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I work for a large financial company in our headquarters in London and this story relates to a particularly exciting incident that happened earlier this year. I reckon I am your average 28 year old horny male and I am always on the search for the chance of a hot sexual encounter. I'd not had much luck for the previous couple of months and so I was now on the look out for any sexual encounter, never mind if it was hot or not.

I'm doing pretty well at the company, I work in a department of 20 and have recently been promoted to be a team leader of 8 of my colleagues and we all get along really well. We sit in an open plan area in our own cubicles so there isn't much privacy but we still manage to have a lot of fun in between our work. Recently I was called in to my manager's office and he announced that we had a new member joining my team, a woman called Amanda Greenway in her early 20s who would arrive the next week. The rest of that week was spent fantasizing about Amanda, and I imagined this sexy angel who would satisfy all of my carnal needs. Of course the reality never turns out to match my imagination as I have found out many times in the past. I hoped that this time it would be different.

The next Monday I was sitting at my desk going through my innumerable emails having forgotten that Amanda was due to arrive that day. My phone rang and I picked it up wondering why our reception was calling me, and I quickly hid my surprise when they announced that a Ms Greenway is here to see me. I hurried down to the reception and when I saw Amanda I stopped and stared. Maybe not the glamorous model that I imagined in my dreams but Amanda was certainly a beautiful angel. She was about 5'8" tall, with deep chestnut hair that fell to her shoulders. She was wearing a deep blue jacket fastened over a white top which seemed to accentuate what looked like lovely firm tits. Her matching skirt was delightfully short, stopping a few inches above her knee and tight on her hips. She was wearing stockings (at least I hoped they were stockings) and black polished shoes with high heels. Her face was gorgeous, with deep brown eyes, and full red lips made to look even sexier with a deep red lipstick. She smiled and her eyes sparkled as her whole face seemed to light up.


For a moment I carried on staring at her until it slowly dawned on me that she had said something.

"Do I pass?" she said.

I came out of my daze and tried to answer, feeling my face turning red as I realized I have been looking her up and down for quite some time.

"Yes Amanda...I mean no...I mean, welcome Amanda," I felt like an idiot and at that moment I wanted to crawl away and hide in a hole. Appearing like a lecherous man isn't the best way to greet a team member. Quickly I tried to be a bit more professional, "I am Chris, and I am going to be your team leader."

"Hello Chris, I expect to enjoy working with you," Amanda replied. I was looking at her face, trying to keep my eyes from wandering down her gorgeous body again, and I thought I saw a slight wink but it was so brief and it didn't seem very likely.

I showed her to the lift and we went up to my floor and gestured for her to leave the lift. While she was walking out of the lift I let my eyes wander down her back and I admired her the way her tight short skirt clung to her sexy ass. I followed her out of the lift and I saw my boss in the distance, walking towards us. And that was enough to shake me out of my fantasies and back to the real world. The rest of the day I kept everything professional, going out my way to be formal, settling Amanda into her cubicle next to mine, introducing her to the rest of my team and explaining all about our work. I felt absolutely exhausted by the end of the day from all my efforts to be so formal and businesslike and I was glad when it was time to leave.

The next few days I gradually got used to having Amanda around and it helped that I left her tuition with some other, female, members of my team. I concentrated on my own work although it didn't help that the other men in my team sent me some messages to me explaining how they would like to help Amanda in all sorts of ways. I felt annoyed at this and I was rather abrupt with them, explaining how the company's computers were not to be used for such purposes, even though I had done the same in the past.

The days went slowly but eventually we reached Friday and it is traditional for the team to go to a local bar after work for a quick drink before heading off home for the weekend. I wondered how I would react if Amanda came along because it would be the first time I would get to talk to her outside of work. I asked Amanda to join us and she gave me one of her enchanting smiles which immediately sent a shiver through me, and said she would love to come with us.

At the end of the day I had to finish off some last minute reports before I headed to the bar and so I was the last one to arrive, When I entered the bar I looked around for my team, especially looking for Amanda. I saw them in the corner standing and chatting at the counter but I felt my heart sink when I saw all the men surrounding Amanda, obviously vying for her attentions. I wandered over and ordered a drink and stood around talking to the women in my team, although none of them were in the same league as Amanda.

I did my best to concentrate on what the women were talking about but my mind was really on sexy Amanda. She looked gorgeous as she smiled and laughed with the men and I imagined spending time with her as I watched her sexy ass. I wondered if I should push in to the group of men around Amanda and exert my authority as the team leader but I knew I would be the laughing stock of the company if my attempts to pull Amanda failed tonight.

So I decided that instead I would arrange to leave when Amanda did and therefore get a chance to chat in private outside. But Mary, one of the women in my team who is a five years older than me, got into a heated discussion about work which distracted me. A few minutes later, when I turned round to watch Amanda, she was gone, and despite racing to the door to look outside there was no sign of her and I had missed my opportunity. I went back into the bar and spent far too long, drinking and laughing with the rest of my team until I was the last one left. I hoped that Amanda would turn up again but eventually I gave up and went home.

The following Monday I arrived at work after a frustrating weekend without any sex. Then it got worse when I was asked to get my team to work on an urgent report that needed to be completed by the end of the day and would interrupt our other work. I had to share out the work and got Amanda involved even though she had only been with us a week. I went into her cubicle to talk to her about the work and she gave me such a sexy smile I felt my cock twitch in my trousers. She was wearing another of her short sexy skirts that teased all the men and her hair was looking freshly washed and flowed to her shoulders. I didn't know what perfume she was wearing but it connected directly to my cock and added to my stimulation. With a struggle I explained what I needed her to do and quickly left.

After that, everything seemed to go wrong. The information we needed wasn't available, the people we needed to talk to were out of the office, or were in the office but away from their desks. The computers crashed or went on a go slow. I printed off some of the information I had eventually found we needed and I went to pick the sheets up from the printer.

"Damn", I said out loud when I saw the printer had made a mess of my printout and had run out of paper. I looked around to see if a secretary was around to help but even they were away from their desks. Was there some massive orgy going on somewhere else that was consuming all the staff?

I stormed off to the stationery cupboard that was located down the corridor towards the lifts. I muttered to myself all the way, moaning at how I had to fix everything around here. I opened the door to the cupboard, which is more of a small room than a cupboard, with all the walls covered in shelves of stationery.

To my surprise I saw a sexy ass facing me over on the far side of the room, with a short skirt barely covering the object of my lust for the past week.

"Fuck, that's a sexy sight," I thought to myself as I came to an abrupt halt and let the door swing closed behind me.

Amanda slowly stood up, her skirt covering more of her legs as she straightened, and she turned round to face me and I breathed deeply as I smelt her erotic perfume again.

"I'm glad you think so," she said, smiling slightly and just standing there, legs slightly apart, her short skirt teasingly covering the tops of her long legs and my mind imagined getting between those sexy, stocking clad legs. I felt my cock stirring again.

Suddenly I realized what she had said. I must have spoken out loud when I first saw her.

"Damn, sorry, Amanda, I didn't mean to say it. It's just one of those days". I felt a fool.

"Perhaps I can give you some temporary relief from the stress of today?" purred Amanda and stepped forward, closing the distance while I just stood in shock and disbelief.

It was only when she reached me, and her manicured fingers traced around the outline of my hardening cock through my trousers that I breathed again. Our mouths met and we kissed deeply, her lipsticked lips tasting sweet, and my hands went round her to hold her close as I was consumed by lust for her.

Her hands continued to stroke and rub my cock through the cotton of my trousers and soon the bulge showed my fully erect cock straining to get out. She broke off the kiss and stepped back a moment, the desire for me showing in her eyes.

"We don't have long enough Amanda," I said, my eyes wandering up and down her sexy body, my breath quickening.

"Then perhaps just something to keep us going until later?" she coyly asked.

I moved up to her, smiling, knowing that she was desperate to please me. I put my hands on her shoulders and spoke softly "show me how much you want me, Amanda".

She looked into my eyes and smiled, slowly sinking to her knees in front of me. Still looking at me she rubbed my trousers, feeling my erect cock again.

"Go on," I encouraged her and she undid my flies and reached in.

I let out a short sharp breath as I felt her dainty hand wrap around my stiff cock and pull it out. As I felt the cool air on my hot cock I let out a low moan and I looked down at her. Slowly and firmly she pumped her hand on my cock and I felt it get even harder as the sensation of her cool hand stimulated my desire for her.

Looking up at me she smiled and then gently kissed the head of my cock. The sight of her red lips touching the end of my hard cock made me want to groan in delight, but I wanted more.

"Suck me" I insisted.

Obediently she opened her mouth and slid it over my sensitive cock head, her soft lips clasped around the head of my cock. It felt so wonderful to have my cock head in her warm mouth and I felt her tongue licking across my engorged head. I was fully erect now, and she started to slide her mouth up and down my smooth cock, her red lips enclosing my cock and giving me wonderful sensations as she sucked me and started to give me a slow sexy blowjob.

Already I could feel the cum rising in my balls as she skillfully sucked my cock, sliding her soft mouth up and down my erect cock, her hands now playing with my balls while my cock slid deep into her mouth. Feeling me close she grasped my cock tightly with her delicate hand and moved her mouth off my cock and looked up at me. I looked her in the eyes, waiting for her next move.

Her eyes sparkling, she said "I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste your warm cum. Will you give it to me?"

I nodded in reply and she smiled and licked around the head of my cock, slowly releasing her firm grip on my cock, but then pumping her dainty hand up and down my hard cock. Her tongue licking around my sensitive cock head soon got my to the point of no return, her gorgeous blue eyes looking up at me as I felt my cum rising again.

My breathing quickened and I couldn't look at anything else except her tongue licking the head of my cock. Suddenly she swooped her mouth onto my cock again, taking the head into her warm and wet mouth. That was it, I gave a long groan and my cock began to pulse, and I could feel the first spurt of cum spray into her small mouth. She closed her eyes for a moment when she felt the cum in her mouth, but then she opened her eyes again, looking at me while I spurted again. She continued to stroke my cock while just holding my cock in her mouth and it was so heavenly to cum inside her willing mouth, her red lips wrapped around my cock stopping any of the cum from leaking from her mouth.

Slowly my spurting subsided and my cock grew sensitive. She stopped her pumping of my cock with her hand and slowly moved her head back, releasing my softening cock. Sitting back she smiled at me and then tipped her head back, obviously trying to swallow my cum. It took a moment, because she wasn't used to either the quantity or the taste, but she managed it, she swallowed my cum before smiling again, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and saying "Mmmm, you are a tasty man".

I quickly put my cock back into by trousers and helped Amanda stand up, holding her slim sexy body close before letting go and picking up the paper I needed for the printer. I was worried now that someone would come and find us.

"I can't wait until we have some more time later," Amanda said, smiling at me again. I watched as she moved her hand under her skirt and between her legs, slowly rubbing herself.

I moved over and caught her arm and said "Later, Amanda."

We left the stationery cupboard and went back to our work, although I felt a lot better now that I had had my cum sucked from my cock by Amanda and knew that more sex was on offer later.

Throughout the afternoon Amanda and I flirted over email, describing what we would like to do to each other. At the same time I was trying to make sure all the parts of the report came together and so eventually I had to stop responding to Amanda and get on with my work. Fortunately this made the rest of the day go quickly until it had reached 7pm and we were almost complete with the work. I thanked my team and said I would finish off the last piece of work that was needed and that I would let them go home now. Amanda offered to help with the last piece of work and I could hear the mumbling from some of the other team members about being too keen because she was so new to the company. Of course I didn't mind them thinking that because I knew the real reason she wanted to work even later, and my cock was looking forward to getting to work with her.

The rest of my team left, but there were still other people around the office, and anyway we did have some work to do, and so Amanda and I worked hard to finish off the report. A couple of hours later we were done and the rest of the building was empty. It was time to claim my reward.

I wandered into Amanda's cubicle and stood behind her, resting my hands on her shoulders as I bent over and whispered into her ear.

"Time for some more fun."

"Mmm, I've been waiting," she replied, turning round in her chair.

"Sit on your desk, Amanda, I've a favor to repay".

Amanda stood up and smiled, and moved her hands up under her skirt. Her hands were hidden for a moment and then I saw her pulling down her black lace knickers, sliding them down her long legs and taking them off. She handed them too me, saying "Keep these safe," before leaning back on the desk, her legs slightly apart.

I knelt down in front of her and pulled up her skirt, and saw her smooth, shaved pussy in front of me. I leaned forward and gently kissed her just above her mound, and then I kissed my way down to her pussy. I kissed and licked her smooth and soft inner thighs, moving all around her swollen pussy lips. She tasted wonderful and I heard Amanda moan and I felt her raise her hips as she sat further onto the desk. My tongue moved around her pussy and around her sensitive lips, teasing her but not yet touching her clit. I could see that her clit was barely visible to my eager eyes.

I moved back a moment and looked up at Amanda's beautiful face before moving close to her pussy again and while I looked directly into her eyes I softly kissed her clit. I heard her groan again and she arched her back pushing herself against me. I quickly moved my head back as she tried to push her pussy against my mouth to get more stimulation. Instead I pushed her long sexy legs apart with my hands and she voluntarily pulled them apart further, spreading them wide for me. Her pussy lips parted slightly and moisture glistened on her lips.

I licked her pussy, running my tongue from the bottom up to her clit, tasting more of her sweet juices. Her pussy was exuding a wonderful musky aroma which made my heart beat faster and my cock harden up in my trousers.

"Oh God," she moaned. "Yes. Please eat me. Eat my pussy."

I licked her again, pushing my tongue between her pussy lips. This time, I stopped before reaching her clit and I moved my hands to the inside of her thighs, placing them on either side of her pussy. With my thumbs I gently pulled apart her pussy lips to reveal her beautifully pink and wet inner folds.

I pushed my tongue between her lips and licked deep in her hot pussy. She tasted so sweet and her flavor made my cock twitch in my trousers. Again I heard Amanda groaning above me. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth and pulled at them, stretching them until they slipped from my mouth. Amanda let out another long low groan when I pushed my tongue deep into her.

She arched her back again, this time trying to get more of my tongue into her pussy. I pushed back at her, forcing her down onto the desk. I traced my tongue lightly around her pussy, over her clit and across and between her lips.

I licked her again and again. My tongue circled her pussy, and I moved it between her pussy lips, then flicked my tongue over her clit. She trembled and moaned and her pussy was dripping wet. Eagerly I licked up her wetness. She whimpered and arched her back, pushing her pussy harder still against my mouth. I pushed my tongue into her again and Amanda cried out. Her thighs closed around my head, holding me there. Her whole body trembled as waves of pleasure washed over her.

Distantly I heard her cry out, "Oh, God. I'm cumming! You're making me cum! Oh yes, yes, yes!"

I flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit several times as she came against my mouth. I pushed my tongue against her clit and she arched her back, pressing her pussy against it. Amanda moaned and groaned and collapsed back against the desk. Feeling her relaxing after her climax, I spread her lips with my hand and then slowly inserted a finger into her pussy.

I started sliding my finger in and out of her hot, wet and tight pussy, stroking the soft pussy wall. Again I heard Amanda groan as I fingered her. She arched her back as I slid my finger in and out of her, and I eagerly licked at her sweet juices before teasing her clit again.

Now all Amanda could do was moan as I fucked her with my finger and I slipped a second finger inside her to stimulate her pussy.

"Oh yes, yes, yes," was all Amanda could manage to say as I fucked her faster with my fingers, stroking inside her pussy while my tongue lashed at her clit. Suddenly I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers so I fucked her even faster now, pushing my fingers deep into her. Then Amanda cried out as she came again, her pussy clenching tight around my fingers while I sucked and teased her clit.

"Oh fuck yes!" I heard Amanda call out and her pussy slowly stopped its contractions around my finger and she recovered from her second big climax. She put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back, obviously sensitive now that I had made her cum twice in short succession.

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