tagBDSMOffice Fantasy Ch. 4

Office Fantasy Ch. 4


Waking with the early morning light on her face, Lily laid for a moment contemplating the day ahead. Her thoughts roam once again to last night's pleasures as the clock ticks annoyingly on the nightstand. She set a pillow on the damn noisy clock. She's not ready to get up yet. She still can't believe that she enjoyed the woman's tongue so much. Oh! She felt so fucking hot as the woman licked her in front of all those men cheering. The sinful sensations hmmm, her tongue flicking lightly was incredible. The crude cheers and total abandonment to the wild feelings as they all watch, wow! She hopes he takes her there again and again. That she liked, a lot!

All right already as the damn alarm rings again! Rising and putting the coffee on to brew, she cranked the stereo as she thumbed thru the closet trying to decide what she was going to wear today. Smiling as she held the low cut red dress that she bought last week. It sure doesn't leave much to your imagination. No, she can't be that risqué, he will not approve of her dressing like that in his office. She looks in the closet once again and then decides on a very prim white dress that will enhance her golden tan. This will do as she hears the clock chime 7 times. Now she has to hurry to get her shower and get out the door before the traffic gets congested. She needed to be out the door and on the interstate before 8 if you don't want the Jersey Turnpike to tie you up with traffic jams.

She quickly shaved her underarms, her legs and then running her finger along her pussy, not liking the feel of the growth of new hair she shaved her mound as well. She got herself into the steaming water, shampooing her beautiful long red tresses then running her fingers thru with the conditioner that she loved. Her hair smells so good as she towel dries her hair, fluffing with the towel then grabbing the blow dryer she leans over blowing the underneath side of her hair. She tosses her mane back then slips on her lace bra and matching panty. Sliding her dress over her head then buttoning the pearl buttons downs the front of the prim Victorian dress and then slipping her pretty painted pink toes into the sandals. She lightly touched her face with blush, some mascara and then brushing her teeth.

She spotted the clock on the stand and then grabbing her purse she left the apartment in a fury late again. So much for being early, she won't be there before Mr. Nightingale with traffic that's for sure. She decided to stop at Dunkin Doughnuts and get 2-hazelnut coffee's one for her and one for him. He might appreciate the gesture as he begins his day. She hopes so.

As she arrives at the office, the security guard smiles as he opens the door. He then tells her that Mr. Nightingale is in already. She nods her head as she hurries to the 2nd floor, setting her bag down on the desk, and the tray with the coffees. She hangs her coat on the rack, and then picks up the coffee tray enter his office. He is standing at the window with his back to her as she sets the tray on the edge of his desk.

Mr. Nightingale asks, "Are you aware of the time?"

Lily whispers," yes."

He slowly turns as he tells her," Disobeying a direct order, Lily?" He stares at her as she flushes at his reminder. She slips her panties down laying them on his desk, and then unbuttons her dress as he looks intently at her. She slips her shoulders out of the dress, letting it fall to the floor. She then reaches behind her unhooks her bra, allowing it to fall as her arms drop down. Her large breasts topple out, as the lace falls aside. He steps to her, rubs her nipple making them rise. He then slips the rings onto each extended nipple, making sure they stay in place he lightly tugs. Her soft whimpers bring a small smile to his face.

Then he leans down to assist her sliding the elastic straps up her long shapely legs to adjust the butterfly on her pussy, making it snug against her clit. He rose from his knees, sliding her dress down again over her head again; he then buttons the dress leaving the last 6 undone. He adjusted the collar, lifted her head to meet his eyes, and kissed her lips with a light feathery caress before speaking.

"We have a lot to get done this morning, Lily," Mr. Nightingale replies.

She goes to her desk glancing briefly over the letters that she needs to compose and the stack that needs to be filed. As she tackles the stack, she grabs an armful heading for the file cabinets in the other room. As she is walking, she feels the flutter of the butterfly against her clit. She glanced around in a panic, wondering if every one can hear that faint buzzing.

That damn man is going to have an incredible time at her expense. She tries hard not to smile as the ripples excite her clit. She doesn't want anyone wondering what she is smiling about, like an owl in a tree watching a field mouse. Her lip draws in as she feels her clit being flicked with the vibrating butterfly tail as it wiggles Hmmm feels so good, damn... him he shut it off just as...she was really getting hot!

She tried to focus on the paper that he sent out for her to revise and as she turned the second page was another picture of her with the woman kneeling with her face snug in her pussy. She dropped the picture on the floor beside her as a man approached her desk.

"Would Mr. Nightingale be in?" he asked.

"Yes", as she tried to keep him focused as she slid her foot over to push the picture from view.

"Do you have an appointment, sir?"

My name is Sharrie Bastings; he extends his hand in extended bow. Then he reached down picked up the picture from the floor, hands it to Lily. He smiles, as he remarks, "hmmm interesting!"

She flushes a bright pink as she sets it on her desk, then knocks lightly on the door. "Mr. Nightingale, You have a visitor, Mr. Bastings."

Mr. Nightingale says," show Sharrie right in."

Mr. Nightingale met him at the door," thank you, Lily" He closed the door behind them.

She could hear the laughter as they talked from time to time. The damn butterfly began to buzz again as she tried to finish the paper. She was getting so wet again.

The clock struck 12 times. She hesitated, he wasn't alone, now what? He didn't say anything about what to do if he had business the intercom buzzed answering her thought as he called her name.

"Lily, we are waiting for you," Mr. Nightingale, retorts loudly. He taps the desktop while he waits impatiently for her response." Lily," his voice rose in decimals!

"Yes, Sir, I am on my way!" Lily meekly replies. Entering his office timidly, she pauses by the door.

He barks sharply, "Lock the door, Lily and get over here"

She looks around his office and sees Mr. Bastings sitting on the large leather sofa. She approaches the desk where Mr. Nightingale is sitting in his chair. She stands waiting for him to speak.

He says, " The clock says 12:07 and what were you directed to do promptly at noon. Noon is what time to you? Twelve sharp is what noon implies to me, Lily"

She meekly replies, "Sir, was not sure whether to follow your directive if you were otherwise occupied."

He laughed, then remarked," Sharrie is a good friend of mine and I would have told you if you had been excused from our noon ritual today.

Lily stood beside the desk slowly unbuttoning each button from her dress while the men watched. She looked at Mr. Nightingale as she did. Letting the dress fall to the floor, she bent picked it up laying it beside her panties on his desk corner. Placing her hands on the desk edge, lowering her head.

Mr. Nightingale spoke to his friend," Sharrie is that a sweet looking ass from where your sitting?"

Sharrie agreed that her ass was indeed sweet all it needs now is a thick black cock!

"Lily, my friend thinks that a black cock stuffed in your puckered asshole would be sweet! Assist Sharrie with his clothing then fetch the k-y jelly from the third desk drawer on the right."

Mr. Nightingale stood so she could open the drawer after she had quickly undressed Sharrie. His shaft springing into her view as she slid his pants down was huge. He easily had 10" and at least 2" around, she wondered if he would rip her ass if he took it. She didn't say a word just obeyed him adeptly.

Mr. Nightingale instructed her to put a condom on him then lube his shaft with the jelly. She did stroking him as she slid the condom on to his cock. Then she coated his shaft with the cold jelly. Her breathing was increasing as she did. "Lily, do you want that black cock fucking your ass?"Mr. Nightingale asked.

"Yes, if it would please you sir," she replies.

He laughs at that reply. "Sharrie, my office slut is learning"

Sharrie tells her to bend over by the edge of the couch so he may do just that. He rubs his cock against her slit, making her whimper. He then fills his hands with her dangling breasts, squeezing them hard. She sighs in pleasure. Sharrie turns to Mr. Nightingale, What do you think can she suck cock as well, Mike?

Mike answers, " right now he prefers to watch his slut service his friend before he joins in."

Sharrie laughs "ok Mike, will fuck her ass as you look!"

Lily cries out in discomfort as he slides his cock into her tight ass. He pauses letting her get used to the feel. Her ass slowly stretches to accommodate the size of his thick shaft. He begins a slow rhythm letting her body relax. Then he felt the tickling tail of the butterfly on his balls as he was fucking her. Looking over at the smiling face of his friend he increased the pace.

Lily was meeting his pace, her whimpers of pleasure very loudly in the room. Mr. Nightingale walks over to the couch, drags her head upward so he can look in to her eyes. He asks her if she wants to cum?

She begs, "Yes, YES, make me cum"

He hears her outcries and his cock is aching to be released. Damn that woman for keeping him aroused all the time. He can't get enough of her; he walks over to join them.

Mr. Nightingale holds her long red tresses in his fingers tell her to open her mouth and suck him as Sharrie fucks her. She takes his cock in her mouth, gobbling it with enthusiasm as her ass bucked with Sharrie's cock. Hmmmm she loved it.

Her body was filled with cocks, every woman's ultimate fantasy. Yet, she still wanted him to fuck her. He only lets her suck his cock she thinks to herself as she slides her tongue over his balls then back to his shaft. Feeling how hard he is as she does quick flicks along before taking him into her mouth deeper.

Sharrie tells Mike that he is Cumming too! As he drives his cock into her deeper he watches her swallow Mike's cum, small droplets hanging from her chin that she missed as she tried to swallow every drop.

What did Mike do to be so lucky, Sharrie thought to himself as he eased his cock from her ass? Walking into the bathroom to dispose of the condom and freshen up, he pauses in the door seeing the rosy flushed face with cum coated lips and drops on her small chin. Hmmm!

Mr. Nightingale tells her to place her hands on the desk and wait.

Lily does. Mr. Nightingale walks over to the bathroom joins Sharrie, the voices low so she can't hear the conversation.

Sharrie walks over to the desk, slaps her ass with his hand. Then dresses back into his three-piece black suit with the light gray pinstriped shirt. She watches him in the mirror thinking what a handsome man he is. He shakes hands with Mike and departs.

Mr. Nightingale locks the door once again.

He opens the door, picks up his flogger and lightly whips her bottom. He tells her that she was late again, making him look bad in front of his friend. He continues with Sharrie is a busy man and she also made him wait. What did she think should be done to correct her blatant disobedience?

She answers softly," Anything that makes her master happy."

He chuckles at that reply." Master, hmmm that does have a nice sound to it!" He whips her ass till her cheeks were as rosy. The soft whimpers as the butterfly vibrates while he whips her were louder as she neared orgasm.

"Sir, please fill me with your cock, I am so hot for you." Lily begs him.

He unzips his trousers again, pushes her over the desktop, and enters with a hard thrust. He fucks her pussy with wild abandonment, the tail of the butterfly brushing his balls as he fucked her. She was crying out yes, fuck me harder as her passion ebbed. The papers on the desk scattering everywhere as they took there pleasure both wildly fucking the other. Limply lying across her body on the desk as he regained his breath, she smiled contentedly as he drew his arms around her. No words were spoken or needed.

The door opens and Mrs. Nightingale enters. Oops!

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