our cunts spewing liquid heat into each other's mouths. We lay panting for a while, our bodies bathed in perspiration and sticky girl cum. Bridgette rolled off me and turned around and lay alongside me. My body was still trembling from my intense orgasm.

"Wow!" Bridgette exclaimed after recovering. "That is the hardest I have cum in a long, long time."

"Same here." I sighed. "I can't believe that this is the first time that you have been with a girl."

"Was it better than with Helen?" She asked.

"If not better, at least as good." I purred. "Different in a way. With Helen, she was the dominant one, whereas neither of us dominated the other. There was more consideration...if you know what I mean."

"Yes. I know. We both were considerate of each others needs."

"What else did you and Helen do besides what we just did?" She asked.

"Well.......we fucked each other with a double dildo."

"Really!" Bridgette gasped. "Tell me more." I could see she was getting excited again. She squeezed her thighs together and then relaxed them. Her hand wandered to my pussy and she stroked lightly up and down my slick slit, flicking my clit every so often with a finger tip.

"We lay on our backs facing each other in a scissors position, the dildo in our pussies. We gyrated our hips and moved slowly together, the dildo going deeper and deeper." Bridgette was panting and fingering her own pussy. I spread my legs further apart to give her probing fingers more access to my eager pussy. "If we had a double dildo I could show you." I whispered. "I could do with something big filling me right now."

"I've got just the thing." Bridgette exclaimed jumping up. "Be right back." She hurried out of the bedroom. She was gone for quite a while. I wondered what it was that she had gone to fetch. I stroked my sensitive pussy dreamily., maintaining my state of arousal. Once I have started having sex, I never seem to be able to get enough. I can cum plenty of times. My eyes were closed as my body tingled deliciously. I felt the bed sag and opened my eyes. Bridgette was holding up her prize. A long cucumber.

"Will this do?" She asked triumphantly. My jaw dropped open and I stared wide-eyed in awe. I was lost for words as erotic thoughts of the cucumber penetrating my pussy sent shivers of lust through my body. She handed me the cucumber. "Let's go to the lounge." She said. "The couch is longer than the bed. I got up and followed her. My pussy squelched as I walked, I was so wet. We lay down facing each other as I had described. I noticed Bridgette's pussy was as wet and swollen as mine. Her hole was dilated and I could see inside her as she lay back, spreading herself wide. "I'm all yours darling." She said in a husky voice. "Come fuck me." The cucumber was not cold. She had obviously warmed it somehow. Probably why she had taken so long. I eased the one tip of the 'phallus' into my crack and lay back. I spread my legs and placed one across Bridgette's thigh. She maneuvered herself closer and I guided the other end of the cucumber into her pussy. She already knew what to do after I had told her how Helen and I had lain.

I recalled my experience of the previous weekend with Helen, and set the pace and rhythm of our undulations. Bridgette soon caught on and moved beautifully. The 'cock' slid deeper and deeper till it was all the way in. Our pussies smacked and ground together, held in perfect alignment by the big cucumber. I was ecstatic. The cucumber was thicker than Helen's dildo and stretched my pussy gloriously. My long clit lay along the top of the cucumber and so did Bridgette's. The tips met and we both jerked as our sensitive clits came together. Neither of us were in a hurry. I clenched my pussy muscles tightly, locking our 'toy' in my pussy and slowly pulled back. I watched Bridgette's pussy slowly release the 'phallus'. Her lips clung to the green monster and flared as they were drawn outwards. I lifted my butt to angle the cucumber upwards and saw it drag along Bridgette's bloated clit. Her eyes were closed and her mouth hung open with pleasure. I fucked her like that slowly for a while. Her pussy lips were drawn into her slick tunnel on the inward strokes. I pumped a bit faster for a while and then paused with our pussies hard together in a 'kiss'. I told her to clamp her pussy tight and then drew back. This time my pussy slid off the cucumber. I pulled right back till only the tip was embedded in my hole, and then moved forward quickly, impaling my stretched cunt on the green prick. The cucumber was now glistening with our girl cum and slid in and out comfortably. I thrust in hard and at the same time Bridgette bore down with her pussy muscles, squeezing the 'cock' out of her pussy a bit and deeper into mine. I felt the cucumber bottom out against my cervix. God it felt so good to be stretched wide and pounded into so deeply. Bridgette was breathing hard now and I sensed she would cum soon. I eased back and lay still for a while. Bridgette did the same. By mutual understanding we both wanted to prolong the glorious sensations. We lay still. I could feel the pulsations of her spasming pussy being transmitted through the shaft that joined us together. My own pussy was twitching in unison with hers. We undulated our hips slowly, causing the cucumber to rotate, thereby increasing our pleasure.

We picked up the pace again and had become expert at manipulating the big 'phallus' in our pussies. Bridgette grabbed her pussy with one hand and sandwiched her clit between two fingers. Her swollen pussy lips bulged out erotically. I copied her and strummed my clit with my fingers. Faster and harder we fucked. Our juices were spraying out around the cucumber on the inward strokes and mixing together, landing on our protruding mounds and clits. We climaxed together, screaming our joyous ecstasy, our cunts mashed together, hot and sticky, dripping with our love secretions. We lay like that, locked together, cunts spasming and trembling. Finally we pulled apart. Both our pussies made a 'sluuurrrp' and 'plop' as the cucumber fell free. We moved our bodies closer and lay side by side, head to toe and licked each other's genitals clean of our girl cum. I noticed a clock on the wall and saw that it was half past six. We had been sucking and fucking each other for three and a half hours, excluding the scene at the office. Reluctantly I got up.

"Where are you going?" Bridgette asked.

"Look at the time." I said. "I must get home."

"Please stay the night." Bridgette begged.

"I can't. I haven't anything with me. Anyway what about Phil."

"He won't be back till late. I'll lock the door. You can borrow some of my clothes." She pleaded.

I put my hand on her cheek. "Thanks. But I wouldn't feel comfortable." I pondered for a while. "Why don't you come to my place? I'm all alone. No boyfriend or anything." Her face lit up and her eyes sparkled.

"You really mean that ash? You want me to come and sleep with you?"

"Yes of course, silly. I would love you to come and sleep with me. Not that we would get much sleep." I winked at her mischievously.

"You're on darling." She cried, jumping up. "Let's have a shower and get the hell out of here."

To be continued...

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