tagLoving WivesOff The Rocks Pt. 01

Off The Rocks Pt. 01


Fair Warning:

The author issues a categorical warning to all. This is a tale of cuckoldry exploration. At first glance this first installment does not seem to fit in the Loving Wives category. Since we do not have a cuckold category, and the story is about the relationship between a man and a woman inviting others to share their troubled relationship, it does fit well -- if only there was a crowbar handy. You might take issue with the theme of this and content of this story, but if you are ready for it, enjoy.


Before I get into what is going on with our current situation, I need to explain the background of my relationship with my (now) wife Haylee. To this day I wish we could get back to just like we were before I did my time.

Haylee and I started getting into trouble when we were just out of high school, but it was just before my twentieth birthday that we crossed a line somewhere, and while we were as adventurous as ever, things went to a completely different level.

We were like Bonnie and Clyde but without the whole dying thing at the end. We enjoyed the outlaw life to a point. We never did anything horrible, and no one really ever got hurt. We just took what we needed to get along, and we stole from places that could afford to lose a few bills.

Now Haylee was always my girl and like I said, we got into all kinds of hell as a team. I was the one who always pushed the mischief, and she was the creative one that knew how to make it work.

One day we decided to go on an epic trip across the country, and you guessed it, we were doing it for free. Haylee and I were perfect together as a theft couple, and that meant we never got caught. When we would rob a place, we weren't even suspected. I never had to pull a gun 'cause Haylee was so good.

She was such a believable (or unbelievable depending on how you look at it) distraction. Haylee back then was about 5'9 and looked like a hot mess of a model. Her hair was always dyed some Kool-Aid color-of-the-day, and she looked like a party in a body.

She had silky tanned skin and was about 115 pounds soaking wet, and she was lean. If you were a boob man, you would have been eying her perfect youthful globes that were always trying to peek out over the extra button undone on her (usually white) shirt. If you were a leg man, she had long legs that had just the right amount of feminine muscle, and they stretched down below her always perfect pair of cut-off daisy dukes. If you were a butt man, you wouldn't be able to keep your eyes off the perfect curve of her ass as it left her back. You get the idea. I was one lucky man.

As for me, I was 6'2 and about 190 at that point. I would have been 160 for my leanness, but I was muscular from a young age. I loved football and would have had a college scholarship if it wasn't for the trio of concussions that automatically kick you out of high school sports for good. Linebacker isn't the safest place on the field, and I was never looked at as a real college possibility because of my injuries.

Back then, Haylee and I never had to work. We were always taking whatever we needed to survive, or just living off our parents and mooching.

We took off one early summer day and started our petty theft trip all the way across the back roads of the US. We were mostly knocking off old-school gas station stores. This was our favorite. If we hit a newer one, no doubt we would be on camera and our faces would be all over the place.

Most of the time it would go down with me parking at the pump and walking in to buy cigarettes and $10 in gas. Haylee would walk up since I always dropped her off just out of site of the store. You could see her strut as soon as she rounded the corner. Whether the cashier was a guy or a girl, it didn't matter. You couldn't take your eyes off her. I would just turn and marvel at her with whatever look the clerk had, saying something like, "wow" or "holy crap".

I would step back into the store like I was still buying something, motioning to the clerk that I clearly was intending to enjoy whatever was about to happen. Haylee would walk in looking flushed from the momentary brisk walk and ask for the bathroom.

After watching her sexy walk through the store, I would talk small talk with the clerk, staying away from the register so I didn't look like I was a threat. Then she would come strutting back out from the back of the store like she had just used the bathroom, but really she had just cut her leg a little with a razor blade.

She would come around the corner with a smile looking like she was about to say thank you, or start a new conversation about the weather but instead would trip on the way across the store.

She would stand up, limp a little and look at her hand which would have some blood on it. With perfect timing, her happy countenance would turn to a shattered damsel in distress look as she went back to the floor. With a look like that, she would always pull the clerk around the counter as she dropped back to the linoleum tile.

My role was to come to help, as long as the clerk got there first, and then ask where the towels or napkins are. They are always in the same place by the way, next to the drinks which are next to the cash register counter.

Something else that is always in the same place is the money that is NOT in the cash register. It is either going to be in a wallet, purse or in a zipped bank bag on the shelf right below the cash register drawer. That money is usually more than what is in the register anyway, and it doesn't "DING" when you pick it up like the drawer does when it opens.

As I would come back over to "help", Haylee would be thanking the clerk and trying to stand up again. At this point, I would hand her the napkins and ice and offer to give her a ride back to her family down the street, giving a knowing look to the clerk.

She would reluctantly agree after making sure it wasn't going to be too much trouble. Then I would help her out of the store, and we would either leave in the car immediately without getting the gas, or if the clerk followed us out, then I would pump the gas since the clerk wouldn't know what happened for a few more minutes.

As soon as we turned the corner back onto the street we would almost immediately get crazy from the adrenaline and the success. After we did a job our celebration almost always ended with a nasty session of hard sex. Sometimes it was fifty bucks; sometimes it was hundreds. Every time it was rough sex.

It was so exhilarating to do what we were doing that we would just get lost in the moment. The best way to describe the feeling of adrenaline like this is what it feels like to give a screaming arm pumping celebration after scoring a touchdown to win a game.

We didn't really have a pattern to it. Haylee was so passionate and I was so loaded up on the rush that sometimes we would often pull off just to fuck each other's brains out because we couldn't take it anymore. Somehow as unnatural as it was, it was the natural outpouring of emotion for us, and it was a great way to express it.

One time we had just picked up $450 in fifties and we barely made it out of the city limits. Haylee had her "hurt leg" (seriously, a skin nick that was less than an eighth of an inch) sticking out the passenger window, laying her head in my lap. I had undone the front clasp of her strapless bra and pulled it open through the front of her shirt by the time the car hit the road. As we turned onto the main highway I was gently brushing the backs of my fingernails across her perfect grapefruit sized breasts. I knew this was going to make her crazy immediately.

She looked up with lust in her eyes for a few seconds and then screamed and clutched at her tits like a cheerleader in a snowstorm. She rolled over and punched me in the gut. "What are you doing to me," she screamed in mock terror. We slapped at each other like we would and acted like it was getting too heated to contain ourselves. We pulled over seriously four roads outside of town, and I drove barely fifty feet from the road down an embankment behind some trees.

Haylee jumped out her door like she was going to run, but I caught her left arm. She acted like she was trying to get away, but we both knew better. I crawled out her side, and she yanked fruitlessly at my arm. As I stood up, she turned and pounded at my chest as I drew her into me.

Back in control, I held her arms at her side. She was so damn sexy. Her white shirt was unbuttoned almost to her waist, her daisy dukes, and her perfect hair and body was just too much for any man to take much less someone with my weak morals.

I moved her hands behind her back where I could hold her with one hand while she struggled until she gave in to me. She playfully bit at my tongue and lips as we kissed. I grabbed her hair with my other hand and held her still and kissed her with a long passionate kiss. I could feel her weaken and completely give up the mock struggle.

Haylee moved her body closer to mine, and I let go of her only to have her bite my neck with more than a nibble. I released her hands and she dropped to her knees on the grassy edge of the drive and with one smooth motion unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock through. She spit on it and looked up and laughed. Then I heard what made her laugh. Sirens.

"Don't move baby" she said as she grabbed my balls as if to hold me in place. She squeezed a little too hard. Then she bit her way down my cock and then kissed her way back up every inch of it. Despite her attention, I started to soften from hearing the cops get ominously closer.

I was about to panic as suddenly she sucked me all the way in. My attention was immediately and totally focused on her. I looked down into her icy blue eyes just as she started to deep throat me. I went into a fog for a minute at the sensation and the site of her lusty eyes looking up at me. She had my member fully in her throat and was biting at the base of my cock with her teeth. She released my balls finally as her hand went around my ass to hold me in place. I flashed back to reality for just a second as I looked up to see the very top of the flashing lights go by at about ninety with the siren blaring.

I didn't dare move a muscle. I didn't want this to end for anything in the world. Haylee slowly backed her mouth part way up me and then slammed all the way down again hard like she needed to prove something to herself. I could feel my cock automatically moving past the back of her mouth and fully into her throat as I grew fully back to life again.

I wasn't a giant among men, but I wasn't small either, and I was an artist with my six inches. She had a surprised look for a second, but she held it there before she pulled back and started bobbing her head up and down on my hardness. No man could last one minute from this kind of treatment from Haylee.

As I could feel the waves of orgasm come on, I reached down grabbed her hair. I basically picked her up by it to prevent my orgasm ruining this opportunity. I kissed her deeply in gratitude as she stood there proud of what she had shown me. I was looking into her eyes with her mascara and eyeliner slightly running from the tears welled up partly from the deep throating and partly from her hair being pulled.

I fumbled with my hands to get her shorts unbuttoned. I unzipped the tiny zipper on the front, and pulled them down to her knees and her panties with them. I stepped into the middle and pushed them down her leg with my foot, standing back up.

I beheld her glory as she stood before me with expectant lust in her eyes.

I put my hands on her naked waist and boosted her tight body up to the roof of the car. I had a need to eat her pussy in return and to do it well. I somehow knew I didn't really "owe" her for the treatment she just gave me, but somehow felt I really did.

I started by running my hands down her sexy legs hanging on each side of my body. As my caress moved down the outside I looked up into her beautiful eyes. I held them at her calves and eventually moved them so slowly up the inside of her thighs to build her anticipation. My hands went right by the anticipated target over her legs to her little hips and ass. I pulled her to the edge of the car roof as my mouth met her sex.

I moved my tongue down the outside of her inner labia, keeping it flat to make as much contact as possible. I pinched the top of her ass hard with my left hand, and slapped the top of the other cheek with my right. Haylee was squirming and giggling at the same time, but I noticed she wasn't as rough back to me as usual.

As my tongue hit her clit, she arched her back in an exaggerated way as though she was acting or something. She really seemed to be getting off more than usual to my oral stimulations by this point. I held my tongue in place as she grinded passionately against my face.

Then through the silence of the barely blowing soft breeze I heard a rustling in the leaves in the distance. I cautiously stuck my tongue deep into her splayed hole, still keeping an ear to the wind. It was so erotic, but then I heard it again for sure this time. I swung my head around just in time to see a country boy a little older than us try to hide behind a tree about fifty feet away.

"Shit," I whispered, "someone's here."

Sensing I was starting to pull back to get us the hell out of there, Haylee grabbed my head, obviously having other thoughts. She whispered, "Jim, he's been here the whole time. I saw him peeping at us when you put me up here on the car. I don't really care right now if he sees," she hissed lustfully.

I looked over at him, and as he peeked around again our eyes met in an obvious way to both of us. I turned my attention back to Haylee, "Well, then let's give him one hell of a show." She just looked down at me with a glimmer in her baby blues and smiled a wicked smile as I went back to work.

Her hands went into my hair around the back of my head as she pulled my face slowly back to her puss. I put a finger just above her clit and pushed slightly to make it stand out and cause it to engorge as I sucked it gently with my lips. She started to grind her face against my mouth again as she looked over at our perve.

Haylee was clearly loving every second of this. Without moving my mouth, I looked up to see her reactions. She had this look on her face with her mouth open and a raunchy smile as she flipped her hair and looked right at this guy. The look was obviously sexy as hell. She leaned her head back as I grazed my teeth down her hood. "Oh fuck," she grunted, and started the telltale leg shake. I pressed my tongue to her clit and let her ride it out.

"Get me off this car Jim. I need you in me now."

I lifted her off the car, and let her feet come to rest on the green grass beside the road. I was surprised to see our good ole boy had moved two trees closer and was now about thirty feet away, and had this look on his face like he was trying not to be too interested.

I looked right at the guy like I didn't know if he was going to live through this or not. The glare worked, because he sat down there to watch. I pulled a condom from my pocket since Haylee wasn't on the pill.

She had taken off her shirt, and was caressing her chest as she was slowly prancing around me with her neatly trimmed pussy like she was on the runway or something. I had no concern for our roughness anymore at this point. Our normal slapping, choking and pinching routine was out the window. As I was rolling the condom onto my cock, Haylee did slap my hand away like a mom would slap a kid about to touch a hot oven. Then she over-acted each motion as she rolled the love glove down on my stiffness.

"Fuck me Jim. I need to be fucked now," she said as she turned and bent in half at the waist, facing away from our voyeur obviously so he could get a good look at her ass as she bent over. I positioned myself behind her and pushed my sheathed member up and down her crack.

I licked a generous amount of saliva into my hand and then grotesquely wiped it into the top of her puss. I slid my cock slowly into her. She was so sexy while she was standing there, but as I started to get some speed and power behind my thrusting, Haylee started to lose her balance.

She stumbled forward, dislodging my meat from hers, and turned to kiss me like we meant to do that. She took my slippery cock in her hand and guided me a few feet away to a software patch of grass. "Now fuck me like I need it," she said with emphasis just loud enough that our friend probably heard.

Haylee went down on all fours and arched her back enticingly. I knelt behind Haylee and I pressed my cock into her again with force this time. "Ungh". This was clearly what she wanted. I pushed into her hard with each powerful thrust. Nice and slow, but hard and powerful, you could hear our bodies slapping together like a hammer hitting its target.

I slapped her ass as I rode her doggie style. She was acting like it was a dream come true.

Between this guy being present and the thickness of the condom, I was thinking about my stamina being pretty good, and in my distraction I saw noticed him flanking around beside me to get a better view. I guess my ass pumping in and out wasn't the kind of show he wanted.

He was now standing to our right about ten feet away, and Haylee saw him just after I did. He had his cock out and was slowly stroking it. I didn't notice at first because it was through his zipper, but it was definitely a little larger than mine, and had more girth too. It looked like a gel shaving cream can as he stroked it.

Haylee swung her hair away from him as I pummeled her hard with each forceful down stroke. He was enjoying every second. Then I looked at him again and back at Haylee. She turned her head too, and I don't know what she mouthed, or what she did from my vantage point, but he clearly got the "O.K." message from her somehow. Before I could think of what to say he was there, undoing his jeans. If I tried to hit him, he would have been just out of reach as he positioned himself in front of my Haylee.

Two seconds later it was obvious. She definitely did want what was about to happen, because he held himself in place on his knees in front of her, and despite my cock sliding in and out of her, Haylee leaned forward to try to take him into her mouth at the same time almost pulling completely loose from me.

I looked down at the curve of her back and the width of her hips as it narrowed to her waist and then out to her shoulders. She was the peak of sexuality right then, and I am sure she was thinking something along the lines of "enjoy it while you can". I pushed forward into her and pounded away again to her grunts of pleasure.

Haylee was caught between us skewered on two pieces of sex meat. I started to speed up the pounding of her pussy as she sped up the amazing blow job she must be giving this good ole boy. He reached down and held her head in place for a minute while he changed the rhythm from her sliding between us with our cocks thrusting into her alternately to pushing so that our thrusts were both penetrating at the same time.

Her groaning ceased for a minute when she slowed the sucking down to try to obviously try to completely swallow his manhood the same way she had just done mine. I stopped pumping from behind as she tried and tried, but she just gagged. My babe had turned into a sex vixen. She went back to the furious in and out motion as he mouth fucked my girlfriend being kind enough not to gag her again.

Haylee started grunting again at the pleasure, and I just lost it on the whole scene. I came like a fire hose, and pulled out to slide the condom off my spent cock. Somehow our friend took this as his opportunity and raised Haylee up to standing on her knees to kiss him.

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