I flail in wonder at how you love me.
It cannot be told how I requite your joy of life.
This pen is a poor substitute for the aquaducts that flow with my emotion for you.
The rails we ride to certain bursts of ecstacy shake as they are rittled
with the affirmation between us.

Can you feel within me? Can you see what love for you I have?
How the beauty in my heart still holds no comparison to you?
The ribbons wrap around my heart ,
each one a different way in which I love you.

It chokes me, holds me in check, waiting for your soft touches
to free me from the bindings and chains,
the incarceration of passion within my soul for your everpresent glee and care.
Rest your hand upon my chest, caress my joy.
Tell me what you want to say...my ears are empty until your songs fills them.
Sing for me. Let them swell with your words.

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