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Of Gods & Demons


Author's note: This is a tale of how the gods Ra and Anubis came about tied into the universe I have created with my CATU and Black List Novels. It takes place in Egypt about 4500-5000 B.C.


Okay children we have a special guest today. Since we are studying Ancient Egypt, our guest is here to tell you a story about the ancient world. Please welcome Mr. Sternigan."

The class of fifth graders claps loudly as Martin Sternigan walks into the classroom. He carries a well worn book in his left hand and waves to the class with his right. "Thank you for having me Miss Odom," he says with a warm smile.

"The pleasure is mine," she says returning the smile.

"Okay class. I have been told you are studying Egypt." The class answered yes almost in unison. "Good, I have a very old story for you today. This is a story that very few people have ever heard. Many people wonder about the origins of the gods ancient people worshipped. The truth is out there as long as it can be found."

He has the classroom's attention as well as the teacher's. Delicately Sternigan opens the book and begins to turn the pages.


Standing from his palace balcony the demon Anubis cast his gaze out across his vast empire. Born an Asura, he and his brother were sent to Earth to prepare a gateway back to their home. Once here though he took pleasure in ruling over the people of the land. By turning them into slaves he could have anything at his command done. Something he took more pleasure in doing.

His brother Ra didn't agree with Anubis' actions in not fulfilling their mission but he didn't oppose him either. If the Ancients ever found a way to travel to Earth both he and his brother would face dire consequences.

Anubis knew his brother didn't fully agree with him and not just disobeying orders but with many other things. One of those was the union with human women. Asuras despised any union outside one with another Asura. Anubis was the same way until he experienced the pleasures of a human woman.

Ra on the other hand was still not in agreement and kept to his ways. It often caused a rift between the two brothers that was usually settled in an argument with Anubis coming out right.

For many years the two brothers ruled over the people. Their slaves built monuments and temples to their new gods. Anubis continued to indulge in the pleasures of women and over time so did Ra.

Ra learned to overlook many of the Asura customs they followed for centuries and many even he went against. There was no since ruling over humans and the land without gain or fulfillment.

For many years the two brothers had whatever they wanted without quarrel between them. That was until a woman caught the eye of Ra. Her name was Isis and she was a thing of beauty like no other. Ra was captivated by her and had to pursue her.

Of course he also had to keep it a secret from his brother. Being older, Anubis would take her as his own if not because of her beauty but out of spite. Ra did not intend to let that happen.


Isis filtered through the open market marveling over the beaded jewelry and fancy clothing. She enjoyed wearing the prettiest jewelry and clothing. She had always had the finest even when their godly rulers had first taken over. Their rein was tight in the beginning which put a strain on all the people, but slowly over the years it had loosened.

That all happened when she was just a child. She could never remember those days but she did remember her family still being able to provide her with the most luxurious. It may have been because at one time they were royalty. She didn't care about having royal blood running through her veins. It's not like it did her any good.

As she shopped she caught someone following her. It wasn't too uncommon for someone to take notice of her. She was beautiful and she knew it. But this particular admirer was different. Without turning abruptly to confront the person she tried to angle herself to get a better look without looking like she was trying.

At each vendor she would pretend to admire the items for sell but instead she was stealing glances. She saw the crowd give way to the man, yet she was never able to get a look at his face.

"I see you are taking as much an interest in me as I am you," a voice said behind her causing her to jump.

"You startled me," she began as she turned around with her hand over her racing heart. "Oh my..."

"Please stand," Ra said grabbing Isis' arm as she started to kneel before him.

"M'lord, what may I help you with?"

"You have caught my eye with your unsurpassing beauty."

"But M'lord, I am sure there are many beautiful women that you share a bed with. I am no more special than any of them."

"That is true I have shared my bed with many, but none are striking as you. You are of royal blood are you not?"

"How—how do you know of that?" She asked cautiously.

Not many people knew that fact anymore. Her parents told her after Anubis and Ra became their rulers; many people with royal ties were stripped of them. Those that could remember who had once been royalty never spoke of it. Those that once were royalty simply blended in with the rest of the population becoming one of the many rich families.

"It is my place to have such knowledge," he said with a sly smile. "I am offering to elevate you to your rightful status."

"I—I don't know what I can say. What about my family?"

"I am offering you this opportunity and you alone. What I offer must be kept in secret."

"Secret? What would have to keep secret? You rule the land and its people," Isis asked trying to hide her confusion.

"If not for my brother I would gladly announce you as my queen."

"Then I shall accept your offer."


Over the next several weeks Ra left the palace to be with Isis. He took her to places she could only dream to go. They made love in the most beautiful places. The sights of waterfalls and oasis's or the mountains topped with snow invigorated her.

Anubis began to grow suspicious of his brother's absence. There was much work to be completed the great temples they were to have built. The work over the weeks began to decrease. It wasn't much but as each week came and went it compiled and if it kept at the pace it would build even higher.

He paced back and forth across the balcony stopping every so often to gaze out at the set of pyramids being built in conjunction to the Praesepe Cluster centered in the constellation Cancer. It is one set of many home worlds of the Asura.

If Ra only knew the true purpose of building them there would certainly be conflict between them. Anubis decided many years before to build the gateway as their mission had dictated. The only difference is he would not tell his brother and when the Ancients were summoned to Earth all the blame would go to Ra.

It was a brilliant plan or so Anubis thought. If either one of them believed life could go on like it was forever they were foolishly mistaken.

Anubis was still staring out at the construction site while he waited for his brother to finish what he was doing in the other room.


Isis grabbed his cock with both hands and wrapped her fingers around it as tight as she could and moved her hands up and down as fast as she could. She looked at the inviting head of Ra's cock and the she took him into her mouth. Ra moaned and his body shuddered. She took him as deep into her mouth as she possibly could. As she moved her head up and down her tongue played around his shaft. She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth. It tasted delicious and she withdrew it and licked it all over. She worked her way down his whole cock until she got to his balls, which she quickly took into her mouth; one by one she sucked them hard and allowed her tongue to lash them.

Again Isis took his cock in her mouth and thrust it in as far as she could. His rough hands squeezed her breasts and she was now the one shuddering. Gently, he withdrew his cock from her mouth. Her nipples stuck out hard and erect. In her mind she was willing him to suck them and nibble them, which almost immediately, he did. She was burning inside; her pussy tingled with the expectation of what was to come. Still sucking hard at her nipples he grabbed her arms and pulled me up. He eagerly pulled down her lower garment and again his hands grabbed her undergarments, he had one hand on each side and Isis was expecting him to pull them down, but to her surprise he pulled them up.

She let out a little squeal of delight as she felt her undergarments cutting into my pussy and ass. Her knees buckled, which was exhilarating, because he had one of her nipples between his teeth and was still pulling at her undergarments. The simultaneous sensation of her nipple being bitten and her pussy being cut into even more was almost too much to bear. She screamed, but not from pain, but from extreme pleasure.

Regaining her composure she stood upright again. There was a look of concern on his face, which soon melted away, when he looked into her eyes and saw a glint of ecstasy. He reacted to this with a sense of urgency and violently ripped her undergarments off her. As he thrust his hands between her legs she fell back. He pulled her legs wide apart. Isis was fully exposed to him and he took full advantage. His mouth headed straight for her pussy. His strong tongue darted in and out of her. She was now panting and as he started to suck her clit she moaned louder than ever. She was close to orgasm. He seemed to sense this and increased the ferocity with which he was licking and sucking. Isis grabbed the hair on top of his head and let out a long scream. Her body went into a spasm; it felt like she was exploding from within.

He looked up at her, his mouth glistening with a knowing grin on his face; he knew how to make her cum in many different ways. So Isis got up, turned around, bent over and offered him her ass. She heard him give a deep moan. His hands explored her first. He grabbed her ass cheeks, squeezed and caressed them. She was enjoying this but she yearned for more.

She begged him to take her. She needed him to explore inside her and she didn't have to plead for long. His fingers played with her tight little asshole. His tongue began exploring there, too. As he pushed a finger up inside her it felt hot and a little uncomfortable to start with, but Isis knew that soon she'd be screaming with pleasure. He moved his finger round, opening her up, then another joined it, and another, and then another. The realization that he had four fingers in her tight ass made her wet. Panting, she begged him to fuck her in the ass. His fingers slid out to be quickly replaced by the head of his cock.

Slowly he eased his way inside her, with short jerking motions to start with and before she knew it he was ramming his cock in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. It felt amazing. His cock reached her inner depth, her muscles contracted with each push. They were both groaning and panting and Isis felt an eruption building inside of her. Reaching for her clit, to increase the sensation, she began rubbing it furiously. He continued to pound her ass and before she knew it she was screaming in ecstasy again. Her legs began to give way again. To steady her fall he reached underneath her and firmly grabbed her breasts, squeezing them hard and making her cum even harder.

He withdrew himself from her then hurriedly reached for her wet pussy. His fingers caressed and played with her, rubbing her clit and entering me. He kept stretching her open and stroking her gently. Isis just needed his cock to enter her pussy and fuck her hard. Ra knew he was driving her mad, because she kept moaning and arching her back, urging him to put his cock in. He stopped and pulled her up. She turned around and he had a mischievous grin on his face.

Isis moved away from him and her fingers found her nipples. She started to play with them, pulling and twisting them. Her left hand then went down to her pussy and she could instantly feel her wetness. She slid her fingers in and out of herself, moaning. Ra just stood there watching her pleasure myself. After a few moments she slid back in close to him and she pushed him down, onto his back. She stood astride him for a while, still playing with herself, writhing around on her own fingers.

She lowered herself down onto him, feeling his cock's throbbing head trying to push its way into her pussy. Isis hovered above him for a couple of minutes, grabbing hold of his cock and rubbing it around her clit and opening. He kept trying to force himself inside, but she wouldn't let him, not just yet anyway. It was hard trying to control herself but she knew it would be worth the wait. She felt his fingers pulling at her nipples again and she lost all self control.

Impaling herself on his cock felt so good as it slid so deep and hard inside of her. She pulled it out again and immediately went back down onto him. She kept doing this, hard and fast, for a while. Every time she took his cock inside her, he grunted. Isis decided to finish him off and bounced up and down on him as fast as she could. He felt so good inside of her and she didn't want it to stop. The speed and ferocity with which she was pounding up and down on him soon made her reach a climax again. Her body went into a spasm and it felt like she had a volcano inside of her. Looking at his face she could tell he was close to climaxing so she pulled him out of her pussy and took his cock into her mouth.

While sucking on him she could feel when he was ready to cum. His cock was throbbing and pulsating. She withdrew his cock from her mouth and wrapped her fingers tight around him. The she thrust her hand up and down. His moaning got louder and he erupted all over her face, covering her with his delicious cum. It went down her face, into her mouth and all over breasts. Isis lapped up what she could and rubbed the rest of it all over herself. Her breasts and nipples were slick and slippery.


Dear brother, how I have wondered where you have been," Anubis said not attempting to hide his anger when Ra finally emerged from his room.

"And what concern do you have?" Ra fired back.

"I am your brother and I rule here as much as you do! You dare think you can hide secrets from me and I not find out? Foolish brother I was not born just yesterday but many millennia ago."

"I am well aware of your birth. And to think I believe you do not hide secrets from me is foolish thinking."

"Conceded. Who is the human woman you have spent your time with?"

"I know not what you speak of," Ra said passively.

"Brother do not lie it is unbecoming. I know of this woman. A woman of absolute beauty and you hide her from me for fear of my taking her from you."

"If such a woman existed, why then would I have that fear?"

"Because that woman shares the same bed as I," Anubis said with a smile.

The statement hit Ra like a brick wall. He knew his brother had to be lying, yet he knew too much. More than any of the people combined could know to tell him. Anger began to well up inside of him; anger toward Isis for her betrayal and anger for his brother.

"Your will not trick me with your deceit dear brother," Ra said pushing down his anger.

"No? Then see for yourself. Isis?"

From Ra's personal chambers walked Isis. She was dressed in a shimmering night gown that showed much of her skin and barely covered her ample breasts. For a moment neither demon could take their eyes off her as she basked in the attention both rulers now gave her.

"It is true," she said softly but her voice was full of confidence.

"But why?" Ra asked breaking the memorization.

"It's simple. I approached Anubis and he granted me the things you would not. In the meantime I get what I wanted from the both of you."

"I will kill you for your insolence!" Ra shouted as he leapt toward Isis.

He was intercepted midair by Anubis. Their momentum carried them into the wall of the room. The walls shook from the forceful impact causing portions of the ceiling to fall.

The two demons now changed in their true forms clawed and bit at each other tearing and gashing pieces of skin. The fight carried on throughout the chamber. Isis sought refuge as far from the fight as she could. She silently urged Anubis to be the victor for fear of Ra's wrath.

They fought until Isis thrust a dagger through Ra's back plunging it deep into his heart. When she pulled the dagger out Ra's body dropped hastily to the floor. His black blood oozed off the blue blade.

What have you done?

"I killed that fool of a brother of yours," Isis said smiling as she approached Anubis. She rubbed her body up alongside his attempting to ease his mind away from his brother. "Now, it's your turn!" With a quick thrust the dagger dug deep into his heart silencing Anubis forever.

Isis let go of the dagger and watched the demon's body fall to the ground. She smiled to herself content with what acts she had accomplished. That was until she felt a most horrible pain shoot through her body then as quickly it was gone. She turned around to see Ra lying on the ground barely alive holding her heart. It was the last thing she ever saw.


With the death of both Asura the land returned to normal. The pyramids that had begun to be built were never completed and like time eventually disappeared. Anubis known for his harsh ruling became known as the god of Hades and Ra being the more just one, the sun god. As for Isis she became a goddess. She became a goddess that was friends with the common people and slaves."

When Sternigan is finished he closes the ancient looking book and places his hands over it. The entire fifth grade class remains still and quiet. It isn't until their teacher speaks does the silence break.

"Excellent Mr. Sternigan. That was a, ah, interesting story. Be sure to taank Mr. Sternigan for sharing it with us."

"Thank you Mr. Sternigan," the class says in unison.

"You are all very welcome. Maybe in the future sometime Miss Odom will let me come back to read you another one."

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