tagGay MaleOffice Hours Ch. 01

Office Hours Ch. 01



Another day of Sexual Psychology 367 was drawing to an end as professor Summers was finishing his lecture notes and assigning the reading for the weekend. I couldn't help watch the bends in his country club slacks and the way the suit coat hugged his tight buttocks as he swayed at the podium. Professor Summers was in his early 50's, but was still as vibrant and energetic as a 25yo with a real passion for sexual psychology. His was the only class I never skipped.

I usually sat in the back as not to be noticed, and I tended to slump down in my chair to lay low and observe and not get called on to talk in front of a 150 person lecture. I was almost out of the lecture hall and was already thinking about track practice when I heard my name called by a familiar voice.

"Mr. Williams," touted Professor Summers. "Can you hang back just a minute? I need to talk to you about the essay you turned in on sexual orientation last week."

"Sure," I said hesitantly. "I have to get to the track for practice but I have a few minutes."

I walked up to the podium where Prof. Summers was packing his laptop away and asked what the issue was.

"Well," he said, "It looks as if your essay isn't here. I thought I grabbed it before class but it must still be in my office. Do you have time this evening after track practice to run over to my office so we can talk about it?"

"Um..." I said as I tried to figure out what could possibly be wrong with my essay. "I guess so."

"Great, that'll save me running back to campus later on. How does 5:30 in my office sound? That work for you?"

I thought for a second, "Sure that should work, but I gotta run, I will see ya then."

I turned around to walk to the bus stop and lit a cigarette wondering what was going on. Was he on to me? ...


Track practice ran late and I had to run all the way to the quad to Mr. Summers' office since the buses had stopped running through campus. I got to the Psych building at 5:25 and ran in and up with 1 minute to spare, though at this point I was a sweaty mess.

"Mr. Williams, you made it! Good, go ahead and take a sea-."

He stopped mid-sentence as he saw me dripping sweat from head to toe. My running shorts and t-shirt were soaked through and pasted to my body.

"Here let me get you a towel." He reached into a cabinet and grabbed a beach towel out for me to sit on.

"Thanks Prof. Summers."

"No problem Ben." It was weird, growing up I HATED when people called me Ben, but for some reason the way Prof. Summers said my real name made me melt a little bit. It was so sensual. But I was still trying to catch my breath from track and was clearly out of it at the time.

"So about your essay Ben. I figure you don't participate in class a lot because you have a lot going on right now with track and school and I'm sure the girls are all over you. But I couldn't help but notice that your essay bears a striking resemblance to another essay I found on Google. So before we start talking about your essay further, is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

I completely froze up in terror. I was busted, and was about to fail and not one word popped into my head. I was as shocked by what I said as he apparently was.

"I don't know Prof. Summers...I guess I just freaked out over the topic because if i'm really honest about it I think I may be interested in both women AND men...and I.."

I started sobbing as I imagined getting kicked out of school and telling my folks why etc. But none of that happened. He just sat there and looked at my essay, then back at me, then back at the essay...

"Well I have an idea," he said, "and you may or may not like it, but it WOULD be an alternative to expulsion. The point of the whole excercise was self-discovery Ben. And I think if you have these feelings about men, it would be unhealthy NOT to explore them and find out what they mean. If you sit and talk with me honestly about this, then we may be able to consider this your make-up essay."

"Ok," I said immediately. Though I did not yet fully grasp what he intended.

"What types of thoughts do you have about men Ben? Are they romantic thoughts? Strictly sexual? What do you imagine when you think about it?"

I started to get more nervous now and gulped as I started spilling my guts to him.

"Honestly Prof. Summers, I don't think of guys in a 'kissing fashion' as much as i think about what it would be like to be submissive to a man and to..."

"Yes Ben?"

"And, well, I have thought a lot about what it might be like to...give oral to a guy..."

"Well it sounds like you need to just do it and experience it so you know what you want. This constant state of questioning is not a healthy one Ben. Why don't you come and sit down over here on the bean bag."

"Ok," I said. And got up to change seats. When sitting on the bean bag chair I was a few feet below his desk chair level and already I felt powerless, but that was nothing.

He turned to me once I was seated, and as he stood in front of me, he looked down and made eye contact and said these words verbatim, "Now Ben, what you're going to do now is this, I'm going to unbutton my pants and pull out my penis. And when I do that, I want you to take a minute to just look at it. And then I want you to do whatever you FEEL comes next."

He finished my instructions and before I could blink his limp 8" cock was inches from my face...just dangling there waiting for ME impatiently...

I was utterly shocked, but far too horny to NOT go through with this. After I looked for a few seconds I reached out and took his cock in one hand and cupped his balls with the other. I wanted to capture every second of this in my memory. Just feeling him grow in my hands made me wonder how he might feel in my mouth, or even in my ass, but I was fairly certain I didn't wanna go there.

"That's it Ben, experiment with it, give it a lil kiss if you want even."

I didn't need much more prompting than that. I kissed the tip of his cock lightly and his whole cock jerked up and hit me in the nose. We both chuckled for a second and then I took his head into my mouth and started playing with it with my tongue and just remember wishing i could eat it up. Prof. Summers then reached behind my head and started playing with my hair as I gave him head for the first time in my life. I tried to take him all the way but could only get about 4 inches in before I gagged and had to try again.

Finally he made me lay down on the bean bag again and told me to open my mouth like a good boy and take his load.

"I'm gonna feed you now Ben, and I want you to hold my cum in your mouth until I tell you it is ok to swallow it...is that clear?"

"Yes Sir," I said, as I was so turned on I would've probably allowed a gang bang :). He jacked his cock furiously and as he started convulsing he pulled my head onto his cock and held me there with both hands as he started spurting jet after jet of hot salty sperm onto my tongue, filling my mouth in seconds. I accidentally swallowed some trying not to let any spill there was so much.

As i laid there with a mouthful of my teacher's cum I could not imagine what else was about to go down. Prof. Summers got up and went to open the closet and brought over a long skinny butt plug a little smaller in thickness than his own monster, and looked at me and said, "I know you're unable to talk right now as your mouth is full," as the smile on his face grew, "but i am gonna lube this up and guess where it's going?"

My eyes widened with his smile and he seemed to be really enjoying my nervousness and fear. He slowly slid the plug into me and i about swallowed from the shock. It was ICE COLD. Turns out he had kept both the glass plug AND the lube in the fridge. I cringed in pleasure/pain and he just chuckled as he slid it deeper and deeper until i could feel the cold slick glass fill my entire canal.

He got up once more and returned with a glass for me to spit his cum in..."Here ya go, don't spill."

No sooner had I spit out his cum and his cock was back in my mouth. I couldn't believe he was already hard again. But my mouth was immediately emptied as he turned me over and slowly removed the cold plug from my ass. He asked for the warming gel by my head and I knew what was about to happen and there was no use trying to resist.

As he slowly slid his rock hard 8" cock into me it felt like fire meeting ice and i almost came on the spot. On all fours on the floor of my professor's office he took my virginity slowly at first, but furiously after that. He started fucking me at a faster and faster pace and i could feel him breathing harder and driving even deeper into my stomach. He leaned closer to my ear and growled "I'm gonna breed that virgin ass of yours Ben, and once I do that you are MINE." With that he started erupting into my ass and the pulsing of his cock drove me over the top.

As I started spraying spurt after spurt of hot jism, he grabbed my cock and pointed it into the whiskey glass where i had spit his cum earlier which was now about half full!

after he began to shrink a lil in my ass, Prof. Summers slowly pulled out of me, being sure to hold the glass under my asshole to catch his second load as it oozed out of my newly fucked hole.

When we were done, he handed me the glass and I'll NEVER forget what he said to me.

"So Ben, in order to show me that you truly learned your lesson not only about who you really are inside, but also about cheating, I'm going to need to see you drink that glass full of our cum," he said. And while you do that, I'm going to be using this device on you,"

I looked up from my gaze at the 6 ounces of cum in the glass to see my Psychology professor holding none other than a digital video camera in his hand, red light flashing.

"Bottoms up," he said.

And as I tilted back the glass and opened my lips to the river of delicious semen, i discovered for the first time that I was, am and will always be a cum addict for life. And as I said, the camcorder was right in my face, guaranteeing there would be a round 2...or else.

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