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Office Hours


He slowly lent against the door, dressed from top to bottom in a smart black suit. He watched her cross the room busy in her office, watching her at work, he decided he wanted her now.

He sent a message for her that he was waiting in reception and sure enough she came out to meet him 5 minutes later. She was dressed in a conservative Knee length Black skirt and a light blue blouse. He took her arm and led her round the corner where, out of sight, he slid his hand up her leg under her skirt.

He kisses her softly, well done, you obeyed my instructions and didn't wear any underwear. Taking your arm I pull you into the ladies toilets where we enter a toilet and shut the door, I unzip my pants and present my hard cock to you.

Without a word you sink to your knees and slowly take me into your mouth, sliding your hot lips down over my hard shaft. I feel your tongue rubbing on the sensitive underside of my cock and moan softly, suddenly you hear the door to the toilets bang open and two people walk inside chatting, you freeze mid suck on my cock.

I reach down and grabbing your head I begin to fuck your mouth, sliding my cock in and out of your hot wet mouth. You get the idea and resume sucking, licking and deep throating my cock as it slides all the way into your mouth.

I slowly pull myself out and pick you up, sliding your skirt up your hips. I swiftly insert one finger into you slit, you are already dripping wet. We hear the toilets flush and the two ladies leave, I open the door and push you out, your skirt hitched around your hips.

I bend you over so you are lent over a sink on the wall, you can see yourself in the mirror and me stood behind you, I slowly pull your blouse up and unbutton it so I can see your breasts in the mirror. I rub my cock against your wet pussy. You shudder in excitement, if anyone walks in now they would find you lent facing the wall with your breasts exposed and loose and your ass and pussy exposed to my hard cock.

I ram my cock deep into you cunt and you only just manage to bite back a scream as it rips deep into you, Standing behind you spreading your legs as my cock fills you I reach up and grab your hair, forcing you to look into the mirror in front of you, making you watch as I fuck you from behind, making you watch as your full breasts bounce around everytime my cock penetrates you.

I slip my cock out hen ram it back in, filling you faster and harder with every thrust, you moan loudly then bite you lip, what if someone out side hear? What if they decided to check? You try to stop the moans but its so hard, the feelings build as my cock pushes into your soft wet hole, faster and deeper, harder and harder, in and out, filling you and making you want to scream as it plunges deep inside you. You watch my face as I fuck you from behind harder and faster, my long hard shaft plunging into you hot wet pussy, your breasts bounce up everytime I thrust into you and fall everytime I pull out.

Finally you can contain the moan no longer and they flood out of you, you gasp and you moan rise almost to screams as I fill you again and again and again, my hard cock ramming your soft cunt, you scream as you cum your juices flowing down your legs to pool on the floor, I give one last mighty thrust as I pump my cock deep into you, It rams all the way in till my balls are resting against you, I fill you hot cunt with my cum, stream after stream pumps from the end of my shaft filling your pussy with my hot juices.

You collapse against the sink and I pick you up, take you back into the toilet cubical and shut the door. You sit on the toilet gasping for breath - it sounds like we left just in time as the door opens and 3 ladies come it, you sit there basking in the afterglow of the orgasm and I present my semihard cock for you to clean. You lick and suck my cock till it is clean from our combined juices then I zip myself up and leave you on the toilet, letting you know I will be waiting for you after work.

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