tagGroup SexOff to College Ch. 1

Off to College Ch. 1


Jenny was off to school to start her freshman year at a big state school. She had dreamed of going to college for the last couple of years, because none of the guys in her high school were good enough for her. She wanted bigger and better things than an inexperienced high school guy, she wanted college guys. Through high school Jenny was somewhat of a tease, and planned on continuing her ways as she started college. Though in college she planned on sleeping with guys as well as teasing them.

The first week of school started and Jenny was picked out by the guys to be one of the top five hottest new girls on the campus. She had it all, the blonde hair, the blue eyes, the slender body and the large chest. But best of all for the guys, Jenny had a sex drive that was incredible. She found that as of late her pussy was always wet, leaving her to have to change her panties several times a day.

During her first week of school she thought it would be best to take things slowly and get to know her roommate, where her classes were and get her initial work done. But that was only the first week, by the first weekend Jenny was out on the prowl looking for a guy to fuck her soaking pussy.

It was Saturday night and she had heard that there was going to be a huge party at the corner house with the green pillars, and all the cutest guys were going to be there. She was able to dress herself in a short light blue skirt and a white tube top because the weather was so warm. She decided to wear her hair in pigtails so that she would look like a young school girl. To finish off the outfit, she put on her white thong and chose not to wear a bra. This choice to go bra-less left her nipples rubbing against the material of her tube top, causing her nipples to be hard and easily seen by anyone looking.

Before Jenny left for the party she thought to herself that the hornier she was the easier it would be to find a guy to go home with. So she reached into the back of her top drawer and pulled out her favorite pink dildo 'groucho' and pushed it up into her pussy. This way no matter what she did during the evening she would have the feeling of a cock inside of her.

Once she had 'groucho' inserted into her pussy she walked down the hall to pick up her friend, Dana, that she was going to the party with. When she arrived in Dana's room, Dana was waiting with shot glasses in hand.

"I bought us a bottle of vodka, so we have to drink some of it before we go out!" Dana yelled to Jenny as she closed the door behind her.

"Great, I love vodka, it makes me loosen up so much!" Jenny said as she walked across the room and picked up the shot glass.

They both quickly took five shots a piece and chased them down with the bottle of Pepsi that Dana had in her room. After the shots they were on their way to the party. The entire time Jenny thought to herself how wet she was going to be when she slid 'groucho' out of her pussy!

"I sure hope that there are some cute guys there tonight, because I am really hoping to hook up. You know Jenny it has been about a month since I have fucked anyone, but that drought is going to end tonight!"

"It hasn't been quite that long for me, but I am hoping to make some guy very lucky tonight as well!"

When they arrived at the party they both realized that they were already pretty drunk, but they both wanted a cup to drink as much beer as they possibly could. When they walked to the keg they noticed four very cute guys staring at them from the dance floor. So they quickly filled up their cups and headed to the dance floor to begin their prowl for guys.

They decided to make the guys come to them, so they moved to a part of the dance floor and started dancing together. Within five minutes all four guys that had been staring at them had now formed a circle around them and began to dance very close. Jenny and Dana were definitely enjoying this as much as the four guys were, just they weren't showing it as much.

Within no time, each of the guys had their hands on one of the two girls. Two guys were fondling the girls tits while the other two guys were rubbing the girls pussies through their skirts. Jenny and Dana both quickly became turned on and began to grind their pussies on the guys hands. As they did this they noticed that there were definite bulges in each of the guys pants.

The girls smiled at one another and knew that it was time to play along. They began grinding their bodies on the guys cocks and slightly brushing their hands over their cocks as well. They noticed that the guys' cocks quickly turned from bulges to very hard and erect.

Soon Jenny noticed Dana grab three of the guys that they were dancing with and walk out the door, leaving Jenny behind with just one of the guys. By this point Jenny could feel 'groucho' starting to slip out because of the amount of liquid her pussy was creating. She quickly decided to make her move.

She grabbed the guy by the hand and led him to the bathroom. They both went inside and locked the door so that no one could get in. As soon as the door was locked they began fondling and taking off each others clothes. Before long they were both naked standing in front of each other. Jenny couldn't believe that this guy was hung the way he was. She figured that he had to be near 11 inches long and as wide as her fist!

"I want you to fuck me until I can't stand anymore" Jenny whispered into the strangers ear.

"Don't worry sweetie you are going to get more than you can handle!"

"Before you fuck me though, I want you to fuck me with this dildo that I have stuck up my cunt!"

The guy was a little surprised that Jenny had a dildo in her pussy and even more surprised that she wanted him to fuck her with it, but he didn't mind at all, actually it kind of turned him on more. He quickly grabbed the end of the dildo and began to jam it in and out of Jenny's soaking pussy. He noticed how wet she was and how her pussy juices were dripping down the inside of her leg and he couldn't wait to get his huge cock inside of her!

"Keep fucking me with that dildo because I am about to cum!" and with that she let out another moan and her pussy started to spasm as she orgasmed with 'groucho' still stuffed inside of her.

"Now it is my turn sweetie and I sure hope that you are ready for me. Bend over the sink and stick your ass in the air right now!"

Jenny did as she was told, even though she was very nervous about how well she would be able to take that huge cock of his. As she bent over, he didn't even give her a chance to get comfortable, he just grabbed he pigtails and began sticking his cock into her pussy. At first he was just able to get his head in, but the more and the harder he pushed the more of his cock began to fill her.

Jenny was in a lot of pain and even screamed a couple of times as he tried to get deeper inside of her. But with the amount of juice that was coming from her pussy it went it quicker than she had thought. As soon as he got all 11 inches inside of her, she immediately orgasmed as he continued to fuck her. While fucking her he made sure to reach up and play with her tits and even slap her ass a couple of times. But no matter what he did, she couldn't get enough of it. Jenny just continued to grind her hips as fast as he could fuck her soaking pussy.

"Holy shit I am about to cum! Keep fucking me sweetie, don't slow down now. "

"Please shoot your cum on my back and in my hair, I love to feel like a used slut! Please baby, please. I need this right now!"

"Your wish is my command, you slut!"

With that Jenny felt him pull his cock out of her pussy and shoot his cum up her back and into her hair. He made sure to pull her pigtails extra hard to get as much cum in her hair as possible. Then she turned around and got on her knees to suck every last drop out of his cock.

As Jenny finished draining the last of the cum from his cock, they heard a knocking at the door.

"Whoever is in there hurry the hell up, there are a few of us out here waiting to use the bathroom, damn it!"

With that they each grabbed their clothes and threw them back on. As they walked out the door Jenny handed the guy a piece of paper... 'ask for Jenny, 526 - 8890... next time you can stick it in my ass!'

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