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I was at my friend Paul's house helping him out with some odd jobs at his parent's house on a typically hot summer's day. We we're almost done, the only thing left to do was to trim the trees his parents had kindly let get a little too overgrown.

Paul got the shears from the shed while I readied the ladder. We had already decided that he should be the one to go up the ladder, by the fact that he was a much smaller build than me, and so it would be easier for me to steady the ladder than vice versa. So we started the job at hand, and after a few compulsory jokes, comprising mainly of me wobbling the ladder, we continued in earnest.

We whiled away the time talking about the usual, football, girls, you know the kind of things that guys talk about, I was absentmindedly staring away into nothing as I talked, only to be roused when Paul took a step down the ladder and almost fell. I apologised and made sure to pay more attention. I stood diligently trying to keep steady when I realised that, without notice, that the view that presented itself straight in front of my eyes deserved closer attention.

Now, being your typical everyday lad, I was very conscious of where my eyesight was focusing, this meant that at all costs I should not be staring at another guy's crotch. I kept a keen vigil, minding where not to look, whilst still concentrating on not tipping the ladder. However the more I tried the more my concentration waned, and I found myself staring straight forward anyway.

As I stood there continuing my inane banter, the realisation of what I was in front of me started to sink in. As I said before, it was a hot summer's. This hadn't been a problem for either of us earlier, I was had stripped off my t-shirt and was only wearing black shorts now, however, Paul had chosen white shorts as his preferred gardening attire, which had now become the focus of my ever growing curiosity.

You know when you work in the sun you sweat. Sweat soaks into clothes and certain colours become transparent, and that was certainly the problem I was now faced with, in more ways than one.

What I saw, under the veil of white cotton, sliding from side to side as Paul worked, could only be described as a third leg. This thing was huge. At that time of my life I had seen a lot of porn films, and I had seen my fair share of well hung studs ploughing there way through an assortment of hot women, but this......this......this cock was massive. It must have hung down about 8 inches as it freely swung about, and it was easily as thick as my wrist.

I had never really seen a cock in real life and certainly not this close. I wasn't even thinking of anything in particular, just mesmerized, until I realised that my own cock had made up its own mind, as it slowly grew to a solid staff in my shorts. And then as if by some subconscious willing I got an even better sight.

Paul had almost finished, he only needed to finish off the top of the tree. He took one step up and then stretched to reach further up the tree. This had the affect of lifting his shorts up about 4 inches. And as he did his mammoth sized cock came slowly creeping into view, his thick foreskin was slowly pulled back revealing an enormous purple head, leading a solid shaft, outlined wonderfully by long pulsing veins disappearing under his shorts once more. And for some reason the only thought in my head was, "What would it feel like to hold?"

I was abruptly snapped out of my trance as the massive trouser snake disappeared from view and Paul began to climb down the ladder. Awkwardly trying to cover my own painfully erect cock I packed the ladder away carefully and made my way toward the house.

Paul was in the kitchen getting some drinks when I arrived. He passed me a coke and said, "If you want a shower you can use my bathroom," taking a slurp out of his can, "there are towels in the cupboard." "Thanks, I need it," still more than aware that my cock was only just softening in my shorts.

Both Paul and I finished our showers and were getting ready for our nights entertainment. Paul's parents were going out, so we decided to rent a few DVDs and stay in. So we set ourselves up in Paul's room. He only had a single bed so I'd be sleeping on makeshift camp bed on the floor.

As we watched the mindless carnage on the screen I suddenly noticed something shimmering under the glow of the TV set. Paul's night time attire was much more revealing than what he wore earlier. His white cotton soccer shorts were being pulled taut across his lap by the way he was sitting, which made his long cock seem almost naked through the thin fabric. I could see every bump, vein and curve of the whole length, twitching ever so slightly each time he laughed.

"Oh my god", Paul exclaimed, snapping me out of my trance scared that he had seen me looking. "Look at the time". I looked up to see Paul staring at the clock, instead of at me, it read, 03:14. "I think we better get some shut eye". I nervously laughed and nodded agreement.

I got down and made myself comfy on the camp bed, as I did so I saw Paul routing around under his covers and then pulling out his shorts, which he flung to the corner of the room. "Goodnight", he said settling down, and with that he went to sleep.

I must have been lying there for over an hour. I tried and tried to get to sleep but the thought of what I had seen earlier that day, topped of with what I had seen under the glow of the TV, was just too much for me to take. I kept seeing visions of myself grabbing his cock and doing all kinds of things. As I tossed and turned I rolled to my side and as I did so did Paul.

As I lay there, eyes wide open, wondering how the hell I could get to sleep, I saw a feint movement in front of me. As I watched the movement continued and soon I could make out something moving under the sheets. First I thought it was Paul, He had rolled to the edge of the bed and judging by his breathing, he was out for the count.

I glanced back to in front of me, where the moving was happening just in time to see a large purple head slide out from under the covers. Slowly but surely, inch after inch followed until about 8 inches were dangling in front of my face. My mouth had gone dry, but I was drooling at the same time. I listened closely not wanting to make a sound, but all I could hear was Paul's shallow breathing like before. In that instant I made up my mind.

I slowly reached out a hand and placed it on the monster. It twitched ever so slightly then relaxed almost sighing with content. I gently wrapped my hand around the mighty shaft and for the first time felt the most masterful of things, and I loved it! I slowly began to move back and forth increasing my action moving my hand under the covers, finding the lost inches. As I continued massaging its length it began to react. Harder and harder it grew stretching my grip further out, pulsing, coming to life.

Paul's rock hard dick sat only inches from my face as I continued pumping my hand slowly I reached out another hand, I was shocked when I saw I could fit both on the thick shaft with room to spare. I started stroking him from the base slowly, feeling every convulsion, every curve of his veins, until I watched the thick wave of foreskin envelope the shiny purple head. I was just about to move my hands down one more time when Paul suddenly moved, rolling back over onto his back.

I couldn't believe it, I was both scared, thinking I had been caught, and well, pissed off that that glorious cock was taken from me. There was only one thing to do. I quietly got up from the bed careful not to wake Paul. I crept to the foot of his bed and knelt down. Slowly I lifted the sheets and moved myself under. I slid up further and further, stopping only when I thought Paul had woken up, until there I was, delicately positioned between Paul's legs, staring at the mammoth cock staring straight up.

I reached out my hands again and once I was sure Paul was still, I began again, only this time not with just my hands. I was hunched over and now his massive cock was all but in my face. It only took one quick thought from me, "Open you're DAMN MOUTH!!" That was all the encouragement I needed, in one day I had gone from a shy teenager with little to no knowledge, let alone experience of sex, to a cock hungry maniac. Not any cock, mine had to be HUGE and in my hand that very second.

I opened my mouth and slowly dipped my head the small distance needed until I felt the velvety smooth skin of his cock head slide across my tongue. I could hardly imagine the sensation of having another guys cock in my mouth. All I remember was that as I closed my lips around what I could fit in my mouth a slight spasm shot straight through the shaft and onto my tongue...that was all I needed...I shot my load right there, and it was possibly my best ever.

I just sat there panting as well as I could with a huge cock sticking out of my mouth, as my own cock erupted through my body. As I slowly regained my bearings I realised I was no longer sitting still, I was softly bobbing my head up and down licking what I could as I went. I had also noticed that by now at least 5 inches his slab was passing into my mouth with little trouble.

I pumped my hand as my mouth got to work. With each down movement of my head I noticed more and cock meat was disappearing, I pushed further a few times, that's when I hit the back of my throat. I had to pull off quickly and stifle my gagging. I never once did my hand stop stroking his cock.

I regained my composure and checked for Paul's breathing which had become a little faster the moments before. All seemed okay so I resumed my sucking of this delicious cock. I devoured his cock once more tasting my first pre-cum, rubbing it around my tongue and sucking it down my throat, swirling my tongue around the head and forcing more meat into my mouth.

I was becoming used to his size and my throat seemed to relax as I pushed harder, I was moving faster than before when I slipped slightly and lost control. I fell forward slightly and felt his cock head force its way into my throat, I stopped for a minute fighting the gag reflex but to my surprise I was alright. I slowly pulled the cock out and sucked on his head as I prepared myself. When I felt ready I dived forward once more pushing the hard pole into my mouth and down my throat further than before.

All I remember hearing was "Mmmmmmmm", I stopped sharply and pulled back, "Whoa...Wha....What are you doing?" Paul screeched as his cock disengaged from my mouth with a pop. "I thought I was dreaming". He blabbered as I continued to milk his cock with my hand.

"I couldn't resist, I saw it today in your shorts and knew I wanted to eat it". I said casually, as I licked his pulsing shaft. As I did Paul pulled back and tried to sit up. I squeezed his cock with one hand, and held his chest down with the other. "Wait, hey buddy, if you don't like this then I'll stop, but let me give you a sample". With that I enveloped his cock once more and slid my mouth down his length, swallowing almost 8 inches.

I felt Paul's chest arch under my hand, "Oh shit!" Paul exclaimed, I was getting ready to cut my fun short when instead of cries to get off I felt two hands grab my hair and push the monstrous prick further into my awaiting throat. I moved my mouth slightly off his cock smiling all the way and removed my hand from his chest, now playing with his large balls "I said you'd like it", and with a cheeky smirk I dived back down, engulfing more of this precious meat. Again and again I dived down swallowing all I could.

As I worked I moved off the bed spinning to the side pulling Paul with me. I was on my knees now with Paul standing above me, one of his hands in my hair impaling me onto his spear. His breathing was getting ragged and grip on my hair was getting tighter. I pulled back for one second and glanced up, "Can I have a present if I'm a good boy", I couldn't believe what I was saying I was sounding like a women from a porn film. You couldn't expect anything else I was now a fully fledged cocksucker.

"You keep cleaning my cock like that and you have anything you want, now swallow my big cock", Paul smirked as I deep throated his cock once more, I pushed and pushed, swirling my tongue around every inch of his pulsing rod. I forced myself forward harder each time until I reached my destination, Bang, I hit bottom. I felt his large balls hit my chin as my nose buried itself in his stomach. I had to swallow, which wasn't easy this caused my throat grip Paul's thick shaft and that was all it took.

"I CUMMING........" it was all I heard.

I pulled my head back releasing him from my throat as I grabbed his cock with both hands, pumping furiously. He arched his back as I sucked his purple head, flicking his thick foreskin around with my tongue, then all of a sudden everything was quiet, "AHHHHHH...." there it was, payday, gushing out from his cock came blast after blast of hot juicy nut butter, coating every inch of my mouth. I swallowed as much of the thick nectar as I could but soon it was streaming out of my mouth down his shaft, His cock slipped from my mouth and cum continued to fly out across my lips and cheek.

I kept tugging on his massive cock lapping at the milky juice as I went smearing it all over the place. As the eruption slowed and my cock pumping became slower Paul fell back on his bed with me quietly sitting covered in hot cum feeling comfortably full. I licked my lips tasting all that I could. I crept forward placing my mouth around the end of his still hard cock, and said,

"Any more odd jobs you need doing today?"

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