tagErotic HorrorOf Werewolf & Woman

Of Werewolf & Woman


I happened across a small campsite while traveling. I often crossed this area on a regular basis, but had never paid much attention to this particular place. What caught my attention was the smell of female presence. You don't normally get some fancy flowery perfume in wooded areas, not to mention, my nose was attracted to the scent of her body, piercing!

I crept through the wood and watched her. The beauty of her body overwhelmed my eyes, and I could not help but want to take advantage of her. She was standing naked at the edge of the creek, testing the water with her toes. She slowly waded in and her nipples became erect. How I would love to gnaw on them, stiff and protruding. She went far enough out to pull the water with her hands and splash herself to adjust her body to the cold, rushing water. I felt angst in my loins when she rubbed her pussy with her wet hands.

She waded out deeper and submerged herself in the depth of the water, rubbing her stiff nipples and pulling more water to her as it rushed by, not realizing the impact it had on her body. If it knew, I am sure it would have lingered and toyed with her more, pleasuring her the way I wanted to.

Her hands caressed her body as the water drifted feverishly by, and she fondled her pussy with great joy at the hastening water. Not getting enough, she angled herself against a large bolder that perched itself in its watery surroundings, spreading her legs to let the water crash against her swollen lips and masturbated her way to elation.

I was jealous of the water, her fingers and the rock! I wanted to nuzzle her pussy, nip at her tits and swollen clit. I wanted to mount her and fuck her until she screamed. I wanted to be the one who licked her until she had an orgasm on my lips and tongue. I could feel the pressure building up inside of my cock. The jisum wanting to explode in her love hole was almost more then I could handle holding back.

I heard her moan with pleasure as she fingered herself in reach of the rushing water and came, squirting cum onto the rock and her thighs, and the water splashing swiftly against her swollen clit helped intensify her pleasure. I watched her intently and longed for that to be me she fucked with so much satisfaction. She lay on the rock warming herself like a chilled amphibian and smiled with gratification.

She caught me off guard when she approached the bank. Her soft damp body glistened with droplets of water, still unaware of how it turned her on. I jumped in spite of myself when she waded to the edge and spoke to me. "Hello, how long have you been there?"

She seemed a little embarrassed, but at ease. She reached over to the bank where her towel lay and picked it up, wrapping it around her silken body. My head screamed, 'NO!' She reached her hand out to me and talked softly, trying to coax me too her. For crying out loud, I'm a wild fucking beast, don't you know better lady!

I wanted to walk over and lick her hand, I wanted to pin her down on all fours and fuck her madly, I wanted to eat her pussy and drain all of her fluids from her sexy body and lap every fucking drop after I came in her hot cunt! I knew better then to approach her at that moment; it needed to be that of beast, not man. The full moon would be out tonight, and then, then I would get my turn at this lovely vixen, that pussy would be mine, and I would take it in all its glory and ravage it fully.

She approached me closer, and got the jump on me. She actually touched my nose, but I jumped back partially on purpose, partially out of surprise. "Come on, I'm not going to hurt you." Maybe I should earn her trust, maybe I can hang around here and nuzzle her and she'll let me stay and I can play the game to suit her, and then when the moon falls I can take her like the wild beast I am.

The more I thought about it, the better it sounded. I still played the cautious wolf, not allowing her too close. I was really afraid I would just bow her over and fuck her ass just to get relief. I wasn't good at shape shifting in the day light. That's why I choose to stay in the form of a wolf. Yes, that is a good idea, I'll just hang around and play it off, I won't get too close right away, but I will at least sniff her hand. She still had her hand reaching for my muzzle and I brushed it with my nose. I could almost smell her sex when I did. My cock went stiff again! FUCK! How long am I going to have to play this game with myself!

The day lingered on and she was in and out of the water to cool off, she would sit on her lounge chair and play with her pussy, and coax me over to nuzzle her hand now and then. I would creep closer to her the more she coaxed. I would lay far enough away so it would not look like I was actually toying with her or letting her toy with me. I watched her attentively when she would fondle her breast or pussy, and I would inch closer to see. I was even so tempted to lick once, but I didn't think that would go over well.

Eventually, I lay right by her chair, and even though she had clothes on, she would still touch herself and run her hand in and out of her pants, playing with that luscious pink clit, moaning. This bitch was hot, horny and ready for mating. After her last finger fucking session, she reached over and grabbed my muzzle, rubbing me hard. I don't know if it was just second thought or on purpose, but the smell of her pussy juice wafted to my nose and stuck there, I could have fucking cum right then and there. I whimpered and adjusted the way I lay.

She stripped off naked again and dashed into the water for one last dip before the sunset. I thought about jumping in with her, but was afraid. I looked at her in awe and she watched my eyes of longing. "Come on, its only water." She held out her hand and I couldn't help but go. I didn't go easily, like I so wanted to, I held up the mystique of the wolf facade and played it off, but once in the water, I was like a child.

She coxed me too her and I nuzzled that sweet smelling pussy, wet again with the cold water. She would push me away and I would go back for more, getting a tongue shot in now and again. She would laugh and say 'naughty wolf' and splash me. I wasn't giving up. I managed to get her to coax me into letting me stand up and face her, my cock hard and ready to fuck her, it rubbed against her pussy hair and drove me nuts. My chest rubbed against hers allowing my fur to tickle her breast and hardened nipples. Just feeling the heat of her body against my cock was amazing.

She rubbed my sides and splashed me with water. I even think she ran her hand up and down my furry shaft a time or two, but I was so excited to be against her like this, I wasn't sure what was going on. "Ohh, look at that, how long." I realized my cock was hanging out of its furry sheath and thought about pining her down and fucking her right there and then. She touched the head of my shaft, if on purpose or on accident, I am still not sure, but it sent me over board. I howled. The look on her face was of excitement and pleasure.

She nuzzled my nose and touched my hardness again, and then slid her fingers inside her pussy, bringing up the juice to her lips. I licked her fingers as she did. "You are a naughty wolf." She did it again, and rubbed the juice on the tip of my exposed stiffness. "Do you like that?" She said seductively, easing her fingers around my head, making me harder. I growled again, this time it was a deep wanting growl, but I don't think she could tell any difference.

She put her arms around my back and rubbed hard, pulling me into her. I got the tip of my cock angled just right to brush her hard clit when she did, and I thrust and got another shot, it slid deeper into her wet lips, exciting us both. I tried again, but my paw hit a slick rock and we both tumbled into the swift water.

She lay sideways, one leg spread the other cocked open and bent at the knee. I wanted to pound her there as her pussy lay wide open and exposed to me. However, I was half on my back and sopping wet from the water, struggling to get up. By the time I did, she was sitting on the rock and watching me.

"Umm, you are quite the unusual wolf. Not like others, I have encountered on my journeys. Perhaps there is more to you then meets the eye." She smiled. I thought, 'If you only knew.' "There is a full moon tonight, perfect time for a night time swim. Are you hungry?" She waded from the water, bent over picking up her clothes. If I had a running start, I would have tagged her pussy then! Shoving my rock hard dick inside.

She fixed something to eat and shared it with me. I ate from my own plate and she hand fed me things. I licked her hand lavishly only wishing it was her pussy or her succulent tits. My cock ached and I knew when I did explode, there would be a flood of cum all over us.

The evening crept into the night and we watched the full moon rise, it was going to have nothing on my cock as soon as it hit its peak. She rubbed me down one last time, and I got my muzzle right in her pussy, nudging upwards as she stroked my back and down my legs. This time, I knew she intentionally rubbed against my cock and balls, because she eased her nails into my fur, and I thought I heard her whimper. I could smell her scent and it was getting hotter. I knew she would be back to fucking herself soon with her fingers.

She went into the tent and I walked off to the woods to piss and wait for the height of the full moon. I wanted to go into that tent and lay there, at her feet, head on her lap, smelling her scent of sex and morph right there in front of her, shocking her into a frenzy and then fuck her crazy. I decided that it was best if I went about my business and waited until she took her moonlight swim.

She came out of the tent wrapped in her towel. I watched her from the edge of the woods, she called for me, I didn't respond right away. She called again. "Come on you naughty wolf, I know your there, you wouldn't hang out all day if you weren't going to stay and keep me safe tonight." I watched her in the shadows. She lit a few small lanterns and stoked the campfire, adjusted her towel and looked up at the sky. "Yes, it's almost time." I heard her say. She made her way to the waters edge. I looked up at the moon and wondered what she meant.

She took her towel off and laid it on the bank, sitting on top of it and spreading her legs wide. She didn't finger herself, just brushed her pussy lips a bit and licked her fingers. I came closer and stopped to watch her. "I know your there, I can smell you. You want me. I know you do." She turned to look me dead in the eyes. I almost bolted. "Come on, come here."

After the initial shock of her knowledge to my presence, I padded over to where she sat and sat down next to her, facing her. "I don't know why you have stayed in that form all day," she stated, "You and I could have been fucking all day, and I could have been lapping at that huge cock you've been teasing me with." She smiled, and put her pussy juice soaked fingers to my nose. "I don't know why you just didn't change, I tempted you so much today, you even got close enough to rub my clit with your cock, and you still didn't give in. You don't like me?"

The moon was almost over us and I eased over to sit between her legs. "Go ahead, its alright, I know you want to, do it, don't be afraid." She eased her pussy at my nose and I pushed back, sliding its coolness up and down her slit. "Lick me, you've wanted to taste all day, lick me." I stuck the end of my tongue out and slid it up and down her folds teasing. I didn't know what she was up to, did she really know, or was she just some chick into bestiality? Who cared at that point, I got a taste of that sweet pussy juice and there was no turning back for me.

"I must warn you," She said, "I can be a beast too when it comes to fucking." I looked at her and shot a canine smile. "Go ahead, lick." she said again. This time I didn't hesitate, I took my whole tongue and lapped at her wetness, up and down, swirling, growling. She moaned, and growled, I think.

I could feel my cock throb inside it's furry sheath, and wanted to mount her, but the taste of her flesh was remarkable, her juices were sweet and desirable. I had wanted this all day and I wasn't giving it up. The moon hit directly over us and my body changed. Now, I was half-human and wolf, still all animal. She moaned for more, and cried out as I lapped harder at her clit. She bucked and jolted into my face and squirted her juices all over my hairy chin.

I looked up to see her face and noticed that she too had changed into a female beast. No wonder she knew, and fucking teased me all damn day! No wonder she tempted me and let me taste, she knew my weak points and played me for them. I took no precautions then, she was fair game and giving me what I had worked for. "Again, again, make me cum again, your tongue, lap my pussy!" And did I ever. By the time I was done, I was soaked down to my hairy chest.

"Fuck me with that big cock you have been teasing me with all day, give me all you have and more." She insisted.

We started off facing each other. I found pleasure in nipping at her breast, lapping at her hard nipples. She lapped her juices from my face and returned the favor. I fucked her pussy as deep as I could, forcing myself to the hilt. I was about to go off when she moved, sliding me out of her fluid soaked folds, and positioning her self to suck my hard, juiced cock. It didn't take her long to master my swollen member. I didn't want to cum, not like this, I wanted to blow my wad inside her hot box, tease her clit again with my hardened head, I wasn't wasting my load in her mouth.

She put me on my back and straddled me so her pussy was shoved in my face, I took full advantage of her again and shoved long probing fingers in her ass and pussy while I sucked off her clit, she came quickly, soaking my face. I was on the verge of explosion when I begged her to stop. She slowed her pace down but did not let loose of my cock. I got rough with my tongue in her pussy, nibbled and gnawed at her lips and shoved my tongue down her juicy hole.

I about got myself off doing this. She bucked and rode my muzzle hard.

I couldn't take it any more, I shoved her over on her side and brought myself around to meet her. She looked at me with distress and said, "If you want something, just ask."

In a low gruff tone I said, "I want to fuck you and blow every bit of wad I have inside your hot wet box. And I'm doing it now!" I grabbed her up and put her on her knees. She reached back with her hands and spread her cheeks out to give me a better view.

I took my hard throbbing member and shoved it deep inside her pussy. I slammed it too her doggy style, pounding her as hard as I could. She faced downward toward the creek, the water splashed the bank and rose and fell as we fucked. Her enchanting body, the she-wolf that she had become, captivated my senses more and more. I pumped harder, thrusting deeper inside her, forcing her juice to cover my shaft and seep down to my thighs. I held her hips and forced myself deeper. She moaned and growled, and yeah, this time, I knew it was a growl.

I felt her quiver and my cock grew stiffer, I was going to let it all unload. She let out one last howl and I let loose every last drop of hot cream from my aching organ shoved deep with in her cum hole. I slowly pumped, making sure I was done and eased back out of her. She whimpered and looked back at me. She was as beautiful and lovely now as she was in the day light.

I looked at her cum soaked hole and ran my fingers up and down, tasting of us. She looked at me wanting, so I ran my fingers over her lips again and ducked into her hole, bringing forth a good creamy amount and held it up. She hungrily lapped at it and licked my fingers clean. She looked at my cum soaked, semi hard shaft and turned to face me.

"Get on your back; I want to finish what I started." I lay back and she greedily lapped at my half-swollen cock, cleaning all of the fluids off and around my soaked balls and member.

"If that is the case," I said to her, "then I want to lap that juice from your succulent pussy lips, and share in your ecstasy."

She positioned herself again, shoving her pussy in my face. I nuzzled and lapped like the hungry beast I was, digging my tongue into the depths of her hole, fingering her ass and growing hard again under the pleasure and her touch. She moaned and squirmed, growled and forced herself harder on my face and deeper on my tongue. I bucked up into her mouth and she took me all the way, digging and lapping, slurping and sucking.

This time, she did not let me up. She skillfully sucked me until I was about to explode again.

I pushed her off me and grabbed her arm, pulling her up to face me, she looked at me angry and disappointed. Our faces met, lapping at each other. Her breast in my hands, my balls and cock in hers. I picked her up and walked into the cool water over to the sun heated rock and lay her down, angling her so I could position myself into her body.

"I watched you lay on this fucking rock all day and tease the hell out of me, now, I'm going to make it our fucking rock!" I rammed my shaft hard and furious into her and she snarled.

Her hands spread open the enlarged mounds of pussy lips, fingers finding her swollen clit, and she stroked herself while I drove in and out of her. Her body tensed and she came, squirting all over my lower body again. It was such a turn on, no woman, or wolf I had ever fucked, had ever squirted or came so fucking much.

I kept thrusting my hardness in and out of her; she kept cumming on my cock and dripping down my balls. The water splashed my ass as we moved and it excited my senses. I pinned her down to the rock, pushing into her with all my force nature permitted. The look in her eyes was vicious, like she wanted to tear me limb from limb, she snapped at me, "MORE! FUCK ME MORE!" She clawed at my back, drawing blood, grabbing my ass and forcing me harder into her as she pushed hard up into me. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer at this rate.

She was panting, snarling, growling, and this drove me harder. Her she-wolf power had taken me over and the impulse to shove as hard and deep as I could to mate her, drove me over the edge. I exploded! I couldn't help but howl, she too let out a long impetus howl, jarring her and myself. We both breathed hard, panting, dripping of cum and sweaty fur. She ran her clawed hand down my spine and over my ass, forcing me to pump a few more times in to her pussy. Now it just tickled when she did it, causing me to spasm.

Her hand drifted down to my limping cock as it slid out of her delicious body. She wrapped her fingers around and brought them up to her lips to taste our animal passion. I licked again from her fingers and mouth. I collapsed over her and growled.

"I can't believe you. All day long, you knew, and didn't say a fucking thing."

"All the better to tease you with, my big bad wolf." She smiled, running a claw down my chest.

I lay on my side facing her in the moonlight. The rock was still warm from the day and it felt nice to relax on it after watching her here all day. We nuzzled and touched, nipped and licked, made our way back to camp, rested for a while, and went at it again until dawn. Then she had the nerve to fucking start teasing me again through the day. What a She-wolf!

We're Half-beast, half-human, what ever you want to call us. We found each other, and we fucked each other mad. Thinking back, just the sheer fact of her being a she-wolf was a total turn on, even if I was turned on at her beauty and teasing in the beginning. Well, folks, it's been a riot, I better be getting back. She's waiting for me at the creek, and there's another full moon tonight. I can't wait to see the sexy animal she becomes under the beauty of the moonlight.

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