tagMatureOffice Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 1

Office Harem Ch. 02 Pt. 1


Thanks are due to sdbnnc for her very kind assistance in editing the first part of this series, as well as this, the first chapter of part 2. I hope you enjoy it.


It was the second Christmas since my wife died giving birth to our daughter, and it looked like being another difficult festive period. After much persuasion from friends and colleagues (including my lover, Frances) I agreed to attend the Christmas night out for my company. Frances was pleased I decided to go, despite the fact that she would not be there, which was slightly confusing. Still, I hoped I would enjoy some of the evening without Frances.

Arriving at the party, I got a drink before mingling with my colleagues, some of whom were not too sure what to say. Although the fact that my work had kept me out of the home office for the past several weeks contributed to my co-workers' feeling distance, I thought that my wife's death just over a year ago also made light conversation difficult. I tried to ease the gap I felt with my co-workers by chatting with my line manager and several other people within my department, and then I wandered to the buffet. After selecting some food, I joined a small group of people seated at the side of the room after getting food. I figured I linger on the periphery of the group, eating my food and having another drink before heading off. That way, my promise to attend, and I could take my leave.

"Hello, Stranger," said a woman standing to my right. I looked up from my food, and saw Lindsey, one of the administrative workers in the office.

"Hi," I replied, smiling weakly. "How are you, Lindsey?"

"I'm OK, thanks. What about yourself?" Lindsey replied.

"Not great. I hate this time of year now, but I've got to put a brave face on it I suppose," I said.

"How about joining us administrative girls, just over there," Lindsey asked.

"I don't know," I replied.

Lindsey sympathetically didn't press me, but simply said, "Well, is it OK if I stay here with you for a bit?"

Although I was a little surprised that Lindsey would prefer my company to that of her friends, I answered, "That'd be nice. Thanks."

Lindsey and I alternated between chatting and sitting in silence whilst we finished our food and drinks. Just before I got up to get us each another drink, Caroline, the company's receptionist, came over. Caroline asked if she could join us, and moved to sit down on my other side. I told Caroline she was welcome to sit us, and asked if I should get a drink for her, since I was just off to get another for Lindsey and me. As I headed off to the bar to get our drinks, I looked over my shoulder to see Caroline sitting next to Lindsey, which meant she would be sitting between Lindsey and me when I returned with our drinks. We chatted for a while after I returned with our drinks, and then Caroline asked me to move so that she could go to the toilet. When I got up, Caroline seemed deliberately to rub her ass against my crotch as she went past.

Shortly after Caroline went to the toilet, Lindsey left to get more food and mingle with some other people, leaving me at the table with my drink and Caroline's drink and purse. I was tempted to take a quick look inside Caroline's purse, but resisted, which was fortunate since Caroline came back from the toilet at that point.

I watched Caroline crossing the room to rejoin me at our table, and delighted in what met my eyes. Caroline was 39 years old, and stands 5' 7" tall. She is slim, with a well-toned ass and legs that attested to her rigorous daily work-outs at the gym. As befits the company receptionist, Caroline keeps her shoulder-length blonde highlighted hair well-styled; her make-up always is understated and attractive, designed to disguise her thin lips and emphasize her large brown eyes behind her conservative eyeglasses. Caroline's breasts seemed to me to be B-cup sized, enough to notice but not much more than a generous handful each.

At work, when Caroline is dressed in trousers, they are well-fitted and emphasize her ass. If Caroline wears a skirt, it will stop just at the top of her knees, drawing attention to her beautiful legs. Caroline chooses either fitted knit tops that cling to her breasts or blouses that offer tantalizing glimpses of silky, lacy lingerie underneath with her slacks or skirts. For the holiday party, Caroline had chosen an off-the-shoulders blouse of black satin and a black velvet skirt that appeared to stop modestly at her knees; when she walked toward me, I could see a side slit opening and closing with her steps, revealing flashes of black lace topped stockings.

After Caroline rejoined me at our table, we continued chatting whilst we finished our drinks. Other people joined us and then moved off again. As eddies of conversation swirled around us, we moved closer together so that we could carry on our conversation. Even as we got more drinks, we continued sitting very close to each other, still conversing freely. When I glanced at my watch, I was surprised how long I'd stayed at the party, and told Caroline it was time I headed off to catch my train. When Caroline looked at her watch, she said she'd just missed one, and asked if I'd walk with her to the station and see her safely on the next train. I agreed, and we left the party together, with Caroline letting her friends know that I would walk with her to the station and get her safely on the train, so they were not to worry about her.

As we left the party, Caroline stumbled on the curb, but I grabbed her arm and stopped her from falling, although her ankle was slightly sprained in the tumble. I supported Caroline on the walk to the station by putting my arm around her waist. When we got to the station, we had missed Caroline's train, so I agreed to wait with Caroline at the station for her train, passing up my next train to keep her company. I found a bench where Caroline could sit and rest her ankle, and we resumed our conversation in greater privacy.

"You've been such a gentleman tonight," Caroline said, "Looking after me like this."

I replied, "It's just who I am. I was brought up to be considerate toward women, and to look out for them. I think it was one of the things my wife loved most about me."

"Do you still find it difficult to think about her?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, especially at this time of year; I really do miss her. I get pretty lonely, even though I love our child, and taking care of her helps keep my mind off my grief. The thing that hurts most often is that now there's no one to share a bed with, no one to talk to when I get home from work, no one to encourage me or to cheer me on when I get discouraged or tired."

"I'm sorry you are still grieving, but it sounds as though you had a wonderful marriage, even though it ended sooner than you wanted," said Caroline, tears of sympathy welling in her lovely eyes behind her glasses. Looking out the train window, Caroline saw her train in the distance, and continued, "Thank you for looking after me tonight." Then Caroline leaned forward and kissed me on the lips; it could have been an affectionate punctuation to her "Thank you." But then Caroline kissed me again, and yet again. Each kiss was longer, firmer and deeper than the one before. I heard the station announcement for Caroline's train as if from a great distance, as I found I was greatly affected by Caroline's kisses.

Caroline, however, was all business, getting to the point as the train came closer to the station. "I know that what you said isn't the whole truth -- about being so lonely and all."

Full of anxiety about just where this conversation with Caroline was headed, I responded, "What do you mean?"

"Let's just say that I heard about you from a colleague . . . someone in the Admin Section," Caroline replied. Then Caroline continued, as I knew she would, "She was the only section member not at tonight's party."

"You mean Frances?" I said, wondering just what Caroline knew and how she had come to know it.

"That's the one. She's told me what you two get up to -- well, I suspect she's only told me some of it . . ."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

Before I could press Caroline for more information, another station announcement came across the public address system. Standing up, Caroline slid her hand down my ass and across my crotch as she jumped up to dash to her train. Caroline smiled at me over her shoulder, saying, "Sorry -- got to go! Don't want to miss another train, do I?"

I stood there in shock, watching Caroline's very attractive ass move as she scurried toward the train, and realizing that her sprained ankle wasn't hampering her progress in the least. Caroline's train left the platform, and my train began its approach. As I walked toward my train, I reached into my pocket for my ticket, and found an extra piece of paper on which, in block printing, were the words:

Several interesting chats with Frances left me intrigued. Call me. C. X

A mobile phone number was the only other thing on the paper. I replaced the paper in my pocket and got my ticket ready for the conductor, but thought, "Darn, who'd have thought it? I wonder if Frances knows about it."

Although I didn't feel comfortable calling Caroline from the train, I decided to send her a text message to let her know I'd be calling the next morning. Caroline responded that she'd look forward to hearing from me then. My next thought was to sound out Frances; I sent a text message to Frances, asking if it would be OK for me to call. Although Frances had gotten her divorce, her children lived with her and knew how difficult it could be to get children back to sleep if they were awakened during the night. Frances said it would OK for me to call, so I called her when I got home.

"Hi, Sexy."

"Hi, Lover. How was the night out?"

"It was good. I enjoyed it."

"What happened?"

"Nothing much."


"Nothing much apart from someone telling me that she'd had interesting chats with you. This was after she kissed me."

There was a chuckle from the earpiece.

"It sounds like you had a good time. Did you enjoy it?"

"I was more shocked than anything. Does it bother you?"

"Me? No; not at all. I think you'd both have a lot of fun."

"Did you put her up to it?"

"No. Caroline said the things I'd told her about you had her intrigued, but I had no idea she'd do anything. Do you want to come over here now?"

"I'd like that, Frances. I'll see you soon."

After I packed an overnight bag, I walked to the station for the train. Frances lived a few minutes walk from the railway station, so I didn't have to get a ride to her house at the end of the train ride. During the short ride, I found I was looking forward to being with Frances again. We were great in bed together, and Frances was also a friend I could trust with my thoughts and feelings. Although I hated that our time together had to be cut short so that I would be gone before her children woke up in the morning, it was worth the inconvenience to have time with Frances. As a parent, I understood that Frances needed to protect her children, even though she also needed a sexual outlet that I, and only I, provided for her. Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, one of Frances' children had woken up, sick, and moved into her bed. Frances had gotten the child settled and back to sleep, but it meant sex was out for that night. Still, Frances and I settled down together on the sofa, sitting close together, whilst I caught her up on the party she had missed that night.

We also talked about how my involvement with Caroline might make Frances feel about her relationship with me and, more importantly, about herself. I listened to Frances' words, and watched her body language closely, as she explained that she understood and accepted my instructions that she approach Caroline for me, and that she was happy with serving me in whatever capacity fit my needs. Frances said that she knew I was interested in acquiring a harem of women, and that she believed me when I told her that she would not be displaced from my affections and attention, no matter how many other women served me.

The only response I could think to make to Frances' honest and loving expression of her willingness to subordinate her ego and energies to me, fulfilling her need for submission to a Dominant, was to take her in my arms and hold her tightly. We remained entwined for a few minutes before Frances kissed my neck, and then pulled her head back to gently kiss my lips. Frances pulled a pillow and blanket out of the closet, and made up the sofa into a bed for me before going up to check on her children, and join the one who had been ill that was sleeping in her bed now.

Despite the shortness and narrowness of my unexpected resting place, I slept deeply and woke, refreshed and full of energy, before anyone else was stirring. I folded the blanket, laid the pillow on top of it, and then left Frances' house through the back garden, a procedure we had established at the very beginning of our relationship, before Frances had gotten her divorce.

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