tagErotic CouplingsOde To Miranda: A Lover

Ode To Miranda: A Lover


You know, BB...I've been reading your stories for a while now...and today's, with your Opus To Suzie...well..that just really got me going!!

I would love to come over to your apartment... you're all naked and just out of the shower... resting on your bed... I quietly get on my knees and grab your towel and throw it to the side and take your cock in my mouth... sucking on the head and underside where your big vein is... I feel your hips move and try to fuck my mouth... I stop for a couple of minutes and suck on your balls... I hear you moan and then I go back to your cock and start sucking on it faster and faster... feeling you fucking my mouth is GREAT... you grab my hair and lift yourself up to fuck my face hard until you cum down my throat... MMM, it tastes sooo good!! Just what I had been waiting for... I get out of my tank top and shorts... revealing to you that I had no underwear on when I came over... and I slide on top of you... kissing you and whispering, "I want you in every orifice of my body...."


"You should really be careful when you make an offer like that, my love," I say to you, with a wink and a smile, as I slide your lithe, little body down my torso, feeling your nipples harden from the friction against my abdomen. You spread your legs -- for you know my intentions -- as you feel my erection pressing against your tight, freshly-shaven cunt lips!

"Oooo," you squeal, as my cock is welcomed into your warmth! "I want it all, lover!" you shout.

As my cock sinks all the way inside you, you squeal again and grind your little, pink clit into my pubic hairs! This causes you to sail off into your first orgasm of our love-making session. But, because I've already cum, you have ensured that I will last for a looong time!

"Oh, Miranda, my pet. I love it when you fuck me!" I whisper in your ear, "Almost as much as you love it when I fuck YOU!"

I roll us over so that I am now on top. With my dick still ensconced within your pulsating womanhood, I lift your legs over my shoulders so that your knees cover my ears!

I lift myself up on my strong, hairy arms and plunge my full length into your sopping pussy in one quick, decisive thrust!!!

You scream out as you realize that I am in "full-animal-mode" again and there's nothing that will stop me until after I've blasted a full load of cum-sauce into your body! There's no use in trying to stop me, so you decide to go with me on this ride...

"NEXT STOP: 'MULTI-ORGASM-LAND,'" you think to yourself, as you slip into another gut-wrenching climax!

As soon as you've settled down from it, you relax your tensed facial muscles. Then you REALLY start to enjoy the sensations that my hard-driving tumescence is producing in your body.

I bend down and take your nipple in between my teeth and bite down, rather hard. This causes you to scream out again. It just fuels my lust, as I pound even harder than before into your clasping, wet, flowing cunt!

I continue to bang away into your twat until I start to feel my impending orgasm twinge, somewhere in the back of my soul. I look down and see you; with your eyes half-closed, your mouth open in a silent scream, gasping for breath. You've stopped all of the higher functions of your brain and just turned on the Automatic Pilot, so you can enjoy your constant, orgasmic bliss!

I pull my rod out of your tight, pinkness and the sudden empty feeling in your loin shocks you back to reality, as you whimper for me to put my hardness back inside.

I remind you that you offered your "every orifice" to me, before we started this marathon fuck, two and a half hours ago! "I intend to use all your holes, sweetcheeks," I say, as I grab the bottle of Astro-glide from beside the bed... The very same bottle that you so sneakily put there when you disturbed my rest (not that I minded, really. You know I'm always ready for a wild, hot, wet fuck with you!) I'm determined to make use of as much of the lube as possible, as I sqeeze out a handful and rub it onto my hard-on!

It's now or never you realize, trying to shake your mind free of the sexually-induced cobwebs that have taken hold of it! You get up on all-fours, bury your face in my pillows, and reach back with both hands and spread your ass-cheeks apart. You tense up a little, knowing that I'm going to shove my cock inside your tight anus but then relax because it's something that you want and need! I place the head of my lubed dick at your anal opening and ease it in, ever-so slowly... It actually causes a bit of pain but you relish this kind of pain....because when it's over, there's nothing but pure, sweet pleasure!

I hear you whince as the head finally pops in, past your sphincter. And as I introduce more of it into your anal cavity, you begin to feel that fullness that you've been missing since our last roll in the sheets. Once I've compltetely buried all of my manhood inside you, I stop to let you get accustomed to the invader inside your bowels! Only when I hear you sigh, do I know it's time to proceed. I pull out an inch then shove it back in. You let out a gasp which, in turn, delights me, for I know that I have your full attention!

I pull out two inches....then ram them back home!

You gasp again. You both love and hate this technique, as it tests your endurance for bodily pleasure! I love this torture because it never fails to make you cum.

This time proves no exception...

I feel your insides quiver and quake as I begin to piston my rock-hard cock into your backdoor! As your climax begins to subside, I reach around and grab ahold of your distended clitoris, giving it a little pinch. This really sends you flying as you jump and twitch, involuntarily! This causes your biggest orgasm yet, as you SHRIEK in pain/pleasure!!!

I just continue sawing away at your asshole!

Then, I feel it! My own urgency rips from my loins in the form of a yell that pierces the sudden calmness left over after your orgasm!!! I can't be stopped! I lean over and bite down on your shoulder, as I slam my hips into your buttocks and my erection swells further, pressing further into the sensitive nerves in your anal orifice as my cum surges forth, filling up your rear cavity! You feel the spurts, splashing into you, causing another orgasm to ripple through your ravaged body.

Finally we are both sated; having poured every ounce of our energy into this act of love and lust! My still-hard penis pulls out of your well-fucked anus with an audible *plop* sound, causing us both to laff at the ferocity with which we had both gone at this exchange of emotions and bodily fluids!

"Sorry for the bite marks on your back, there, love," I say, as I see what looks like a big hickey on the back of your right shoulder.

"Don't worry about it, BB. I'm sorry for the bite marks on your chest," you say. I look down but there are no marks. When I bring this to your attention, you say, "No, there aren't. Well, I'll just have to remedy that, won't I?" as you sink your teeth and lips onto my right nipple. I will not let this assault go unavenged so I grab ahold of your left nipple and pull hard on it, stretching it far enough to cause you to let go of my nipple and cry out, "Uncle!"

I release your nipple, roll you over onto your stomach and play with your red asshole, putting my tongue up to it and working the tip inside it! This causes you to moan in appreciation of my attention to your needs!

Since my dick has been used up for the night, you just lie back, relax, and let me have my way with your body!

I work a finger into your sore asshole and then, with the other hand, insert two fingers into your sore pussy! I reach over with another finger from the hand in your cunt and diddle your sensitive, almost bruised, clitoris! Stroking it lightly, so as not to hurt you too much, I keep this up until I feel your body begin to spasm once again! You are such an orgasm slut, aren't you?

Finally, you pass-out... Literally. You become unconscious!

I pull my fingers out of your stretched-out holes and smile to myself! You asked to be fucked in every hole... And I fucked you in every hole.

"Another satisfied customer," I chuckle to myself, as I cover us both with the sheets and blankets that lay at the foot of my bed.

I kiss you on your forehead but you don't stir. You are dead to the world; sleeping a very calm, peaceful sleep! I turn off the light and close my own eyes and drift off into my own peaceful, well-earned slumber........

Good night, my love... Wherever you are.

xoxox, -BB : )

I stretch out in BB's bed... I can't believe it... but I actually got fucked to sleep!! But it IS what I asked for!! I notice that he, too is waking up and I slide gently on top of him... and kiss him very passionately... and smile and wink at him as I see that he is awake. I rest my head on my hand and my arm on the pillow underneath him and feel his arms wrapping around me sooo tightly... I whisper to him, "You fucked me to sleep, baby." He chuckles and I whisper, "Thank you sooo much," and he smiles... We start to kiss very passionately again... and he rolls on top of me and I wrap my legs around his waist, feeling his cock get so hard again... MMM, he's like a machine!! I LOVE IT!! He sets up and presses his cock into my WET pussy and slides SLOWLY in... MMMMM, it feels sooo good.... He stops and holds there and we kiss for a few minutes.... He gets on his elbows and then he pulls out a little bit...about 2 inches...and then slams it home and I moan in complete pleasure... He continues this for a while and our passion is building and we start moving with each other sooo fast... ohhh... I am feeling numb with pleasure... and I start shaking... and he's rubbing my arms and kissing me and I explode in the most intense orgasm... which ignites his as he closes his eyes tight and slams it home and I feel a flood of his cum gushing inside my pussy....

Good morning, my lover, I'm right here! -M

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