tagMatureOffice Affair with Riya

Office Affair with Riya


Hello again. This isn't part of the Sunita series but is rather a standalone story that I might pick up and expand sometime in the future.

Again, I look forward to feedback and comments. Hope you get off reading this piece, as I did writing it.


"This has to stop Riya, I really want to try and make things work with my girlfriend. We had a lot of fun, but this has got to stop now."

Riya nodded, taking a sip of coffee before saying,

"I get it Raj, ours was a no strings attached arrangement and I guess our time's up now."

I should have known something was off. It wasn't supposed to be so easy, it never was with Riya. She never gave up on things she wanted, professionally or in her personal life. She was 40 years old and already a Director at our firm, which just highlighted her tenaciousness. Her calm acceptance of my decision to stop our affair should have set alarm bells off in my head -- but I was overjoyed at finding her so accommodating. I wanted to believe she would let go of me.

Riya had been married to a successful businessman for 19 years now - they even had a daughter together. She was a Partner at the time I joined the firm 2 years back, and had already made it to the elite Director's club in a short span of time. She was quite tall, 6'2" (an inch shorter than me), and towered over most of her male colleagues. Tall women have a habit of being physically disproportionate -- too lanky, too thin or too broad. Riya had none of these problems though. She made heads turn every time she crossed the office floor on her way to her cabin.

Her long toned legs, visible when she wore her sexy cocktail dresses at the company parties, were a quest in themselves for me - an adventure starting from her toes and moving all the way up to the treasure between them. Her breasts, beautiful and round in proportion to her height, were a 36 DD -- a place I had many a times buried my face, relishing in her softness as her tits engulfed me. Her regular yoga and workout sessions had helped her get a washboard stomach, and an ass that dipped precariously onto her legs, a teardrop fall that got me hard every time I saw it.

That she made me hard when I saw her, made me for the first time want to cheat on my girlfriend, was infact an expected response -- she made all men feel that way. What was surprising was that she wanted me too; that she was willing to risk her marriage for me.

She was a tigress in bed, thoroughly committed to exploring every way she could enjoy the pleasures of the flesh -- a woman with an insatiable appetite. She had a wicked imagination, performing and confiding fantasies with me that my girlfriend would never have thought of. I had fallen hook, line and sinker for this temptress.

It was a long day at the office for everyone and it was quite late by the time my work was done. Riya was waiting for me in the parking area, as usual, as I came down to leave for home. I usually gave her a ride home on my motorcycle on days when we had to work late, as it wasn't safe for her to travel alone. Her house was nearly 20 minutes away, and the road was a fairly empty one at this time of the night. We were cruising along at a fairly high speed when I spotted a speed breaker ahead and braked suddenly. Riya was thrown forward and crashed into me, her hands wrapping around my chest to support herself, her head resting on my shoulder.

"I am sorry, I should have seen that one," I told her.

"It's alright, we didn't get hurt," she whispered into my ears.

She remained as she was; chin resting on my shoulders and her large breasts crushed against my back. I could feel their softness even through our layers of clothing. Her hands started moving in slow circles all over my chest, her breathing getting quicker in my ear as her hands caressed my muscled chest and flat abs.

"Riya, we talked about this -- I can't do this anymore. Please stop doing that!"

She paid no heed to my words, her hands rubbing my nipples through my shirt now. She knew how sensitive they were, and her fingers, combined with the wind got them hard instantly. I could feel my cock stirring in my pants, but I kept telling myself that it would be over in 15 minutes. I kept telling myself that I would drop her off this one last time, and that would be the end of it.

It was as if Riya knew she had to make me succumb within the time it took to reach her house, that otherwise it truly would be over. I felt her tongue lick my ear as her teeth nibbled my earlobe -- pushing her tongue inside and licking my ears all over before resuming biting my lobes. Her hands meanwhile, had unbuttoned my top buttons, giving her access to my bare chest and my hard nipples.

"Riya, what the hell are you doing?" I almost shouted. "Get a grip on yourself, goddammit, I have a girlfriend and I want to be honest to her from now on!"

I knew she wouldn't stop irrespective of what I told her, and I was scared at my body's reaction to her expert ministrations. My cock was raging hard inside my pants now, and I felt her hands reach for and successfully unbuckle my belt and move on to opening my pants and the zipper. I was so surprised at her audacity, I braked instinctively. She made full use of the sudden jerk, expertly opening my pants and fly as her tongue kept playing games of its own on my neck.

"You must have been on this bike so many times with your girlfriend - Has she ever even thought of doing this?" she whispered seductively into my ears as her stretched the waistband of my boxers and pulled my cock out into the open.

I was hard as a rock and I knew only she could get me this painfully erect. I knew only she had the guts and imagination to dare something so insane. I started driving again, both her hands on my shaft as she started milking it.

"This ends once we reach your house," I said, my feeble voice betraying my lack of conviction.

"Of course it does baby, after all you have a girlfriend and I am married," Riya concurred. I could almost sense her smug expression as he hands kept moving up and down my exposed cock.

"I love how big you are baby, I love how I need to use both my hands on you. My husband has such a pathetic, small cock," she groaned into my ears.

The bitch! She knew all the right buttons to wind me up. She knew I loved to hear her abuse her husband when I fucked her and she was using everything in her arsenal now.

"Mhmm, you are leaking so much precum -- it has gotten you all slick and wet," she murmured as her hands moved faster up and down my wet, slick cock. She leaned in, her face next to me and brought her hand up to her face -- l could see her lick the precum off her hands.

"Yummm, you really taste so good. Such a pity I won't get my quota of your cum from now on."

She was driving me crazy. We were cruising along at 50 miles/hour on my bike on a public road -- my cock out in the open and her hands wrapped tightly around it, my shirt open and her mouth licking and biting my neck and ear. The situation was turning me on as much as her experienced hands, she was right -- my girlfriend would never have thought of doing this.

I finally slowed down as we reached her house, there were no lights on. I groaned inwardly as I remembered her husband had taken her daughter out on a vacation for the week. This wasn't going according to plan at all -- I was hard and desperate for release and she had me right where she wanted me.

She let go of my cock as we stopped in front of her house and got off the bike. She stood next to me, and as I looked up I was in for another surprise. She had during the course of the ride not only unbuttoned her top 3 buttons, but had managed to take her bra off. She was standing close to me, her hands lightly touching my cock, her magnificent breasts almost touching my face.

She had a glint in her eyes, as she asked in an innocent voice,

"Would you like to come in for a drink? Or would you prefer to stay outside on this dimly lit street and maybe help yourself to something tastier?"

One last time, I told myself in defeat. I had to have her now, but just this one night, I promised myself.

I leaned forward, smelling her characteristic perfume as I buried my face between her breasts, giving in to my desire. She groaned audibly, relishing in her victory over me.

She was still standing, both her hands on my cock, gripping tightly for support as she arched back, allowing my face to sink completely between her barely held together tits. I was licking and biting her soft flesh, drawing gasps from her as she milked my cock harder.

Her hands let go off my cock and she took my face in her hands, looking at me with burning lust in her eyes as she said, "Let's go in, I can't wait any longer."

She did not even button herself up. She led me to her front door holding me by my cock and quickly opened up her door, pulling me in as she entered. I didn't wait for the door to close as I pushed her against the wall, crushing her body under mine as my tongue darted into her mouth -- my hands moving behind her to grasp her round full ass through her pants, one hand lifting her leg up and wrapping it around my hips. She wrapped her hands around my neck as we kissed passionately, my pent up lust beginning to get the better of me as I started dry humping her. She fucked me back with her hips, moaning incoherently as we tried to take the edge off.

One last time, I kept reminding myself as I bit her neck and squeezed her ass.

I kept grinding into her, not giving her any respite, my cock rubbing against her stomach. She knew how horny she had made me and matched me thrust for thrust -- moaning and gasping in response to my animalistic assault. I bit her neck as my hands came up to her chest, ripping the few remaining buttons apart as they finally held her gorgeous tits.

She hurriedly took my shirt off, her hands slithering up and down my torso, trying to feel as much of me as possible as I took her nipple in my mouth, biting it hard.

"Ohhhhh....Ouchhh...baby, that's it...aahhh, fuckkk that hurt...you fucking animal..." she groaned as I mauled her tits.

"You wanted me didn't you bitch, you couldn't let me go could you...this is what you are going to get," I grunted into her ears as I pinched her nipples hard.

"Fuckkk...let's go to the bedroom...mhmm,I want you to fuck me where I sleep with my husband -- I want to be reminded of how a real man fucks everytime the loser tries to fuck me," she gasped.

The bitch! She had never let me fuck her in their bedroom, never let me destroy the sanctity of their marriage bed. Now she was willing to give that up, just so that she could keep me hooked on for some more time.

This ends tonight, I reminded myself -- this is the last time.

I followed her up the stairs to her bedroom -- watching her ass sway hypnotically as she moved. She only had her pants on, and her tits bounced with every step she took. Midway up the stairs I saw her pants fall to her ankles and she stepped out them smoothly, still climbing the steps. Her panties followed next, exposing her ass to me, making me harder than ever. I picked her panties up on the way, finding a big wet spot in the front. She turned around and gave me a nasty smile as she saw me sniff and lick her juices off her panties.

I grabbed her as we entered her room, and pushed her roughly on the bed.

"That's it baby...show me how a man fucks his woman," she crooned as I climbed on the bed, my thigh lodged between her spread legs as I lay on top of her.

I kissed her again, loving the feel of her swollen lips as she kissed me back passionately. I had kept telling myself that this would be the last time, and I found myself trying to kiss her harder, trying to touch her longer -- I realized I was trying to make the last time last for as long as possible.

My hands moved between her legs, rubbing her wet pussy lips as I nibbled her neck. She was soaking wet, and my fingers easily pushed through her folds, entering her wet pussy.

"Ahhhh....ohhh god I needed that...fuckk baby, fuck me with your fingers," she moaned as I started moving my fingers in and out of her. I could feel her hips moving in rhythm, fucking my fingers back with each push.

I brought my fingers up to her face, watching her lick her juices off them. She pulled me in for a kiss immediately, making me taste her on her tongue.

I needed more, I needed to smell her. I slid down her body, kissing her all the way. My tongue dipped into her navel, making her giggle and gasp at the same time. Her hand reached over to my head, gently but persistently pushing me further down her shaved crotch. I lay down between her legs, kissing her inner thighs, biting them gently as my fingers moved up and down her soaking wet folds.

"Mmmmm...babyyy," she moaned, propping her head on a pillow so that she could see me go down on her.

My tongue traced its way over to her pussy and I gave it one long lick, my fingers still rubbing her engorged lips. I could feel her squirm on the bed, her moans becoming longer. I started licking her pussy, my tongue up and down, lingering on her clit before licking her dripping wet hole again. I teased her clit out of its hood with my tongue, and started licking it harder as I pushed 2 fingers inside her wet folds.

"Ohhh fuckkk...ohhh yeahh, god don't stop baby! Fuck I love...ahhh...your fingers, ohh GOD!" she groaned. Her hands tight on my head now, forcing me down on her as her she wrapped her legs around my head, pulling me in further. I could feel her soft supple thighs crushing my head as she started fucking my fingers back with her hips.

"Ohhh god!! Don't stop baby, you know exactly what I need...fuckk yess," she gasped as her hands ruffled through my hair, her crotch bucking against my face.

I couldn't hold on longer -- my cock was dying to replace my fingers. I took my fingers out and she was about to complain when she realized what I had in mind. She eagerly spread her legs wider as I kneeled in front of her, placing my cock at her entrance.

Riya took hold of my throbbing member, rubbing it up and down her pussy lips as she guided it to her opening, her breasts rising up with each shallow breath, lust etched on her face. "Fuck me," she stated simply.

I was angry at myself for giving in to my lust. I knew I couldn't ever say no to her, but I loathed myself for it. I pushed myself deep inside her, making her take 3/4th of my cock at one go.

"Unnghhh...you fucking animal...aahhh, slowly...let me adjust...ahhh," she screamed as I roughly pulled out and pushed in again.

"You wanted to be fucked by a real man, didn't you bitch? I am not your husband, I am not going to be gentle with you...I am going to fuck you for my pleasure, do you understand?" I groaned as I pushed my cock deeper inside.

She was grimacing in pain, her hands pressed against my chest trying to push me away in an attempt to slow me down. She was surprised by the sudden vehemence, but she saw the guilt on my face and understood what was going through my mind. She understood the importance of the moment and her hands moved to my back, pulling me in close to her as her hips started fucking me back, taking more of me inside.

"Yessss," she grunted into my ear. "For your pleasure, fuck your...ahhh...whore...unngghh....that's it...I am your filthy...unnnhhh....slut. Yours to have...fuckkk...your way with. Always remember that...goddd yessss...I will satisfy your every...ungghhh...need."

She pulled me in closer, taking all of my cock inside her wet folds now, breathing and grunting in my ear, determined to break my resolve,

"Yess...ohhhh shit...yessss, I want a real man...ohhh god you fill me...aahh...up so good...unnnhh baby fuck me....FUCK ME...AAHHH...YESSS THAT'S IT...GODD DON'T STOP...DON'T FUCKING STOP...FUCK HE NEVER FUCKS ME SO WELL...UNNGHH..." she screamed openly, not caring who heard her as I pounded her pussy hard.

I raised her legs up onto my shoulders as I kneeled in front of her, my cock going deeper inside her now. She screamed with every thrust, begging for more. She knew this was her marriage bed, and she wanted it defiled -- she wanted to remember my cock fucking her every time she slept.

"Fuckkk...unngghh...FUCKK...you beast...oohh myy goddd...uunnnh..."

She went on and on, her body moving against mine, matching me thrust for thrust as I felt her orgasm approaching. Her grip on the sheets tightened as her head jerked from one side to another. I could feel her pussy lips tighten and when I knew she was almost there, I pulled my cock out of her.

"What?? Put it back....PUT IT BACK INSIDE right now..." she blabbered, thinking of nothing but her imminent release.

I took her mobile from the bedside table and gave it to her.

"Call your husband. I want you to talk to him when you cum all over my cock."

She knew I was testing her, trying to see how far she was willing to go. She tried to make it sound like a joke, smiling and me and cooing, "Just stop fooling around and fuck me already!"

I got off the bed and started gathering my clothes, telling her calmly,

"Well, in that case, I just remembered my promise to my girlfriend. This fling of ours is now officially over. The best past is, I still get to go home and fuck my girlfriend, today and everyday from now. Your husband however -- fat, small and busy...I guess you will manage somehow."

"NO...wait, please don't go...I...I will call him, I fucking need you -- come back to bed right now," she pleaded.

I waited for her to call her husband and when she did, I told her to put it on speaker phone. I could hear him clearly now, as I got back in bed with Riya.

"Hi honey, back from work?" He asked

"Yeah love, it was a long day. I am so tired." I turned her around on the bed, pulling her hips up and toward me. She was lying with her head on the pillow, her elbows resting on the bed and only her ass in the air. Her face was turned to one side, the mobile lying next to her as she kept looking at me while talking to her husband.

"How is Pooja(her daughter) doing? Is she enjoying her stay?"

I started rubbing her ass gently, squeezing and caressing her cheeks as I spread them wider. She stifled a gasp as she felt my breath on her pussy, but let out a low moan as I gave her a lick from clit to ass with my tongue.

"Yeah Pooja is...are you ok baby? Did you hurt yourself?"

"Ohhh...yeah, I banged my toe against the table while I was walking."

"Haha, that has got to hurt a LOT. But yeah, Pooja is having a blast."

I continued licking her pussy at a steady pace, getting her wetter. She was trying her best to moan into the pillow, to prevent her husband from getting to know what was happening in their bed. I traced my fingers up and down her crack, covering them with her juices, before pushing my index finger inside her puckered asshole.



"It hurts so much, I need to put some ointment on it soon," Riya covered up.

Her husband started telling her about his day as I pushed my finger in and out of Riya's ass, licking her throughout. I stopped licking her and crouched over her, leaning against her chest as I grabbed her tits. My cock was placed directly above her open and wet pussy, and I rubbed her nipples as I pushed myself completely inside her in one fast thrust.

"Ohhhhh gooddd....mmmmm....you were saying baby? I didn't catch the last...unnnghhh...part...tell me about your whole...mmmmm...trip, from the first day...unnnghhh...in complete detail," she managed to gasp into the phone, trying her best to stifle her moans using the pillow.

I kept pushing my cock inside her in one fast long thrust before pulling out all the way, and then going in again with a grunt. She groaned as I started fucking her faster now. Her husband kept waxing eloquent about his day at the beach, oblivious to her wife's condition.

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