tagIncest/TabooOf Candy Canes and Pinewood Dildos

Of Candy Canes and Pinewood Dildos


"Why in the hell are we out here again?"

Even as I said it I knew why. Because my little girl, Nicole, said she wanted a real Christmas tree. Whatever Nicole really wanted from her daddy, she tends to get. So, even though I am pretty sure that between the basement, attic, and garage we have three 6-7 foot tall artificial trees, I am now freezing my ass off in a National Forest obtaining that which my little girl desires.

Ah, Nicole. She celebrated her 18th birthday just over a month ago. I remember that day fondly, when my then-wife Natasha gave birth to the prettiest twin girls one ever saw, whom we named Nicole and Natalie. My name is Nick, so we were keeping an N-name theme, which since then I've forced myself to not regurgitate when I see others similarly name their kids, for fears of hypocrisy. A few months later, I learned that Natasha only wanted one child ever, whereas I wanted to keep trying until we had one of each sex. Her desire to be the mother of one child became so great that just before the twins had their first birthday, she left me and took Natalie, as Nat was the one quasi named for her, while Nicole was quasi named for me. It saved me a costly divorce, and I don't miss Natasha, but I regret missing out on seeing Natalie grow up every single day of my life. I never found out where they moved to, as her parents disowned her after her stunt. They still send presents to Nicole, and I make sure they see Nicole every few months or so. We have never told Nicole she has a twin, because her grandparents and I have felt so much grief over the split that we did not want Nicole to suffer similar grief.

For her part, Nicole moved like a snow tigress on that snowy field. Her off-white jeans fit her like a glove, forcing me to view her ass like no father should. Her leather winter jacket with frontier frills expressed her wild side, although I have never really had any discipline problems with her. She was once an all-around athlete, but with her 5'11 height and breasts that were at least C, or maybe D (I never wanted to check her bra for fear of discovery) gymnastics became out of the question, and had to struggle mightily with basketball, which is practically the state religion here. She still does well at volleyball, being her team's captain, and I expect a volleyball scholarship for her any day now, especially if she wins that state champion ship two days from now. As a father I know I shouldn't be admiring her figure right now, but it keeps my mind off of how miserable I am now hunting some evergreen tree that I will have to keep watered for two to three weeks.

"Ooh, daddy, this one is perfect."

The tree she picked was pretty, and I was relieved it wasn't a hug monstrosity. At 5'6", it was shorter than either of us. I started axing at it, until even Nicole realized that when it comes to using an axe I should be called Lightning, as I never strike the same place twice.

"Silly dad, let me try."

Her technique was better than mine, and within the minute it was cut and we began dragging it away. Once we got it home I realized that inside the tree was a small branch, about seven inches long, that had no leaves. I commented on it to Nicole, saying we should probably saw it off for appearance.

"Don't worry daddy, I have plans for it." I started to inquire. "No daddy, it's a secret." I refrained, although I did wonder why she blushed. "Why don't you go upstairs and rest; I'll call you when supper's ready."

Good girl. I am so glad she learned to cook. Other girls worship Celine Dion, for some strange reason, but for Nicole it was Giada De Laurentiis. I often watch anything of Giada's with Nicole, but for different reasons; Nicole looked at the food, and I looked at Giada.

I read for an hour or so, and went to check up on Nicole. She wasn't in the kitchen, but supper wouldn't be for another so I wasn't too worried. She wasn't in her room so I decided she must be downstairs. Chancing upon some candy cane Nicole was going to use to decorate the tree, I took two; one for each of us. Upon opening the basement door, I heard the wood carver at work; she was doing something. I saw that the tree was standing where it should, but the small branch was gone. I decided she must be doing something with that branch. Remembering her blush, I decided to sneak down. With that wood carver going, she wouldn't hear me going down those squeaky stairs.

Wondering what she was doing, especially since she had a protective apron on and nothing else, I decided to sneak into the old coal bin. After a minute the carver went off. I heard her exclaim, "Perfect!" She then went into her room. After waiting a minute I decided to see what she was doing next. I peeked into her room and saw her laying down on her bed. She had carved that wooden pine branch into a dildo. Suddenly the stairs were no longer the only thing downstairs that squeaked, as she suddenly cooed from using the dildo. "Ooh, ooh" she exclaimed. For my part, suddenly that pinewood dildo was not the only hard wood downstairs. Seeing Nicole with her perfect breasts, perky nipples, and 43" legs pleasuring herself was too much. I finally got a view of her pussy; it was perfectly shaved and without a bunch of loose folds. If she wasn't my daughter, I would throw open that door at that moment and ravish her.


Oops, she noticed me. "Sorry hun, but I wondered where you were, and were so secretive, I wondered what you were doing." I decided to tease, "There are a lot of boys that would be envious of the pinewood dildo right about now."

"Humpf," she exclaimed. "Those boys are not worthy of my time. I had too many try to cop a feel to want anything to do with them." She grinned devilishly, "They get shocked when I simultaneously knee them in the groin and elbow smash their mouth."

"You always were a sassy girl." I reflected on the pinewood dildo. "Has any of them managed to do this dildo's job, or is this pinewood about to become cherrywood."

"DADDY!!! How can you say such a thing." Her look of absolute shock was a memory I'll never forget. "No boy has ever gotten their thing anywhere in me. I've tugged a few dicks of some study buddies who needed the boost to their confidence. As for my "cherry", it disappeared long ago from my various athletic pursuits. So I have no cherry to give any male; just my virginity." She looked down. "What are you doing daddy?"

I studied the pinewood dildo. Without regarding the fact my daughter was there, I dropped my pants and compared the dildo to my now hard penis; they were almost perfect copies. Nicole even replicated my foreskin. "Care to explain the similarity?"

"Daddy, there is only one penis I respect," she said as she went to grasp my dick, "and that is the one that made me." She started to rub it, looking to see what I would say. But I remained silent, enjoying the treatment I received from my little girl. It had been far too long since my dick was touched by another, and it felt great. She then began to rub my balls, pushing them up with her palm. After a minute it became too much for me, and I spurted all over her face. It was the first time I ever spurted on a face, and suddenly I understood why so many guys like seeing their cum on their woman's face.

"GAH! Daddy, a little warning please!"

I took my little princess' face in my hands. I used my fingers to direct my cum into her mouth. "You must learn to finish your dessert, hun." Once I got all the cum I could from her face into her mouth, I proceeded to stick my dick into her mouth. Suck it, like a candy cane." As if to demonstrate, I took one of the candy canes and started to lick it. Nicole got the idea and used my dick for her candy cane; I'm glad she learned to quickly love the taste of my sperm. Then again, it was the same stuff that half of her was made from.

I noticed her pussy was getting quite wet now. Taking my dick from her exquisite mouth, I proceeded to inspect her pussy. It was so pretty. I took a quick lick of her clit. Upon her flinch I proceeded to suck on her clit like I would a candy cane. Speaking of which, I decided that her pinewood dildo would be too large to start her off with. I decided to use the candy cane I was licking instead.

"Daddy, what are you you you doooooooing? Ah! Ah!" Suddenly she was wriggling around like loose jello, as she squirmed from my affections. "Daddy! Daddy! Ah ah AH DADDY!!!" With that she gave her first orgasm.

My dick was ready for more. Forgetting that she was my offspring, I started to get into position. "No, daddy, let my first time be under out new Christmas tree. Let it be the greatest Christmas gift we've each received."

I was feeling my oats. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. My back would kill me in the morning but I carried her as such right up the stairs, and into the living room. I placed her under that tree, and proceeded to pummel her steamy canal with my dick. Like her mother, she was a squealer. For my part, I knew that unlike my ex-wife, this woman truly loved me and was devoted to me, as I was to her. It made all the difference, as I put my heart and soul into making her squeal.

"Ooh ooh ooh OH YES DADDY OH YES DADDY!!!" With that, she managed to rise herself into a sitting posture, trying to kiss me. We only wuite a quick peck of the lips as the force knocked me onto my back, with me head whacking a few small sticks from the tree. I was in too much ecstasy to care. "TAKE THIS DADDY TAKE THIS DADDY!!!" She was grinding onto me hard. It became too much

"I LOOOOOOOOVE YOOOOOOOOOU NICOOOOOOOLE!!!" I then understood why in some cultures the men were urged not to cum too much, for fear of losing their life force if they came too much. I suffered a blackout as our mutual climax was too much. Last I recalled, Nicole landed atop of me as we both went into a peaceful tranquility.

Thirty minutes later, a knock on the door. Looking sad for having to leave from atop of me, Nicole got up and looked though the window.

"Of all the times that bitch could show up. It's the captain of the team we face in the state finals. Her name's Natalie Skaggs. I've been lucky never to meet her before. I can't believe people say we look alike."

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