Office Hours


It was coming to the end of the semester and all the students suddenly started to care about the class. As I started packing up after class, I was already getting question after question. Annoyed, I told them to follow me to my office; at least I'd be able to lose some of the apathetic ones. Not that I didn't care about my students, but if they didn't put the effort in there was nothing I could do. It wasn't high school history anymore, and it hit a lot of freshmen hard. I was a professor, not a babysitter.

"Uh..Professor, I need to drop this class."

"You can't, we only have a week left," I muttered.

"Uh.. Can't you just write that I was never here?"

"Well you never really were, but I'd suggest you talk to administration. Or pray real hard before your final," I warned.

The kid just shrugged and left. I looked at the long line of similar faces and sighed, not before catching a glimpse of Mellissa in the back. I felt almost bad for her; she had emailed me earlier asking to see a grade printout since her logon had been on the fritz. No sense in her waiting behind 12 other students for something that would take two seconds. I made eye contact and motioned for her to cut the line. She just smiled mouthing "it's okay," before shyly before turning around to investigate the wall decorations. One perk of being a history teacher is that medieval weaponry on your walls isn't strange.

The next student I talked to started fumbling through her notes, looking for a lost detail of lecture from weeks ago. My eye drifted back to Mellissa. She had come from the private school a few miles away, and she had kept the uniform. It wasn't uncommon, for a K-12 school, most of the girls out of there continued the habit. There were actually a few other students in line with the same outfit, although they were past the stature for it. Mellissa was one of the few girls who had escaped the freshmen fifteen and filled her uniform well and college had loosened her up a bit. Her pleated plaid skirt seemed a little too short, but her white stockings went up and over her knee to cover some extra leg. Her white blouse was loosened by a couple of buttons and I chuckled to see her nails were painted as they combed through her hair. By college standards she was modest but I know she would've been smacked if her old headmistress saw her. I don't know why, but I felt rejuvenated by the idea.

"Professor Cobalt? You said that the English were the first to use long bows, but Wikipedia says..."

I groaned as I came back down to earth. A few students in line caught my disappointment and laughed. Mellissa turned around and smiled, making me a little more determined to get through the lineI tried to answer all the questions a little more earnestly after that, to make up for my lack of attention. I kept imagining Mellissa being punished for her polished nails. The fantasy went from a smack on the wrist to a full blown spanking by yours truly. When I had gotten to about the eighth student, I was barely there.

Suddenly I heard a clunk on the ground. I snapped my head over to the corner of my room, I had a few breakables on display. Luckily, Mellissa had just dropped something out of her purse. She mouthed a quick sorry for interrupting. I turned back to the next student, and listened to their question with half an ear. I peeked out of the side of my eye to see Mellissa bending over. Fantasizing about smacking that ass was giving me too much to hope for, but I saw way more than I thought I would.

The little slut wasn't even wearing panties.



I snapped back to the student at hand as Mellissa snapped back up, pulling down the backside of her skirt. She scanned around but was so embarrassed she failed to notice my stumbling and shuffled to the back of the line to stand upright and still. I could feel my cock twitching and I scooted under my chair. How many times had she sat in my class cross legged and bare? Or was it just today she was feeling extra naughty? Different fantasies whizzed through my mind. God, there was a long line of students.

I had finally managed to calm down a bit by the time I reached the second to last student. He was a good kid who was sincerely interested. Talking about history kept my mind off things, but not long enough. It was just Mellissa and me in the classroom.

"Um, Mark? Could you close my door? The cleaning lady always bothers me when I'm here past 5."

"Sure Professor," he said shutting the door. What was I thinking?

"Hi Professor! I just wanted to double check my grades?" Mellissa smiled innocently. I swallowed hard thinking about those bare pussy lips under that skirt and replied.

"Yea sure, just give me a second to boot up this old thing."

During that time, I swore to get a new computer. I had never felt time go by so slowly. I could feel my cock warming imagining coming in contact with those pouting schoolgirl lips. By the time the grades were open, I wasn't in my right mind.

"Here, you can sit down and have a look," I told Mellissa. I just wanted to stand up and put my hand in my pocket to constrain my hard on while she distracted herself with her grades.

"No it's alright, I couldn't take your seat." Polite girl, but she remembered she wasn't wearing panties this time when she bent over to look at the screen. She had positioned herself awkwardly, and before I knew it words flew out of my mouth.

"Here, just sit down," I said, offering my lap. I thought she would get offended, but instead she looked worried.

"Um.. I don't think I can-"

"Well I don't see why not unless you know something I don't'." I saw her clutching the backside of her skirt lower. I guess she was more worried about being found bare than she was about being proper. She shyly sat down on my leg, pulling her skirt as low as she could.

"Here, I think this one is you, let me highlight it." I scrolled along the grade sheet. Busy, she leaned forward and began tracing along the grid. Her skirt began to inch up and I barely adjusted my leg until I knew her pussy was right on me. I couldn't help myself, I slid my arm around her waist. She began to object when I pointed back to the screen.

"This was the score you were worried about right? You said you had the homework still?"

"O right." She began digging in her notebook while I grazed her hip with my fingertips. As she handed me the assignment, I firmly held onto her tiny waist. She wiggled a bit but I only held tighter as I inspected her work.

"Well this looks right, I'm sorry about the mix up. That's 15/15, not 5/15. Why don't you check for any other errors I might have made." I inputted the new score and let her continue to scan her grades. In the meantime, I allowed myself to get a good look at Mellissa. I found myself staring at her full lips down to her gorgeous neckline. Before I knew it, I was digging in.

My mouth found its mark as I bit into her collarbone with a wet kiss.

"Professor! What-" Before she could finish I had moved up to her soft neck. She tried to push away, but not all that hard. Probably just shocked. I held onto her with both arms though, just in case.

"Professor! What if someone comes in?" I laughed into the soft spot below her ear.

"Your biggest concern is if someone walks in?" I took the chance and snuck a hand just under her shirt.

"No! I mean, we can't do this! Please, don't, we'll get in troub-ble!" I rubbed her side, slowly creeping up. She tried to push away from me at the shoulders but he openly left her neck for my mouth to roam.

"O no, not me, I won't get you in trouble. Plus, you seem to be enjoying it so much." And with that, I cupped her breast in my hand and squeezed. I could practically feel her hard nipple through her bra. She whimpered as I kept a tight grip and massaged her. The suddenness threw her, and I could feel the heat radiating from between her legs. I began to unbutton her shirt revealing her black front clasp bra. I kissed the round of her tits when she started to pull away.

"O honey, doesn't it feel good?" I cooed.

"N-N-No." With that, I tweaked her nipple downward.

"On your knees," I barked. She slipped down from the sudden pinch. I held the back of her head now, and I pointed to my pants thigh where there was a fresh wet mark.

"If you don't like it, then what's this?" I asked

"I-I can't help it."

"You said you didn't like it."

"But you were teasing me, I-I can't control that."

"You can't control it because you liked it. And not only did you lie but you've ruined a good pair of pants." I began stripping them off, letting my cock spring out. Unbuttoning my shirt I sat back down with my cock right in front of her. Unfortunately she was just staring at the ground in embarrassment trying to hold her shirt around her. I slipped my hand into her hair and forced her to look at me. Her eyes grew when she saw my cock, and she kept looking back between my face and the hard on in front of her. I realized I had to slow down. Any more aggressive and I could be wasting an opportunity. I didn't want to scare her. I started to stroke her neck. She whimpered and pulled a little away.

"Sweet heart, it's okay. I didn't mean to go that fast. I just wanted you to feel good. Didn't it feel good? Even a little bit when I played with your tits?"

She murmured, "A-a little." I began tickling the nape of her neck, and her eyelashes batted heavily.

"Now honey, I know you're awful wet, but how'd it get all over me like that?" I smiled innocently at her while she bit her lip to muster an answer.

"I-I..I'm not wearing anything underneath."

I feigned surprise and patronized her a bit. "Why in the world aren't you wearing panties? Especially for a girl that gets so messy!"

She wanted to retort but was careful about what she said. "I don't normally get that messy! It's just, well I tried shaving....down there because Jane said it feels better. And I nicked myself and it stings when panties rub up is all. And really, I don't n-n-normally get that wet, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, I asked you to stop!" She looked up at me flushing red and almost with tears. It was too cute.

"O, I'm not upset with you for being wet. Just don't lie okay?" She nodded shyly and was about to say something else but I went on.

"See? I get wet too." I wiped off a drop of precum with my finger and held it to her, bringing it slowly to her mouth. She turned her head sideways and held her gorgeous mouth tightly closed.

"You can try it if you'd like." Holding her head firmly, I smoothed it over her lower lip. Her tongue darted out, just to get a taste.

"You can even have it directly, just lick up at my cock," I cooed, slowly bringing her mouth closer to me. She hesitated, looking towards the door.

"Won't we get in trouble? We shouldn't do this...." She said fearfully.

"But don't you want to?" I asked. She merely looked at the door and then to me.

"N-No, I don't want to get in trouble. P-Please, I can't."

"Why not? You've already got precum all over your mouth and you're not even wearing panties you little slut."

"I'm not! I'm not a s-slut. Please don't tell any-"

"Don't tell anyone you didn't wear panties and tried to seduce your professor? O I'd never do that, if you'd be a good girl, and good girls love precum. Don't you want to be a good little girl?" I had her, but she still hesitantly. She was probably half terrified of being a slut, and unbelievably horny considering the pool she left on my pants. Wanting it probably even terrified her more.

"No lies remember?" I teased. She snapped back into it and looked at me nodding slowly as if she were giving up. Thank, God. With that, she licked gingerly at the tip of my cock where a new drop of precum was shining. I groaned at the sight. Seeing her tongue dance around while her innocent eyes looked up at me.

"You can kiss it and lick it all you want, just get comfortable." My hands got tangled in her hair as she continued to perform. She was definitely hesitant, her tongue going out no further than half way, but she seemed to be memorizing the curves of my cock. She'd lick around the head, focusing on the dripping precum, and swirl around to where the head meets the shaft. Her tongue felt out all the creases and continued to kiss down the shaft. She got to my balls and paused looking up for reassurance. All I could do was nod as she gingerly kissed my sac. But I wanted her whole mouth.

"Honey, baby, can you kiss the tip? Your lips just feel so good." She nodded and kissed the tip of my cock. Still, just barely slipping her tongue out to lap at precum.

"Relax your lips honey, just relax." She slowly kissed my cock, and I pushed my cock into her throat. She was shocked, but she took all that she could.

"Was that too much?"

"Nuhhhhhh uhh," she hummed around my shaft. Just hearing her cooperate made me shiver. I slowly started to work my cock in and out of her mouth. It took a few pauses and gags but her lips were amazing. They were soft and I could feel her tongue dancing trying to find a place as my cock filled her mouth. It was too good, so I pulled her away from me to catch my breath.

She whined and sucked my cock back down her throat. She continued to bob her head up and down, closing her lips as tightly as she could. Her cheeks hollowed out as her lips puckered going up and down my cock. O god, she was getting off on it. I groaned at the thought of the puddle between her legs. She'd wear me out before I'd even get a taste.

I hastily stood up and pulled her to meet me.

"Was I not doing it right?" she asked, alarmed and upset.

"You were perfect but I you to relax for a bit too." I lifted her onto my desk, taking off her blouse. I grabbed her tits with both hands and licked her lips. They were redder from the beautiful blow job, and her tongue danced with mine in that same frantic consuming way. I knelt down.

"Now let me see that little pussy of yours." I ran my right hand down the outside of her leg and circled up the inside of her leg up to her skirt before continuing down again.

"No!" she cried. God, I thought we were past this.

"Honey, don't be worried. I just want to make sure you're telling the truth about your little incident, and I want to make sure you're healing properly." I smiled at her and kissed her knee. She shivered at the contact. I nuzzled her knee and she hesitantly laid down on my desk as if she could avoid seeing and experiencing what was coming next.

She opened her leg the slightest, and I began to kiss my way up her leg as she opened wider, inch by inch. Soon, she was splayed open on my desk, her pussy glistening. She was cleanly shaven, and I took in all I could. And there was her little nick, right where her leg met her body.

"Poor baby." I put my mouth to the spot with a wet kiss, loving that she flinched. I continued licking around, never touching her pussy or her clit. She was so tense I had to hold her thighs apart. She tasted delicious, but I wanted more. I spread her lips apart with my thumbs and began licking her outer lips. Kissing them and almost sucking on them, slowly moving to her inner lips. I circled her pussy. She began to whimper and shift trying to bring her pussy in contact. So I dove into her. Her whole body tightened on the desk and she moaned. I let my tongue dig into her pussy, lapping at the walls and sliding it in and out. I'm surprised she felt anything, she was so wet. But she loved it. I licked all the way from inside her pussy up to her clit and started working there. Her breathing was ragged and she was gripping the desk. It was a sight to see, but I was buried into her clit. I flicked it over and over again, sometimes taking it into my mouth. I could feel my chin covered with her juices and I could tell she was starting to get frustrated. Her body was worming around for something she didn't even know. I brought my fingertips to her pussy lips and she eased a bit. I continued taking short but heavy flicks at her clit and slipped a finger inside. God she was wet but I still met resistance. She groaned and instinctively tried to fuck herself on my finger as I stroked her G spot.

Suddenly I heard her breathing stop and her back arched up. Her legs began to buck wildly and I could feel her pussy clenching at my finger as she came. She came long and hard, with her eyes rolled back and her lips open in a soundless moan. She settled back down panting and whimpering. I pull my finger out as the last few pulses of her orgasm faded. I stood up over her and kissed her neck while she regained composure. I rubbed my cock up and down her slit in the fresh gush of juices. I couldn't wait any longer and put my head to her pussy lips when she jumped.

"What's wrong honey? What is it?" I asked.

"No no no no no no no.." she whimpered.

"Why not, you know it'll feel good." I was worried; she wasn't just reluctant, she was scared.

"No no no, what if it hurts? Please don't, no no no..." she begged. I almost chuckled but turned it into a soft coo.

"Baby, it won't hurt. I'll take it real slow, and you can stop me whenever okay? I just want to make your pussy feel even better than before. Just trust me." She didn't saying anything else so I continued rubbing my cock against her slit and kissing her neck. Finally, she murmured okay.

I slid my cock into her pussy. She was so tight I felt like I had to pry her open. Just getting my cock halfway in was more than I had ever dreamt of. She was tight, slick, and hot as a furnace. I so wanted to fuck her and just ravage her body, but instead I took it painfully slow. Only pulling in and out halfway so she could get adjusted.

She closed her eyes tight at first, but as she got accustomed to my size I could see her beginning to respond. She held my hips as I slid in and out and she began to arch her back. I freed her tits from her bra and held them, rubbing my thumbs over her nipples. Her tits were bouncing as I filled her with my cock. I could faintly hear her mumbling profanity with every thrust. Hearing her drove me wild, and I withdrew until just the head of my cock was in her pussy lips. I took a moment to slow my orgasm but she continued to squirm and tried pull my cock back into her. Feeling her outer pussy lips rubbing the head of my cock was too tempting.

I slammed into her. Her legs bucked.

"Is that what you wanted?" I grunted.

She whimpered and nodded her head. So I slammed into her again. She yelped a bit this time.

"Honey baby, it's not too much for your tight little pussy is it? Do you want me to stop?" No answer.

As I slowly pulled out her body panicked, and suddenly she shouted

"No! More! Please don't stop! More!"

God I let myself loose. I started fucking her, hard and deep. I braced my arms above her shoulders to keep her from sliding about, and I could hear my balls slapping against her smooth ass. She was whimpering and shouting for more all at once. She was biting off way more than she could chew but I was glad to give it to her. No matter how deep or fast I fucked her, every time I sank back in it felt like I had to part her pussy again. I saw her tits bouncing and I held on to them to fuck her. I started to lose it. To make it worse, she started going off. This time instead of going silent and breathless she let loose a choppy moan, interrupted by each thrust into her. Her legs shook and her hands scratched at my chest. I had to stop and hold my cock in her. I thought that would be enough to stop my orgasm but I felt her pussy clench around the base of my cock. It was like her pussy wanted more still. I had to pull out, and my own body started to shake and I shot cum all the way to the hollow of her neck. It spurted out three separate times, and left a trail from her neck to below her belly button.

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